The Texter Ch. 03

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If you’re 18 or older…enjoy the story and if you haven’t yet read the first chapters of the Texter, I suggest reading them before diving into this story. Enjoy 🙂


Lisa woke from her slumber in the middle of the gym while Christy and Josh were getting dressed. Trying to stand up, Lisa staggered to her feet as Christy had joined Lisa stretching a bit. Josh had grabbed some towels and wiped up some of the cum stains on the mats.

“That was a intense workout,” said Lisa.

“Did you think that was it? We’re not even half way done. What we did was a simple detour, you still have the basics to get under way,” said Christy as she finished stretching her legs and Lisa gave her and Josh a odd look.

“Indeed, now it’s time for the actual defense course, now lets get started,” said Josh. He guided the two to the boxing ring. Lisa groaned in response.

“You’re kidding right?” She climbed into the ring after them.

“You act like you ran a mile and fucked afterwards,” laughed Christy as she pulled two pad gloves onto her hands. Lisa glared at her. “Well you ran a mile yes, but that was just a warm up. Now step on up and punch the pads, but punch the left pad with your right hand and punch the right with your left. We want to stretch those arms out.” Christy held up the pads even with her shoulders and Lisa just huffed as she steadied her self on her feet. She knew this was going to be a long training day.

Mean while back at the restaurant, Trevor was walking out the back door for his break. His smile faded as his girlfriend stood by the dumpster. He gulped as he spoke.

“Hi Alexis.” His eyes scanned her body and his cock throbbed painfully because her black dress clung to her tight body.

“Hi baby.” She stepped out of the shade and her sweet caramel skin came to life in the sun light. “So how long is your break?” She walked ever so lightly towards him giving her small perky breasts a slight jiggle

“I have about thirty minutes…oh god.” Her hands rubbed his chest and more pain shot through his cock.

“What’s wrong honey?” She stood on her tip toes and tenderly kissed him on the lips while pressing her body against him.

“Nothing, just a reaction to your fast approach.” Her hands slide down to his crotch and playfully cupped his balls. He groaned, trying to suppress a whimper of pain.

She smiled as his cock grew harder and with swift movements undid his belt and pants. Kissing him on the cheek she lowered her self and Trevor kept flashing back to Lisa in the same pattern of movement. Alexis carefully tugged at his boxers and looked up at his eager face as his cock sprang free. Her eyes continued to stare at him as she pumped his cock with her hand. Pain went up his spinal cord as his spent cock tried its best to get harder. Turning her gaze to his cock with her mouth wide open, she stopped at the tip of his head. Her eyes noticed a faint red oval shape around the base of his cock. Her pumping fist stopped pumping and instead tightened its grip on his swollen cock which caused him to whimper.

“Oh my god Trevor, what the fuck is at the base of your cock?” Her smile had faded quickly and he was worried.

“Um, must be that new condom we used the other day, the material must of caused a allergic reaction,” he tried his best to lie.

“Bull shit, your entire cock would show the same reaction, plus we’ve been using the same damn condom for the past five months.” She tightened her grip on his cock and stood up to look him in the eye, causing him to tense up. “Who the fuck did you fuck?” He gritted his teeth as his cock was put through serious painful wrenches from her hand.

“I didn’t fuck no, just got a blow job and tit fuck,” her eyes widen more as she yanked on his cock harder causing him to fall to his knees.

“Do you think getting a blow job and tit fuck would be alright, who the fuck did you do it with or else I’ll tear your fucking dick off!” she screamed into his face as he stared down at her in pain.

“Lisa.” Her face froze as he mentioned her best friends name and released his cock. “Listen she came onto me, she did all the work I didn’t want to do anything stupid in fear of loosing my job.” She stepped back and turned away from him.

“That bitch, if she thinks she can go on a break up fuck spree with my man, oh she has a whole ‘nother problem coming.” She walked at a fast stride towards her car.

Trevor watched as she entered her Honda and drove off at a blistering speed. His cock pulsed painfully as he redressed himself. Pulling out a cigarette with his shaking hands, he smoked to help relieve some of his nerves. Taking a long drag, he tossed the remainder into a puddle and gave the dumpster a kick at his ignorance.

