The Storm

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The sky is beginning to cloud up as Jen leaves work. She rushes trying to make the thirty- minute drive home before the impending storm begins. She was hoping to be able to relax in the tanning bed after a hard day, but if this keeps up she won’t make it home in time.

Kevin watches the raindrops splash as they hit the large window of the salon. Drops soon turn to a steady downpour as the storm begins in earnest. The dark, almost black clouds churn and roll. There is no lightning yet but the wind is picking up and he can tell that it’s going to be a wicked storm.

“Bye and be careful,” he tells the two customers going out the door, “It’s getting pretty nasty out there.”

He hears the women giggle at the word “nasty” and has to chuckle himself. That’s one thing he enjoys is flirting with the ladies that come in. Unfortunately in a small town like this one, nothing can ever come of it. Most of his ladies are married and just like a little friendly flirtation. It keeps them coming in so it’s great.

Kevin moved here and started the business a year ago and hasn’t been able to meet many people. He begins to daydream while he straightens up the beds, imagining what those hot bodies look like lying there, baking.

“It is going to be a long evening” He shakes his head and walks back to the front desk. There are no appointments and with weather like this, well; might as well lock the doors.

Jen hasn’t gone far when drops of rain begin pelting her windshield. She notices the ominous black clouds coming from the direction of home. It looks really bad and now the rain is falling in sheets. She decides to pull in the little shopping center just ahead to have dinner and wait out the storm. She gets out of the car at a small café and is soaked by the time she reaches the door. The waitress brings her a small towel and she sits, shivering until the coffee comes. As Jen sips her coffee she notices the tanning salon on the corner. She decides to head over there when she’s done.

Watching the weather out the window, Kevin notices a car pull up at the café and the rather attractive woman running for the door. He decides that he really could use a cup of coffee himself. The phone rings and he writes down the appointment for tomorrow, it’s one of his regular customers and she talks forever. He puts the phone down and heads toward the door and again the phone rings.

Just as he puts the phone down again he sees the soaking wet redhead walking to the door. Her blouse is very sheer from the wetness, revealing plump, very tan breasts.

He smiles as she comes in the door and welcomes her. He can’t help but stare as she leans on the counter and asks if there are any beds available.

As soon as Jen walks in the door she notices the way the good looking guy at the counter is staring at her. He is so cute trying to pretend he isn’t looking at her chest.

She looks up at him when he asks how much time she wants and notices his dark green eyes. They smolder into hers as she answers. She is really getting off on the way he looks at her; it’s been so long since she has had a man’s attention. She can feel his eyes on her as she walks back to the room.

“Hey, if the storm gets to bad and it starts to lightning too much, I’ll have to turn off the bed.”

He watches her ass as she walks to the door. He loves a nice full ass and imagines squeezing it.

Jen goes in and begins to take off her clothes. She hopes they will dry a bit. She rubs tan accelerator all over, thinking how wonderful it would be if he helped Cebeci Escort her. She lies in the bed and puts the headphones on. She has been looking forward to this all day. Tanning has become her escape. The bed is so relaxing she falls asleep with the radio turned up loud. She dreams about him rubbing oil on her body, his hands roaming over her breasts and then her smooth stomach and on down to massage her feet with warm hands. Her body begins to tingle dreaming of him touching her hot body. Her hand slips slowly down and she begins to caress her swollen clit.

Kevin is watching the storm as it grows in intensity and he thinks of her laying in the bed her large, tan breasts toasting nicely and how that hot skin would feel against his body. She is the most beautiful woman he’s seen in a while. He rubs his crotch, thinking of that fire red hair. Just then a huge bolt of lightening flashes and he can feel the electricity in the air. Another rips across the dark sky and then another, each flash getting closer. Kevin decides to go and get her.

He raps at the door but she doesn’t hear him. He knocks louder but still no answer. He realizes he could just turn the bed off but he feels compelled to rescue her in person. The thunder is getting louder outside and the storm is moving closer. He gets the pop key to the room and slowly opens the door. He notices her skimpy lace panties on the floor and envisions her lying there naked. He calls out but there is no answer, he hears her moaning softly.

