The Sisterhood Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

The Games Begin

Five friends. That’s all it was. Five friends who got together once a month to socialize, enjoy a bottle of wine and just relax. They had known each other since college. Their lives had all taken different paths but they went out of their way to keep that link alive and the Sisterhood was one way they had devised to enable them to do it.

It was a simple arrangement. They met once a month at a local winery one evening after work. They would each get a bottle of wine, order snacks and appetizers from the winery kitchen, find one of the cozy nooks in the tasting room and sit until they had finished the wine. They talked about . . . everything. The one hey had agreed on from near the beginning was, “whatever was said or done at Sisterhood, stayed at Sisterhood.” That one rule opened a new level of intimacy between them. They trusted each other. There were no secrets among them. After several years, they knew each other’s lives intimately. They were, in many ways, closer than sisters.

There was Ellen. Tall, thin and athletic, she wore her hair short and tended toward more casual dress. She was a physical therapist, still single and, as she put it, “happily lonely.” She had been through a couple of off and on romances over the years but none of them had ever progressed further than some casual sex. She admitted that she was more interested in her work than she was a relationship.

Rachel was the motherly type. She married while still in college and never finished school. She and her husband were now raising their 3 kids in their suburban home and doing all the things that the typical suburban family did. Robert, her husband, was an engineer for the state. Dependable, good guy, Robert. It was the general opinion of the rest of the Sisterhood that Robert was about the most boring guy they had ever met. Still, Rachel seemed happy. She did the soccer mom thing, driving the SUV, carpooling kids to school and organizing for the PTA. She kept them all up to date on the latest in suburban excitement. Rachel had gained a little weight since college and the fact that she had borne three children in fairly rapid succession could be seen as well. She was of medium height with curly brown hair. Her figure in college was what most people would call average. With the addition of a little weight and three children, she was now curvy. She was still a little rounder than she should have been but she was attractive and most of the men at their kids school events didn’t mind her showing up.

Ariel. How to describe Ariel? Her parents had been the prototypical hippies during the sixties. As most of the others of their generation had aged and slowly moved back into mainstream society, her parents had resisted. They still lived on the commune farm where Ariel had been born but now it was only them, the goat, the chickens and the pig that they had never had the heart to slaughter. Ariel had grown up without a lot of the same social mores and taboos to which the rest of the Sisterhood had been exposed She was the proverbial free spirit. Still single Ariel made a modest living playing her guitar and singing evenings at a number of the local bars and coffee houses. Teaching voice, guitar and piano supplemented that income. Her degree in music allowed her to substitute in the local school systems. She was petite, barely 5′ 4″ tall. Everyone joked that she still shopped in the teen section at the department stores because of her size. She was constantly moving from one boyfriend to another and it was always a topic of discussion each month about Ariel’s latest flame.

Margaret or, as they all called her “Mags”, was the de facto leader of the group. She was the one around whom the original sisterhood had coalesced in college and she was still the one to whom they all looked when there was some kind of decision to be made. Mags was tall, 5′ 9″ and had a knockout body. She had attracted the attention of all the hottest guys on the campus but never seemed to care. She didn’t date. No one knew much about her past, her family or even how she had managed in college. She didn’t seem to have a job. They had all assumed that her parents were well enough off to pay her way through college. She had maintained her college looks and figure with a killer workout routine and constant attention. The others, if you could get them to admit it, thought Mags was a bit vain and a little on the narcissistic side. She was always dressed well. When the others talked about their husbands or boyfriends, Mags was silent. She was still single. To their knowledge she didn’t date. That part of her life remained a mystery like her past and her family even to the Sisterhood. To some extent her work did as well. They all knew she had a degree in art history. When pressed, she would describe herself as an independent consultant in the entertainment business. It seemed to provide for her well. She lived in one of the poshest apartment complexes in town, drove a BMW, always wore Erenköy travesti expensive name brand clothing and accessories. There were times when the others would come to Sisterhood and Mags would have bought each of them a bottle of their favorite wine and all the snacks and appetizers. Her business also took her out of town. It wasn’t often, but occasionally they would have to reschedule sisterhood because she was away.

