The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 05

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No. 5, Fucking the computer geeks.


Cathy’s computer died a couple of weeks ago. She has been limping along using the library’s facilities, which proved awkward and unsatisfactory. Then she found a helper, Will, a nineteen year old in a ‘Geeks R Us’ kind of support group. Will checked her machine and confirmed it was a hopeless case. He eventually put her in touch with an employee, Ryan, at a major electronics chain store, who put together a deal for her: a refurbished machine with good components and a ton of free software. He would sell it to her at his employee discount price, and he and Will would install it free. And include a two year warrantee.

Will had already hinted broadly that his help would come with a stipulation that Cathy give him some free sex. She had readily agreed and extended the deal to include Ryan.

This is Cathy’s account of how the installation and related sex sessions played out on Friday and Saturday evenings. It was written after the young men left her Saturday night. She typed it for me while sitting naked with cum leaking out of her nicely used cunt. What dedication.


* * * * *


Oh how wonderful it is to be sitting in front of my own computer again.

And with a freshly fucked pussy to boot 🙂

Ryan brought it over last night after he got off work. It was pouring down rain and Will had told me that they would take care of it today. But Ryan called and asked me if I wanted him to bring it by and drop it off on his way home. I think he wanted to get his first fuck without Will being here. So I agreed.

When he arrived I quickly invited him to sit down and relax a bit. He was so nervous that he was just too cute. Ryan is nerdy looking and very awkward. I can see how he could really still be a virgin at eighteen. He blushed and seemed somewhat irritated when I asked him about it. I don’t think he had wanted Will to tell me. But it made him all the more attractive to me.

I told him that I looked at this as a great honor. Being the first woman for any man (I made sure to say ‘man’) was something we would both remember. I asked him if he wanted to give me his virginity now, and almost stuttering, he said yes.

Princess was in bed asleep by then, so I invited him into my bedroom. You could almost feel the nervous energy coming off him. I told him that I wanted to suck him off first so he would be able to enjoy his first fuck better. He had no objections at all, of course, so I decided to make this a memorable evening for him.

Since I really believed he was being honest about being a virgin, I decided that no rubber would be necessary. I had him sit on the bed while I slowly stripped for him. He stared at my naked body like he had never seen a nude woman before. And maybe he actually hadn’t. So I stood between his knees and put his hands on my breasts, Ataköy travesti showing him wordlessly how to massage them to please me. Then I helped him take off his clothes and we lay side by side while I licked him all over. I spent a lot of quality time on his nipples and balls before slowly licking his shaft. His sweet erection throbbed under my tongue and I was afraid he would cum before I even got him in my mouth. So I paused, smiled at him, and told him I was going to suck his cock now, and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He was panting when I slipped the head of his cock between my lips.

That was about all it took for him. He was shooting his cum down my throat before I slid up and down his shaft two full times. His hips bucked up, forcing his cock deep into my throat. So I just kept on going, enjoying how he kept spurting warm cum into me, and I milked every last drop, gulping it all down.

When he was finished I took his wet but still hard cock out of my mouth. Holding it against my cheek, I smiled into his eyes and asked if he enjoyed it. He just nodded his head in approval and lay back. It didn’t occur to me until now to ask if that was his first blow job. I wonder…. I laughed and climbed up on his flat belly. I used my hand to guide his erection to my pussy and into my wet hole. I sat still on him for a moment to allow him to feel his cock buried in a woman’s pussy for the first time. I loved the look on his face, and the feel of his hardness in my vagina.

Then I began to slowly ride his dick. I leaned forward so my tits could rest on his chest and I could grind my clit on his shaft. But he still didn’t last long enough for me to cum before he unloaded inside me. I kept going but he surprised me by going soft. Usually guys can stay hard longer their first time. But maybe it was too much for him. I kept fucking him until it became too difficult to keep him inside me. Then I reluctantly rolled over, laid beside him, and let him watch as I masturbated for him. He sat up to get a good view of my fingers playing in my gooey slit and rubbing my clit. I think this may have been another first for him. His cum was oozing out of me and provided much lubrication for my efforts, and make my fingers sound slushy in my cunt. When I finally came I gave it some extra effort to please him. I made my belly bounce and I moaned aloud, before I fell back satisfied.

I told him that I was willing to continue to fuck him without a rubber, and that I liked the feel of his cum running out of me. But that he couldn’t tell Will. He promised to keep it our secret.

After he had dressed, I saw him to the door. On an impulse I stepped outside onto the porch with him, still naked and with cum leaking down my legs. He seemed startled but responded to my good night kiss, and hugged me tightly to his chest. We stood there together for a minute or so, Bahçelievler travesti listening to the rain. He caressed my breast one last time and then dashed through the rain to his car. I waved goodbye and went back inside to clean up.

