The Talk Ch. 05

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Author’s note: I’d like to thank everyone who’s been sending me feedback and comments on this series. Even though I don’t normally resond to them, I DO read them all and really appreciate the interest in my story. I’m not sure how long it’ll last or where, exactly, it’ll ultimately lead, but I fully expect that things will get more and more erotic with the passing of each new chapter (Lord only knows it has in THIS one!). Please keep the comments coming and, if you have a mind to, place them in the Public Comments section so that everyone can see them as well as myself.

The normal disclaimer still applies (now, more so than ever!): while this work of FICTION centers solely on the act of incest, I do not, in any way, condone or support incest as a real-life practice. It is illegal and troublesome for all parties involved. Do not mistake any ideas presented here as my own; they are simply there for the sake of the story and your entertainment.

Thanks again, and keep cumming back for more!



The Talk: Chapter 05

So I had finally told my wife, Kathy, that our children were having sex with one another. To my surprise, she took the news a lot better than I’d expected. I was sure that she’d blow her lid, and I guess she did at first, but after a very thorough discussion, she calmed down and, even more surprisingly, agreed that letting the kids continue with their tryst would be okay- with a few provisions, of course. Just before this discussion, I’d sent the kids out to go see a movie, so that Kathy and I could talk in relative peace and quiet. By the time our talk was over, though, Kathy decided that she wanted some time to be alone and work through some thoughts of her own. With total understanding, I let her be until the kids came back home, when we had agreed that we would tell the kids what we’d decided. While Kathy was busy in the kitchen and brooding, I went back to my private office to do some thinking on my own.

So much has changed in such a short period of time. I couldn’t quite make out how I felt about the whole situation. On the one hand, I felt amazingly okay and calm. On the other hand, however, I was scared out of my wits. I know, from personal experience, that sex is a very intimate and binding thing between two people who already have a close relationship. And no matter HOW well-adjusted the partners may be, there are always strings and emotional vagaries attached. My kids have always had a very healthy, loving, solid relationship as siblings. Even without this brand new dynamic in their relationship, they’re very close. To add sex into the mix, I was almost certain, would strengthen their bond in a way that society wouldn’t approve of. Kathy, I felt, was deluding herself in thinking that the kids could be convinced, later in life, to pursue romantic relationships with other people outside the family, but I’d have to give her time to work that out on her own instead of coming off like the bad guy. She’d have to get used to seeing the kids together, as a couple first, before I can even help her entertain the notion that their coupling might very well be a long-term thing, possibly permanent. Then there was the whole problem of my own attraction to Susan, my daughter. What did that mean now, now that Kathy and I were committed to accepting incest into our family home? I was fairly certain that Sue, who is as smart as they come, was aware of my hidden lust for her- she HAD to have been, even though she hadn’t explicitly brought it up in conversation. When she and her brother resumed their sexual adventures, would she feel like she’d been given tacit permission to direct her charms in my direction as well? What’s more is, would I be able to resist even her half-assed attempts to seduce me? Would I WANT to resist her?

Upon close and careful reflection I had to admit that, no, I didn’t want to refuse my daughter, should she throw herself at me. Part of me was extraordinarily frightened of that prospect while another, much more insistent part of me thrilled at it.

And now Kathy knew about it, which was probably worse than anything else.

What to do? I asked myself. I love my wife dearly. She’s the very center of my soul and I am absolutely devoted to her. I could no more think of my life without her in it than I could imagine the sky without a sun. And, yet, there I was in my office, wondering how long it would be before all the walls of propriety would finally break down and I’d end up fucking my gorgeous daughter. How would it happen? When? Would THAT be the final, devastating blow to the family, the thing to definitively break us up? Would Kathy, the woman I love, ever forgive me or would she finally call the cops?

Then an idea occurred to me: what if I somehow got David to try his hand at seducing her? Would he go for it? Certainly! While Sue is incredibly sexy, Kathy is even more so! How many men in the past had taken lingering looks at my wife while we were out? Hundreds, easily, and all of them covering the full gamut gaziantep escort kadın of ages from late teens to early fifties. Hell, maybe it wouldn’t be that difficult to convince David after all. Would THAT put us all on even ground?

