The Shark Ch. 3

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This story is a spin-off from “The Shark” series and follows on directly from The Shark part II: The Shark Swims Again.

After Ted and his associates had left the house, Jim and his mother Patricia remained cuddled up on the sofa. Both were in various states of undress; Jim had his jeans and underwear around his ankles with cum staining his face and lips and trickling down his legs, while Pat’s dress was completely open, her pink panties discarded on the floor and her breasts and pussy exposed.

“I’m scared mom” whimpered Jim, “does this mean I’m gay now?”

Pat looked at her son’s face “Firstly honey, there’s nothing wrong with being gay” she answered “But no, I doubt that you are gay, you have just experienced something a little different, that’s all”

Pat couldn’t help but notice that Jim’s cock was still erect as he had not cum. She realised that Jim had just been used for the pleasure of Ted and his men (and Pat!) and in fact not been touched himself at all. Still a little confused and bewildered she tried not to stare so avidly at her son’s 9 inch erection.

“Come on” said Pat, raising herself from the sofa, “lets get you into a nice hot bath and get you cleaned up a bit”

As Pat ran the bath, Jim was standing by the door looking at his mom. Pat realised that she still wore no underwear and that her dress was gaping open and exposing her large breasts to her son’s eyes.

“I think with the way you are looking at my breasts, that your concerns about being gay are unfounded!” she laughed.

“Hmmmm. Yes. I really enjoyed licking your pussy mom….did you like it too?”

“I did, honey, yes. But you have to understand that mommy has been without sex for a long time…my feelings just took over…you understand?”

Jim nodded silently, as, without thinking that his mother was still in the room, he stripped off the rest of his clothes and climbed into the bath. As he immersed himself in the hot bubbles he felt the water sting his asshole. The smarting quickly dissolved as he slid his body down further, luxuriating in the warm feeling that enveloped his bruised and aching bones. Neither Jim or Pat spoke as Pat picked up a sponge and started to soap her son’s body. Starting with his back, she gently massaged the warm sponge up and down his spine and around his neck. Moving to his front she let the sponge drift lazily over his nipples, teasing them and making them stand out a little. Jim had his eyes closed as he let his mother drop the sponge in the water and continue to lightly graze her long painted fingernails over his hard nipples. Pat could again feel the sexual tension start to build up within her. Her own nipples were now hard and erect and she could feel a tingle start deep in her belly and quickly spread to her pussy. She knew this was wrong, but could not help herself as her hands wandered down from Jim’s nipples and, sliding through the thin young hair on his chest found his long penis beneath the warm water.

“Mmmmmmmm” groaned Jim, as he felt his mothers hand gently encircle his hard cock. “That feels sooooo good, mom”

Sliding her hand under her son’s balls, Pat cupped and squeezed them gently producing louder moans from her boy. She let her finger drop lower and could feel the entrance to Jim’s still open and gaziantep escort bayan reklamları abused asshole.

“That’s ok honey” she cooed in her son’s ear, “mommy will make it better for you. I know it hurts a little now, but it will soon feel fine again.”

Taking the sponge again, Pat continued to wash her son all over, making sure that his ass and face were clean and all traces of cum had been washed away. When she was finished, she dried him with a large fluffy towel, being careful as she dried his asshole and still hard cock. She realised that her son had maintained his erection for over an hour now and that the pressure in his balls must be by now quite painful.

Taking Jim by the hand and with her dress still gaping open she silently led him to her bedroom and laid him gently face down onto her large bed. Pat stared down at her son’s young firm ass and could clearly see the torn and bruised skin around his tight little hole.

“It’s OK honey” she whispered “Mommy’s gonna make your ass feel better”

“Oh please mom” replied Jim “it still hurts a little down there”

Taking a jar of cream, Pat covered her fingers and began to massage the cream slowly and gently into the skin around her son’s ass. Using one hand to gently pull his ass cheeks open she used the fingers from her other hand to slide the cream deeper into his rectum.

