The Story of Ankita Pt. 01

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Labanya, my younger sister, had just given birth to a beautiful daughter and then she passed into coma. Two months ago, when my husband had died in a road accident and the world around had crushed; she had come up to give me support. With a baby at my breast and no job, I was like devastated but as she had put her hands on my shoulders, I had got new strength in life. Now as she was on her death bed, what I could see was all darkness.

My name is Ankita and I am 26 years old. I am from a middle class Indian family. After the death of my father at an early age, my mother took the responsibility of both of us sisters and made us responsible adults. After completing my higher studies, I was married off to a business man, Rohit, at the age of 24. Rohit was older to me and the only child of his parents.

It was our wedding night and we were going to meet for the first time. My heart was galloping like a horse as I waited anxiously for him on our nuptial bed. Dressed in a beautiful red saree and all ornaments, I waited for him to undress me. But was I prepared for sex? My friends had warned me that the first time was going to be a painful, bloody affair. I looked at the white sheets that I was sitting on.

If these turn red, then the whole world will come to know that we had sex, I wondered to myself. Oh, how shameful situation would I be in. Can I talk to him to be slow? Can I talk to him to wait for some more days?

And when I met Rohit, all my fears had transformed into joy. He was a gentleman and seemed to be in deep love with me. Yes, I could be comfortable with this man in bed, I thought. But what about the white sheets!

“Promise me babies. I wish to have two healthy babies.” He said as he finished drinking the glass of milk handed over by me.

Milk will give him strength to perform. These were the words his cousin had whispered in my ears as I sat on the bed a few moments back. Those words reverberated in my ears and now as he talked about children, I realized sex was inevitable.

I had bit my lips in shame. He had removed the veil from my face and gently drawn his lips on mine. The white sheets was all that I could see and I had drawn my face to the other side. He had recognized my unpreparedness and said:

“Let us be friends first. Let us know each other before we take the next step.”

And, thus saying he had forwarded his hands to catch hold of my hands. He took both of my hands in his hands and said:

“Be comfortable dear. Can we talk?”

His words were relaxing and I accepted his suggestion. It was not before dawn that we finally slept. And as promised by him, there was no sex.

I took my time in knowing more about him-about his likes, dislikes, passion, hobbies etc. I had developed an instant liking for him or, was it love at first sight. By the third night, he made his head on to my lap as we talked and I didn’t object him either. On the night of the fifth day, he kissed me on the cheeks and I found no reason to object.

On the seventh night when he finally embraced me, I was ready to share the little secret that I had been hiding since our wedding night.

“Hey, I feel some wetness down there.”

“Where?”He asked with a look of innocence.

“Down there. You have to find out,” I had said in a mischievous tone.

“Are you ready?”

I had nodded and didn’t give a damn as to why the sheets were still white. It had to be coloured red with my blood and that was all in my head. I rested my head on his shoulders and said:

“Thank you for your friendship. I feel proud to be called as your wife.”

He released the embrace and looked me in my eyes.

“I feel equally proud to start a family with you.”

He gently took my face to his. I closed my eyes. He started with my lips and I responded. He kissed them very delicately for quite some time. His lips wandered in my mouth and drank my saliva as if he was thirsty since ages. He then proceeded to my neck. He planted gentle kisses on my neck and shoulders and it felt that as if I was under his spell. I was ready to do whatever he would have asked me. I took his right hand and placed it on my left breast over my blouse. Ataşehir Escort It was a welcome sign for him. He caressed them gently and then brought his other hand to my other breast.

He slowly increased the pace in fondling them and I could feel my pantie drench in wetness. We were from a conservative family and this wetness due to my love juices was the first time I had encountered since I attained adolescence. It was feeling great.

I asked him with a smile

“Do you know to open a blouse- a woman’s blouse?”

“No,” was his reply. “But I can try if the woman is willing.”

With trembling hands he pulled the ‘pallu’ of my saree over my body and started unbuttoning my blouse. I was lying and watching the excitement in his eyes. It was indeed pleasing me a lot as I was satisfying the man of my dreams. He unbuttoned my blouse completely, made me into a sitting position and removed it completely from my body.

Now I was there in my bra; my saree and petticoat still covering my already wet vagina. And he made me lie down again and he himself lied next to me. I was not a big breasted woman, a size 34 B. He then continued playing with my breasts, covered by my bra, while his mouth was feeding on my saliva. My heart rate had crossed 160 beats and I was expecting a similar situation in him.

His hands slowly moved to the back side of my body to unclasp my bra. I responded by moving my body to one side. He removed my bra from my body and stared at my bare breasts.

