The School Fete

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It was a pleasant, sunny Saturday in early Summer and Julie, her family, with her best friend Marina and her family were off to their son’s school for an open day. The women had met in AnteNatal classes and both boys Josh and Andrew were born about the same time and had become friends, just like their mothers. They had entered the same Private School together too and were nearing the end of their first year. The boys appeared to have settled in well and were thriving in the single sex environment. The students were a mix of day attenders and Boarders who lived in, during Term Time. Josh and Andrew were day students, neither family could have afforded the cripplingly high Boarding Fees, only the truly rich could.

Julie had prepared a picnic of cold chicken, salad and sandwiches and was getting dressed herself, having insured that Josh and his younger sister Sophie, looked presentable. She finished her shower was bending down to put on her pants, when a hand traced up the crease in her buttocks. She gave a little squeal and stood up suddenly. Two hands rose to cup her full, still firm breasts. She leant back against her husband, feeling his growing erection against her buttocks.

“Unhand me you animal,” Julie protested,as she tried, not very convincingly to push her husband, Jim away.

Then her protests changed to soft moans as he moved one hand down to her moistening cunt. Julie pushed back harder against Jim’s cock and rested her head back against his chest. Reluctantly, she pushed him away with a sigh.

“Seriously Jim, we have to leave soon, but hold that thought, you’re on a promise tonight, so you’d better be able to finish what you started.”

She turned round to face him, her breasts swaying as she moved. God she was still so gorgeous, after two children and 13 years of marriage. Shoulder length dark blonde hair, full high 38D breasts a flat stomach and neatly trimmed pubes. Finally Jim’s favourite feature, her long, so long, shapely legs. Jim got dressed, forcing his erection into his underpants and putting on the rest of his clothes. Julie put on her matching underwear, respectable, but still skimpy, just covering her nipples and pubic hair. Next she put on a light blue flowered Summer dress with flat shoes.

They both left the bedroom and scooped up the kids, picnic, a cold box of drinks and a blanket. They settled everything into the MPV and as Jim drove them away, she phoned Marina to confirm where they would meet at the school playing fields. There would be various side shows, raffles, donkey rides; the usual paraphernalia of an English Summer Fete. The culmination was a Senior School Cricket match against a local School.

When they arrived and parked, Julie greeted many of the other Mothers she had become friendly with over the last year, at the school gates. She was certainly popular, but tinged with a hint of resentment. The other women looked like Mothers, slightly drawn, with thickening waists and breasts starting to sag. For most of the men, this was the first time they had met Julie and their lingering looks at her firm, full figure, were quite blatant. Julie was oblivious as she strode away with her family to look for Marina, her firm Ass swaying enticingly.

Julie eventually found her friend, who was almost as stunning. Slightly shorter, with black hair and a similar firm, shapely figure. The two girls strolled off, arm in arm, followed by their families. There was no doubt they were different, like two tropical Birds of Paradise transported to Southern England.

The event was supervised by the final year students. You couldn’t call them boys, most had stayed on an extra year to take Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams and were 18 year old young men. They all seemed to come from the same mould, sleek, handsome and confident. They were nearly all over 6ft tall, slim and athletic. You could see them in fifteen years, quietly gliding into powerful positions in Business, Government and Finance, as a birth right. Britain never seemed to change, “The System” carried on down well oiled rails, as it always had done. Nevertheless, the two girls seemed to ruffle even these young men’s feathers, as they discreetly followed them with hard eyes and low murmurs of appreciation.

Julie and Marina met and chatted with the Headmaster, who introduced them to the Head Boy, who oozed charm and witty banter. Brookes, that was his name, offered to take the two girls and a few other parents on a guided tour of the School. It was traditional in English Private Schools, only to use boy’s surnames. He kept up a stream of anecdotes about the school during the tour and kept them laughing with his stories. On several occasions, he guided one or other of the two girls though a doorway, a true Gentleman. His hand lingered on their waist longer than strictly necessary and slipped a little low, onto the top of their buttocks. Despite herself, Julie flushed a little at this treatment, flattered by the attention of a much younger, handsome boy.