Careening Kolej Escort down the main high way, Alexis paid no attention to the temperature gauge. It flashed several times as her led foot pushed down on the pedal. With in seconds, smoke emitted from the hood as her temperature gauge was in the red.

Panicking, she pulled over to the shoulder and the car puttered to a loud clanking stop. Her mind was still infuriated with Trevor’s actions. Placing her hands on her head, she drug them down trying to calm her self down. Taking a deep breath she tried to start her car up, but to no prevail. More odd sounds came from her engine. A loud ding made her jump as a calm woman’s voice talked to Alexis.

“This is Onstar, my name is Nancy, our system noted a malfunction in your motor, are you okay?” Nancy’s voice soothed Alexis a bit.

“Yes, I think my car over heated, but something else may of happened in result. I heard some loud sounds as I pulled over to the curb,” said Alexis as calmly as possible.

“Okay, if you would like I could contact a local repair shop to come tow your vehicle.” Alexis nodded in approval and gave her head a shake as she realized Nancy wasn’t able to see her nod.”

“Yes that would be nice.” Alexis’s frustration had seem to recede with Nancy’s voice soothing her even more to the point she leaned back and softly closed her eyes. Her feelings were more of excitement as someone seemed to care for her.

“Alright, I’ve contacted a local repair shop, they’re fifteen minutes away. Would you like me to remain on the line with you till they get to you?”

“Yes, please if you could, it would be ever so warming.” Alexis’s hand had tightly clung to the stick shift in the center consul this whole time and she had taken notice the cold surface.

Thoughts of when she had Trevor’s cock in her hand had clouded her mind along with Nancy’s voice but her voice was saying some instructions to her. Doesn’t it feel good in your hand? Just feel its amazing girth. Imagine how it would stretch your tight pussy. Alexis’s heart beat quickened as her hand traced around the stick shift. Her pussy already getting wet from the simple contact. Do you want to feel it in you? Go ahead just sit on it and ride it. Alexis found her self swinging her leg over the stick shift. As she pushed her panties aside, she carefully lowered her self onto the stick.

It’s beginning was quit wide and stretched her pussy as it entered her causing her to gasp. She lowered her self more and moaned in approval. She’d never done this before besides many dildos she’s possessed in the past, but she continued to work her pussy up and down the thick shaft like one of her stationary dildos and the car was beginning to fill with sounds of wet noise and Alexis’s moans.

“Is everything alright, Alexis?” She stared at the Onstar symbol.

“It feels so good,” moaned Alexis as the shaft moved smoother inside of her.

“What does?” Nancy had settled into her chair as a familiar noise filled her head set. The voice recognition software judged her sounds as a coherent happiness.

“The stick shift, it’s so wide and enjoyable. Is my moaning exciting you Nancy?” Alexis’s breathing grew haste as she picked up speed on it and Nancy cold feel her pussy tingling.

“Yes…Oh!” breathed Nancy, but covered her mouth from her confession though she couldn’t resist her inner needs.

Alexis continued to emit sounds of pleasure as she bounced up and down on the shaft. Flipping her hair back, she listened in closely to a low moan that was coming from the Onstar symbol and moaned in approval. Nancy’s hands had gotten a mind of their own and snaked themselves down into her pants. Her finger matching every exhale Alexis let out and Nancy’s excitement rose. Both of them grew more aroused with each moan they exchanged.

Her insides screamed for the oncoming orgasm, but a sudden knocking brought Alexis to reality. She gasped as she realized she was still in the driver seat, but slouched down. Her pussy radiated for pleasure and staring at the stick shift she noticed it was dry and wondered if it was just a dream. Another knock and she looked at the driver window to see a man standing there, obscured by the tinted window. Unlocking the door, she stepped out and once in the light she realized who it was.

“George!” Alexis was shocked to see Lisa’s ex boyfriend.

“That’s my…. oh shit your one of Lisa’s, please don’t hit me.” He held his hands up to his face fearing Alexis would be like Christy; lethal and dangerous.

“Now why would I do that?” she chuckled at his defensive position.

“I did cheat on Lisa and was attacked by Christy earlier.” He put his arms down with obvious signs of relief

“Hahaha, that’s Christy for you, she knows how to look after her girls alright,” smiled Alexis as she shut her door.