He calls out a bit louder hoping she will hear but again, no answer. Her moaning gets more intense and his cock begins to throb imagining what she might be doing in there. He hears the weather getting even worse and calls out once again, still no reply. The only thing he can do is open the bed and interrupt. He walks over still trying to get her attention and opens the bed part way. There she lies with her hand rubbing a moist pussy. He can’t say anything her body is so breathtaking. He touches her shoulder and she gasps in surprise and sits up. Kevin tries to explain about the weather but the words refuse to come out. His mouth begins to water just thinking how fantastic it would be to suck and kiss those huge, firm breasts.

Jen looks at the growing bulge between his legs and smiles, “relax, it’s okay.” She says. She gets out of the bed and stretches seductively, showing him her body. He sees the glistening wetness on her inner thighs from pleasuring herself. She looks at him with a wicked little grin and says “Thanks for getting me, I fell asleep.” She jumps slightly when a loud clap of thunder echoes through the room.

“I couldn’t help but notice you seemed to be getting rather “hot” in there. Anything I can help you with?” Kevin says giving her a teasing little wink.

Jen looks down at his now very obvious erection and decides that he could be of great assistance. “Will you tell me if my tan is even in back?” She asks. She turns and arches her back while looking behind her, lifting her ass to give him the full view.

“That’s the best tan I’ve seen in a while” he tells her. He rubs her ass and inspects thoroughly, giving her a playful slap on the ass when he’s done. By now his cock is threatening to burst from his pants. He reaches out to play with that fiery red hair. “You are so beautiful!” He kisses her neck and then moves to his knees to fondle her ass once again. He leans forward and starts to kiss and give little nibbles to her cheeks. She arches her back and Kolej Escort moves in rhythm as he plays with her ass. She leans on a chair to give him better access and he runs a finger down her crack and over her soft pussy making her quiver in anticipation.

He spreads her full cheeks and licks from her pussy to the top of her ass. She cries out with pleasure and again feels that hot tongue on her clit. He slowly runs his tongue back up to circle around her tight little ass hole. His tongue darts around her ass, then in and out. Her hips writhe as he drives her wild. She screams for him not to stop and feels two fingers slip into her aching pussy pumping hard as he tongue fucks her ass.

The sensation of him flicking that hot tongue in her ass is maddening, he is driving her wild. The thunder rages outside and her heart pounds with each loud clap. He licks the glistening wetness from her inner thigh and then licks down to her feet and up again. Slowly he stands and kisses her possessively, thrusting his tongue into her waiting mouth as the thunder pounds loudly outside.

He holds her warm, full breasts in his hands and begins to kiss and suck them, teasing each nipple, biting softly. She feels his stiff cock pressing against her thighs, she can feel the throbbing heat as she unzips his pants and reaches in to find his thick cock. She sprinkles warm kisses over his chest and abdomen. She stops at his belt to undress him completely and expose his extra thick member. The site of it makes her suddenly ravenous and she has to put it in her mouth. She doesn’t waist any time by taunting him she wants him too much. She takes that huge dick in her mouth and begins to suck, massaging it with her tongue. The thunder rages on and she completely looses herself in the moment.

Kevin moans and starts pumping hard, fucking Jen’s mouth like crazy. She begins to moan as well and sucks hard, taking him to the back of her throat until she can feel his balls slapping against her bottom lip. Jen reaches down and starts kneading his balls trying to drain every last drop from him.

” Not so fast” Kevin grabs her head and gently pulls away. “I want to return the favor.” He lays Jen down on the floor and she spreads her legs wide for him. He sees her wet pussy and can’t wait to taste it. Positioning himself on top of her he slowly pushes his cock into her eagerly waiting mouth. She feels his wet, hot tongue on her labia and thrusts her hips up to meet him. He reaches her clit and flicks his tongue over it wildly like a man possessed! Her moans fill the room and she sucks hard, grabbing his ass and kneading it, pressing into him with her nails. Pulling him into her.

