The Secret

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Female Ejaculation

Jimmy was curious about what the manhood between his legs could really do if he actually got a chance with a pretty girl. He’d seen pretty girls before, but never close enough to actually find out. He just knew it stood up when he was around pretty girls, throbbing and feeling really good. It always made him want to touch it, and was hard to ignore. Sometimes, Jimmy would have to go to the bathroom frequently when he was in school, just so he could touch it, to relieve some of the pressure. He would touch it and play with it a lot, and eventually he would feel really good and it would squirt white juice everywhere. He wanted to squirt that stuff in a pretty girl, and just the thought of it drove him absolutely crazy.

Jimmy would lie in his bed at night, thinking about squirting his white juice in a pretty girl, humping a pillow and feeling so good every time he touched his dick. The more he played with it, the more he wanted to do it. He would hump his pillow really fast, rubbing his dick on the sheets of the bed and holding his breath because it would make it feel even better, like his dick was gonna explode. He would pump it so hard and so fast, closing his eyes and imagining that he was putting it inside a pretty girl, and it was never long before he would feel really good and would cry out, letting out his breath and squirting his white juices everywhere, feeling spasm after spasm of pleasure. Sometimes he even woke up to white juices everywhere, knowing he must have had a damn good dream again that left his sheets sticky and wet.

One day, Jimmy had a few friends over that stayed the night at his house. Some were his friends he’d had in high school, and some were some really hot chicks from his high school that had never even given him the time of day before. He was shocked that they came for the party, but pleasantly surprised and enjoyed sneaking peeks and feeling his manhood grow more with each peek. Everyone was hanging out, having pizza and beers and enjoying movies in the living room. Eventually, everyone passed out on the floor or couch. Everyone, except him and one of the hot girls, Tina.

Tina was a sexy, petite little brunette that stood just over 5 feet tall, had small, perky breasts and a small, tight ass that was perfectly round and stayed firm with a rounded shape while she walked. She wore tight, low cut jeans that perfectly showed off her ass. She had a V-cut t-shirt on with cleavage showing that made Jimmy drool. He found himself staring at her when he thought she wasn’t looking, getting more and more turned on. His manhood had now grown so large that he had to adjust his pants to make room for his now throbbing dick. He thought about running to the bathroom again to touch it, and he really, really wanted to, but he also wanted to see how long he could wait. It just felt so good, he didn’t want it to end. He knew that if he waited a little longer, it would make it even more intense and he would produce lots more white juices, and the feeling would be amazing.

Tina got up and walked back towards the bathroom, and Jimmy waited in the living room while others slept, passed out on the floor. Then suddenly, Jimmy got an idea. He got up and went to his bedroom, just one door down from the bathroom, where Tina went. He sat on the bed in his room and waited for Tina to come out. The bathroom door opened, and Jimmy said “Tina, come here, I wanna show you something.” Tina looked a bit puzzled, but followed along and went into Jimmy’s room. Jimmy said “Close the door, I wanna show you Anadolu Yakası Escort a secret.” Tina closed the door, looking even more confused, but as she was feeling pretty buzzed, she didn’t think about it too much and just went along with him. She was curious, after all. What could this secret be?

Tina walked into the room and towards Jimmy. Jimmy laid down on the bed and patted the spot next to him, saying “Come over here, lay down with me.” She looked nervous, and said “Oh, I don’t know Jimmy. I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” Jimmy frowned and said “No, really, it’s okay. I promise. I just wanna show you a secret. I wanna show you how amazing my bed is,” and gave Tina the biggest, most genuine smile that put her right at ease.

Tina thought it was a little weird that his big secret was how amazing his bed was, but her curiosity was undeniable. This must be some incredible bed if he wanted to show her, like it was a best kept secret or something. Tina walked over and laid down on the bed next to him. Jimmy’s heart was pounding out of his chest, his breath quickening as he smelled her hair – she smelled like cherries. His dick began to grow and throb almost immediately, and he felt a little bit of juice leak out already. ‘Not yet’ he thought. ‘I want to put it in her first’. At this thought, his manhood was throbbing with desire, his mind racing, his pulse quickening.