“Mmmmm ohhhhhhh mom that feels sooooo nice” groaned Jim.

Pat continued massaging and soothing Jim’s torn ass for the next 5 minutes, leaving him groaning loudly and writhing his hips and ass back onto her hands feeling his mothers velvet fingers sooth away what was left of the pain and leaving a warm glowing sensation. When she had completed her task, Pat knelt up behind her son and, removing her dress, surveyed her work. Jim was laying face down on the bed with his legs slightly open and his smooth ass in front of her eyes. The cheeks of his ass still glistened from the cream and were a deep red colour from Pats hands and fingers. His eyes were still tight shut and he had a satisfied smile on his face.

Pat spoke softly to her son “why don’t you turn over honey” she said

Almost from within a deep sleep, Jim roused himself and turned his body over so he was on his back looking directly at his mother kneeling between his outstretched legs. The sight immediately returned his cock to full attention. Patricia’s heavy breasts hung from her chest. Her nipples were a deep red colour and very hard. Jim’s eyes traveled down her body to her smooth, hairless pussy which still glistened wet with the lips protruding. Jim tried to sit up but his mother gently pushed him back.

“No … baby, let mommy take care of some of that tension” she whispered, looking directly at his hard cock laying on his belly.

“Just lay back and let mommy take care of everything”

“OK mom, whatever you say…I’m yours completely” he said, once again closing his eyes.

Pat positioned herself between her son’s legs and let her hands and finger nails trace lines up the inside of Jim’s thigh’s. As she approached his balls she lightly scratched his sack and the underside of his throbbing cock.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh oh yes mom….mmmmmmm gaziantep bayan escort reklamları ……that feels sooooooo goooood” groaned Jim.

Pat smiled as she heard her boy’s appreciation and let her hand slowly circle the base of his hard penis. Moving her hand gently and slowly she pulled the foreskin upwards producing a blob of pre-cum at the head. Using her thumb, she slowly and lovingly spread the pre-cum over Jim’s cock head and squeezed softly. Jim was now groaning and sighing constantly as she continued to massage the full length of his tool. Bending her head she lightly licked over the tip sending shivers through Jim’s taught body. Jim was bucking his hips off the bed in an attempt to get his cock into his mothers mouth. The tension was unbelievable as finally Pat lowered her head and took his whole length inside her hot, wet mouth. Jim felt like an electric shock had just run through his entire body as his toes curled and he thrust his hips up from the bed.

“AAAARRRGGGGGGHHHH godddddd …..yesssssssssss mom, OH YESSSSSSSSSS.”

As Pat continued to slide her mouth up and down Jim’s shaft she reached under his balls and slid a finger gently into his sore but still lubricated asshole. Jim could hold back no longer. With a huge groan he bucked his hips sending his cock deep into his mothers throat.

“Uuuugggghhhhhhhh ohhhhhh…..yesssssssss I’m cumming mom……deep in your mouth… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… suck my cock mommy… swallow my cummmmmmmmmmmm.”

Pat was happy to oblige as she deep throated her son’s big cock and drank his cum greedily. As Pat swallowed, Jim could feel her throat contract around his shaft and cock head and her finger wiggle in his sore asshole causing him to pump more of his seed into her mouth. Pat kept the suction action going on Jim’s cock as his orgasm subsided. She was surprised and delighted by the fact that his cock seemed to stay erect long after he had finished cumming.

“This was good” she thought “I still have plans for him!”

As Pat withdrew her mouth from his still hard cock, Jim raised himself up. As he came up level with his mother he placed his hands on her hard nipples and kissed her full on the mouth. Their tongues entwined, and as Jim tasted his own cum still wet on her lips he squeezed and pulled at her distended nipples. Pat’s excitement was at such a peak that she came as soon as Jim touched her tits.