And there was April. April was average. She was average in looks, average in her figure, average in her grades and her life had turned out to be average as well. She had finished a degree in business, gone on to get an MBA and gone to work for a bank. She was now a loan officer. While in grad school she met and married another MBA student. He was also in the banking industry, the CFO of an investment firm. They made a comfortable living. Absorbed in their careers, they had never bothered to have children. The dogs filled that need quite well. All in all, they were average.

So, it had gone for years. They would meet once a month, drink their wine and just talk. They talked about their work and their lives. The married ones talked about their husbands. They talked about movies, books, TV shows. Sometimes, as it will with any group, the conversation would wane and they would simply sit with each other. There were times when they cried with each other.

They had a custom that on the month in which a sister’s birthday fell they would each bring a small gift and celebrate the birthday. Usually the gifts were small, often novelty or gag gifts. That was really what got the whole fiasco started. It was Aprils birthday and, as usual, each of the them had brought a small gift. They all sat and giggled as April unwrapped the presents and read the attached card. When April had opened the card from Ariel it was one of those funny cartoon cards with an old lady sitting in a rocking chair. In this cartoon the old lady sat in her chair with a disgusted look on her face. The inside read, “Life is all about ass. You’re either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it or behaving like one.”

Everyone had laughed while she opened the package. Inside was a small paperback book with a plain cover. The title read “1001 Ways To Recharge Your Sex Life”. The subtitle was “From the benign to the bizarre”. It had brought a laugh because, after 5 years of marriage and no children, there were always jokes. They all had a good laugh. As they were giggling, April had opened the book a few pages.

“Hey! Listen to this. This is number 33. It’s in the section called “Keeping it simple.” She read a short passage from the book.

“Spice it up! Add a little spice to the mix. Seduce your partner in the kitchen and use a kitchen utensil as a sex toy!

They all laughed. They were soon thumbing through the book and occasionally reading one of the ideas to the group. They discovered the book was divided into 4 sections; Keeping it Simple, Beyond the Bedroom, Naughty and Naughtier, and the last one, ominously titled, Beyond Bizarre, not for the novice!” The further they progressed that more salacious the ideas became.

April read another one.

“This is number 283 in the Beyond the Bedroom section. ‘Have your partner meet you in a hotel bar and act the role of a hooker and a john. Make it real, play the roles, exchange money and provide the sex. If you want to add another dimension instead of a hotel bar, find a dark street corner and set up the scene. Hook up and go to a seedy downtown hotel and rent a room.”

They all looked at each other and then burst out laughing. April continued to flip through the book and scan the entries. She stopped and looked down a page.

“Here is another. This is number 649. That is in the section Naughty and Naughtier. Pick up a stranger in a bar and seduce them for sex. Nothing like a little anonymous pick up sex to add a little spice to your life. Even better if your partner is in on it and watches.

This time they all just looked at each other eyes wide. She flipped to the back section and began to scan.

“This last section doesn’t lie. These are not for the faint of heart. This is number 843. If you are female, hire yourself out at a whorehouse. Work for a week. If you have a partner have him come into the house and hire you. If you are male, run an ad in the local singles paper and advertise your services as an escort. Take on at last 5 different jobs. If you have a partner have her make an appointment and treat her just like you would a real client.”

Rachel’s eyes were wide.

“Jesus, that is out there. Do you think people really do that kind of stuff?”

Mags spoke up quickly.

“Rachel honey. That is tame compared to some of the stuff people do in real life. You have no idea!”

Rachel just shook her head.

