The Sex Fairy Ch. 05

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Carrie rushed back from her room and couldn’t believe she had been with Jake. She had gotten her ultimate fantasy. With his fresh cum still dripping from her wet pussy she laid across her bed still in awe.

Her fingers draped across her pussy she could feel his cum dripping out of her. This made her horny all over again. She rubbed her shaved pussy making her clit hard once again; her nipples were hard through the black satin gown. Her copper red hair lay on her shoulders and down her chest as she lay on the bed.

She dipped her fingers deep within her hot cavern and pulled them out then tasted the liquid left by Jake. Damn he tasted so good! Carrie’s fingers went to work on her clit rubbing back and fourth harder and harder as she tried to cum like she had with Jake. She slipped over the edge and ecstasy was hers, but once again it was not like it was under Jake’s fingers, tongue and certainly not like it was with his thick cock buried deep within her.

She remembered the feel of his cock in her mouth, the feel of the rim of his head under her tongue. The thought of flicking her tongue over his head, over and over drove her crazy. Then taking him deep, the hard throbbing shaft in her throat, this made her wet all over again. She thought of the candles in his room, the sight of him naked on the bed, and the feel of his cock inside of her. Carrie drifted off to sleep curled on her side with the scent of Jake’s cum still heavy on her body.

She woke the next morning wishing she was in Jake’s arms, her clit was already hard and she was wet. Her nipples were hard beneath her gown.

With her hard nipples she had to take them in her fingers squeezing them and rolling them beneath her fingers. Her clit was throbbing needing attention. Her thoughts were consumed with Jake. His smell, his touch, his kiss and the way he felt inside of her last night.

Her juices were running between her legs and she could feel them trickle between the cheeks of her ass. Carrie wanted to feel Jake sliding the dildo inside of her again; she began furiously slipping her fingers inside of her pussy.

She then began sliding her fingers over her swollen clit. She imagined Jake touching her and wanting her, this brought her so close to the edge. She slid over the edge feeling her pussy walls contract over and over. She felt great, but it still was less than satisfying.

Carrie had no idea what she was going to do. She didn’t see how she could continue with Jake, she was so afraid of him escort bayan finding out who she was. Yet his touch and making love with him was so great it left her unable to cum the way she always had.

Carrie went shopping to keep her mind off of Jake. She walked around the mall and without really meaning to she ended up in Victoia’s Secret. She loved lingerie, tried on many different things but she decided on two things. She also couldn’t pass up on some sexy new lace see through panties and bra’s to match. On the way home Carrie caught herself thinking that she wondered what Jake would think about her new nightgowns.

Carrie waited two days; her body was almost in pain from wanting to feel Jake’s touch. When she couldn’t stand it any longer she once again pulled out her laptop and sent him a note.

I can’t stop thinking about you. I want to be with you again. If you want the same thing, tonight at 10pm, leave a sock by your door. Your sex Fairy.

Even with just the letter written she could feel the electricity through her body. She hurried and ran up the stairs and looked into the hall and no one was around Jake’s room. She slid the note under his door, and casually walked away so she didn’t look suspicious.

Carrie had gotten some new perfume and lotion at the mall that afternoon. She had gotten Tresor’ perfume, shower gel, body lotion and powder. When she was getting ready she showered with the gel and then put he powder all over her body. With the scent Tresor’ in the air she dressed, it is a light almost intoxicating rose scent. Carrie dabbed the perfume behind her ears, on her wrists and for a final touch right behind her pulse point on her knee.

She carefully applied her make-up and twisted her hair into a French knot and slid a jeweled clip into it. When she was done she stood before the mirror naked and was pleased with herself. Now for the final touch she thought. She went to the bed and slid on the new white lace see through short gown she had bought earlier in the day, and the matching white satin slippers. When she was finished she was very happy with the results, she slid on her robe.

Grabbing her mask she headed out the door to Jake’s room. Carefully she walked through the hall she didn’t want to stop and talk to anyone. When she was at the end of Jake’s hall she saw the sock and her heart started to beat faster.

At his door she bent down to pick up the sock and slide on her mask. Just then she heard another door open and she had nilüfer escort to quickly get into Jake’s room so she wasn’t seen.