When they finally arrived back at the Playing Field, Julie asked Brookes to join their Picnic. He agreed and chatted amiably ankara escort with Josh and Andrew, who were both dumbstruck at being so close to this school Demi-God. They soon relaxed and everyone enjoyed a pleasant, bucolic meal. Brookes kept an appreciative, careful eye on Julie. He could clearly see her breasts swelling over her bra through the thin dress and the shape of her wonderful buttocks as she bent over the picnic basket.

Finally Brookes said, “That was a wonderful meal, thank you Mr and Mrs Franklin. I am afraid I must get kitted up for the match, it starts in twenty minutes.”

He strode off to shouted words of encouragement.

“What an incredibly confident, smooth young man.” Jim said, “Still, I suppose that’s what we’re paying the extortionate fees for”

“Don’t be such a cynical old fart,” Julie laughed.

The couple packed up the Picnic things and carried them back to the car with many other parents. Then they found Marina and her family and settled in a place on the Boundary, to watch the match. Both girls were unusual in enjoying and understanding cricket, something most men couldn’t manage. The Home team were to bat first and the visitors left the pavilion to polite applause, as the team Captain set his field. Finally the two opening Batsmen of the home team came out, swing their Bats in an arc to loosen their shoulders. Brookes took the opening delivery from a fearsome Fast Bowler. The 85MPH ball shot just passed his head, but he seemed unruffled.

Julie and Marina followed the game intently with their husbands, but after nearly two hours, the Children, particularly Sophie and Andrew’s younger brother, Peter, were getting restless and started to whine. After some discussion, Jim suggested he take the rest of the two families home in the MPV, whilst the wives followed the rest of the match and came home later in Marina’s car. They separated and the girls settled down, watching intently. Slowly the supporters thinned out as the Match stretched into the fifth hour. The sky was clouding over and some distant thunder could be heard. Suddenly the heavens opened with torrential rain, loud thunder and sharp flashes of lightning.

The situation was uncomfortable and had some risk. There was no significant tree cover to attract the lightning and the two girls scurried to the pavilion to shelter, with the rest of the players and a number of other spectators. They were completely soaked in just a few minutes. Brookes and two other boys, found them shivering on the veranda.

“Look you’ll freeze to death like this. I’ll go and get some umbrellas and take you over to the Prefect’s Boarding House to dry off before you go home, the games been abandoned. You can have tea with us, we always give the Prefects in the visiting teams, Tea before they go home,” Brookes said.

The boys were dumbstruck by what they saw in the gloom. Both girls dresses were translucent and clung to very inch of their bodies. The line of their underwear, their nipples standing out in the cold, they could see everything. For Young men cloistered in an all male school, this was heady stuff. Julie and Marina were genuinely oblivious to the effect they were having, as they waited for Brookes to return, shivering, arms crossed under their breasts. When he returned, they all ran across the field to the Boarding House, set apart from the rest of the school. Julie lost a shoe in the mud, picked it up and ran the rest of the way in bare feet, mud splashing up her legs.

They all arrived at the house, laughing with relief, as others drifted over and went to prepare tea and get changed.

“You can’t go home dressed like that. There is a double bathroom upstairs with some large towels. Please go in there and run a bath, then hand out your clothes to dry in front of the fire. You can join us for tea in the Sitting Room, whilst they finish drying.” Brookes hustled them to the Bathroom.

When they closed and locked the door, the two girls looked at each other and laughed nervously.

“We can’t just strip off and hand all our clothes to a gang of boys, with hormones on the boil,” marina said. “We’ll get precisely what we deserve if we do.”

“Oh yes and what’s that?” Julie said as she swiftly stripped herself naked.

“Don’t pretend to be naïve, we’ll get a good seeing to and you know it”

“They’re schoolboys, we can handle them.” Julie replied, as she slipped her reluctant friend’s clothes off.

She moved to the door and waved two dresses and sets of underwear, out of the door. They were swiftly taken.

“They’re not boys, they are eighteen year old young men and we can’t handle them, they’re more likely to handle us, if you catch my drift.” Marina shot back.

“Oh well, we are committed now anyway, they have our clothes, there is nothing we can do. Besides we are in the Middle of a school, what can happen?” Julie finished.

They had never seen each other naked and both liked what they saw. Their skin was flawless, breasts large and needing no support, at least in the short term.

“I am not sure it’s appropriate for a respectable ankara escort bayan Middle Class Mother of two to gaze quite so hungrily at my tits,” Marina smiled.