That had segued the discussion into the topic of sex. Almost all of their discussion ultimately Beşiktaş travesti ended up at this point so it wasn’t unusual. The book was the center of discussion this time. They passed the book around the circle and as they talked about it someone, no one can remember who it was, chimed in.

“You know, this would make one hell of a party game.”

They had all laughed. That prompted a discussion about how it would work and about the rules. The more wine was poured the more outrageous the discussion until Mags remarked offhandedly.

“We could always just play among ourselves.”

Everyone had stopped and looked at her. Rachel was the first to speak.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, look. What happens at Sisterhood, stays at Sisterhood, right?”

They had all agreed.

“What if we chose numbers, one through five and whoever draws number one picks a random number between 1 and 1001 and whatever comes up, you have to perform that scene and then report it back to sisterhood.”

Everyone had suddenly gotten serious. Ellen was the first to speak.

“That is ridiculous. Some of the things in that last section are illegal. Most of the ones in the third section would be considered so out of bounds that most people would never even consider it.”

Mags shrugged.

“So we limit the number to one through 501. That gets the first two sections.”

Ariel, who was looking at the book, lifted her eyes to look at Mags.

“How do we know that the act was really performed. I could say I did and no one would ever know the difference.”

Mags was again quick to answer

“Video. Video it and bring a copy of the video to sisterhood.”

That had really gotten the discussion going. The discussion was so intense that another round of bottles hit the table and the evening dragged on much longer than usual. Mags kept prompting them further into the idea until at last April had picked up the book.

“Look. We have talked this way past the time we are all usually home. How about we continue this in emails.”

They all agreed and left for the evening.

Over the course of the next three weeks the emails got progressively faster and more numerous. By the time the next sisterhood meeting was scheduled they had a list of rules. They met again at the winery, found a quiet nook out of the way and sat. This time there was very little chitchat or conversation. They all looked at Mags. She handed each of them a piece of paper.

“This is how this well work. We will all draw numbers today and that will give us our starting order. After that we just keep up the rotation. I have an app on my tablet that will generate random numbers. The first person will start the app and whatever number comes up they have to do that scene, video tape it and bring each of us a thumb drive with the video on it to prove it out. All this stays strictly in the Sisterhood.”

They all looked at the short list of rules and each eventually agreed. Rachel looked at Mags.

“What about those of us that are married. Do we involve our hubby in this?”

Mags thought a minute

“I think that is up to you. Involve him or not. That is your choice. We aren’t going to tell anyone what you do.”

The wine was flowing freely and the chatter had loosened up sounding almost normal. There was the usual give and take about home life, romances, work and family. As they neared the bottom of their bottles, Mags set a small bowl on the table. Inside were five slips of paper folded tightly. Quiet settled around the table as they all looked at the bowl. Ellen then asked a question.

“What if we don’t do the task or we don’t want to do the task.”

They looked at each other. Surprisingly it was Rachel who spoke.

“We need something that will be a little compelling. What if, after the first go around, and we each have done a task, it is understood that if you don’t do the task or refuse, that the others will post one of the earlier videos on a social media site.”

Ellen gasped. Mags chuckled. April and Ariel looked thoughtful. That prompted another round of discussion which got them into a second bottle of wine. It might have been the wine or it might have been the peer pressure but they finally agreed that if one of them failed to perform, the others would publish one of the earlier videos onto an adult video website.

Mags pushed the bowl into the middle of the table. Each of them chose a piece of paper. They opened them and then went around the table as Mags called their names and noted the order on her tablet.

Rachel “3”

Ellen “5”

Ariel “4”

April “1”

And Mags is “2”

Everyone looked at April as she shifted uncomfortably on the couch. Mags tapped the screen of her tablet and laid it on the table in front of April so everyone could see. April tapped the GO button. In seconds a number appeared on the screen. Everyone read “88”.

April dug the book from her handbag and found Avcılar travesti item number 88 and read it aloud.

“Surprise your partner by meeting them at the front door naked. Serve them dinner naked. That should make desert easy to plan.”

