The Unexpected Encounter Pt. 01

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He walked into the bank and couldn’t believe how hot she was, standing on the opposite side of the island. He always felt awkward going in, because he was usually the only customer in there, and usually it was the ladies behind the counter that he found attractive. He didn’t want it to seem like he was staring at them, but he also didn’t want to seem creepy by not making any eye contact. Today, however, was different, because it was another customer who caught his eye.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her if he tried. He walked right up to the island, without even hearing the young lady at the register ask if she could help him. He walked up, set his check down, and tried to make it look like he was signing his check. In reality he couldn’t stop staring at this sexy woman.

“This pen isn’t working,” she said. “Can I use that one when you’re finished?”

He was so distracted by her that he couldn’t even register what she said at all. He paused for a moment, just staring at her, with a blank look on his face.

“Would you mind handing me the pen?” she asked, pointing to the pen in his hand.

He just stood there mesmerized by her. ‘What the fuck is happening to me?’ he thought to himself. ‘It’s just a gorgeous woman, you never have a problem talking to them.’

“Why don’t you just hand me the pen?” she said, reaching out for it.

Since he still couldn’t get his mouth to work for some reason, he just handed her the pen. She took it and signed her check while he studied her closely. She was definitely older than he was, with shoulder length blonde hair. There was something unexplainably sexy about how her hair was layered. Her face was gorgeous, but not in a pretty girl way. She was sexy, more porn star gorgeous than marriage gorgeous. She was wearing a modest blue dress, but yet her cleavage was still eye-catching. He couldn’t see her ass or legs, but he was sure they would have been just as amazing as the rest of her.

He was trying to decide if she was the sexiest woman he’d ever actually seen with his own two eyes. There was that brunette at the mall, who was so hot he couldn’t look away from her, even though he was walking next to his wife. She was even wearing ridiculous Capri pants, that he definitely would have made fun of if she hadn’t been so fucking sexy. There was also the baseball players wife that he met at the baseball game a year ago. She had an amazing ass, but her fake tits were almost too big. He remembered standing behind her, and he could see about an inch of under-boob on each side of her. When she turned around he had a bitch of a time looking her in the eyes while they chatted in line. Although both those women were very sexy indeed, and led to a few masturbatory fantasies, he decided this work of art in front of him was definitely the sexiest.

He knew he’d never have a chance with her for a couple of reasons. One, she was definitely out of his league. She was a perfect 10, while he considered himself an 8 at best. Second, she had a huge diamond wedding ring on her finger. Not only was she taken, but clearly her husband outranked him in life. She finished signing her check, handed the pen back, and wished him a good afternoon. He watched her walk up to the counter knowing he’d be jerking off to her for the next couple of days.

He left the bank and went back to work for a few hours. He did sneak off to the bathroom to jerk off before leaving for the day. When he finished jerking off he got a text from his wife asking him to pick up a couple of items at the store. No big deal at all, he’d just swing by the store next to the bank. He did wonder how crazy it would be to run into her at the store as well, but he knew that was unlikely. He quickly closed up shop hurried out the door, anxious to get home.

He parked in front of the store and went in to look for the few things his wife had asked for. While standing in the cereal aisle, searching for the right kind of Raisin Bran, he heard her voice from just over his right shoulder.

“You know, my last stalker was much better at it than you are,” she said. He turned his head to see the gorgeous stranger smiling at him.

“Actually, he couldn’t have been anywhere near as good as me,” he said. “I make sure to do it right out in the open, so when they go back and look at the security cameras they won’t believe you. They’ll figure there’s no way he’s this bad at it and just let me go.”

“Well look at that, he can talk just fine,” she said. “And, he’s pretty funny.”

“I can’t imagine that I’m the first guy to be shocked to see you, and struggle to think of something to say,” he replied.

“Oh no, you’re definitely not the first at all,” she said. “There was a teenager the other day who couldn’t put two logical words together. My friend and I had a good laugh about that one for days.”

“I’m Drake,” he said, reaching his hand out.

“Heather,” she replied, shaking his hand gently.

