The Stockboy

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The next day Trudy was sleeping late. She loved summer mornings like this. The sun was bright and warm coming through the patio window of her bedroom. She had slept in because it was Sunday, and she could sleep in and just relax. She pulled the satin comforter over her warm body and snuggled into her pillow, her eyes closing.

As she lay on her back, Trudy brought her hand to her breast and began to softly stroke her hardening nipple. As the dark, pink nub became rigid she lightly pinched it and pulled the tiny, hardened nipple in a circular motion.

Her fingers drifted lightly, to her soft abdomen and lingered, stroking around her navel. Her skin was warm and soft like a babies. Her fingers, slowly wandered past her tiny waist to the supple, downy, blond hairs of her pussy. She brushed at the little mound of yellow hair and drifted to the yielding outer lips of her vagina.

Slowly she rubbed the dampening, loose flesh of her vaginal lips until her pussy became dripping wet from the excitement of her sex. She slowly inserted her index finger into the warm wetness and began pushing the digit in and out. Trudy enjoyed the warm feeling of her wet pussy as she massaged the wet walls surrounding her probing finger.

“Ohhhh” she breathed, as her finger began to push faster and faster, working her wet pussy into a lather. Only the sounds of her breathless moans and the rhythmic, crackling noise of her wet pussy, broke the silence of the sunlit room.

Then suddenly, as her breathing become more rapid, she arched her back and opened her legs to allow her probing finger to penetrate her slippery pussy even more. Her full, heaving breasts shook wildly, as her nipples rode on the top of the supple, fleshy mounds.

Desperate for her impending orgasm, Trudy quickly inserted her middle finger into the warm wetness, the added thickness providing a wonderful, full sensation in her wet, open cunt. With her two fingers, she pushed deep into her vagina and pressed her hand against the soft entrance, rubbing the soft, pliant flesh until she came.

Breathing heavily, she relaxed, as her tight pussy squeezed her fingers rhythmically. A warm rush came over her whole body as she lay there.

Pulling the soft blanket down, Trudy got out of bed. She grabbed the comforter and wrapped it loosely around her still warm body and went to the large patio window to look outside.

The sun felt good as it bathed over her face and she dropped the satin blanket to the floor. Stretching her arms over her head, she enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine washing over her warm naked body. Trudy looked out over the wooded back yard of her apartment. After standing there for a moment, soaking Bakırköy travesti in the warmth of the sunshine, she went to the kitchen for something to eat.

“Out of milk.” she said as she looked in the refrigerator, the cool air reaching her still naked body.

Trudy decided she would make a run down the block, to the food store on the corner. She went back to the bedroom and put on her blue, cutoff jeans and a thin, white, peasant blouse. Standing in the mirror, she admired her petit, slim body. Her long, blond hair dropped to her soft, rounded shoulders. She could see the faint outline of her nipples, appearing dark against the clinging, thin, white fabric of her blouse. They became firm as she thought about the effect this would have on the guys at the store.

The rigid nipples pushed out against her blouse forming two tiny knobs at each hidden breast. Her eyes went down to her tiny waist, observing the soft, tanned skin surrounding her indented navel.

Trudy was always proud of her little waist line and she enjoyed the wearing things that would accentuate the narrow curves there. Her bare midriff revealed the curvy, soft skin of her tiny waist to below her naval. The waist band of her cutoff jeans hugged snugly on the soft curves of her hips.

She had altered the shorts so that they rode up high on the side and loose material lay across her little, round behind, just barely enough to cover the tight, rounded cheeks of her ass. She had cut away the material at the crotch so that just a narrow band of frayed denim covered her neatly trimmed pussy while exposing on either side, the clean shaven, soft, white skin next to her sex.

As her eyes wondered to her lightly tanned thighs, she smiled with approval at the way her legs looked in the white, canvas shoes she had just gotten. She combed her long, blond hair and dabbed a little pink lipstick on her full, pouting lips. After putting the finishing touches on her light blue eye shadow, she left for the store.

The short walk to the store was refreshing and she enjoyed the looks she got from men in the cars passing buy. Occasionally, one would slow as he passed, to look at the lovely vision of this scantily covered, young beauty, wearing her little cutoffs and skimpy blouse, walking along the sidewalk.

She loved the friction on her bare breasts as they bounced under the smooth material of her white, peasant blouse, as she walked. Her nipples brushed against the soft fabric, tingling from the constant friction. Her ass lightly jiggled and swayed back and forth with every step, showing glimpses of the supple flesh of her little, round bottom peeking out at the top of her legs.

