The Strip Club Ch. 1

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Rudy is my wife’s younger brother, by some ten years. He stands 6’5″ and virtually towers over his wife Debbie, who can’t be over 5 feet. As a foursome, we’ve been close over the years. However, lately we haven’t seen much of them, what with raising kids, etc. Debbie is quite a sparkplug and after a few drinks can get pretty frisky, an enduring feature that wasn’t lost on my wife, Barb. My well-endowed wife was also quite a flirt after a few drinks, so a friendly competition between the two blondes was inevitable. This was all good-natured fun and neither got too upset with the other.

Rudy and myself have been close friends since I married his sister, Barb some 30 years ago. Our libidos and our taste in women are similar (as evidenced by our choice of D-cup ladies). In our younger years we frequented many a tittie bar and exercised our appreciation of many a hot stripper. We never once considered that our wives would EVER be interested in such decadent entertainment. We figured they would consider it demeaning to women, and so on. We discovered lately that we may have made an error in judgment.

A few weeks ago the four of us had the opportunity to get together without kids. Since we hadn’t seen each other for some time, it was fun rekindling our relationship. The drinks flowed freely and before long Rudy whispered to me that maybe we should go check out the local strip club. Barb noticed us chatting and could tell something was afoot.

“Hey, you guys aren’t gonna leave us now! We know where you’re headed and we’ll just join you,” she stated, rather deliberately.

“Yeah, we know you guys always end up at a tittie bar. What, are you afraid of a little competition?” Asked Debbie.

Rudy and I looked at each other, smiled and agreed that they could join us. The girls decided they needed to dress up a bit and told us to pick them up in an hour. They made their exit upstairs, while Rudy and I left to pick up more refreshments. We wondered just what the hell we had got ourselves into.

“Those two are just going to ruin this evening, you know?” Said Rudy.

“Hey man, you never know. They looked pretty game, if you ask me,” I mentioned.

“Well, we’ll see…” Said Rudy, shaking his head.

After picking up some beer and whiskey, we headed back to the house. We were a bit early and decided to pour the ladies some stiff drinks. We could hear giggling from upstairs and knew right away that the girls were up to no good.

“Are you girls about ready, or what?” I yelled.

“We’re on our way. You guys just get in the car and we’ll be down in a minute,” Debbie called back.

Rudy and I climbed into his van and it wasn’t long before Debbie and Barb showed up. We were surprised to see them both outfitted in full-length trench coats.

“So you’re going incognito tonight?” I asked Barb, as she slid next to me.

“Yes, I guess you could say that…but don’t you want to know what we have on under our coats?” She smiled teasingly.

Rudy drove to our destination on the edge of town -one place we never imagined taking our wives. After much teasing and prodding Barb began to slowly reveal her hidden outfit. She had on a tight, white halter top with a rather short black skirt. Now this is a conservative woman who NEVER shows any cleavage. So, seeing her 36DD’s straining to escape her top was amazing. I reached over and slid my hand in her top and felt her nipple spring to attention. She was braless and giggled at my touch.

“You can’t go to a strip club dressed like THAT! You have no idea what can go on in there.” I stated.

“Hey, if I have to compete with some young sluts, I’m going to give it my best shot. Besides, don’t you like what you see?”

It was then I noticed a hint of bourbon on her breath. Barb did not usually fair very well on whiskey, especially bourbon. In the past I recall her becoming quite belligerent, so I opted not to force the issue.

Apparently Debbie had displayed herself to Rudy in much the same way. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road. We finally pulled into the dark parking lot. The girls piled out of the van and quickly headed for the front door of the club. Watching them trying to balance on their high heels, Rudy turned to me.

“Man, I don’t believe what Debbie’s wearing… or NOT wearing!”

We locked up the van and proceeded to the front door, while he described her yellow tube top, short skirt and thigh-length black nylons. I asked him how he knew what nylons she had on. He went on to describe how she hiked up her skirt to show off her pantiless pussy. Picking my jaw off the pavement, we entered the club.

