The Roman Candle

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Big Tits

As always, this is a true story. So, enjoy!

My wife (Jill) and I traveled to Idaho this Fourth of July to attend a family reunion. We started out in Colorado. It was almost a 100-mile drive from our home to the airport in Denver. Then there were all the holiday crowds, which made getting through security and to our gate a real zoo! An hour or so later, we arrived at the Salt Lake City Airport. Then we were off to pick up our bags and the rental car. After that, it was a three-hour drive to get to the location in southern Idaho for this family reunion.

By the time we got to my wife’s sister’s home, I was pretty tired. So tired, that even though it was only 7 p.m., I went straight to the guest bedroom and collapsed on our bed. Since my wife had plenty of shuteye while I did the driving, she had lots of energy to visit with her family. I must’ve been out nearly 3 hours by the time my wife decided to join me in bed.

She was very excited to be with her family and happy that Anadolu Yakası Travesti I had sprung for this trip as well as pay for a few other family members travel. I had even agreed to fund all the food for the planned Fourth of July picnic barbecue. We had expected over 50 people to show up. So, this was quite a big expense for us to take on. I guess Jill wanted to show her appreciation to me for all of this.

I was so tired that I didn’t even notice her when she crawled into bed. What did begin to bring me out of my deep sleep was when I felt a hand searching inside the slit of my boxers. It immediately found what it was looking for, and the next thing I knew she pulled my cock out and put it entirely into her mouth. Since my cock was still soft, that was easy for her to do. Then she began to slowly suck and massage it with her tongue. I’m so tired that I’m only partially awake. It seemed to me that I was having a very sensual dream.

However, my Antalya Travesti cock had a mind of its own, and it didn’t take long to wake up and stand at attention! Jill wasted no time once I was hard. She began to suck, lick and stroke my cock with great passion and energy. I could tell that she was determined to give me a blowjob that I would not soon forget! Her stroking and sucking was so fantastic that my cock felt like it was in “Cock Heaven.” She worked it over like a pro, and it didn’t take long for her to get what she was after. My cock exploded in her mouth giving her spurt after spurt after spurt! So much so, that she had a hard time swallowing it all. When my cock had finished its last spasm, delivering every drop of cum I possessed, she noticed that some of my cum had dripped down her chin.

She took her finger to wipe it off, and put it in her mouth to savor the last of my love juices. She then remarked to me that I had exploded in her mouth with Ataşehir Travesti such forcible spurts and volume of cum, that she thought my cock was just like a “Roman candle.” I thought to myself “how appropriate for the Fourth of July!”

It’s probably fairly common knowledge that most men when they are tired and then have sex, are ready to go right to sleep after an orgasm. On the other hand, women generally are wide-awake after sex. So, needless to say, I nodded off back into oblivion after my Roman candle had given its all.

As I’m lying there, almost completely asleep now, the bed begins to shake slightly. Then I hear this sloshy sound, which I recognize as wet pussy lips being massaged fairly vigorously. I couldn’t believe it. My wife had gotten so turned on by my exploding cock that she was willing to put in some extra effort for her own pleasure. She went to town stroking that clit and her pussy lips. I could hear her moaning slightly under her breath as she reached ever closer to a climax. After a few minutes, her breathing became very heavy and her moaning more pronounced as she crescendoed to her pleasure palace. I was glad that she took time for herself. It was nice to see that she had gotten all the fireworks completed, including her own grand finale!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32