“I’ve taken notice you volleyball girls are no joke.” He finally became more comfortable.

“What Rus Escort do you expect? We are exerting a lot of energy in a small court, but let’s not discuss about volleyball girls and their physiques. My car is the matter that you are here for.” She looked down at her brand new looking Honda.

“Pop the hood, let’s see what exactly happen.” George walked around to the front while Alexis reached into the car to pop the hood.

“Um Nancy, did I sleep talk?” asked Alexis after hitting the button.

“Yes, but we’ll just keep this to our selves, have a nice day Alexis!” Nancy’s voice sounded more soothing and brought smile to Alexis face.

“It appears your radiator cap was loose, pressure built up in the radiator. Ended up shooting the cap all over in the engine, going to need to evaluate it more at the garage.” A bright flash of light followed by thunder interrupted George and the sky began to rain.

Slamming her door shut, Alexis ran with George after he shut the hood, to escape the rain in his tow truck. The sudden heavy wind force gave a resistance as she tried to stand straight while giving the door a pull. Hopping into the truck she pulled the door closed and joined him in a burst of laughter. Once their laughter subsided she looked at George and could tell why he and Lisa had fallen for each other minus the hook up by Christy.

With a few taps on the touch screen in the center of the steering wheel, her car was instantly lifted and attached to the to trucks towing arm. Shifting into drive he pulled out onto the road carefully, watching to see if there was any oncoming traffic as he enter the roadway. Alexis had become quit fixated on George and the skill he had shown handling the high tech set up of the tow truck. Her body was still excited from her little dream and the wet dress clung to her body showing off her hard nipples. As they progressed down the road, the storm system that had hit them hard had seemed to be a small system. After a mere five minutes they had been driving the sun was once again shining.

The storm had cleared some traffic off the road, so it was a bit quicker getting back to the shop than coming to get her car. Maneuvering into the parking lot of the garage, George had turned the truck so the car’s end was facing the garage. Placing the truck in park he looked over. He instantly was drawn to her protruding nipples, but quickly snapped his head back as he realized what he was doing.

“I’m so sorry Alexis I didn’t mean to stare.” He looked aimlessly out his window as he tried to get her hard nipples out of his mind and she just giggled.

“It’s alright, do you happen to have any dry clothes I can borrow so my skimpy little dress can dry?” She tugged at her dress causing a suction cup sound to echo in the cabin of the truck and her to bite her lips from the effect it had on her nipples.

“Yes, if you just enter the garage off in the back corner is the locker room. A set that Lisa usually wore is in the locker thirteen, I’m pretty sure you can fit in them.” He still did not dare look at her.

“Okay, I’ll go change and we can discuss what needs to be done to get my car a quick fix.” She opened the door and had George’s head trail back to look at the passenger side mirror staring at her strutting her fine ass into the garage.

She could feel his eyes on her ass as she entered the garaged and smiled at his attention. Slipping out of view, she ducked into the locker room and walked over to locker thirteen. Opening it up, she pulled out what appeared to be a blue jump suit that had some modifications to it. Peeling off her soaked dress, she judged whether she should leave her bra and panties on or just take them off. Figuring they needed to dry as well, she slipped her black lace panties down her tone legs and stepped out of them. Laying them down on the bench next to her dress, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and dropped on the bench.

Unraveling the jump suit, she soon realized it was modified to be a two piece. The sleeves on the top were cut off to shoulder cuffs and the bottom piece legs were short. Stepping out of her heels, she slipped on the pants which fit snugly to her ass and just reached below her knees. Putting both arms into their respected slots, she brought the top around and zipped it up. She examined herself in the mirror and noticed that her stomach was visible and wondered what exactly Lisa and George did here.

Grabbing the tennis shoes from the locker, she pulled them up and examined the tongue. She smirked at them being her shoe size. She slipped into the cozy tennis shoes and tied them tightly. Walking in them to be sure they were secured, she headed towards the exit.

George was already in the midst of fully examining her engine. He caught a glimpse of her stepping out of the locker room and looked over. Lisa’s outfit appeared to fit her nicely. He had raised his head a bit further Yenimahalle Escort and ended up banging it against the hood.

“Son of a bitch!” yelled George, causing Alexis to rush over, worried as he cursed repeatedly while holding his head.