Trudy Beylikdüzü travesti pushed through the door of the food store and headed to the dairy case at the back of the store. The air conditioned store felt good to her as she walked through the isles. Reaching the cooler in the dairy department, she opened the door of the one containing milk, and was greeted by a young boy of about eighteen, filling the milk supply from the room behind the dairy case.

As she peered past the shelf to the young boy she jumped back and shrieked, startled to see someone in the cooler.

“Oh, I didn’t expect to see anyone here. You startled me.” she said, standing in front of the cooler.

Her nipples poked out of her blouse provocatively as she stood in the cool air rushing from the cooler. The garment had fallen off her shoulders and the elastic band top rested on the fleshy tops of her full breasts. The boys’ gaze steadied on the ripe melons and he could see her hard nipples outlined on the clinging, thin fabric.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just filling the cooler.” his face flushing as he took in her gorgeous body.

“Is there something I can do for you?” he inquired, looking now, at the soft, white skin of her pussy, partially hidden under the slight, blue crotch of her shorts.

” Actually, yes you can.” she replied as she shifted her weight causing her full breasts to jiggle playfully against the thin blouse.

” Do you have any fresh, skim milk today?” She sang, as she studied his muscular features and wondered if he was as nervous as he looked.”

“Sure, Miss, I have some back here somewhere ——- Perhaps you can come back here and help yourself.” He replied, shyly.

Trudy went through the door at the side of the cooler and met the boy inside the door.

“I think you’ll find it over here, Miss.” he said as he pointed to a shelf of assorted bottles of milk in the refrigerated stockroom.

Trudy noticed her nipples responding to the cool air in the stock room. It was turning her on to know that this young man would be able to see her taunt nipples through her thin blouse. She walked over to the shelf and, standing on her toes, reached up high over her head for a bottle of skim milk.

She could feel the loose flap of frayed denim at the back of her shorts rising past her cheeks as the narrow crotch band pulled tightly, working up into the crack of her dampening pussy. The boy behind her gawked at her exposed buttocks and was becoming excited at the beauty of the scantily clad, little, blond body stretching in front of him.

With the milk in her hand, she pivoted around to face the boy and Bomonti travesti realized his condition of arousal from the growing hardness of his cock under his tight jeans. Putting the milk on the shelf, she slowly walked up to the handsome boy and stopped as her firm nipples pressed against his flannel shirt. She looked directly into his eyes.

“You have been very sweet to help me like this and I want to return the favor.” she said softly, as she reached down and placed her hand on his now, throbbing bulge.

Still looking into his eyes, she began rubbing his cock through the denim material until he moaned. Then, she lowered herself to her knees and slowly unzipped his fly. She reached into the opening and grabbed his rigid penis.

“Oh, you’re so big for such a young man.” she whispered as she took it out of his pants. The engorged penis felt hot in her cool, soft hand as she stroked the hard, veined staff.

She then opened her mouth widely and breathed on the swollen head of his throbbing penis. Bringing the cock deep into her mouth, she began sucking gently on the swollen member. Her tongue flicked over the sensitive hole at the tip as she sucked slowly.

The young stock boy moaned again, as she tightened her wet lips around his hard shaft and slowly, dragged the rigid penis out of her mouth. Squeezing the hard, red cock firmly at the base, she licked up and down the length of the large blue vein at the underside of his firm shaft.

Standing again, she pulled down the elastic band of her blouse across her heaving breasts, causing the full breasts to pop out and jiggle provocatively. With her hand, gently massaging the engorged head of his cock, she placed her other hand under her breast, lifting it up to him.

The nipple stood erect and inviting as the excited boy bent over to take the hard knob into his mouth. As he sucked on her yielding titty, she massaged his cock faster, squeezing the swollen head as it passed, back and forth through her soft fingers.

As she pulled lightly, on the stock boys” long cock she wrapped her fingers around his penis and pumped the rigid cock faster and faster, bringing him to a sudden climax. He sobbed on her breast as he came, his spent semen covering her small hand.

She lifted up his face to hers and kissed him deeply on the mouth, their tongues brushing together passionately. He drew her little body to him and held her tightly for a moment.

“Thank you again, maybe I’ll see you around” Trudy said as she suddenly, stepped back from the breathless boy.

Turning around, she pulled the wispy blouse up over her swollen breasts, picked up the milk and walked out of the stockroom, leaving the boy, with his still erect penis hanging out, wet with semen from her wonderful touch

Trudy giggled softly, as she walked toward the cash register, and realized her little pussy had gotten very wet from her encounter with the stock boy. She quickly paid for the milk and hurried home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32