The Secret Pals

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At first, it seemed like a stupid idea. Susie, the office cheerleader, wanted to have a Secret Pal name exchange. Jennie thought it was incredibly silly and a needless expense. But she went along with it because they needed something to make them a happier, more content office. She supposed every office was structured like hers. Janice was the office busybody, who knew everything about everybody. The office know-it-all was Becky, who could hold court for at least 30 minutes on absolutely any subject. Sherry and Donna were her best friends, she would do anything for them. Susie, the pompom girl, was ok, but just so damn happy all the time. The other women were just prototypes.

They were the office prudes or sluts, the happily married, the unhappily married, the pleased divorcees, even the few with an alternate lifestyle, each determined to make others accept their way of life. There were many more women than men. This made the men pretty happy. Dan was a player, always ready to flirt. Jim was a newlywed, nervous and anxious about the married condition. William was the sweet man everyone trusted with their troubles. He listened and kept it all to himself, never even hinting about the deep secrets he held. And then there was Rick. He was their immediate supervisor and his life’s goal seemed to be making everyone miserable, but Jennie most of all. No matter how hard she tried, no matter how well she did, he felt there was room for improvement. She considered it a good day without one “Come by my office” from Rick. So, at the beginning of a dreary January, when Susie suggested the Secret Pals, Jennie was glad to agree.

Susie put every name in a box and had people draw. Jennie was happy to see she had drawn Donna’s name and began planning all the little gifts she would buy. The rules were simple. You had a Secret Pal and told no one the name. Every month, you bought a little something to brighten their day and let them know someone cared. It did not have to be expensive, just a little reminder that someone out there likes you. After all the names were drawn, everyone walked around with a smile on their face, keeping this secret. A worksheet was passed around with blanks for information about likes and dislikes. There were spaces for favorite color, cologne, candle scent, and earrings. Jennie needed no such sheet for her friend Donna. They had gone to college together and been suite-mates. They moved to this city together and had even shared an apartment during their struggling “new job” days. Now they lived near each other and often spent their evenings together. Neither was involved, or even dating, so they had lots of time to share.

Jennie had to admit, the Secret Pal thing had really changed the office dynamics. Everyone seemed happier, more of a team than before. The backbiting that often thrived in an office of mostly women seemed to be lessened. Everyone’s spirit was lifted and the entire organization benefited from it. There was a spot in the office where the gifts were left to be discovered. All eyes checked there when entering the building each day. If there was a present there, they all gathered to watch the recipient open it and then took turns admiring the wonderful gift. Everyone but Rick. He never joined them for the opening of presents, never took his turn oohing and aahing over the cleverness of the gift-giver. Jennie thought it was a shame because he could have made giant strides toward being liked and accepted if he only spent some time with them.

As the months passed, most of them figured out the identity of their Pal. But no one, not even Janice, knew who Jennie’s Secret Pal was. All Jennie knew was her gifts were fabulous. They were sometimes a very inexpensive little trinket, but each one seemed made for her. They were often small, esoteric items that meant so much to her. She was very careful with her treasures. Each one seemed made for her life, fitting perfectly into her home or wardrobe. She knew whoever her pal was, he was someone who knew her well.

She found herself looking at her male co-workers differently. She felt pretty sure her Pal was male, and that he Travesti was trying to impress her. Her guess was William. He was so nice, so kind, he would be the one to know what would please her. He was very attentive and pleasant. She secretly thought of him as the Gentle Giant. He was very tall and well-built. He made her feel so tiny and delicate beside him, and he treated her as if she were fragile. When he finally had the nerve to ask her out, Jennie said yes. They dated on and off throughout the year, going to office events and an occasional concert. She would go listen to him sing at his church or with the youth group. She really liked him, but felt nothing romantic for him.

Their friendship gave her someone to complain to about Rick. He was still making her life miserable, constantly finding something wrong with everything she did. Jennie thought her work was good, even better than most, but Rick seemed to have decided she needed the most correction.

Finally, it was December, the month the Secret Pals would be unveiled. Jennie went out with William several times that month and accepted his invitation to the office Christmas party. She actually expected to find that William was her Pal and she was glad. Her gifts had always been very wonderful, special, individual. Jennie felt that William knew her better than almost anyone and wished she could share his apparent romantic interest. He would have been a perfect partner for her, but she couldn’t make herself think of him that way, and hoped, once again, she didn’t hurt him.