I sat at my desk, placed my head in my hands and groaned with guilt. How could I think such a thing?

There was a soft rapping at my office door. “Honey?” my wife called through it. “David’s car just pulled up. The kids are home. It’s… time.”

I sat up and quickly collected myself as I rose from my desk. I looked around the office as though it would be the last time I’d ever see it in that way, like everything in my world was about to be turned upside down and even my inner-sanctum-sanctorum would be cast into a weird sort of alternate reality. With a heavy breath, I went to the door and opened it to face my wife. “Are you ready for this?” I asked her.

Kathy pursed her lips for a fraction of a second and then nodded. “As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess. Come on. Let’s get this over with and just move on with our lives, okay?”

I held her chin and kissed her briefly on the lips. “Together, always and forever,” I told her, repeating a very important part of our wedding vows.

“Soul, heart and mind,” she finished, the expected reply. “Together.” She smiled thinly and grabbed my hand for reassurance.

We walked into the kitchen and waited for the kids to come in. It wasn’t a long wait. We heard them at the door when they walked in, and I noted that they were particularly quiet. David walked through the kitchen entrance first with his sister close behind him. He looked at us with placid, curious eyes but said nothing.

It was Susan, the more vocal of the two, who spoke first. “Did you tell her, Dad?”

Kathy replied for me. “He did,” she said. “Sit down, you two. We’ve got some things to say.”

Sue and David looked at each other in apprehensive silence for a few seconds and then David took a seat opposite his mother while Susan sat opposite from me. “When do I move out?” David asked promptly.

“You don’t, you lughead,” I said blandly. “Stop trying to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders for a few minutes, kiddo, and listen. Cool?”

David’s mouth sealed shut and he simply nodded.

Kathy just jumped right into it. “All right, here’s the deal, kids. Your father and I have decided to allow this, but we’ve got some rules we want you to follow. First, when you do it, you do it here and here ONLY, in the house and away from prying eyes. I don’t care who you’re out with or where you are out there, ANYONE could accidentally trip over you and that person could be someone we know. Secondly, when you do it, here at the house, you have the courtesy to ask us to leave FIRST. It’s going to be hard enough for us to adjust to this concept, as it stands, and hearing the two of you going at it like two sex-crazed kids, which is precisely what you are, would be unbearable for us right now-“

“Right now?” Sue repeated. “Is that to say that at some point in the future you’ll be comfortable enough with the situation to overhear us having sex?”

Kathy closed her eyes for a second at the blunt way our daughter had put it, but she didn’t lose her composure. “At this point, I’m not willing to commit to anything beyond the rules we’re setting down here. Don’t push, young lady, and don’t make this harder than it has to be, or I can assure you that we’ll just call the whole thing off. Understood?”

Sue narrowed her eyes for a brief moment, as though she had some choice words on the matter, but buttoned her lip and nodded. “Yes, Mother. Please continue.”

“Thank you,” Kathy said tersely. “Now… rule number three: we want you to understand that, while we agree with the true facts of incest, we don’t necessarily think a protracted relationship of this nature is healthy. As such, we would like to see the two of you make a concerted effort to get out and date other people more frequently. We won’t make it a condition that you MUST date other people,” she said as she glanced at me warily, a sign that she didn’t like that point, “but we would like you to at least TRY. The last condition is solely for Susan,” my wife said as she looked squarely at our daughter. “Since this was all your idea in the first place, we’re making YOU responsible for the birth control. I’ve already scheduled an appointment tomorrow with your gynecologist. We’re getting you on the Depo shot. The first injection will be paid for by us, since we’re the ones who’re actively allowing you kids to break the law, but from then on it will be your responsibility to get any subsequent injections. Understood?”

“Perfectly,” Sue said.

There was a quiet pause as all of us let the impact of what we’d all decided finally sink in. The kids glanced at each other nervously, but made no move towards one another, while Kathy and I secretly held hands under the table and held on for dear life. Was what we’d decided the right escort gaziantep kadın choice? Would it keep the family safe enough? Would all of us be able to handle such a drastic change? Those questions kept circling around in my head, like a vulture looking for mental prey.

“Can I ask a question?” Sue finally said.

“Sure, Kitten,” I said with a nod.