This ankara escort place really was a pit. It was so dark and smoke-filled; we could barely see the stage. The club was packed full of mostly guys in different stages of drunkenness. Our wives were nowhere in sight. Slowly we inched our way to the bar. After about five minutes, we reached the long bar that ran almost the length of the building. It took another five minutes to get served. Our drinks finally arrived at about the same time we caught sight of our wives, across from us on the other side of the huge bar. They were surrounded by four or five guys and were already nursing several drinks. At first they didn’t notice us, and were totally enjoying all the extra attention. They took off their trench coats and suddenly three or four more men joined the group. We did have to admit they looked hot, and it was a definite turn-on to see them flirting with these horny fuckers.

Since the stage seating was filled with gawkers, a few tables near the stage were open. Rudy laid claim to one and I was able to get Barb’s attention. I motioned to her where we were seated and she grabbed Debbie. They slowly made their way through a gauntlet of typical gropers and cat callers.

“Wow, these guys sure are friendly!” Smiled Barb.

“Sure they’re friendly. Look how you slutty you look!” Said Rudy, eyeing his older sister.

“Oh poor Rudy. He’s never seen his sister’s big tits before. Are you embarrassed little brother?” Asked Barb. With her hands on her hips, she bent over and shook her huge mounds in his face.

We all laughed at her teasing and how red-faced Rudy was. She loved getting a rise out of guys. Barb looked down at his lap and saw there was a RISE. He tried looking past her to see the luscious brunette on stage. Barb would have none of that and moved her knee between his legs. The brunette was grinding away to some R&B and had already shed her top.

“Look here. My little brother has a huge hardon. Now is that for that slut on stage or for your slutty sister?”

He tried in vain to get her to sit down, and ignored her sultry taunting. She hates to be ignored when sober. Now that she was drunk, Rudy didn’t stand a chance. Debbie was caught up in the stage show, so I tried to convince Barb to sit down.

“So is it that young bitch or your slut sister, Rudy? It certainly can’t be her tits. She maybe has a mouthful. I know you brother, you like MORE than a mouthful -like these…”

With that, she undid her halter top and out tumbled her 36 double d’s. The crowd of guys around us up roared and applauded, as Barb smashed her tits into Rudy’s face. The crowd egged her on and she loved it. She kept a vice-like grip on his head, as she maneuvered his face from one big boob to the other.

“Come on, lick them! Suck your sister’s big tits,” Barb demanded.

“Honey, come on and sit down. This isn’t funny anymore.” I pleaded.

I pulled her arms down and slowly pried her away from Rudy. His hands went to her hips to help me move her. In the process he accidentally moved one hand up under her short skirt. As we eased Barb away, I got a look at Rudy’s expression. It was no longer the face of embarrassment, but one of excitement. He smiled from ear to ear and then took a long lick at his sister’s tits. The crowd applauded, and he gave them the thumbs-up. I sat Barb down, retied her top and gently stuffed her tits inside. She immediately noticed her wet nipple and turned around.

“I knew it was me, all along,” she winked at Rudy.

We all settled back, had another round and watched the show. The brunette ended her routine, grabbed up her dollar bills and made her exit. I was grateful at that point to just relax a bit, after my wife’s little show-and-tell. Both of our wives seemed to be enjoying the whole atmosphere, which was arousing to say the least.

The next act was two long-legged blondes. Their dance started with both of them at either end of the stage, but eventually they came together at center stage. I had a feeling what was coming next and knew Barb was NOT going to like it. She has openly expressed her disgust of lesbians over the years. Realizing this, I tried to divert her attention. Her eyes were glued to the dancers. There was no way out of it. She was going to see lesbians get it on. I just sat back in my chair and waited for the fireworks.

The dancers were very seductive, as they each took turns stripping the other. There was something very remote in their attitudes. No loving touches. No kissing, to speak of. The dance did reflect a fair amount of lust though. Out of the corner of my eye, ankara escort bayan I saw Debbie squirming in her seat. Then I saw she had lowered her hand under her skirt. The show was electric and the two lovely girls enthralled everyone. Everyone, but me. I was intent on watching our wives’ reactions. I nudged Rudy to see what I was watching. He slowly tore his eyes from the stage and looked at his wife pleasuring herself. He smiled at me and nodded his approval. Barb seemed entranced. I leaned over and asked if she was enjoying the show.