“Mmmmm….Uuuuggghhhhh …… oooooooohhhhhh baby I’m cumming for you……..mmmmmmmm…..feels soooo nice honey.” she murmured into his mouth.

“That was great mom” said Jim still excited. “But I really want to fuck you….would that be OK?”

In answer Pat reclined on the bed and spread her long legs wide. Placing her hands on her thigh’s she pulled her legs back to her chest fully exposing her wet and open pussy to her son’s gaze. Jim looked deep into her cunt as the folds of her labia opened revealing a very long and erect clit. Taking her clit between his fingers he rolled it back and forth a few times causing his mother to moan loudly and pull her legs further apart. With his rock hard cock in his fist he moved closer to his mothers reclined body. Jim could never remember being so excited before. escort gaziantep bayan reklamları His cock throbbed and twitched violently as he rubbed the slick head over Pats pussy lips and down around her ass tickling and teasing her.

“Oooooo Jim, honey. Don’t play with me like that….I need your hard cock inside me…PLEASE do it now….Fuck me ..fuck me …fuck me”

Jim needed no further instruction and plunged his whole length right up his mothers tight hot pussy hole. Pat gripped his ass cheeks, pulling him in further as he started to rock back and forward inside her. He felt Pat’s internal muscles grip him as he rammed his cock deeper and deeper…harder and harder into her. He had never been fucked like this before. Even if she had not fucked for a long time, Pat was a very experienced lover. She gripped his tool and released it over and over as he fucked deep in to her pussy. The sounds of sex were everywhere as both mother and son grunted and moaned their way to orgasm. Pat was first. Pulling her son’s ass towards her with all her strength, she felt her legs tremble and her orgasm crash through her body starting at her toes and ending up in her clitoris.

AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH …..oooohhhhhhhhhh…baby…….fuck your mom’s pussy…..fuck me …I’m cumming again honey… aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh”

Jim pounded his mothers pussy harder and harder as she came. “Oh mom….where do you want me to cum? Please tell me …I’m soooo close now”

Pat replied by disengaging herself reluctantly from her son’s cock and quickly spreading herself face down on the bed. Placing both her hands on her cheeks she pulled her ass wide open “Cum in my ass for me Jimmy, I want to feel your cum deep in my butt” she screamed.

Wasting no time, and with his hard cock bouncing and twitching wildly, Jim placed the head at the entrance to his mothers ass and pushed….

Her asshole felt tight but well lubricated from her many orgasms as he experienced the feel of his mothers rectum engulf his solid member. Jim could hardly believe this. Here he was, having already been fucked in the ass himself earlier, with his cock buried in his MOTHERS asshole! And she was begging him to fuck her ass harder. In and out Jim sawed his young cock. He could feel the tightness of Pat’s nether hole gripping his cock in an almost painfully vice-like hold. Faster and faster he fucked her up the ass, holding his breath as his orgasm approach. Closer…closer….closer….he came to his orgasm. Deeper…faster…harder he fucked her ass. Until…….

“Aaaahhhhgggghhhh …….. gggggooooddddddd ……… yessss mom… I’m cumming in your tight ass….I’m fucking you up the ass mommmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!”

As Jim’s cock exploded his cum deep into his mothers bowels she screamed in lust

“Yyyeeeessssss… oh baby fuck my tight ass… cum in me honey… spurt your cum in mommy’s butthole”

As both mother and son came down from their orgasm’s, they lay next to each other and lovingly stroked and caressed each others bodies for what seemed like hours before finally raising themselves and showering.

As the water cascaded over them both, Jim spoke to his mother.

“You know mom, I had no idea that you were so hot for me. My friend Bill and I are always saying how good looking you are and how we would both love to fuck you…and now I have. Thanks mom, it was so great!”

Pat considered the day’s events. “Well” she smiled to herself, “Bill’s pretty hot himself, looks like my love life just took a turn for the better!”

– The End –

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