“You alright?” She replaced his hand with hers and rubbed gently and his face loosened up as she soothed his pain away.

“Yeah sometimes I forget the hood, a common occurrence around here. At least yours doesn’t have any sharp corners and thanks.” Her gentle rubbing had replaced his aching head ache to a bit of excitement as her hand slid down the back of his head and off it.

“Well that’s good to hear. So what is the damage officially?” She looked at engine.

“My previous examination was right. The pressure built up from a blockage in the radiator caused the cap to shoot off and bounce around in the fined space under the hood The alternator coil is trashed, your fan is cracked and the fuel intake pipe is pinched. Luckily, the radiator wasn’t damaged.” Alexis looked worried.

“My big question is what the cost is going to be to repair it?” She looked at George and he rubbed his chin.

“We’re looking from twelve to fifteen hundred dollars, if we were to import new parts,” Her eyes went wide.

“Please tell me there’s a cheaper way?” She knew that there was no way she could afford that.

“Well, since we do have access to junk yard we can go for a scavenging hunt to get the necessary parts.” She breathed a sight of relief with the second option.

“How bout I join you in scavenging for parts and put that labor towards fixing my car and we can discuss what else will be needed to cover the remaining cost.” It was the only logical idea she could think of to get the price lower.

“I think we can do that.” Excitement pulsed through her and without warning she gave him a strong hug and gave him a quick kiss on the lips which left him and her looking at one another in surprise at what just transpired.

Noticing his hand had locked just over her wonderful ass, he released her and both distanced them selves from one another. Rubbing the toe of his shoe into the floor, he gave a little sign to proceed to the junk yard in the back which she nodded and led the way.

The rain had hit the junk yard quite hard as well, so Alexis and George were jumping over large puddles. His eyes had been drawn to her ass as it jiggled excessively with each step she took. He had always been an ass man and Lisa had a big one yes, but Alexis had that fine toned ass that had a nice jiggle, but wasn’t excessively fat. He couldn’t believe what his mind was doing and giving his head a shake he caught up to her and looked around. On top of a nearby stack, a similar style to her Honda lay perched.

“Up there, what year is your car?” He pointed up at the rusted car.

“I think two-thousand and seven,” she looked up at the car.

“Woo, what are you doing?” He watched as she carefully climbed atop a car.

“I’m not going to do my share of the labor by just standing here am I? I’m going to climb up and get a closer look and see if an engine is still in there.”

“Be careful then, I don’t want you to slip and fall.” He watched as she began to conquer the pile of cars.

“I’ll be alright. Remember the girls and I rock climb…woo!” Her foot slipped off a bumper and sent a few chunks of metal down towards George who barely got out of the way.

“Less talking and more focus on climbing!” yelled George as he shook his head at the near hit.

Taking a deep breath she placed the slipped foot on the bumper again and hoisted her self up. George climbed onto the car next to the pile so he could be there in case of a mishap. His eyes trained on her swaying ass as she ascended to the top of the pile. Once again her hypnotizing ass captivated him as the material of the pants pulled taut over her ass. His cock was slowly inflating as he marveled at her ass. Slapping his face he regained focus as she reached midway.

“Wow I’m only half there and it’s already high up,” she laughed as well as George who kept his eyes on her.

The climb grew harder as gaps were smaller. Trying to bring her foot up between her midriff and the car, the surface her other foot was planted on was slick. Without warning, her foot slipped out and she dangled by her hands.

“OH crap! Oh my god!” exclaimed Alexis as she fought to keep her hands on the loose car door.

“Hang on Alexis, try get your feet planted on something!” called out George as he held his hands out afraid for any drastic change her in position.

As she swayed her feet towards a open window, the door she had been holding came loose as her feet landed on the open window frame. The force of the opening door forced her hands to break free. With a scream she slipped off the window frame and scrapped her leg across it as she fell.

George readied him self as her body fell. Bending back a little, she cross-bodied him and slammed him hard onto the roof of the car. George let out loud groan as they dented the roof of the car. Alexis had fallen unconscious as pain shot through her body. Despite agonizing pain to his back, he carefully maneuvered until he was standing up, with her cupped in his arms.

“You okay?” he asked her as she had started to come around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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