Tina lay there unaware, buzzed from the alcohol, just enjoying the comfortable bed. It was pretty comfortable, she decided. That must be what the big secret was. She found herself getting sleepy, and it was difficult to stay awake. He must have a really amazing bed, she thought, if it was already putting her to sleep. Her breathing became more regular as she started to drift off. Before long she was out, lightly snoring.

She awoke soon to a hand on her thigh. The hand then moved around to the front of her, unbuttoning her jeans. She could feel her heart start beating faster, her breathing quickened. She was a virgin, and had never been touched by a man before. She’d touched herself plenty of times, but this was much different. Much….. better.

Jimmy unzipped Tina’s pants and slid his hand around to the front of her panties, touching her lightly, holding his hand still once he reached her sweet virgin pussy. Tina was shaking a little, breathing heavily, and feeling nervous. She didn’t know if she should pull away, if she should say no. This felt so wrong, and at the same time felt so right. Maybe it was the beer talking, she couldn’t tell, but she didn’t try to stop him. Could she do it? Was this really happening? Would she let him go all the way? Thoughts swirled in her mind, and Jimmy wiggled his fingers so he was lightly touching the front of Tina’s panties. Tina gasped, feeling a sudden rush of warmth between her legs and a sudden wetness. She felt like she had peed. Why was she so wet down there all of a sudden? This was different from anything she had ever felt before.

Tina felt wild with desire, but also restrained and felt like she should push him away, should tell him no. Jimmy rolled her onto her back and pulled her pants off of her. Then he pulled off his own pants. She saw he was wearing boxers and had a noticeable bulge pushing forward, straining through his boxers. In the dark, she could tell that he had a wild look in his eyes, like a wild animal, very primal and full of lust. He laid down on top of her, positioning his manhood directly over her tight little pussy. She gasped when Bostancı Escort she felt how hard it was, pushing right on her little clit, throbbing and pulsating. He held very still for a moment, and kissed her on the lips. She was so surprised, but her lips parted to meet his, and she felt his tongue enter her mouth slowly, then caress her tongue with his. He was breathing heavily while kissing her, trembling slightly. Was he nervous too? She couldn’t be sure.

He pushed his hips forward, pressing his throbbing manhood against her, groaning slightly as he did so. It felt so good, but she’d had enough. She knew she had to stop this, before it went too far. “No, Jimmy, not there. Don’t touch me there with that. I might get pregnant.” She wasn’t very experienced with these things, but she’d heard where babies come from, and she couldn’t have one – not now – she was way too young.

Jimmy didn’t seem to notice her objections, and pushed his hips forward again, and she gasped and moaned when she felt his hard manhood push against her tight little virgin pussy, begging to be released from her now soaking wet panties. She wanted to take them off so badly, to let him touch her naughty place with his manhood, just to see how it feels. But what would everyone think of her? Surely he would tell everyone about it, and she would be the laughing stock of their group of friends – she would be seen as the little slut that let Jimmy touch her naughty place with his dick.

“No, JImmy, stop!” she pushed him hard, trying to shove him off of her. He was surprisingly strong, barely budging with her push. That was the strongest push she could muster. Maybe he was a lot stronger than her, or maybe it was the buzz making her weak. He pulled her panties aside, lightly touching her tingling, wet pussy with his fingertips. “No Jimmy, don’t touch there! Oh God, don’t do it! I don’t wanna get pregnant!” Tina kept begging for him to stop, but JImmy saw that she was getting more and more wet, and he could feel how turned on she was. His body was responding to hers, his hormones raging. He knew what he needed to do, what he had to do next. He was acting on pure instinct, and there was no turning back. He pulled his manhood out of his boxers, releasing it from its restraint, and Tina gasped when she saw it spring free. It was huge, at least 8 inches long and almost 3 inches around.