When she walked in it was just as it had been the last time, there were candles on the desk and a table, some on the window sill and on the top of his stereo. This time he had some soft music playing too.

Jake was lying on the bed, totally naked, and gorgeous by any woman’s standards.

Carrie turned around and slipped the robe off then turned back to Jake who had rose up to watch her.

“God you’re so awesome!” He said softly

Carrie’s heart skipped at least ten beats hearing him say that. She made her way to him and with her index finger she began tracing a trail between his thighs. Very slowly she moved. She licked her lips, knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted him in her mouth. Carrie teased Jake first with her fingers lightly touching everywhere but his hard cock, then she followed with her tongue.

When she could see that he was so hard she moved up to his hard cock and with the tip of her tongue she traced the rim of his head. So lightly, she traced the rim of his hard cock over and over, and then she took only the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked it softly then harder and harder.

Until she suddenly went all the way down his hard shaft that, was wanting and needing attention.

With that Jake couldn’t stand it anymore and he thrust his hips to meet her mouth. His voice was urgent and needing as she heard him say, “Oh my god yes, yes baby…yes!”

Carrie slowed down and pulled away just slightly licking again. She could see Jake’s cock swelling with anticipation. She could see the veins pulsing, waiting for release. She wanted to feel him and taste him so bad but she wanted him to need that release so bad that the explosion was extremely intense.

Carrie lightly kissed Jake’s treasure trail up to his belly button, then up to his nipples taking each of his nipples in her mouth. She kissed and licked them until they were hard and then she started back down towards his hard wanting cock.

Jake was lying back enjoying every second but he had other plans. As soon as Carrie got close to his cock, He said, “Turn around!”

Carrie looked up with surprise, and then did just as he said.

Carrie turned around and slowly she could feel Jake pull her white lace gown up and over her head and drop it on the bed next to them. His hands cupped her breasts as altıparmak escort he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders.

Jake then pushed her down on the bed and rubbed his cock over her ass, up the crack. He pulled out the cinnamon lube and squirted it all over the crack spreading it with the head of his cock.

“Hmmmmm, oh yeah!” Moaned Carrie loudly.

Jake slowly inserted first his finger to loosen her ass, fingering her for just a few minutes as she squirmed and moaned with pleasure. Then carefully he pulled out and started to slowly insert just the head of his cock into her tight ass.

Carrie was instantly aroused but he could tell she was a little scared too.

“It’s okay baby, just relax!” Jake said.

Carrie just backed up closer to him and started to finger her clit while he slid his cock slowly into her ass. Jake could tell she was getting off on this and he was getting so hot that this girl liked anal. He had never found such an adventurous girl. Slowly Jake started moving a little faster.

Carrie just backed up and moved with him saying, “Oh yes, please Jake fuck my ass now!”

Jake held her hips so tightly and started moving faster as her moans got louder and louder. He could tell she was so close to the edge that he backed off for just a minute and then started faster and faster again until he couldn’t hold it anymore. Jake thrust in her ass hard a few more times and he could feel the head of his cock swell.

Carrie said almost breathlessly,”Oh now Jake, NOW!”

Jake drove his cock harder than he ever intended to into her ass and he filled her ass with hot white spurts of cum as she tumbled over the edge, screaming his name.

As they lay in each others arms he knew she was likely to get up and try to get away but he was prepared to try to get her to stay.

Carrie couldn’t believe the force of her orgasm with Jake. She thought about staying with him, but just as she did she heard him softly snoring, so she stood up and carefully put on her gown and her robe.

This time she took off her mask in his room since she knew he was asleep and she watched him sleep for a couple of minutes before she made her way down the hall and downstairs one floor to her room.

In her own bed she marveled at the fact that she and Jake seemed so perfectly matched physically together. She thought about all of the things they had tried and how she loved the adventurous side of Jake. How she loved anal with Jake, he brought out a side of her she never knew existed, and she liked it very much. She wondered to herself, could it be that they had more in common than she previously thought.

She wondered what else they could share as she fell asleep completely satisfied, once again.

To be continued…

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