The Third Wheel Pt. 01

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Update: Thank you all for the feedback. This is the updated, edited version. I will be posting the conclusion of the story as well under the title “The Third Wheel pt. 2”

Thanks again for reading!


Chapter 1

The droning music from the club’s speakers faded away as Jason focused on the beautiful figure in front of him. His eyes soaked in every last detail of this woman’s body, starting with her well-pedicured feet strapped into a pair of sexy, stripper-like heels. He stayed mesmerized as his eyes traveled up her smooth and silky toned legs, all the way up to her supple breasts. His large hands moved like pythons as they wrapped around the front of Cassie and held her close, causing her to grind her plump apple bottom ass slowly and sensually into Jason’s crotch.

“Someone’s liking this song, huh?” Cassie asked rhetorically.

Jason’s bulge overtook his senses, and it was as if a steel rod was trying to force its way out of his pants. Jason tilted his head to the side and stared deeply into her eyes. Cassie was one hell of a woman and the most beautiful woman he ever dated, not to mention the fact they were to be wed in a few months.

As she continued to whisper in his ear and tease him, he maneuvered his hand between her legs and used his lengthy fingers to rub her passionately.

“Seems like you like this song more than I do,” quipped Jason as she moaned and spread her legs even more.

Her sweet juices left their residue on Jason as Cassie turned around reluctantly, breaking from his grasp.

“Don’t get so ahead of yourself,” she said as she sauntered away into the crowd.

She felt a rush of adrenaline, knowing that Jason had just played with her in public like that. Her panties were now soaking wet. Make no mistake though; he wouldn’t have it that easy tonight.

“Two Stellas, please.” Jason ordered as he searched the crowd for his fiancée.

“Make it three babe,” said Cassie as she walked up from behind and hugged him.

Before Jason could spin around, a pair of hands that were definitely not his fiancée’s suddenly covered his eyes.

“Alison?!” Jason exclaimed quizzically after finally turning around. “What are you doing here?”

Alison was one of Jason’s ex-girlfriends years and years ago. He thought she had moved out of the state to be with her boyfriend who she constantly paraded in front of everyone.

“Hey Jay, long time no see…your ankara escort girl Cassie here bumped into me in the ladies room and we thought we’d surprise you.”

Jason’s mind raced in sort of a panic. Why did Cassie want to surprise him with one of his ex-girlfriends? The more he thought about the awkward situation, the more confused he seemed to be.

“Babe, you may not remember, but Alison and I were pretty close friends back in high school. We really just drifted apart because stupid boyfriends got in the way,” said Cassie.

“So you mean you guys stopped being friends because of me?”

“No idiot! Not everything is about you,” replied Alison, giving a wink in Jason’s direction as she punched him in the arm.

Alison was always the rough one. She loved to ‘play’ fight except it usually turned into a real fight followed by great makeup sex. Jason was never really a fan of the rough and tough type of gal. As the girls took their seats at the bar and continued to chat away, Jason couldn’t help think about the sex him and Alison used to have. It aroused him as he started comparing her to Cassie. Both girls were complete animals in bed, giving in totally and completely to the lust and passion while making love.

“So…”said Cassie in a playful manner as she ran her finger up and down Alison’s arm. “…What are you doing later tonight? Jason and I were thinking about heading back to our house for some better drinks.”

“Well I was going to keep celebrating my co-worker’s birthday…but with an offer like that, how can I say no?”

Both women started giggling like little schoolgirls as they got up together in unison. Jason reached over for Cassie and offered his arm to her as they started to leave the club. Not a split second later, he found Alison holding on to his other arm. Jason smiled inside as he left with two gorgeous women, one on each arm. He saw the looks that the other guys were giving him, and he felt like he just won the lottery.

Chapter 2

“Sit with me!” begged Alison as the trio entered the car. “I don’t want to feel like the third wheel. Plus, you invited me! You have to keep your guest entertained.”

“She’s got a point I guess,” Jason shot back. “But then I feel like the third wheel.”

His complaints were ignored as Cassie hopped in the back seat and cozied up next to Alison. As the three headed home, Jason caught himself checking his rear view ankara escort bayan mirror more than normal. Each time he looked, he saw Alison and Cassie huddled together talking and laughing. Their faces seemed to get closer and closer together each time he checked on them.

