The Sexy Stranger

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The excitement charged up Dominic’s naked body, as he lay on the bed. As cool as the sheets were, his cock was red hot with anticipation.

He’d only just met this woman – no names – and, here he was, blindfolded and ready for a wild night.

Dominic had just been in bed, watching television, when she knocked on his room door. The sight of her had taken him by surprise. Her shoulder length auburn hair, along with a sparkle in her eye and a naughty smile on her lips made it impossible for him to resist her approach.

They’d made eye contact across the room – more than once – but they hadn’t spoken when the opportunity came up. It was clear, however, that they were both bored by the conference they’d found themselves attending.

Just as Dominic was starting to suspect that it was all some sort of set-up, he felt her cool lips on the side of his torso. Ecstasy. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling, dying to find out what will happen. Another kiss, this time, more central, on his midriff. Another smile, this time coming with a bite of the lip and a sharp intake of surprised breath.

“I was watching you the whole time today.” Another kiss. This one sent a shiver through him.

“Yeah? I saw you looking, but when we didn’t speak, I didn’t know what to think.”

Another kiss. Chest. Dominic could feel the tip of his dick brush against her neck as she continued to plant kisses on his body and imagined it standing to attention in between the delicious tits that he’d caught a down-blouse glimpse of earlier.

He reached down and began to grab a fistful of her soft hair, just as her tongue İstanbul Escort began to lash against his stomach, but she forcefully grabbed his wrist and placed it back above his head. Dominic then felt her breath on his ear.

“No. I’m in charge,” she whispered firmly.


“No hands. And no talking.”

Dominic wanted nothing more than to grab her, tear the sexy black trousers she was wearing off and plunge his cock deep inside her.

But, at the same time, he was enjoying not being in control. She seemed to have a steely no-nonsense personality and he found this incredibly attractive. Her confidence, almost mixed with her head-filling perfume added to her allure.

Just then, Dominic felt her lips wrap round his dick, which was so erect, it was pointing up towards the top of his body. At this, his whole body seemed to be alive with heat, as she gorged on him. This sexy stranger worked his shaft with aplomb and Dominic could feel her tits rubbing against his balls. She must have taken her top off between whispering in his ear and sticking his dick in her mouth.

“Oh, my God! That’s incredible!”

She bit and he hissed, instinctively sitting up.

“I said ‘no talking’!” The sternness in her voice was clear; Dominic didn’t know he enjoyed being subservient. He lay back down, as she now took her breasts away from his balls and, with one long lick up the underside of his cock, her tongue disappeared as well.

For a second, he thought he’d pushed his luck by opening his mouth again, but he didn’t dare say anything just yet. He heard movement of some kind Anadolu Yakası Escort and couldn’t think of what it might be.

By the right side of his head, he felt some pressure on the bed. It creaked slightly. Dominic then felt the same on the left hand side and he knew exactly what was going on. Her knees. He sensed her vagina centimetres from his face, as he felt one hand and then, another, place themselves next to his thighs.

Then, her mouth. Once more, it felt like she was only going to take his penis in so far, but she kept on going, almost swallowing it whole. He groaned loudly, scared to move. Fear held him in place, should the wrong step stop the exciting sensation he was experiencing.

As quickly as she took him in, she took it away. The warmth of her mouth had become something Dominic had began to crave. He hadn’t had enough of it. But, then, her tongue nuzzled into his balls without restrain. Shockwaves raced around his body, sending euphoria through his heart, to his temples and to the tips of his fingers, still above him.

And all Dominic could do was gasp. When she tongued every part of his sac. He gasped. When she breathed warmly on them between licks. He gasped. When she began to stroke his penis with her hand at the most perfect pace. He gasped.

“Lick me out,” she said calmly, suddenly. Without question, Dominic strained the muscles in his neck upwards to reach her cunt and delve his tongue into it. He thought he was doing a sloppy job of it, but the moans of pleasure she emitted told him he was on the right lines. Her breath reverberated around Kartal Escort his cock as he worked towards the one thing he wanted to achieve: satisfy this woman.

Sweat trickled from his forehead and down his temples, onto the bed and the blindfold as he tirelessly dug his tongue into her. Each lick from him brought a similar one from her.

“Grab my arse, will you? Pull-“

Again, Dominic was surprised by the calm tone in which she spoke. He moved quickly, clutching a cheek in each hand. She squealed as he pinched them.

“I’m close. Are you?”

Dominic lashed his tongue into her sex a few more times before answering.


“Cum on my tits, when you do.”

She stopped licking and Dominic could feel that she was now sat up, her cunt now directly on his face. Her hand had not moved from his shaft and the pace of her pulling had barely changed.

“Keep going,” she said. Dominic had no intention of stopping. Just then, she sat up straight, as she came. She moaned loudly and Dominic became incredibly aware of the heat in his head.

“Oh, fuck! That was good!” Leaning forward, she began to wank him off furiously, until Dominic came too, releasing a hot fountain of heavy cum upwards, splashing it over her tits.

“Mmm. That’s just what I needed.” She ran both hands down his body.

Dominic tried to get his breath back. Before he could, he felt her get off the bed.

“Don’t take the blindfold off until I leave.”

A part of Dominic was tempted to refuse to play along any further, but, at the same time, he didn’t really have the energy to move.

After a few minutes of lying still, cum beginning to dry on his stomach, Dominic heard her get dressed and the door clock open.

“Put the blindfold on the outside of the door handle. I’ll pick it up at some point in the next few hours.”

The door clicked shut and Dominic smiled.

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