“While David and I aren’t exactly in love with each other, we DO have feelings for one another. I mean, we love each other the way any brother and sister would and should, but there’s this new… dynamic to it, I guess. How do you guys feel about kissing and light petting and things like that? Like… flirtation?”

Kathy and I looked at each other in surprise. We hadn’t considered that. “Examples?” I asked when I looked back at my daughter.

Susan then turned, grabbed her brother by both cheeks and proceeded to kiss him quite thoroughly. David, for his part, went ram-rod straight with surprise but, a second or two later, seemed to relax into it and enjoyed the unexpected buss. Kathy and I just stared on in shock at this most astounding display and the kids’ hands began to gently caress each other’s hair, backs and cheeks. I found myself instantly erect and damned envious while, I’m sure, Kathy had been affected rather profoundly as well. Finally, their lips parted and Sue looked once again every bit as professional as ever. “Maybe not THAT hot a kiss, but something close to it,” she supplied.

“Um…” I swallowed hard, but pressed on. “You’re right: that might be a bit overboard, but I don’t find any problem with a kiss every once in a while, Just… keep it… decent, please.” I looked at my wife. “Kathy?”

Kathy just opened and closed her mouth like a fish starved for water. I nudged her and repeated her name again and she finally snapped out of it. “Christ!” she breathed. Her cheeks were flushed and I could feel her pulse had quickened as we still held hands. I also noticed that her grip had gotten considerably tighter. She regained her composure and stammered out, “Y-yes. I g-g-guess that’d be okay, like he said, though, keep it civil. Please.”

“May I say something?” David asked after he got his breath from the incredible kiss he’d just shared with his sister.

“Shoot, son,” I said.

He seemed to fidget for a second and then said, “Well… seems to me that what’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander.”

I blinked at him in slight confusion. “I’m not following you.”

“Well,” he shrugged, “if we’ve got to ask for permission just to have sex then I think it’s fair that you should, too. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but it’s not like we’re incapable of keeping things quiet, y’know. We CAN keep our voices down. I just think… well… it’s kinda unreasonable to ask that of us. I mean, YOU guys don’t tell US when you’re about to have sex, but I can assure you that we’ve heard you plenty of times over the years.” At that, I glanced at my wife and we both probably wore the same surprised expression. “Listen,” Dave continued, “even though I’ve never actually SEEN you two going at it, I can tell you exactly what each sound you make means and what is likely to come after it. My room is closer to yours than Sue’s is, so I’ve often heard everything- more than I probably had a right to.”

“You never said anything about it before,” Kathy pointed out. “Does it make you feel uncomfortable?”

David blushed just the slightest bit. “Well… to be honest, no, it doesn’t. It actually… uh… kinda turned me on.” The look on his face was the kind of look that anyone would make after admitting something not only extremely embarrassing but also potentially controversial, guilty and goofy at the same time. “But, the point is… if I’ve had to listen to you, and I’m sure that Sue’s gotten an earful a few times, too, then I think it’s only fair that you should run the risk of overhearing us every once in a while. YOU don’t give us any warning and, frankly, I think it’s kinda rude for you to ask that of us.”

“I agree,” Susan declared. “It smacks of hypocrisy.”

Well, THAT was certainly unexpected. I had thought it was a perfectly reasonable request, but now that the kids had pointed it out, I found myself somewhat agreeing with them: it DID seem a bit hypocritical. Kathy, however, wasn’t yet ready to give it up. At least, not without an argument. “Kids, it’s different with us. We’re your parents. And we’re married. We have the right to make love whenever we want to. We’re still in love with each other and it’s only natural for us to express that to one another whenever the… urge arises.”

Susan scoffed at that. “Oh, come ON, Mom. It’s not that and you know it. You’re just worried that if you see us or overhear us, you’ll get turned on and maybe want to join in!”

It was as though my daughter had dropped the verbal equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the kitchen table when she said that. Kathy and I were both, again, stunned to stone silence gaziantep kadın escort at that accusation. The damnable trouble was that Susan, bright as any certified genius dead or living, had called it perfectly right. My wife locked her eyes on Susan’s and said, “So what if you’re right? Is there anything really wrong with that fear?”

