The Rush For Lust

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You know how the week drags when there is something you are really looking forward to at the weekend?

Then I had a message on my phone from a friend, saying she could not meet up at the weekend, as my heart sank I read the rest of the message,

“you can come round now, I’m working from home and I want to fuck you now!

The blood soon was rushing round to another part of my body.

I cycled through the traffic from work all across town, having to stand and cycle as my cock was rubbing against my staddle, thinking of her laying on her bed waiting for me to get there and make her wet.

It was a really hot day I could feel the sweat dripping down me. I left my bike in her back garden, and knocked on the back door by her lounge. I heard her say breathlessly to “come in”.

As I opened the door I was greeted by a wonderful site, her laying completely naked on her sofa, legs spread wide apart with her favorite Vibrator pushed deep inside her pussy. With her other hand she was holding one of her great large breasts in her hands and squeezing her hard nipple. With her other hand she was teasing her clit (well teasing was a polite word for it!) with a small vibrator. I could see how hard she was using it and I could see her beautiful pussy vibrating with it.

It all happened so quick I was naked by the time I walked across the room to her, leaving a trail of damp sweaty clothes behind me, I kissed her on the lips. I could feel her lips quivering, as our tougues touched, she smelled of pure sex I don’t know how long she had Anadolu Yakası Escort been like this for, but it took me an hour to get there!

She dropped her small vibrator and pulled me close and tight, feeling her hard nipples against my body. Then she grabbed my rock hard cock in her hand, and shot me a smile, then I looked into her eyes staring deep into mine and I knew exactly what she wanted.

Her pussy is always so tight, I could see a strained look on her face followed by a thud as she pushed the vibrator out with her tight muscles. The Vibrator hit the hard floor and the batteries fell out of the Vibrator, then a silence broken by her saying

“I want to feel that hard cock now you’ve made me wait to long I’m going to teach you a lesson never to do that again”

I knew then that I was not going home that night!

She laid down on the sofa keeping one foot on the ground and hooking the other over the back of the sofa. I stood up and looked down on her beautiful body so tense and expectant, I held her foot and caressed the soft skin.

I then heard her let out a groan then say

“fuck me hard I want you deep inside me”.

I looked down at her spread open pussy and tried to push my hard cock inside, she was so wet it slipped and pushed against her clit, I could feel her arms pulling me tight towards her as if her whole body was close to climaxing. She held me so tight all I could do was rub my cock hard against her clit. Hearing her deep breaths in my ear, I just had to get my rock hard cock Bostancı Escort inside her.

I pushed myself away from her and looked down at her pussy and rammed my cock deep inside her, I let out a gasp as I felt my balls touching her lips. Then looking down at her beautiful smiling face with her eyes staring deep into me. I just had to fuck her hard to make sure she was completely satified.

I started to fuck her hard and fast as I had to catch up with her. She was so close to cumming, I had to slow down and give her the occasional deep hard pump to hear her sexy voice groan.

Then I heard her breathless voice

“Stop fucking teasing me with that cock I want to feel your cock pumping cum in me”.

I knew what she wanted so I pulled out of her quickly turning her over, she moved quickly without touching, bending over the sofa with her bum spread so I could see her wet pussy, I pushed my cock deep into her pulling her bum apart, hammering really deep into her, her gasping over and over to “fuck me, fuck me harder”

All I could say to her was “How hard do you want it?”

And she’d reply “Fuck me harder faster make me cum!”

All I could hear was her cries and the table rattling with glasses and Vibrators knocking against each other. I knew I was not going to last much longer, so I gave her slow long hard deep strokes.

Then I placed both my thumbs over her tightest hole, feeling how soft and smooth it was, I heard her let out a groan then

She said “My arse is for later on, get that toy up there”

I Erenköy Escort grabbed the nearest toy rubbed it around her well wet pussy, then gently pushed it into her tight little arse.

Then I felt her body tense up and she pushed back onto me, keeping the toy pushed in with the palm of my hand. I started fucking her so hard ramming my cock faster and faster into her soaking wet hole hearing my balls slapping against her pussy lips getting soaking wet. Then I felt her body relaxing, just as her pussy was tightening around my cock and her letting out a loud cry

“cum in me now”.

I had reached the point of no return and let my full load of cum shoot deep in her pussy screaming


As my first spurt shot deep into her. I lost count of how many spurts it seemed to last an age, then I reached forward and cradled her breasts in my hands.

Feeling how hard her nipples were softly squeezing them feeling her every movement through my cock. I could feel the last wave of her long orgasm on my still stiff cock.

I pulled my cock out of her as I did so I could see all my cum mixing with her love juice dripping down her leg. I laid down next to her and kissed her deeply, she pulled my head firmly to her face and held me close while deeply letting our tongues twist and caress each others mouths.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye the curtains blowing in the summer breeze. I quickly got up and closed the door only to see her neighbour looking in, she was peering over the top corner of the fence, looking straight at my cock and soaking wet pubes.

Then the neighbour said “She’s got you well trained” smiled then disappeared behind the fence.

My friend said “I’m going to punish you for leaving that fucking door open!”

Then smiled and led me upstairs…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32