“It’s truly a pleasure to meet you Heather,” he said. “So, what’s for dinner tonight?” He glanced mobil porno at her cart, but didn’t want to come across as nosey or rude.

“Tonight it’s leftover lasagna, but I’m shopping for this weekend,” she said.

“Are you having a nice romantic dinner with your husband this weekend?” he asked.

“Not even close,” she said with a little laugh. “He’s out of town until next week, so I’m here picking out what I want to eat this weekend.”

“That’s exactly what I do when my wife goes on her girls weekend trip,” he said with his own little laugh. “I come here and pick out the thickest steak I can find, and grab a twice baked potato while I’m here. I never eat as good as I do when she’s out of town.”

“Well I’m not a big steak fan, but I make a fantastic chicken Marsala,” she said. “And, it’s all for me.”

He couldn’t help but notice how easy she was to talk to this time around. He also wasn’t trying to figure out how to get in her skirt this time. He could handle casual conversation with her, but looking at her now was changing his thought process. He noticed she had a small jacket over her blue dress, but her cleavage was still eye catching. He was also able to confirm that she really did have amazing legs, to go along with the rest of her perfection.

“Well, I hope you enjoy your chicken then,” he said.

“Thank you, I’m sure I will,” she replied. “I hope you enjoy your cereal.”

“Oh you can bet I will, ” he said laughing. “They do pack it chock full with two entire scoops of raisins. You just simply can’t beat that.”

“No you definitely can’t,” she said laughing as well.

“It was so nice to meet you Heather,” he said. “Have a great night.”

“You too Drake,” she replied, with what he thought was a disappointed look on her face. She turned and he watched her push her cart away. He watched her all the way down to the end of the aisle, and then smiled at her when she turned to look back just before turning the corner. He finished up in the store and headed home, knowing he was going to dream about her for a few weeks now. He thought that was definitely better than just watching her in the bank.

The next morning he thought about her in the shower, and jerked off imagining they snuck off to the back of his SUV in the store parking lot. The thought of her hiking up her skirt and straddling his waist in the backseat had him rock hard rather quickly. In his mind they ran through the whole gamut of positions that can be pulled off in the back seat of an SUV. It was the thought of her leg propped up on his shoulder, while he watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy, that eventually made his cum shoot across the shower.

He went to work and tried to think of any clue she might have accidentally given him, that would tell him where he might run into her again. He really had no idea at all though. All he had was her first name. It’s not like he could find her on facebook or something with just a first name. There were also still the two reasons he shouldn’t even bother trying. He decided he needed to just accept that it was all a crazy couple of minutes that would never be repeated and move on. Sure he could fantasize about it, but there was no need to try to get hung up on someone he’ll never see again.

He decided not to go anywhere near the bank for lunch, so he picked a Chinese restaurant the opposite direction. He’d texted his wife to see if she could meet him there, but she said she was busy. He needed to stop for gas first, so he pulled into the Gas Station across the street from the Chinese joint. He got out and worked his card in and typed the info on the keypad. He started pumping the gas when he heard her voice once again.

“You’re really doing a horrible job of convincing me that you’re not stalking me now,” she said with a big smile on her face.

“The trick is figuring out where you’re going before you even know you’re going there,” he said returning the smile. “Like I said, now they’ll never believe you when they check the cameras. “

“Very well played then,” she said.

“How was the lasagna last night?” he asked.

“Old and chewy,” she answered. “I’m gonna try to put it behind me with some Chinese food in a few minutes.”

“You’re not going across the street are you?” he asked.

“Well of course I am,” she said.

“Now I’m starting to wonder if you’re actually stalking me,” he said with a laugh. “Well, since we’re both going there, can I buy you lunch?”

“Why would I need to stalk you silly?” she asked laughing. The truth stung a little, but she at least laughed enough to convince him she was joking. “I think I’d like it if you bought me lunch though. Let’s do it.”

They both finished filling up their gas tanks, and drove across the street. She parked next to him in the back of the lot, and they walked in together. For the next forty minutes they talked and laughed, and took turns trying each others food. She even made a comment about how much it felt like a date. He couldn’t believe alman porno how they kept running into each other like that, and started thinking that somehow it was fate or something like that. But, he knew it all felt too good to be true somehow.