She wets her middle finger and gently encircles his asshole sending shivers up his spine. He stops for a moment letting the tiny chills of unexpected pleasure run through him. Then he cries out and begins to thrust hard with the rhythm of the storm outside. She continues to encircle his tight hole. His moans grow more intense and her pussy begins to contract. Knowing how good she is making him feel feeds her excitement and she begins to gush as pleasure surges through her body.

Kevin can’t get enough of her pussy and laps her sweet tasting juices. He feels her body tense and release. Her finger still teasing his ass has him ready to explode. The sensation is something new to him but it feels incredible so he urges her on. He can’t believe the sensation and he can’t take much more of this. He has to have her now! He pulls Yenimahalle Escort out of her mouth and turns around to give her a breathless kiss. He slips a finger in her slick pussy and she cries out for him to fuck her. He then slips that finger down to her pretty ass and begins to drive her crazy until she begs him to fuck her ass.

She moves onto all fours and he marvels at her incredible ass, so tan and firm so perfect. He again penetrates her tight hole with first one finger then two. She rotates her hips and arches her back thrusting her ass in the air. “Fuck my ass NOW!” she commands.

Kevin positions himself behind her and grabs her ass. Pulling her into him, he slides his cock easily in her pussy for lubrication. Her pussy feels so hot and tight he is tempted to stay there. He pumps a few times and pulls out, his thick rock hard cock dripping with wetness. She spreads herself wide for him and feels the head of his penis stretch her wide. She shudders and bites her lip, then begins to finger her clit furiously. She feels that hard, thick cock being thrust in her and feels as though she might pass out from the pleasure. She feels so hot and so tight Kevin can hardly keep from cumming. He remains deep inside her for a moment then begins to pump that hot ass.

His cock feels so incredible in her ass she makes a low guttural cry at every thrust. Jen can feel his cock swelling as he nears release. It stretches her ass wide and the pleasure is so intense she feels her orgasm approaching. Her finger works that clit with urgency. “Harder, pump me harder!” she screams.

He Begins to pump her unmercifully, surprised at how much this woman can take! “Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum!” she yells. He pulls her hard into him and feels her ass tighten and start squeezing. Her ass gets so tight with her orgasm he can hardly stop himself from coming inside her. The last wave of her orgasm subsides and he pulls out of her. She is left weak from the most intense orgasm she has ever had.

He holds her against him for a few seconds then flips her over on her back. “I wanna fuck those tits.” She nods in approval, unable to speak at the moment. He places his cock between her luscious breasts and she pushes them together sandwiching his dick between them. He begins to pump violently aching for release. He looks at those tan orbs that are squeezing him tight and her gorgeous red hair tossing back and forth as she moves her head.

She can see that he is almost there and summons her powers of speech “Your hot cock feels so good between my tits. Yeah baby, fuck those tits.” She licks the head of his penis as he pumps and feels him begin to pulsate between her breasts.

“Come on baby, cum for me. Give me your load!” she urges. He pumps once more and shoots hot cum all over her chest and mouth. She tastes his sweet cum and licks the tip of his cock. Kevin rubs his cock all over Jens’ beautiful breasts and caresses her nipples with the head.

The two lay together, exhausted from their efforts. Kevin gives Jen a quick kiss on the forehead then reaches for a towel and slowly dries her chest. He gives her an adorable sideways smile and a naughty little look. “I think you’re safe now, the storm seems to be over.” He says with a chuckle. He helps Jen to her feet and gives her a kiss.

“Thank you for rescuing me.” She says, and then gives him a long, sensuous kiss.

“So:do you really think my ass is tan enough?” She says as she turns around. Kevin grins and gives it one last inspection, “your ass looks wonderful to me!”

They put their clothes back on and Kevin walks her to the door. He kisses Jen goodbye and watches that cute butt shake as she heads to the car. He reflects for a moment on all that happened tonight. He sees her car pull away and suddenly he realizes that he doesn’t even know her name!

All he can do is look forward to the next storm.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32