This evening Ryan and Will both came over and went to work. I greeted them wearing a short denim skirt and a thin tank top. No underwear. Before they started I asked if they would like to have a blowjob to start the evening off right. Dumb question, Cathy. I had to be careful because Princess was still up. I put a video on for her and took Will into the bedroom first, while Ryan started putting the computer together.

I sat on the edge of my bed and helped Will take out his erection. This was the first time I had seen it and I was impressed. He was longer than Ryan, and thicker. I had him stand in front of me as I sucked him off. It didn’t take long at all and then he was blasting his cum into my mouth. Since I didn’t know where this cock had been before my mouth, I didn’t swallow. Instead, I opened my mouth wide to show him what he had done to me. He really liked that, and to be honest, so did I. I loved the taste and feel of his cum coating my tongue and teeth. Then I closed my mouth, walked into the bathroom, and spit the pearly goo into the toilet. When I came back out, Will had returned to the main room to take over from Ryan.

I took shy Ryan by the hand and led him into my bedroom. I repeated my oral ministrations on Ryan, who also came quite quickly. But in his case, after showing him his cum in my mouth, I treated him to watching me swallow his load. It’s funny, Susan. Will is better looking and more experienced then Ryan, but I find myself going out of my way to make the sex better for Ryan. I guess it’s his nerdiness and awkwardness that bring out the mother in me.

After the guys got everything up and running, and all the free software loaded, I put Princess to bed (early, and much to her annoyance). Then I began undressing as they went over everything with me. Since I was wearing only two articles of clothing I was soon naked, sitting in front of the computer between these two fully dressed young men. It was hard to concentrate on their instructions because their hands wandered all over my bare body. They fondled my breasts, tweaked my nipples, probed my hidden pussy, and caressed my ass.

Finally, laughing at the absurdity of our efforts, I called a halt. I tried to get them both to come into the bedroom with me but it wasn’t going to happen. Will didn’t care if Ryan watched him fuck me, but Ryan wasn’t as comfortable. So I took Will in first and he went down on me, which was a pleasant surprise. He ate my cunt for about five minutes, which gave me a lovely orgasm. Then he put a rubber on and fucked me. He lasted long enough to make me cum again. It was a nice, missionary position Bahçeşehir travesti fuck, and I enjoyed it a lot. When he finished he peeled the rubber off his semi hard cock and flushed it. I really hated to waste his cum, but safe sex is a necessity now if I want Eric to keep fucking me. Now that we have both tested clean, we want to keep it that way. I will take a man’s cum directly only when I have some assurance that he is not diseased.

When he dressed and left me, I just laid on the bed waiting. Will told Ryan it was his turn. When Ryan came in I told him to undress and climb on (without the rubber of course). He wasted no time and was soon buried to the pubic bone in my used cunt. He fucked me nicely, but he came prematurely yet again. (I will have to teach him how to pace himself to satisfy the girl he is fucking.) So I rolled him over, took his softened cock into my mouth, and began reviving him. He tasted so nice, with our combined cum all over his cock. Soon I had him hard, so I climbed onto his erection and fucked him again. This time he lasted much longer, and I was able to reach orgasm on his dick before he erupted a second time into my willing belly.

Later in the living room, I sat naked on the couch between two dressed young men and told them that I really wanted them to consider having sex with me together. I told them I liked threesomes with two men (emphasizing ‘men’ again) and wanted them to think about it. I hinted about having them DP me, or at least take me from both ends at once. I think next time they come over I may try blowing one of them in front of the other to get things started. Will would be the best bet, I think, with Ryan as the observer. And I think I will have Will cum on my face, as a special inducement to Ryan.

I have promised them that they can have me for one night of sex every week until I pay them off. We’ll see how that goes. If it seems to be going well I may stretch out the payment schedule a bit. Tee hee.

It’s been a great weekend so far, what with a new computer installed and set up for me, and getting fucked by two healthy young men, one even giving me his virginity. Really makes me feel young again.

The rest of the weekend should be pretty tame compared to this. But I promised the Princess to make her last two days before school fun, so I’ll be pretty busy.

Later hon, C.

* * * * *

Post Notes:

Cathy is a delightful slut, willing to take on all kinds of men and women, in almost any combination and number, for sexual pleasure and fun. She will have several more sessions with Ryan and Will before her machine is paid off. What a wonderful, yet unnecessary excuse for fucking them.

I want her ex, Eric, to somehow get in on this fun – and so does he. We will have to work on that. If it comes about, maybe Cathy will write a full account of that foursome for us.

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Susan James

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