The Romantic Novel

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“Hello, I’m Edwina. This is the main library? I’m looking for Adam.”

“That’s me. You’re doing the research on romantic writers in the 19th century, correct?”

“Yes. It’s my topic for my Master’s thesis and I thought it would be a good idea to see firsthand the area where Wuthering Heights was written and also to see if there were other books that might be of interest.”

“I’ve discovered a lot of small books that were locally produced that might be of interest. It’ll take a few days for you to read. Where are you staying?”

“I’m staying in the old pub next door.”

“I’ll get the books for you now. On Friday night, in your pub, the local Literary Society meets and you’ll probably find that interesting too.”

On Friday night Edwina was introduced to the literary club and spent a very interesting evening. Alice said that she would bring a handwritten book, written by Grace, a distant relative in the 1840s, that Edwina might find interesting. On Saturday Edwina read the book which was very short and was very surprised to find a short note in the back that had been folded up and looked like it had never been opened in nearly 200 years.

It said, ‘July 1841. Very hot day. Unbelievably hot. The master suggested I might like to go to a little lake and waterfall nearby and have a bathe. He gave me the directions and pointed the horse in the right direction. It was absolutely idyllic. No wind. I tested the water and it was not as cold as I thought it would be. There being nobody else around, I decided to jump in. I cannot swim, so I stayed near the bank. I must’ve been well hidden because Tom, the coachman’s son, rode up and he jumped in the water near me and finally saw me. He recognised me. He came over to me and before I knew it his hands were all over my body, in places where nobody had ever been before. He kissed me and told me sweet nothings and then we got out of the water. We lay on the grass to get dry and he kept touching me. My mind was full of romantic thoughts as I’d never been alone with a man before. He continued to touch me and especially where I cannot mention. My mind was spinning and I remember looking up at the blue sky and the next thing he was entering me. It was a wonderful feeling. After a few minutes he did it again and it was even better. Then he said it was time to go and we rode back.’

Edwina didn’t show the whole page to Adam. She showed him a little map that was on the page and I asked him, “Do you know where this lake and waterfall is?”

“Yes. It’s not far from here, and if you want to go, you can go on a bicycle. It won’t take long.”

“Tomorrow, you aren’t working. Why don’t we take a picnic lunch and go there?”

“Fine. I’ll be ready at 12. I think you can get a bike from the pub.”

It was a beautiful warm summer July day and for that part of the world, the temperature was unusually high. Edwina was a romantic at the best of times but the combination of the beautiful little lake, the reflections on the surface, the waterfall, the blue sky and being next to what she thought was an intelligent hunk was too much for her. She stripped off completely to Adam’s surprise and yelled out, “Last one in is a coward.”

Adam needed no encouragement because he was also attracted to Edwina and soon caught up to her and they both jumped into the water together.

Edwina said, “It’s so cold. It’s freezing.”

“Just wait a few minutes and you’ll Anadolu Yakası Escort see it’s really quite pleasant.”

Edwina was shivering and clasped Adam’s body to hers for extra warmth. She could feel the instant warmth of his body. “That’s much better. I know you haven’t got a pocket, but is that a gun?”

“That’s the old May West line. You know what it is.”

“Grace wrote on that page I showed you before, ‘He came over to me and before I knew it his hands were all over my body, in places where no man had ever been before.’ “

“Do you think he touched Grace just here?” It was the first time that any man had been allowed to touch her below the waist and she gave a jolt as if a cattle prod had touched her clitoris.

“You read my mind. That feels so good.” Edwina kissed Adam passionately as his finger gave her clitoris a workout. “Carry me back to the bikes. I brought two towels from the hotel.”

