The Surprise

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John and I had been getting together for a while and the sex was getting better and better. He made me feel comfortable and didn’t try to force me into anything. We would play for hours and yet I still hadn’t sucked his cock. He had fucked me in positions I didn’t know were possible and I liked it. We discussed fantasies and always hung out naked.

John called me and asked me to come over because he had a surprise for me. I accepted and headed over.

I arrived and he let me in. He was naked and had a full erection. His cock was beautiful and thick. I was naked pretty quickly and my cock was hard.

“I have a surprise for you.” John said as he smiled.

“Oh? Your cock isn’t a surprise anymore John. I mean its nice but no surprise.”

“Come with me.” John led me into his living room.

The lights were dimmed but I could still see clearly. Sitting on the couch was another guy, completely naked. He was good looking and had a nice body.

“This is Joe. I remember us talking about a threesome recently. Are you interested?” he asked.

I was really surprised. Three naked men in the same room. I focused on Joe again and noticed he was not only naked but aroused. His cock was big and thick. He was easily two inches bigger than John.

“Ummm yeah. I would be up for that!” I nervously answered.

“Then let’s adjourn to the bedroom.” Joe stood up and headed to the bedroom. He was perfect, standing 6’2″, about 220lbs, blue eyes and blond hair. His ass was perfectly muscular.

When I entered the bedroom, Joe was already sitting on the bed, propped up with his legs apart görükle escort bayan and bent at the knees. John walked up behind me and squeezed my ass. I got on the bed next to Joe and John positioned himself behind me. I couldn’t help myself and reached for Joe’s massive cock. I stroked him as John worked his magic on my asshole. I could feel him sliding into me and beginning to thrust in and out slowly. Joe was clearly enjoying me stroking his cock as I watched him breathing slowly, precum appeared on the tip of his large, beautiful cock.

I was transfixed and couldn’t hold back anymore. I moved slightly, positioning myself between his thighs. I then took his cock into my mouth. He was clearly enjoying it and so was I. His cock filled my mouth and there was still more to take. He pushed my head down slowly as I accepted as much as I could. I moved up and down on it, as John pounded my ass. I couldn’t stop, I wouldn’t stop. I could tell from the sounds that John and Joe were both making that one or both were going to cum soon.

“You are really good at this.” Joe said breathing heavily.

I was focused on nothing more than taking every inch of him in my mouth.

“Oh god I going to cum.” John screamed from behind me.

“Me too!” Joe exclaimed.

I couldn’t believe this was going to happen. My first threesome and both guys were going to cum in me at the same time.

Joe came first. His cock exploded in my mouth which shocked me at first, but I knew it was Cumming. His cum was warm and tasted salty but surprisingly good. I briefly thought bursa otele gelen escort about holding it in my mouth but realized John wasn’t done yet and so I swallowed it. John then came and filled my ass.

“That was awesome!” I said as John pulled out and I rolled over. My cock was still hard and clearly ready to be drained.

“So, which one of us gets to suck you off?” Joe asked.

“You are clearly the guest.” John said laughing.

“Ok then.” Joe said as he laughed.

Joe was on my cock in an instant. He cupped my balls in his hand and then tugged them. He worked me into a frenzy and I thought I was going to explode, but he squeezed my balls firmly and tugged harder. The sensation subsided. This went on for what seemed like hours, as he licked my shaft, and tip, sucking harder at each second.

“Please, let me cum. I can’t take much more.” I was begging.

Then it happened, my cock exploded in his mouth, and it just kept happening. I hadn’t cum like that in so long. Joe took every drop and made sure I was licked clean.

Joe got up and laid next to me as I recovered.

“That was awesome!” I exclaimed.

“Glad you liked it” John said.

“You are a good cock sucker.” Joe said.

“Thanks. John, I promise you are next.” I glanced at John.

“It’s ok. I guess you just got caught up in the moment.”

We all got up and got cleaned up and Joe and I showered together. He seemed to be ready to go again while we were showering and I couldn’t hide the fact that I was ready again. We both walked out of bursa escort bayan the bathroom back into the bedroom to get dressed but we were both still hard and Joe was still drying off.

“You are good at sucking cock.” Joe said as he stood in front of me.

“Thanks! You were my first.” I replied.

“I hope you do it again.” He said as he looked down at his hard throbbing member.

“Well, it wouldn’t seem right for me to just let you put away loaded.”

I dropped to my knees in front of him, opened my mouth and took him into me again. My mouth enveloped his cock, and I began to fondle his balls as I rhythmically bobbed on his shaft. He took his hands on my head and was fucking my mouth. His cock was so big, and I wanted more. He was past the back of my throat and I knew it wasn’t going to be long now. His moans were so hot and sexy as I varied my speed. Then he groaned loudly as his cock exploded, delivering his cum into my waiting mouth. I was almost overwhelmed by how much he was Cumming.

“I wondered what was taking so long” John said.

John was standing by the door, naked and sporting a hard on that just begged to be taken care of.

“Sorry. I got caught up in the moment.” I replied after swallowing the last of Joe’s love juice.

“I can see.” John laughed.

I laid on the bed on my side and felt horny still.

“Maybe I can suck your cock too.” I needed more.

John laid down next to me and positioned his cock near my head. I was on it quickly and my lips were wrapped around his shaft. He took my head and worked me on his cock. Then with out warning I felt Joe lay down also and take my cock in his mouth. This was awesome. I was sucking John’s cock and Joe was sucking mine. It didn’t take long and John was shooting his load into my mouth and I was delivering mine into Joe. This was awesome.

We all got up, cleaned up again and departed, agreeing this wasn’t going to be our last time together.

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