The head of his manhood was bright red and swollen, and a little bit of white juice was dripping from the tip. He could feel the throbbing and the desperate need for touch. He was breathing so fast, out of his mind with pure lust as he saw the dripping wet pussy in front of him. Tina lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, her tight, sweet little pussy dripping on the bed sheets, a look of pure lust in her eyes. He came towards her, positioning himself between her legs, and holding his dick, touched her in her naughty place with it. She cried out “No, please! Not there! Jimmy, please stop!” but he saw that she was writhing around in pleasure, and obviously enjoying it. Besides, it didn’t matter. At this point, there was no turning back. He couldn’t stop.

He held his manhood right at the entrance to her sweet pussy for a few moments, feeling her wetness and letting her feel his manhood throb. Then, with one quick push, he shoved his dick inside of her. Both Tina and JImmy were shocked at the feeling, and held very still for a moment while they both got used to it. Jimmy’s manhood throbbed and pulsated while inside Tina’s tight little Ümraniye Escort virgin pussy. Tina cried out “No, Jimmy! Don’t make me pregnant! That’s my naughty place, don’t touch me there. We shouldn’t be doing this!” and he shushed her and said in a voice thick with lust “Shhh…. Baby, it’s okay. Doesn’t it feel good? You like that, don’t you. You’re so wet and ready for this, it’s okay. Let me show you my secret. It feels good, I promise.” And with that, he began pushing his dick slowly in and out of her sweet little love tunnel. She tried to protest once more, to push him away, but he grabbed her by the wrists and held her down, continuing to slowly fuck her virgin pussy, showing her how good it feels.

“Mmmm, isn’t it so good? It’s amazing, baby. You feel so good. I’m gonna fill you with my thick, white juice. Are you ready for it? It’s coming soon, I promise. It’s gonna fill you up, and it’s gonna feel so good,” said Jimmy, his voice still heavy with lust and going wild with desire. He had never felt a pussy before, and this was way different from his hand or his bed. This was tight, wet, warm. It felt so right, and the feeling was indescribably intense. He was going wild with excitement, thinking about filling her up with his sweet, thick cum. This is what he was born to do, and he couldn’t believe he was finally getting to put his manhood to use.

Tina cried out and tried to push him away once more, saying “Yes, it feels good, but we must stop! If my daddy finds out, I’ll be in trouble! Please, don’t make me pregnant. Don’t put your juices in me!” JImmy ignored her, knowing she needed this – he needed this, and he couldn’t stop. He kept thrusting, harder and faster, quickening his pace. Tina writhed around with passion beneath him, breathing heavy and moaning loud. Tina said “Oh no, you’re making me crazy! It feels so good, I don’t know what’s happening! Something is coming, what’s happening to me?” and Jimmy said “Shh baby, it’s okay, it’s our secret. Let it come, it feels so good. It’s okay baby, I promise. Do it with me.”

Tina started feeling a weird tingling and buildup of pressure in her pussy, something she had never quite felt before. She had touched herself there before because it felt good, but this was different. She felt like she was swelling up and going to explode between her legs. She had never felt heat like this before, and felt like she was losing her mind. She suddenly had a strong urge to thrust her hips and pelvis forward, to hump Jimmy in return. But then he would think she was a slut! She shouldn’t do that, she should maintain self-control. The heat and pressure continued to build between her legs, and she felt so incredibly horny. She couldn’t hold back any longer. She began thrusting her hips and pelvis forward to meet JImmy’s thrusts.

This drove Jimmy wild, and he stiffened his body, grabbing her hips and legs and thrusting faster and harder, his breathing in short, rapid spurts. At that point, Tina lost all control and cried out “It’s happening! Something is happening, oh my God JImmy! It feels so good, you’re making me crazy! Oh, oh, oh!!!” as waves of pleasure and intense muscle spasms hit her pussy, something she had never felt before.

Jimmy felt her tight little pussy squeezing around his manhood, and lost all control. He cried out “Here it comes, here it comes!!” with quick, short breaths. Tina said “No, Jimmy, don’t put your juices in me!” but it was too late. He was gasping, squirting tons of thick, hot cum into her pussy, over and over again, as waves of intense pleasure took over and filled her up so much, his white juices were dripping out of her tight little pussy onto the bed.

Afterwards, Jimmy kissed her lightly on the lips and smiled at her with a wink, saying “I told you I had a little secret to show you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32