Adam cradled her in his arms as he struggled out of the water into the warm, drying air. His finger had conveniently locked onto Edwina’s clitoris and was keeping her in a constant state of excitement as he walked. Edwina took the towel and dried herself facing away from Adam, eventually spinning around dramatically, revealing her smallish breasts and her still not perfectly dry pubic triangle glistening in the sunlight. It was at that very moment that she saw for the first time Adam’s erection. It was the first one she had ever seen in real life and throbbing and she said in a broad Scots accent,

“My dame come tell me truly,

” What length o’ graith, when weel ca’d hame,

” Will sair a woman duly?”

The carlin clew her wanton tail,

Her wanton tail sae ready —

I learn’d a sang in Annandale,

Nine inch will please a lady.”

“What’s that? What does it mean?”

“It’s a poem from Robbie Burns. My mother is from Glasgow and I read it in a book of poems she had. The last line says — ‘nine inch will please a lady’ — fortunately yours isn’t nine inches or I’d be terrified.”

“No. Nothing like it.”

“I am Guinevere. You are Sir Lancelot. Carry me over to that sunny knoll and lay me down on my towel.”

“You really are a romantic. I now see why you are interested in the history of romantic novels.”

“The moment I saw your blue eyes was enough. I watched at the pub on Friday night and I could see that you didn’t have a girlfriend and so here we are.”

“How can you be sure I like you?”

“Love always tells the truth. It’s obvious you are stiff and ready to make love to me.”

“Are you comfortable? Is this how you think Guinevere would have behaved?”

“I have no idea but she must’ve shown her charms and what better way than to lay on your back inviting your lover to make love to you. Men think women are reluctant to make love. It is not true. We have the same urges as you do but it’s difficult to show them in public unless you want to be called a slut. I’m not a slut. I just want to make love to somebody that I’m attracted to. “

“Most modern girls wouldn’t do what you are doing. I have to say you look beautiful laying there on your back with your legs apart and inviting me into your pussy. It had never crossed my mind that blondes would have blonde pussies but yours looks really good. Would you like me to lick your clitoris? It looks so inviting.”

“I’d love you to. Nobody has ever done it to me before but I hear that it’s really wonderful.”

“Oh God. They were not wrong. It’s the most delicious sensation. I wonder if it’s the origin of the expression to go for lick of your life. Just keep going. I think I’m going to have an orgasm. I’m coming. I’m coming.”

Guinevere’s body shook and she drew Adam’s face to hers and gave him the most passionate kiss. She then guided his penis to her vagina and lifted her bottom up to receive his thrust.

“My Willy was so cold a minute ago and now it’s so warm. I can’t believe how wet you were. I just slipped in so easily.”

“Oh Adam. That was so beautiful. So romantic. I can’t believe it. It feels so good. Just move slowly. I want you to come but not just yet.”

“I’ll try but I don’t think I can last forever.”

“Don’t worry. When you come I want you looking into my eyes.”

“Do you think that’s what Guinevere would like?”

“I have no idea. Nobody really knows what happened in those days. It’s my guess that sex was very direct. You met somebody and if you liked each other, you did it.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming.”

“Just look into my eyes. You have beautiful blue eyes.”

“I just can’t get over the fact that you invited me into your pussy so easily and just opened your legs without a second thought.”

“Adam, you and thousands of other blokes think that a girl doesn’t want sex just because she’s a bit reluctant to let some fellow she hardly knows put his hand on her breast or his finger up her vagina. The simple fact is that when the right person comes along we want to encourage him to make love. We want to make love, not just have sex and the only way we can do it is to show that we are ready. I’ve never done that for anybody else except you. I like you. I can see that you are ready to go again. Do you want to?”

“I dreamt all my life of meeting someone like you and now your hairy pussy is winking at me. Prepare for entry.”

After a nice slow fuck and a quick picnic lunch Adam said,

“I think we should go back to the hotel. I hope you had a wonderful time.”

“Absolutely. It could not have been better.”

“I’ll find a nice restaurant with candles and we’ll go out for dinner tonight. How does that sound?”