“You really are a sexy bitch you know. I don’t swing that way, but if I did, you would really tempt me.” Julie replied, an intense look of concentration as she moved to the other women and gently stroked her tits with the back of her hand.

“That’s all very well sweet thing, but it doesn’t get us out of this predicament, stark naked with I don’t know how many rampant young men, the other side of that door. Did you stop to think why it’s us two they chose to rescue from the storm?”

“Oh them, I’ve already said, I can handle them, don’t worry. Lets have a hot bath to warm up, that’s why we’re here,” Julie replied, stepping gingerly into the deliciously hot bath, as Marina did the same.

They both sighed and felt the warmth seeping into them and with it, their morale starting to rise. They giggled and chatted together about how gorgeous they both were, how confident, how sophisticated. A knock on the door, broke into the reverie.

“Have you ladies warmed up yet? Come through for some tea, whilst your clothes continue drying.” One of the nameless boys said.

“Love to, just pass through a couple of robes for us to wear,” Julie replied, still cheerful.

“Oh, none of us use robes, you’ve got large bath towels there, just wrap up in those. You’ll be quite decent.”

“But someone must have a robe somewhere,” Julie shouted back, a note of anxiety in her voice, as Marina mouthed,

“I told you so.”

“Sorry, we don’t, see you in a few minutes,” The boy replied as he left the two women.

They got of out the bath and looked wide eyed at each other.

“What can we do, we can’t just stay here. How do we know if the boys will even give our clothes back?” Marina asked.

“We’ll have to wear the towels. We’re in the middle of a school for goodness sake, one of the teachers must come round at some point to check on things,” Julie replied, her confidence returning. She felt responsible for her friend and the need to encourage her a much as she could.

They dried off and covered themselves as best they could in the towels, which weren’t quite big enough for the job. In order to get a near decent length over their thighs, the towels sat low on their chests, barely covering the nipples.

When they had done the best they could and carefully examined each other for chinks in their armour, the friends opened the bathroom door and left carefully. Following the noise, they both straightened up, smiled and entered the sitting room together. There were 11 boys, or well built young men, lounging in the room. Some were dressed, others wrapped in towels or dressed in Boxer shorts, as their clothes dried. The room was 100% masculine, two old three seater leather sofas faced each other with a table in between, laden with sandwiches, scones and fruit cake. There were two other leather chairs and a hearth with an old gas fire murmuring away as it dried all the clothes.

As they entered the room, the girls saw that two places had been left for them in the middle of each sofa, flanked by two boys. One of them patted the chair, encouraging them to sit. This seemed a particularly dangerous option, so to play for time, Marina said,

“Shall we be mother and sort out the teas?”

They moved across to another table with a large teapot and a mixed bunch of cups and mugs. It was hard to look relaxed and cool, as they shuffled across the room, thighs clamped together and one hand holding the towel over their tits and another pulling it down over their thighs.

“That would be lovely Mrs Briggs, thanks,” One of the boys said, then he coughed to clear his throat and the girls clearly heard, “MILF”. They elected to ignore it, but a nasty snigger went round the room, as they all smiled innocently at the girls.

“I expect you boys from the visiting team will have to leave to catch your bus soon.

When do the teachers come around to check on things in the evening?” Julie said, trying to sound disinterested in the answer.

“Oh the visitors have bought their own cars and can go when they want. The teachers never come to the Prefects house, it’s an old tradition here, we are trusted and left alone.” Brookes replied.

Things were looking increasingly perilous, as the girls poured out the tea and started handing them round. They quickly discovered a problem, they couldn’t hold onto the towel, whilst carrying the teas. Julie and Marina carefully walked between the boys on the floor, aware the short towels were hiding very little. Hands gently touched their calves and even their thighs, as they crossed the room. They reached the boys on the sofas and had to bend down to pass the cups, showing off their ample tits and most of their buttocks. With each trip back to the teapot, the hands got bolder and the comments ruder.

Finally Julie had to say something,

“Look boys, you mustn’t behave like this, you’re supposed to be gentlemen. We’re respectable married escort ankara women, old enough to be your Mothers. We are getting dressed and leaving. Thank you for the offer of tea, but I think we should go.”