“I don’t think these girls are queer. Its just an act for these horny fuckers, isn’t it?”

I agreed, and noted that it seemed to achieve its desired effect. I motioned her to look to her left at the table next to us, where several guys had their cocks out.

“Oh my God! That’s so crude,” she whispered, but then turned back to stare at them. One of the guys caught her glaring, winked at her and smiled. Noticing the size of his tool, she smiled and shifted her eyes back to the stage. The dancers were poised in a 69 and acted like they were eating each other. Anyone could see they were just acting (anyone who might be sober, that is). Debbie was not one of the sober ones, and she was really into it. She spread her legs and fingered her pussy like crazy. As her climax grew, she inadvertently bumped against Barb’s arm. Barb mistakenly thought Debbie was nudging her for a whisper, and leaned her ear down to hear what Debbie wanted.

“Cuming, I’m cuming Barb,” Debbie whispered.

“Are you serious? I can’t believe you girl,” said Barb.

“Its sooo erotic, I…I can’t help myself!”

Barb saw the lust in Debbie’s eyes, and observed in awe as her friend reached a quiet orgasm.

“I know this girl-girl stuff is for the guys. I had no idea I would get off watching it,” remarked Debbie, getting her breath back.

“Well I have to admit. It really got a reaction from those guys next to us. Wouldn’t Donny and Rudy freak out if we put on an act like that?” Barb asked, jokingly.

“Yeah… they WOULD freak,” Debbie answered, after a long pause.

The “dancers” finished their show, collected several handfuls of bills and left the stage.

“God, did you see all the money those two walked off with? There were 10’s and some 20’s in there,” said Barb.

“Pretty impressive actually, and they seem to REALLY rake it in for the really nasty stuff,” added Debbie.

Rudy and I listened intently to their conversation and smiled at one another. The wives went off to the restroom, while we ordered another round of drinks. It took them quite a while to get through the crowd and forever to get back to our table.

“We saw some of those strippers dancing in the corner over there. What’s that all about?” Asked Barb, returning to her seat.

“That’s what they call lap dancing. It’s like a private show for guys willing to spend the extra bucks,” said Rudy.

“Lap dancing, hum,” Barb thought.

“Then these women can make plenty of money in one night?” Asked Debbie.

“Oh yeah, several hundred I guess,” I agreed.

“There must be some rules, cause the guys don’t get to touch the dancers,” mentioned Barb.

“Yeah, that’s the rules,” I said.

“But it looks like the girls CAN touch the guys?” Debbie asked.

“In this club, apparently they can,” stated Rudy.

We downed our drinks and watched a few more strippers, when Debbie asked, “So do you two guys get lap dances when you come here?”

“Oh noooo, never!” We said, in unison.

“Unless you count that one Barb gave me?” Laughed Rudy.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, very funny. Well, I think one of you should get a lap dance, so we can see what it looks like close up,” said Barb.

Now I knew full well that Rudy had lap dances in the past. I said, “OK, if that’s what you girls want to see. Rudy, see if that chick over there will give you one.”


He protested, but I insisted. It wasn’t long before he got one of the strippers to come to our table. Coincidently she was one of the blondes from the lesbian act.

“So you guys brought your lovely little wives tonight,” said Candy looking sweetly at Debbie. Debbie blushed.

“Twenty bucks, please. Now who’s my lucky victim?”

We all stared at each other, wondering if we should draw straws or something. She saw we were nervous. Music began playing from the jukebox, and Candy looked at Rudy and I and shrugged.

“Ladies choice, I guess,” she said and quickly walked over to Debbie and started dancing.