“Does it produce milk?”

I wondered if he was really ignorant as to when does breasts produce milk.

I answered, “For that I have to keep your promise. I have to deliver babies.”

I was wondering if a size 34 could actually attract him. He perhaps read my mind and said:

“They look beautiful.”

“They are all for you.”

He gently brought his mouth to my left breast and tried to take the entire breast in his mouth. In the process, he bit me on my breast and it pained.

“Relax,” I said. “I am all yours. Take your time.”

He started to play with my nipple with his lips and I was like in heaven while his other hand was still being fondled by him. He then started to suck on my nipples while simultaneously moving his fingers on the other nipple. He then suckled on my other nipple. He did this for quite some time and my spongy nipples had become hard as buttons. It was then for the first time that I felt something hard press on my thighs.

With his mouth still on my left breast, he gently removed my saree, which was trying to cover in vain my wetness, due to the overflowing juices.

He made himself sit and then gently pulled my petticoat down. I raised my hip to make it easier for him. And then he stared at my already wet panty.

“Hey seems your pussy is all wet!” he exclaimed.

“This is her invitation for you.”

“For that you have to remove my clothes,” he said with a smile.

And in all the excitement I had completely forgotten-my husband needed to be undressed.

I sat up and took up his t shirt from over his head and he obliged.

Before I could make another move he pounced upon me and trapped me in side both of his hands and completely lied over me. He looked me into my eyes and my soft breasts were crushed under his chest.

“Do you know how much you had made me wait for this?”

“I am sorry for that,” I apologized.

He got up and removed his pants and I could see a huge bulge in his underwear.

He then slowly removed my underwear.

He looked at my wet vagina painted by my love juice and looked back into my eyes with a deep concern.

“Ankita, are you ready to take me in?”

This very question raised a doubt in my mind.

I asked.

“Will it be so painful?”

“Dear, I will be careful not to hurt you. I will be slow.”

And his confidence made me answer.

“Yes I am ready…”

He removed his underwear and positioned his organ at my entrance. I took a glimpse of the organ and was very much frightened at the sight. But seeing his love for me I controlled my fear.

Slowly he again lied over me and said:

“Can Kadıköy Escort you guide it in?”

As he said this, he locked his lips again with my lips. While one of his hands was under my neck, with the other hand he was fondling my right breast.

I took my hand and caught hold of his pulsating hard organ in my hand. The organ was hard enough to give me pain and I made a quick silent prayer to God:

“Oh God! Help me now.”

And then I guided it into my wet pussy as he lowered himself into me. But his penis was offered with a resistance at the entrance of my cunt.

“Break it,” I said and closed my eyes anticipating the pain.

He gave one push and I felt a little pain.

I let a gentle “Ah!” escape my mouth.

He then gave me another two thrusts before my hymen tore off and the whole organ slowly began to enter my wet vagina .I gave a loud scream but as his lips were on mine, the scream died in his mouth. The juices helped a lot in decreasing the pain. As the throbbing organ settled in my wetness, he waited for some time. And when I relaxed, he asked me

“Are you ready?”

My nod gave him a thousand answers.

He increased his pace inside me and I, spreading my legs wide, was enjoying the whole scene. I was cursing myself as to why I made this man wait for seven long days.

He would shift his mouth from my mouth to my nipples alternately and suck on them. His hardness touched me at the most sensitive places in my body. It resulted in electrifying sensations and I shook like being in a earth quake.

Within a couple of minutes he was ready to ejaculate and I felt a warm fluid flowing deep inside me upto my womb. Then he fell over me like a tree with all the weight.

I patted on his back gently as he was panting for breath.

After a minute, he removed his now flaccid organ from within me and laid himself next to me. He looked at his organ and seeing the blood stain around his organ, he said

“You are now a woman. Thank you for all this.”

“I am all yours.” was my reply as I felt the semen coming out from my vagina. I got up to check the white sheets stained with my blood and his juices.

I got up from the bed with my legs still trembling and moved in front of the mirror to knot my hair. I thought it was all over for the night. My eyes moved over to my small breasts and the tiny dark nipple projecting from a penny of areola. Can these tools satisfy my man, I wondered.

“Let us change the sheets before we fall asleep.” I talked irrelevant.

But Rohit didn’t fail to notice the pinch of doubt on my face. He came and stood behind me in front of the mirror. He caught hold of each of my soft boobs in his hands and crushed them miserably. My legs were trembling more and I was feeling ashamed to see myself fondled.

“Oh I wonder if ever I can leave these at peace,” he said referring to my boobs. “Let us make love again before we fall asleep.”