After they finished eating, they walked to their cars in the back of the lot. There weren’t many cars in the lot when they got there, and there weren’t any left now. When they reached her car, he opened her door for her.

“Your chariot awaits madam,” he said in a rather stupid sounding English accent.

“You’re such a gentleman,” she said in a much better English accent. She stepped next to him, but rather than climbing in, she leaned in towards him. He was a little surprised when her lips pressed against his, but he had no problem returning the kiss. Her tongue slipped between his lips and met his. They danced around each other in a very passionate kiss.

He was aware there were no cars in the parking lot, but he suddenly became aware of the cars driving by. What if someone recognized him kissing a woman who was clearly not his wife. He pulled away, their lips parting slowly and gently. He just smiled at her for a second and she smiled back.

“Thank you for having lunch with me,” he said. His arms were still wrapped around her waist.

“Thank you for taking me to lunch Drake, it was very lovely,” she said.

“I better get back to work now,” he said. “Enjoy your chicken tonight.”

“Yeah, I better get back to work as well,” she replied. “Say, would you maybe want to join me for dinner tonight? I promise it will be the best chicken Marsala you’ve ever tried.”

“I’m supposed to go to this work thing tonight, but I can skip it and join you instead,” he said. “I’ll just cancel with them, and come over. Can I have your number, so I can text you? Then you can send me your address.”

“Absolutely, let me see your phone,” she said, holding out her hand. He handed her his phone, and she typed her name and number in. When she finished she handed it back, taking his hand in hers. She leaned in for another quick kiss. “I’ll see you tonight.”

She hopped in her car, and he walked over and climbed into his. He gave her a wave as she pulled away and she waved back. He just sat there for a minute trying to figure out how the sexiest woman he’d ever met just asked him over for dinner. Maybe all those hours in the gym lifting all those weights were finally paying off after all. He drove back to work, but couldn’t focus on anything for more than a minute or two.

He found someone to take his place that evening for the work dinner, and sent a text to his wife reminding her that he would be out late. He sent a text to Heather, and he held his breath until she replied. Even then he still couldn’t believe it all. He was certain at some point someone was going to jump out and say surprise, you’re on a prank show. She really was way too good to be true, so he was constantly waiting for the floor to drop out from underneath.

He waited impatiently at his desk, just watching the clock, until it was finally time to go. He shut off his computer, and rushed out of his office. He tried to drive around the speed limit, because he knew he couldn’t explain a ticket to his wife, but he really just wanted to floor it all the way there. He pulled up to her house a few minutes early, and parked a couple of houses down on the street. Then he quickly walked up to her front door.

When she opened the door, his jaw dropped. She had done something different with her hair, but it perfectly framed her gorgeous flawless face. She was wearing a tight white one piece skirt, with a serious plunging neckline. The skirt was also very short, which showed off her amazing legs. To top it off she was wearing tall white high heels, that practically screamed “come fuck me! ” He felt his cock start to stiffen in his slacks, and he was worried she would notice.

They exchanged small talk as they walked to the kitchen. The food smelled amazing, and he started to really look forward to trying it. She put both their plates together, and they moved to the dinning room table. She was absolutely right, it was the best chicken he’d ever had, and she was by far the hottest dinner date he’d ever shared a meal with. Once again he found her incredibly easy to talk to. He was surprised how easy it was to look her in her eyes, and he didn’t feel like he had to fight to keep from staring at her ample cleavage.

When they finished eating, he picked up both their plates and took them to the sink. He rinsed them off, and placed them in the dishwasher.

“You know, a guy who doesn’t mind cleaning is very sexy,” she said.

“No, you are very sexy,” he replied.

She slowly walked right up to him, and they wrapped their arms around one another. Their lips pressed together once again, and their tongues slid over each other. She leaned into him, pressing her tits against his chest. This time both of his hands slid down to her ass, and he cupped alexis texas porno both of her cheeks. She let out a little moan of approval as they kissed deeply.