“Nonsense,” One of the boys replied, “We were only having some innocent fun. It is just biologically possible for you to be our Mums, but take it from me, you don’t look anything like any of our mothers. Sit down for a cup of tea, for goodness sake.”

Julie and Marina reluctantly gave in and sat in the middle of each sofa, looking at each other, wide eyed and frightened. They both sat forward to avoid any contact with the boys each side of them and nibbled at a proffered sandwich. Julie felt a hand on her back, running along the top of the towel and stroking her. As she looked round, she saw some impressive swellings under towels and boxer shorts.

“Look, we agreed to stay for tea, this isn’t fair. It was wrong to agree to come here, but you mustn’t touch me like that. If anything came out about this, I’d be ruined and my son would have to leave. I could be arrested, you’re Schoolboys.” Julie said firmly, pushing the hand away from her back.

“Listen love, or can I call you Julie, it’s silly calling you Mrs Franklin? We have just as much at stake as you. If your being here came out, we could be expelled, lose our University places.

We may be students, but we are all over 18 you know, so no prison,” The boy touching her back replied.

Julie had run out of arguments, as a hand returned to her back and two hands reached between her thighs, gently pulling them apart and over the legs of the boys either side of her. Marina was getting the same insistent treatment. They tried to pull the towels down and their legs together, but both girls could now see each others pubic hair and then their cunts as four hands reached their labia, spreading the lips and gently penetrating them.

They seemed just to give in and surrender to the inevitable. They even groaned with the hands in their groin. Julie managed a final muttered, “Please stop,” then grabbing the back of a boy’s head as she started kissing him, forcing her tongue in his mouth. She glanced at her friend and pulled back. Marina was quite naked now, with spread thighs and two hands plunging into her cunt and rubbing her clitoris. Her head was bent down to the left, as she sucked hard on an impressive erection. Just at that moment, the boy grunted and held her head hard as he pumped into her mouth. Marina sat up, grinning stupidly at her friend, semen dripping from her mouth.

Julie had her own problems to contend with, as a hand pulled at her towel, exposing her in the same unladylike posture, slumped in a chair, legs spread, with four fingers trying to get inside her. She decided she didn’t really care, as she turned to the boy on her right, to snog him. Both girls were surrounded by a group of very erect boys, murmuring encouragement and just aching to get involved themselves. She couldn’t see, but the fingers left her cunt and she felt soft breath on her labia, then a tongue pressing deep into her, as she was pulled to the edge of the couch. Now Julie just loved giving head and having a man go down on her, so she had no complaints, especially when the unseen mouth switched to her clitoris, sucking pressing and nipping it. Her face started to flush and she groaned in appreciation, as she continued trying to kiss her neighbour. The tongue was replaced by a large penis, rubbing up and down on her clit hard and the groans increased in intensity. The cock drew away as the boy rose over her and plunged right to the hilt in her sopping wet cunt and began a slow pumping action.

That woke Julie up, she pulled away from the boy she was kissing and pleaded,

“Noo you can’t do that, you mustn’t.”

She pulled herself up with difficulty and pushed her assailant away. Before he could complain, she pushed off the chair onto her knees and stuffed the cock in her mouth, sucking him hard and rising and falling on his thick, seven inch cock. She tasted herself on him briefly, as he came almost immediately, shuddering with each spurt of sperm in her mouth. All the boys were flushed and on a hair trigger, she could see that. As she rose off this stud, she saw her friend 2 feet from her, squatting down with another boy just finishing in her mouth. They grinned at each other, as they were pulled gently to their feet and moved to an open space in the room by several boys and pushed back down to a squatting position.

The girls had no choice, they knew they had to satisfy all these boys before they could escape and if they weren’t to be fucked, or raped, depending on your point of view, they would have to use their hands and mouths. Both girls had a healthy appetite for sex and enjoyed the oral variety, but still, the task was daunting. Everywhere they looked, there were impressive stiffies. They both grabbed two each and sucked each in turn, as the boys groaned under the assault. All four cocks exploded about the same time, so the girls could only swallow a little, the rest jetted onto their faces, eyes and dripped down their chins onto their tits. Before she could move on to two more customers, she gave a jump and squeal, one of the little devils had crawled under her legs and was licking her cunt enthusiastically. He even moved back and tried to push his tongue in her anus.

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