She looked up and it was apparent she was blushing. She looked down at the book again and closed it. She took a deep breath and scanned the others faces.


They all giggled, finished their wine and were on their way home.

For the next week April thought about how to pull this off. She wasn’t about to tell her husband about the game which meant he couldn’t know it was being videotaped. She finally figured out what she thought would work and decided to try a dry run. She set up her tablet on a shelf so that the camera had a clear view of the dining room. When she heard her husband park the car in the driveway, she started the video recorder on the tablet and met him at the door. She led him to the dining room where she had prepared a nice meal. They ate as usual though he was a bit surprised at the reception. She explained that she had some time off and she thought it would be nice to do a little something different. He agreed it was nice. She knew he would go to his office in the back of the house for a couple of hours to work. When he had left, she grabbed the tablet and opened the video viewer. There it was, plain, clear and easy to hear. The whole meal. She pressed the button to delete the video and sat on the couch satisfied with herself for figuring that out.

She was all set for the next week. She took an afternoon off from work and went home to prepare dinner. The tablet was set up and tested. She looked at the clock. A few minutes before he was due to arrive home, she went to the bedroom, slipped out of her pants, blouse and shed her lingerie. She looked in the mirror at herself standing naked. She considered herself trying to be unbiased.

Not to bad. I could use a little toning up. Maybe shed a few pounds. Anyway, time to get this show on the road.

She went to the dining room, made sure everything was ready and waited. She heard his car in the driveway, her cue to start the tablet .When he opened the front door she was standing, nude and smiling. He nearly fainted. She stifled a chuckle at the look on his face. Stepping forward, she took his hand and his briefcase. She dropped the briefcase inside the door, kicked the front door shut and led him to the dining room. The table was set with their best china, finest silverware and crystal glasses. There were flowers and candles. A bottle of wine was next to his plate. She sat him down. So far he was still speechless.. She served his dinner, waiting on him instead of eating herself. She removed the dinnerware after each course and returned with fresh settings and the next part of the meal. She served the desert course. The plate she sat down before him held only a small card. Opening it he read a note in her handwriting.

“Desert will be served in the bedroom.”

His eyes snapped up and for the first time since he had arrived home he spoke.

‘I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I like it.”

He pushed back from the table, grabbed her hand and pulled her at nearly a run to the bedroom. He stopped to take his clothes off and she took the opportunity to go back to the dining room on the pretext she needed to put some food away and lock the front door. When she returned to the bedroom, the lights were out and she could see he was laying on the bed. He patted the mattress next to him. She smiled coyly as she walked seductively across the room rolling her hips and exaggerating the sway of her breasts. He watched, licking his lips. His eyes went wide as she crawled slowly onto the bed and across him, straddling his hips and looking down into his eyes. She would think about it later, remembering that they enjoyed some of the best sex since they had been married. She was both surprised and pleased.

Sisterhood day finally arrived. The rest of the sisters were already there, which was not unusual since April worked on the far side of town and didn’t get off until 5:30. She walked in and found her bottle of wine already on the table and everyone waiting. She had not even poured her first glass of wine when Rachel burst out.



Nervous laughter rippled around the table. April pulled 4 thumb drives from her purse and handed one to each of her friends. Mags, who was always techno savvy, plugged the drive into her tablet and they were all soon huddled around watching the video unfold. Mags fast forwarded through most of it but watched the part where her hubby had nearly dragged her to the bedroom. Ellen asked the obvious question.

“What was on that note?”

“It said Desert will be served in the bedroom.”

That brought a huge round of laughter. Everyone wanted to know how the desert had gone. April blushed as she admitted that it had been better than better! The rest of the evening was much the same as every other evening. They talked chatted laughed and in general had a good time. As they got closer to time to leave, Mags again got out her tablet.

“I guess I am next”

As she laid the tablet on the table Ellen asked her a question.

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