I was more than happy with his suggestion.

“Then take me to bed quickly,” I replied. He made me sit on the bed and placed his head on my lap. He turned towards me and started sucking on my breast which was closer to his face. I gently brushed his hair and asked:

“Don’t you know when the breasts produce milk or were you teasing me?”

“Yes I know after childbirth. But then I heard many women produce milk without child birth. “He said while unlatching from my nipple. I could feel my nipples harden up by his fondling and the wetness of his saliva.

“Not many. Only few may be due to hormonal imbalance. You can always consult your doctor. “

As I said this, he changed his posture to lie on his back, took his hand to the back of my head and made me bend forward. Our lips met again and I took his tongue into my mouth. As we were kissing, my hand moved over his body and I felt his already erect penis.

The procedures were repeated and this time the pain was gone. It took him another few minutes before he exploded his load inside me. We got up, washed ourselves and changed the sheets and slept. I curled myself against his chest with my back facing his chest and his arms over my chest Ümraniye Escort and his organ sleeping gently against my buttocks. I knew I was in safe hands.

I came back to my senses as the phone rang.

“She is having heavy bleeding. The doctors are saying it is postpartum hemorrhage.”

Vijay was explaining to me over the mobile. “Didi, can you come over to the hospital?”

Didi is the Hindi word to sister.

Now, I am the mother of a 3 month old child. My sister, Labanya, was taking care of me and I had moved into her house after the death of my husband. I stayed back while she moved to the hospital for delivery of her child because I had a baby and who needed a feed every 3 hours.

I had just finished feeding the baby and it would be 3 hours more before he would demand his next meal. I called a taxi and rushed to the city hospital. My sister had delivered a baby girl and following which she had developed postpartum complications.

As I reached the hospital and went to her room, I saw Vijay, her husband, standing in front of the room and moving here and there. His looks were terrified and when he saw me, he caught hold of both of my hands and said.

“Didi, will she be okay?”

Tears started coming to my eyes.” God will take care of her. Don’t worry.”

And, then the nurse came to us and said.

“It is more than 30 minutes. The baby needs a feed. Can you arrange for some cow’s milk or bring these medications?”

“Yes sister.” Vijay said. And then while he was rushing to the out, I called him back. It was my time to repay my sister.

I asked the nurse: “Where is the baby?”

The nurse looked at the baby in my arms and understood my question.

“Come over here and take the child to your room.”

I handed my baby to Vijay and went along with the nurse. And then, I saw the little angel, Labanya and Vijay’s daughter, lying in a cradle with her eyes closed. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully unaware of the danger her mother was through.

As per the nurse’s instructions, I brought the baby to the allotted room. Vijay was standing there with my child still unaware of what was going through my mind.

I sat on the cot and brought the baby from my shoulder to my lap. As I started unbuttoning my blouse, Vijay understood everything. He placed my baby next to me and moved out of the room. I unbuttoned my lower two blouse buttons and exposed my brassiere, pulled the flap of the brassiere down and removed the nursing pads from over my nipple which I used to hide my leakage as I was producing lots of milk.

As my breasts popped out from the cage, with my palm I gently moved the little face closer to me and then tickled her cheek with my nipple. She responded by opening her mouth and I put the whole nipple and part of the areola into her mouth. She sucked once and then I felt the familiar sensation of milk oozing from my nipple. The little one immediately removed his mouth from my breasts and started coughing. It seemed she could not adjust to my flow. During the process, the milk partially drenched her face. I gently took the baby to my shoulders and patted her on her back.

Hearing her cough, Vijay ran into the room only to see the baby in my shoulders, my exposed breasts and my nipple dribbling with milk.

“Is there a problem?”

“No problem. She is finding it difficult to accept me as her mother. Can you hand over that spoon over there?”

Vijay obliged .His eyes shifting from my face to my nipple. I realized that I was in an awkward position but didn’t find it relevant to pull down the blouse and cover my breasts. He handed me over the spoon and stood there. I understood that it was the fatherly affection that was making him stand there and so i didn’t object.

I again placed the baby on my lap, took the spoon and placed it under my milk dribbling nipple. When the spoon was full, I took the spoon to the baby’s lips and she accepted it readily. I repeated it 2 to 3 times when finally she was done for that session. All the while, Vijay’s eyes were still fixed on my leaking breast. I asked Vijay to take the baby from my lap and do burping. As he took the baby from my lap, his palm brushed against my nipple to be drenched partially with the white fluid.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Just wipe her mouth and face. It has milk all around it.” was my reply.

I didn’t reply to his sorry. He had not done it knowingly.

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