Jennie took care dressing for the party. She had gone shopping with Donna and both of them had a fun day trying on all sorts of elegant clothing. They spent time in the expensive lingerie shop, modeling the beautiful underthings and wishing they had someone to buy them for. Feeling whimsical, Jennie bought pretty lacy panties and a garter belt, along with sheer hosiery. After an entire day at the Mall, they had both bought very festive dresses. Hers was bright red, fitted in the bodice, with a full short skirt. She wore strappy sandals, with a higher heel than she was used to. One nice thing about dating William was his height. She was so short and small beside him, she could wear high heels and not fear being too tall. She left her long hair down, soft and curly with a little silvery tinsel braided through the curls. The dress was nearly backless, and her hair sensuously brushed on her bare skin. Even her makeup had a glittery look to it, she felt very pretty and sparkly. She sprayed on her favorite vanilla scent, inhaling the sweetness and smiling. As she dressed, she once again wished she was preparing for an evening with a lover, instead of a good friend. She wanted so much to be loved and return the love, and knew that would never happen with William. She decided this would be their last date and she would tell him as kindly as possible after the party.

When William arrived at her apartment, he handed her a gift. She was puzzled, because she expected her usual Secret Pal gift at the party, when he announced himself to be her Pal. She opened the gaudily wrapped package and found a huge bottle of some very inexpensive cologne. She smiled and thanked him, hugging him briefly as she reached for her coat.

At the party, William began drinking almost immediately. He was quietly sitting on a couch, sipping his scotch and watching Jennie. She didn’t notice and continued chatting with her friends about the party, the men and the fashions. William joined them briefly, standing possessively by Jennie, his arm wrapped tightly around her waist. When he moved away, Jennie felt relief. She knew this would be their last date, she just didn’t have the feelings for him that he wanted.

The room was crowded with employees and their dates. Jennie was asked to dance by many men, and she was enjoying the attention. She whirled around the dance floor, the belle of the ball. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes sparkled. She drank her champagne quickly, and someone always had a new glass for her. When William asked her to dance, she smiled and accepted his hand. Ankara Travesti He pulled her close, his hand resting firmly on her bare back. After the dance, he invited her onto the balcony for some fresh air. They went through the double doors and stood watching the stars. Jennie shivered in the cold air and William hugged her to him. When she tried to pull away, he placed both arms around her and began kissing her. She could smell the liquor on his breath and it nauseated her. Jennie struggled against him, wishing she were not quite so tipsy. She lost her balance in the high heels. As she started to fall, William reached for her, tearing the bodice of her pretty new dress and exposing her breasts in the starlight. She heard him groan loudly and then he reached for her again, pressing his mouth to her chest, latching onto her nipple, sucking it wildly.

She fought him, but was no match for his strength. He was totally different from the William she knew. He seemed possessed and didn’t hear her pleading with him to let her go. She opened her mouth to scream and he clamped his hand over it. He seemed to have many hands and unbelievable strength and Jennie felt quite incapable of freeing herself.

As quickly as it started, it ended. Jennie nearly fell when he released her so quickly. But she was caught in strong arms that offered her safety and protection. She looked up and saw Rick, holding her and talking quietly to William. He became the William she knew. He listened to Rick and nodded a few times and then walked inside, closing the door behind him. Rick removed his jacket and wrapped it around Jennie, holding her to his warmth and speaking softly to her. His hands moved up and down her back as he comforted her, waiting for her trembling to stop. He gentled her.

When he felt she could manage it, he guided her through the door and the across the room, making their excuses to anyone who inquired. Outside the party, Jennie felt her legs giving way and Rick reached down and easily picked her up and carried her to his car. Once inside, Jennie just sat frozen, looking out the window and reliving the events of the last few minutes.

Rick started the car, turning up the heater, and drove without speaking. He wrapped his hand around her small, shaking one and drove through the cold winter night. When he parked the car, he came around to her and lifted her from the car, as if she were a fragile child. He carried her into his house, gently placing her on his bed, pulling a quilt over her cold body and then went for a bottle of brandy. He placed pillows behind her and then poured two snifters of the golden liquid, holding one to her lips. She sipped it and felt the heat course through her body, finally warming her. It was then that she began to cry. Rick placed the drinks on the table and just held her as she faced the horror of the previous events. She started telling him about William, about their friendship. She wanted him to know why she had trusted William so much. Rick listened well, not making judgements or accusations. He held her as she cried, patting her and keeping her warm.