Debbie turned beet-red and tried to turn away, but Candy gently put her escort ankara hands on either side of Debbie’s face and drew her back. After some urging from the guys next to us, Debbie resigned herself to watching the dance. The tall, thin blonde, clad in white bra and thong, knew all the right moves to turn on a man OR a woman. Swaying her hips from side to side, she would occasionally bend down to whisper something to Debbie. Candy effortlessly unhooked and discarded her bra and squatted in front of Debbie. Their faces were inches away from each other, when Debbie whispered something to Candy. The foxy stripper extended both hands to caress Debbie’s bare shoulders. As she slowly moved her hands further down her arms, Debbie let out a little moan. Candy licked her lips, moved her hands to Debbie’s tube top and gently pulled it down to expose her 34DD’s. Debbie seemed to be in a trance and reached out for Candy’s tits. Candy grabbed her hands (remember the rules) and forced them down to Debbie’s lap. Candy’s expert hands massaged Debbie’s ample rack and licked her nipples, then moved her hands down to caress her thighs.

Barb had watched the Candy and Debbie show intently, until her eyes shifted again to the guys next to us. Three of them had their cocks out and were whacking like crazy. She especially admired the huge cock of one dark haired young man. She was mesmerized by his long, repetitive strokes. She crossed her legs to hide the wetness she felt. Barb was a bit jealous at all the attention Debbie was getting. She fluffed her ash blonde hair, ran her fingers inside the collar of her halter top and stared directly into the eyes of the dark haired stranger. This was enough to catch his attention and he smiled right at her. He shifted his torso to direct his whacking at her. She was delighted with the gesture and decided to give him a show. She uncrossed her legs and slowly pulled her skirt up to her thighs.

Rudy was engrossed in watching his wife getting it on with the stripper. I could tell he had whipped his dick out and was jacking it under the table. He was oblivious to Barb’s show. I think she thought I was too, as she hiked her skirt up even higher. That’s when I noticed that she was wearing thigh-high nylons like Debbie. Then I recalled Rudy’s earlier comment about Debbie not wearing panties. God, there’s no way that Barb would have done the same, I thought? My own cock was throbbing by now. I scooted up close to the table, unzipped my fly and pulled out my 8″ hardon. I started jacking it slowly, as I watched Candy spread Debbie’s legs wide open. Debbie moved her lower body forward in her chair and pulled her skirt up to show her naked pussy. The music ended and everyone in our immediate area got real quiet. The anticipation was extreme. Debbie looked up a Rudy for approval. He smiled and nodded. She dipped two fingers into her wet pussy lips. Candy took hold of Debbie’s wet fingers and brought them to her lips. She licked and then sucked her fingers clean. Debbie tried to offer her more, but Candy brushed her hand away and quickly buried her head in Debbie’s lap. Debbie lay back further, grabbed her big tits and threw her head back. The smell of fresh cum, liquor and perfume filled the air and brought me back to my senses.

I glanced over to Barb, who now had one hand inside her halter top and the other hidden beneath her dark skirt. Her lusty expression was focused on the young stranger. His huge cock was fully extended and his strokes increased to a rapid pace. Now she was on fire. She ripped away at her top, until her big, perfect shaped melons fell out. With her other hand she pulled her skirt all the way up. Holy shit, she WAS bare! She slammed three fingers inside her drenched pussy. Her gaze never shifted from him. Her hands worked her tits and pussy faster and faster. Six or seven men stood up to form a circle around our table. Barb glanced once at them and down at their growing bulges, and stepped up her pace. Rudy looked away from Candy lunching on Debbie long enough to see some of his sister’s show.

Debbie’s high heels dug into the filthy floor, she grabbed Candy’s head and thrust her hips over and over again. Her whole body tightened.

“Oh God, oh Godddd,” she yelled, and then collapsed.

Candy’s mouth was clearly soaked with Debbie’s juices, as she lightly kissed Debbie on the lips. She put on her bra and thanked Debbie.

“No, thank YOU, Candy! I think I owe you one?” Smiled Debbie, exhausted.

The crowd was softly chanting, “Go, Go, Go, Go” at Barb. Dollar bills started cascading at her feet. This really set her off. Her young admirer moved his seat closer and closer to our table, still stroking his thick cock that looked to be at least 10″. I looked at Rudy and wondered how much of this was for “show”? Debbie had regrouped and had her hand jacking him under the table.

“Is she for real?” Asked Rudy, half smiling.

“Hell if I know!”

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