Susan huffed in exasperation and crossed her arms challengingly. “Hell yes, there is. Listen, Mom, for the last week David and I have honored Dad’s request to stay away from each other sexually until he got the nerve to tell you about us. For seven days the two of us have been forced to make exceptions in OUR lives for the sake of HIS fear. And here you are, asking us to do the same thing. You’re telling us all KINDS of things with that condition. You’re saying that you don’t trust us to be discrete, you’re saying that you want to keep tabs on our sexual habits, you’re saying that you’re not REALLY ready to face the fact that my brother and I are having a sexual relationship and that at the first sign of it you’ll leave the house so that you won’t HAVE to face it in fact. If I felt that it’d do any good, I’d throw David on the floor right here and now and screw him right in front of you, if only just to force you guys to accept the reality of our situation!”

David emitted a small “eep!” as soon as he heard that suggestion and imperceptibly shifted his body so that he could make a fast retreat just in case she decided to go ahead with it anyway. I just held my hand up and said, “THAT won’t be necessary, Kitten. Not for me, at least.”

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?” Kathy cut in.

I glanced at my wife. “Well… like I told you, honey, I’VE already overheard them AND seen the end results of their last session. I’ve got enough mental imagery in my head to last me a lifetime. You, on the other hand, are equipped only with second-hand knowledge. She has a point, sweetheart: that rule DOES sort of indicate that you’re not prepared to own up to the reality of this… thing. And until you DO face up to it or are put in a situation where you have no choice but to face it, you won’t ever really acknowledge that it’s happening. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s called co-dependent denial. You ask others to help you deny or ignore the truth.”

“I am NOT co-dependent,” Kathy stated flatly and glared at me like I had somehow betrayed her in front of the kids.

“I’m not saying that you ARE, honey,” I said soothingly, “but this rule IS.”

Kathy threw her hands up into the air in resignation and sighed. “Fine,” she groused. “Okay. Fuck each other whenever you want, I don’t care. Just try to keep it down.”

Susan softened her stance a little, now that she had gained this small victory over her mother (with my help), and said, “Mom…” Kathy looked up to her blankly. “Listen, we’re not trying to turn the house into some sort of depraved brothel, okay? David and I have opened up a new dimension in our relationship as brother and sister, but aside from that, nothing else has really changed.” She paused for a moment in thought and then went on. “Last year, back when you and I discussed getting me on birth control, we talked about sex, remember?” Kathy nodded slowly, not sure where this was going. “Well, do you remember what you told me? You said, and I quote, ‘Sex and making love are very similar to each other, but they’re not the same thing. People have sex all the time and sometimes don’t feel a thing for each other. Making love is something different and more special than just sex. Sex is fun where making love fills you up completely in ways that sex alone can’t.’ You said that, Mom. What David and I are doing, Mom, is part sex and part making love, because we DO love each other, even though we aren’t IN love with each other. We’re all adults here now, Mom and Dad, and we’re just asking you to treat us like adults. We’re not going to be screwing each other from the rafters, but when one or both of us finds that we need or want the release, we’d like to be able to do that without clearing it with you first. I mean, would you ask any OTHER couple to do that?”

Kathy sighed a bit more calmly now and shook her head. “No, I guess I wouldn’t.” She took another breath and said, “It’s just… nothing could have prepared me for this, kids. It’s… difficult for me to adjust.”

Susan looked at her brother for a moment, who returned her gaze. They had an unspoken conversation, I could tell, and Susan was asking her brother to trust her at that moment. David subtly nodded to her and let her take the lead, as she has always done in the past. “Mom, I think it might do you a world of good to watch David and I be together, just once, so that you can see for yourself that what we’re doing isn’t harmful.” She gently caressed her brother’s forearm. “He’s amazingly good to me and treats me right. I think, at your very core, that’s what has you more worried than anything else.” Kathy started to object, but Susan held up a halting hand. “Let me finish, please, before you say no out of hand. David and I will do this regardless of what you guys say. That’s a hard thing to admit, but it’s the truth. We ENJOY each other. A lot. Probably as much as you and Dad enjoy each other, I’d guess. At some point you’re going to HAVE to own up to that and just get over it. David, I hope, doesn’t have anything to hide and I certainly don’t, not after that tick incident, not from you.”

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