The Shower Surprise Ch. 1

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Nervously she smoothed her skirt, rubbed her lips together and giving her head a determined toss she reached forward and knocked on the hotel room door. Hearing the muffled “Come on in…” she turned the doorknob and stepped inside his room.

Shrugging her arms out of her jacket… tossing it to the nearby chair, she continued walking deeper into the room. The sounds of the water running directed to where the bathroom was. Smiling slyly to herself, she stepped out of her high heels, kicking them away. Reaching behind, she pulled the zipper, to the skirt she was wearing, down. Kicking it out of the way as well, she then lifted her blouse over her head and tossed it to where the skirt laid. Tugging her panties down her hips, she could feel the wetness had already started seeping through them. Reaching between her breasts she unhooked her bra, allowing it to fall at her feet. Her nipples hardened in anticipation.

Looking through the doorway she can see his outline in the glass door of shower. Smiling softly to herself, glad that he had his back to her, she tip toed over to the shower quickly opening the door and stepping inside with him.

“What the… ” he exclaimed as he twirled around. His booming laughter then filled the room… as she coyly looked at him, he grabbed her and pulled her to him. Pressing his body against hers, he took her face into his hands and leaned his head down, tracing his tongue along her lips, licking the corners of her mouth. He slipped his tongue Ümraniye Escort between her lips… gently pushing them apart. She opened her mouth slightly to allow him entrance, moaning lowly as his tongue softly caressed hers.

She leaned closer into him… her nipples hardening even more as they brushed against his hairy chest… feeling his cock throbbing against her tummy. Grabbing his head and pulling it closer to make his kiss to her even deeper, the nails of her other hand lightly scratching down his back.

Suddenly she broke away from the kiss and his body. Grinning at him slyly, she picked up the soap, lathering it between her hands, she moved back closer to him and started soaping up his shoulders. Gliding her hands down his arms and back up again. He tried reaching for her, but she silently shook her head no at him.

Teasingly she soaped up his chest, running her hands down his sides and across his tummy, quickly bringing them back up, circling his nipples… pinching them between her fingers, twisting them gently. She could feel him shudder with his want. Her lips curled into a pleased smile, taking him by the shoulders she turned his body around. Getting her hands soapy again, she started massaging the soap onto his back, gently kneading the tension away in his shoulders. She leaned forward to bring her nipples into contact with his wet soapy skin… allowing her hands to travel down to his waist, then on down to his ass… she bent so that İstanbul Escort her hands could move down his thighs. Alternately rubbing the back and front as her hands traveled to his calves.

She brought her hands back up his legs slowly… running them up the insides of his thighs, stopping just short of touching his balls. He steadied himself by placing his hands on the shower wall, spreading his legs hoping she would take advantage of the easy access now. But she ignored his invitation.

Standing up once again, she rubbed her body against the back of his, reaching around, she trailed her soapy fingers along his waist… just inches from his hard cock.

He moaned when her hands refused to meet his need. Swiftly turning on her, he grabbed her by the waist and roughly pulled her against him. Allowing his hardness to rub tantalizing against her tummy and touching the bottom of her breasts. Rubbing her neck, his thumbs caressing her jaw… he dipped his head and trailed his tongue down her neck, her head fell back as his tongue moved slowly down her skin. He pushed her up against the door of the shower, parting her thighs with his knee, he leaned his mouth down even further to pull a nipple into his mouth… tugging it between his teeth, flicking with the tip of his tongue.

He let go of her neck and suddenly grabbed her ass, grinding against her. She sighed loudly, needing to have him inside of her, slipping and sliding in and out. Her leg curled Anadolu Yakası Escort around his thigh, making her need known to him, she reached between their bodies to take his cock into her hand. Rubbing his hardness against her clit, allowing him to feel the wetness between her legs.

He lifted her up slightly to allow her hands to feed his cock into her wet pussy, in one thrust he slid deeply inside. One hand on her back and the other on her ass he held her to him as she wrapped both of her legs around his waist. He could sense her urgency, increasing the speed of his thrusts… arching her back, her breasts pushed against his chest.

She leaned her mouth closer to him, biting his neck, the vibrations from the moans against his skin added to his desire. He could feel the walls of her pussy clenching his cock, knowing that she was close he squeezed her ass and made his thrusts even deeper, reaching for her g-spot.

Her moans were very audible now… she whispered “Yes, fuck me harder. “

At her words and her moans, he could feel his own climax building. Her legs tightening around his waist as her own built up, she shuddered, her pussy convulsing against his cock…

His cock drenched with her cum, her pussy contracting… sent him over the edge. No longer able to control his own orgasm… and with one final deep thrust inside her, calling out her name… he came. She held him to her as his own orgasm subsided. Softly rubbing his back, tenderly kissing his lips. He gently pulled out of her and set her back down. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, he hugged her to him.

After a brief moment of just being still, with the hot water beating down on both of their bodies, he reached for the soap and tenderly washed her body…

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