Soon, it seemed no words were needed. He was comforting her with his presence, his warmth. She leaned into him, hearing his heart beating, feeling his breath on her hair. She inhaled his scent, wondering why it was so incredibly good to be here with a man she thought of as an enemy.

Then he kissed her. It was the gentlest kiss she had ever experienced. It almost seemed like a whisper, rather than a kiss. She suddenly thought of something she had once heard. “A kiss is a secret told to the lips rather than the ear.” That was this kiss, a secret Rick was sharing with her, a delicious secret. He held her and continued to softly kiss her mouth, her eyes, her chin. She felt herself becoming so relaxed, yet so alert and alive. She opened her eyes and looked into his, seeing such tenderness and care there. He smiled at her, telling her to trust him. He promised he would never hurt her, would keep her safe. Then his mouth covered hers and she felt herself opening to him, offering him her soft, warm İstanbul Travesti mouth. Their tongues met and the jolt traveled through her body. They began to make love with their mouths, gently, then hungrily, his tongue sliding into her and then teasing her back into him. She heard herself moan as she continued to enjoy the absolute deliciousness of kissing him. Her body was molded to his, her hands in his hair, holding his head to hers.

He pulled away, asking if she was sure this was what she wanted. She could only sigh and pull his mouth to hers again. Rick pushed her gently back against the pillows and began making love to her as he undressed her. He carefully removed the torn dress, folding it and placing it on the chair. His intake of breath as he saw Jennie for the first time made her smile. His hands touched her so carefully, so softly, yet she could feel the urgency. He was so incredibly sensual. He kissed her neck, her shoulders, his lips moving down to her already engorged nipples. His mouth on them felt so right, so perfect. He pulled her nipple into his mouth, sucking and kissing it until her back arched up to him in need. He made love to the area of skin between her breasts, planting tiny kisses and loving nips to the sensitive skin there. Then he took her other nipple into his mouth, nursing it deeply into his warmth. His hands never stopped moving, sliding up and down her soft skin, marking his territory. She could feel herself swelling open, feel the moisture there dampening her panties. Rick continued his exploration. His mouth slid over her tummy, his tongue played with her belly button and then continued its journey. He licked along the edge of the panties, across her lower tummy, making her shiver and her legs spread open further. He moved down her body and cupped her panty-clad curlies in his hot mouth. She could feel his breath against her mound, the pressure of his lips. He slipped his tongue into her, pushing the satin panties inside her wet pinkness. The sensation was incredible. His chin ran up and down her slit, separated from her by the thin fabric. His mouth pulled away and she almost cried out, almost reached down to hold him there, when she felt him pulling her panties down and away from her.

Now his mouth returned to her and covered her softness. her lips had swollen and opened for him, inviting him into her soft pinkness. His tongue delved deeply into her, french kissing her, playing with her clit as he had played with her tongue. She felt her hips lifting to meet his face, inviting him into her in any way he wanted, offering him her secret satiny warmth. She couldn’t believe how much she wanted him. As his tongue drove into her repeatedly, she met each thrust, feeling herself being lost in him. Without warning, she came, holding her legs locked straight, her pussy throbbing against his tongue, pulling it even deeper as her juices ran down his chin. He kept licking her, not allowing her to pull away, riding out the orgasm with her as she cried out his name. Slowly, he lightened his strokes. His hands held hers and he sighed deeply, breathing in her tantalizing scent.

She pulled on his hands, wanting to kiss him again, to taste herself on his mouth. He slid up her body, his erection pressing against her as he moved. When his face was once again near hers, she kissed him, sliding her tongue into the corners of his lips, licking him there, tasting her own juices. Then she reached down and wrapped her small hand around his cock, guiding him into her soaking pussy. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper, looked into his eyes and nodded. He quickly set up a rhythm, stroking into her with his hard cock, making her moan aloud and move against him, keeping pace. She asked him to come inside her, to fill her with his warmth. Rick stopped moving, just suspended over her for what seemed like forever, then plunged deep into her cunt, exploding as his come poured from him and filled her deepest pink.

She felt him throbbing inside her and felt the heat of him. She held him as he finally relaxed against her, holding her close and kissing her gently. He pulled her over with him and they lay all intertwined, holding each other and softly sighing. Jennie felt so complete. As she started to drift off to sleep, Rick kissed her awake. He handed her a gift and she saw the familiar tag, “To Jennie, from Your Secret Pal.”

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