After a delicious meal eaten by the light of flickering candles Adam gave a toast in French champagne, “This afternoon we sacrificed Guinevere’s virginity on the altar of love. Tonight we will sacrifice Edwina’s virginity on the altar of love.”

Edwina responded, “Today will surely be the first time in history that a girl and her alter ego surrendered their virginities on the same day.”

They went back to her room in the hotel and this time she undressed him and he undressed her. She dropped to her knees and took his shaft into her mouth and sucked gently until Adam kissed her and his hands moved to twiddle her breasts and nipples and descended to her love button.

“When we were at the lake I didn’t have a chance to look at you but you look beautiful. I love your hair and your eyes and your breasts.”

“What about my pussy? Do you like my pussy?”

“Of course I do. I was just a bit reticent to say so.”

“I think it’s hard for men to realise that women are just as aroused as they are. You show it when your dick gets hard but you can’t see anything really with a woman.”

“You’re right. I’ve been with a few other girls but I’ve never been with one who was so willing to take her clothes off as you. It took me by surprise a bit.”

“When you take away all the bullshit teachings of religion and the normal hang-ups, you’ll find that men and women are very similar — their inner workings propel them to want to have sex. Let’s stop talking and get on with it. I’m starting to feel like Queen Victoria straight after she was married and became a sex maniac. She couldn’t get enough of it and nor can I.”

Edwina was a woman of action. She took one of the pillows and placed it in the centre of the bed and lay on it with her legs wide open and spread her lips.

“Can you see how my clitoris is sticking out and waiting for you to lick it?”

Adam would really have liked to have a better look but the delicious smell arising from her pussy and the inviting view of the clitoris overcame all other thoughts. He was like a cat attacking a bowl of cream.

“Now. Now. Put it in now.”

Adam needed no second invitation and was soon in up to the hilt and pumping for dear life culminating in a simultaneous orgasm.

“Oh God. Thank you. Oh God. You were wonderful.”

“And so were you.”

“I’ve got to clean up. Nobody told me that there was such a mess when you had sex.” She walked towards the bathroom and disappeared. When she returned Adam said, “You’ve got a beautiful bottom. I never realised just how sexy a woman’s bottom was.”

“Interesting that you say that. I’ve been doing a little research about sex 200 years ago. The first thing is that most people didn’t have beds with mattresses, and if they did, the mattresses were straw or hay. There wasn’t much privacy so that what we see today as a privacy issue hardly existed then. Everybody including the kids probably slept in the same bed and the parents had sex and the thought the kids were asleep. It was different for the rich and that meant a couple things. It was probably uncomfortable for a woman to have sex on her back and so it likely that there was much more sex from behind standing up. Nobody knows because nobody wrote about it so we can just speculate. Do you want to try it from behind?”

“Sure. I’ll try anything.”

Edwina stood at the end of the bed and separated her feet while Adam probed between her legs trying to find her vagina. Edwina reached around and guided the tip of his prick into her entrance gently until Adam was deep inside her.

“It feels so good. I can feel your dick deep inside me and I don’t have the weight of your body on mine.”

“I feel like a kid at a funfair. Every new ride is better than the last one.”

“I feel the same too. It’s a long time to midnight and so many more rides. Oh boy.”

“Did you ever imagine you would react like this?”

“No. Never. I was a good pure girl and I tried to keep my mind on academic things but once you touched me underwater at the lake I knew I was in a different world. It wasn’t just you touching me but also the fact that it was you, beautiful blue eyed boy.”

“So when a romantic meets a sex maniac, it’s a match made in heaven.”

“You’re right. I think I’m going to change the title of my research and write a new book,’ The Regina Monologues – Queen Victoria’s favourite positions.'”

“What a great title. I’m sure it will be a great success. Do I get a mention?”

“No. Not really but I hope by the time it’s published that we’re married and everybody will guess.”

Edwina carried out further research for her book another five times that night and the book turned out to be a great success.

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