The Stray

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Big Tits

It was actually quite by accident that it started. I do know better than to feed strays, I have enough mouths to feed, and I didn’t realize this one would be so greedy. I take that back he’s not greedy; he’s raw, honest and so very appreciative. But, no matter how much I give him, he always wants more.

We had been “friends” on social media for years, nothing more was ever exchanged than; “What a great pic” or “what a fun vacay!”. Until the day he sent me a DM that said; “You are so fucking hot, you still look amazing, how can you be a mom?” I thought maybe he’d been drinking and felt bold enough to send me that, thinking there’d be no consequences. I thanked him politely not really wanting to engage him in anything further. But he kept going, taking me for a walk down memory lane from our brief time dating almost 25 years prior. He wanted to reminisce over things I had clearly forgotten about. I didn’t know how to respond, I chose to just ignore his messages, but they were in the back of my mind. I was curious, how far would he go? After a few days of pondering my reply’s, I responded with what I think he wanted to see; “Can you keep a secret? I’m just as naughty as you remember, if not worse.” Attached to the message was photo of me in a sapphire blue 3-piece lingerie set, black stockings and stilettos, red lips smiling at the secret that photo was taken for someone else.

It escalated very quickly from there. He came on so strong, he surprised me, it wasn’t anything I remembered about him, or was used to from men anymore. The men in my life were pussy cats, and he was a wolf. There was a low growl in his voice, it got me every time I talked to him, the way a very sexy woman purrs when she hints at what she wants. I kept re-reading the lines he had sent; I remember the way you taste and your perfect pink clitoris, is it still perfect? I can’t wait to find Çankaya Escort out for myself, I want you to soak my beard, I want to hear you yell out my name as you cum. Then I’m going to kiss you, deep and wet, I want you to taste yourself on me. When I’m done, I’ll bend you over and fuck you and just before you cum I’m going to stick my thumb in your ass and we’re going to cum together, understand? He was a drug and I was addicted.

The appointed day has come and I’m nervous. The spot is perfect, time eroded color-streaked bluffs overlooking the coastline. He looks exactly the same, except the grey in his beard, which is sexy as fuck. I tell myself it’s not too late to back out, I can still leave. We chat and watch the waves crash on the beach below, it’s warm in the sun, but the air is cool. He wraps his arms around me, turns me to face him, and kisses me. It was at first short soft kisses, then long and lingering. We chat some more, make jokes about how we though the other was going to cancel, but no one did. He gets very serious and leans in for more kisses. His hands travel down the length of my torso, resting comfortably on my waist. The wind has made a mess of my hair, he pushes it from my face, nuzzling my neck and whispers; “Let’s go”. I’m thinking to myself I’m already gone; I might as well go all the way.

I follow him to his place; beach chic with surf boards and seashells. The bohemian barefoot bachelor. I tell him I’m nervous, which puts him more at ease, not necessarily me. He laughs that deep sexy laugh and pulls me in close for more kisses. His hands again on my curves, pulling the tiny straps of my dress down. “I’m looking for that tattoo, but I want to see it all” he says referring to an old tattoo on my right breast. I’m half in his lap and he’s all over the place, his hands gently Keçiören Escort playing with the hem of my dress, slowly pushing it up my thigh. “I want to see what’s under here, show me what I’ve been waiting to see” he whispers in my ear. He’s kissing my neck, hands cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples, making his way down kissing and then sucking on each one. He’s taking his time, being gentle and it’s so hot. He’s pushed me down on my back, slowly pulling up my dress. “That’s what I want” he says as he spreads my legs and uses just his index finger to trace my barely visible slit over my black lace thong. He leans down to kiss it and whispers; “Soon, not yet”.

He’s got his weight on me and it feels amazing, I pull at his shirt and ask him to take it off. Skin on skin. I run my hands down his chest, my long red nails a stark contrast to his freckled skin, playfully toying with his waistband. We make eye contact, trying to read each other’s mind, smiling, but knowing what the other is thinking. “I want to do all those things we talked about” he says, “we WILL do all those things we talked about” voice a little firmer with the implication it will be done. “Do you want me to take this off?” I motion to my dress and pull at the thin string of my thong; you just nod your head with a grin. I stand up to take off my clothes and add them to the growing pile next to us. You stand also and in my joking way I mention that you brought a friend to the party, slowing running my hand over your very obvious erection. We kiss some more standing, your hands running up and down my naked body. “I want to see it” I whisper.

I take a step back as you start to take your pants off, then I come back closer and kneel, assisting you with freeing your engorged friend. I stay on my knees and linger a bit, admiring how perfect Etimesgut Escort it is. As I stand up, I reach out to give it a few gentle strokes. I push you down and straddle you, kissing you and stroking your beautiful cock, taking my time getting to know your body, as you were mine. We’ve gotten all twisted again and somehow, I’ve ended up on my back and I know where this is going. You start by kissing the insides of my thighs, then just inside my fading tan lines. You spread me open a bit and say; “It’s still perfect”. You start slowly with soft kisses, then your tongue adding pressure right on my clit. I know I’m instantly soaked; I can feel it on your beard when it rubs on my thigh. It feels amazing and I’m so close, you suddenly became ravenous, using your tongue and your hands to lick and touch every intimate part of my sodden pussy. The orgasm hits me hard and my legs are shaking uncontrollably, I’m trying to regain my composure and pull you off me telling you no more.

You come up to kiss me, and it was everything I knew it would be; wet. There’s kissing, and joking and more touching. I’m half laying in your lap stroking your beautiful cock and ask if I can suck it. I take you in my mouth and it’s a perfect fit. You let me go for a while, then more kissing and touching. It becomes a bit of a blur, one minute you’re on top of me, being playful and teasing, the next minute you are inside me and you’ve become very serious. No longer holding back; it’s hard and fast, the angle you’ve got me at has you hitting my g-spot and I unexpectedly squirt. It’s now so wet you can barely stay inside me; you pull out and give yourself a minute. When you’ve come back to earth, you flip me over on my hand and knees and start fucking me again, but you don’t last long in this position and cum. We’ve made a mess; I’ve made a mess.

We get cleaned up a bit and lay together talking, and still kissing. You’re all about the kissing. It’s very surreal, almost 25 years since I’d last seen you and it doesn’t feel like any time has passed at all. The kissing picks up a bit and gets a little hotter, a little deeper. You’ve got that growl in your voice again, as you start to tell me what’s going to happen on round 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32