After a few minutes of kissing, she pulled her lips away and put her hand behind his head. When he opened his eyes, he could see both of her tits were free of the confines of her tight dress, and she was pulling his head down towards them. He opened his mouth and sucked her nipple in, licking the tip of her nipple with the tip of his tongue. Both his hands moved from her ass to her amazing tits.

She had prefect tits. Perfectly rounded, with no sagging, and nice size nipples. Not too big and definitely not too small. He couldn’t get the whole breast in his hand, because it was definitely bigger. He loved that she had all natural breasts, and not surgically enhanced. They were so soft and bouncy and just all around amazing.

After sucking and fondling her tits for several minutes, she dropped down onto her knees right in front of him. She reached up and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled the zipper down. His cock was already hard when she slid her fingertips under his underwear. He felt her fingers wrap around his erection, and she pulled it out, while pulling his underwear down. Once his cock was free, she guided it towards her mouth, and leaned in at the same time.

Her lips felt amazing sliding down his shaft. He thought she was sexy before, but looking at her with his dick in her mouth was one of the sexiest sights he’d ever seen. She looked him in the eyes while she sucked his cock, and he thought he might lose it right there. He usually could hold it in for quite awhile, but he’d never had such a fantastic blow job from such a sexy woman before. He was able to hold it in, but at least for a moment she made him slightly nervous. Especially when she started stroking his shaft with her hand, while sucking his cock.

After several minutes of sucking bliss, he reached down and put his hands on her shoulders. He guided her up and then moved his hands to her waist. In one quick motion he hiked up her skirt and lifted her up onto her kitchen counter. Then he leaned in, lifting both her legs over his shoulder. He started kissing and softly licking her inner thigh slowly. He pulled her panties to the side, and pressed his tongue flat over her pussy lips. He licked up and pressed the tip of his tongue harder against her clit to finish the long wet lick. Then he started licking her pussy exactly how she deserved to be licked.

“Oh my fucking God, that feels so good,” she moaned out. She ran her fingers through his hair, and when her hand reached the back of his head, she pulled his face towards her pussy. “Mmm yes baby, your tongue is amazing.”

After a few minutes of just licking her pussy, he moved his right hand from her thigh, and slipped two fingers inside her pussy. He licked her clit quickly while his fingers fucked her pussy. About every ten seconds he would pull his wet fingers out and use them to rub her clit really fast. He knew she liked that by how much louder her moaning got each time he did it. After a short time she grabbed a fist full of his hair and he felt her thighs begin to quiver. Her moaning turned to almost a scream when her orgasm took over. He just kept rubbing her clit with his wet fingertips until she stopped shaking.

He stood up, and gave her a moment to recover. When she was ready, she hopped down off the counter. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her, pressing her mouth against his. They kissed passionately, and he wondered if she enjoyed the taste of her own pussy juices. His mouth was still covered with it, and she pushed her tongue right in his mouth. The thought she would actually enjoy tasting her own pussy really turned him on. Not that his erection ever went away, but he was definitely ready to fuck her now.

He kicked off his shoes, pulled his pants, underwear and socks off, and then pulled his shirt off over his head. Then he pulled her back to him and kissed her again. While he kissed her he unzipped the back of her skirt, and pushed the whole thing down until it fell around her feet. He pushed her panties down, and then she stepped out of them. He kept kissing her, but looked out of the corner of his eye to guide them to the couch.

At the couch he guided her down onto the cushion, and he kneeled down on one knee. He lifted her right leg onto his left shoulder, and guided his hard cock to her waiting pussy. He pushed the head of his cock in first, and then in one smooth stroke, he slid the length of his erection completely into her pussy. She let out a long moan as he entered her. He then pulled back until just the tip remained and thrust his thick cock back into her. Once his cock was thoroughly lubricated by her pussy, he started pumping his erection in and out at a rather quick pace. As her moans grew louder he started moving his hips a tad faster.

He was holding her right leg up onto his shoulder, with his left hand about halfway between her knee and her thigh. His right hand was rubbing her left thigh, and he was mesmerized by how sexy she looked on the couch like that. She was every bit as sexy as the hottest porn star he’d ever watched, and way hotter than most women in those videos.

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