“Keep your eyes on the road!” hollered Alison. “I’ll let you know if you’re missing anything back here.”

Classic Alison. She was always such a tease and a flirt. It was one of the main reasons they didn’t work out as a couple. She always had to be the center of attention, and Jason was always pulling guys off of her left and right. Needless to say, trust became an issue between the pair. No hard feelings though. Jason always liked her because she was so flirty, so it was kind of a catch-22.

Once they got home, Jason immediately set off into the kitchen to fetch the drinks for the three of them.

“We need some music!” exclaimed Cassie as she turned on their Bose sound system.

Alison decided to follow Jason into the kitchen while Cassie looked for a good song. She approached him from behind while he stood at the fridge trying to gather all the bottles.

“Cassie’s a really cool girl, Jay. I hope you’re ready for tonight…because I am going to ruin her,” whispered Alison as she danced her way back into the living room without giving any other explanation. Jason almost dropped the load of alcohol he was carrying. Ruin her? Tonight? Where was this all going? He decided to let things play out and acted like nothing happened as he joined the ladies.

Cassie was slowly dancing by herself as Jason entered the room. Alison commandeered on of his drinks and downed it in one gulp. She reminiscently watched Cassie’s every movement, and it was like Cassie was dancing just for her. It reminded her of when they used to have their sleepovers in high school. What she never told Jason was that she was very much into women. In fact, Cassie was the first girl she had ever kissed. Just thinking about that first touch made Alison glow with desire as she longed for her touch just once more.

“Come here, don’t just stare at me,” said Cassie as she pulled Alison to her feet. She positioned one of her legs in between Alison’s legs and started slow dancing while moving her hips from side to side.

As the two danced, Jason sat back on the sofa and enjoyed the show. This side of Cassie was one that he had never seen before. escort ankara She was so sensual and seemed very comfortable with Alison as she started becoming more and more bold in her moves. Pretty soon, Cassie and Alison were grinding and feeling each other up.

“It’s getting kinda warm in here, don’t you think Alison?” Cassie asked with a wink as she slipped out of her dress and started stripping down.

“Definitely…must be all the alcohol,” replied Alison as she followed Cassie’s lead.

Jason found himself shocked that his fiancée and ex-girlfriend were both in front of him naked as the day they were born. Was this really happening? Cassie sensed Jason’s anxiety and decided to ease his worries.

“Babe…I want to make your fantasy a reality. I know this seems pretty sudden, but I’ve thought about it for a while. I’ve always wanted to be with a woman, so I thought what better way to do it than to share her with my man?”

Without saying another word, Cassie pulled Jason close and embraced him with a passionate kiss. As they kissed, she took his shirt off and slowly started to undress him. Before he knew it, he felt another mouth caressing his thighs, moving ever so slowly towards his growing center. He didn’t know how Cassie would react or is she would be jealous, but he trusted her with all his heart and went with the flow.

Alison grabbed Jason and started moving her hand rhythmically as she watched the couple kiss over and over again. Then, Cassie broke the embrace and sat beside Alison, watching her as she continued to arouse and pleasure her future husband. She decided to engulf her fiancé in her mouth while Alison helped her by holding him in her hand.

“Oh…hmm…that feels amazing,” groaned Jason. He enjoyed every moment as Cassie used her tongue and mouth while bobbing up and down on him. When Cassie grew tired, Alison was right there to pick up where she left off. It had been years since Jason felt Alison’s pretty little mouth, and he felt slightly awkward because he didn’t know how much he should enjoy it without upsetting Cassie.

However, all of those worries melted away when he saw Cassie holding Alison’s hair and controlling the movement of her head.

“That’s it…suck that cock. Have you missed it? He’s got such a nice one, doesn’t he?”

Alison’s eyes waters as she moaned with her mouthful.

“I have missed it Cass, you’re a lucky girl.”

“Tonight, we both are. Come on, let’s go to the bedroom,” said Cassie as she helped Alison to her feet.

Jason was conflicted in how to feel because there was a part of him that wanted to release his load inside of Alison’s hot mouth, but he knew the night was still young.

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