The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 22

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Sandy’s homecoming

The Dead Heads had always had young and very aggressive muscle. Four years ago one of them had been a lad called Sandy. With the violence and aggression on the estate it produced some pretty fucked up people but Sandy was special even by our standards, I think he might have been a real sociopath. Four years ago a 14 year old Sandy went to a normal pub and beat a guy’s head in with a bar stool. Even on the estate GBH would still have gotten attention, in a pub off the estate something had to happen. Sandy, being crazy, hadn’t run away, he had sat at the bar and finished his drink, and the police showed up and arrested him. A room full of witnesses and a young thug he was going to go to jail. He did, the judge sentenced him to 10 years, but the British legal system didn’t work that way at the time, not properly. As a 14 year old he went to a young offender intuition which held him until he turned 18 at which point his juvenile criminal record was sealed and he was turned lose. That was why on this particular Wednesday I was sat outside the railway station waiting for him to come home.

Sandy was technically part of Eddy’s crew, but he had been a Lt before Eddy and after being inside for 4 years made things a little complicated. It would have been easier if Sandy wasn’t quite so scary, if he had been a no body he would have just folded back into the gang but his reputation was better than mine, so I was here to give him a real homecoming. Sandy came walking out, he was the older brother of Helen and like Helen was beautiful, not hansom, beautiful. He was the most beautiful man I have ever seen in real life tall, slim, high cheek bones, slim nose, pointed chin and full lips, shoulder length blond hair, and if he was a girl he would have been perfect. Too look at him he really didn’t look dangerous but like Helen it was only skin deep, his soul wasn’t black but he was crazy, you looked into his baby blue eyes and if you knew what you where looking for you could see all the fires of hell that he dragged around inside his head the only outward sign was the state of his knuckles.

I am going to give you a little tip here, if someone without a broken nose but with marked up knuckles is picking a fight with you run as fast as you can. To look pretty and be a fighter you have to be very quick or very good and Sandy was both.

I pushed myself off the car I was leaning on “Sandy!” I yelled. He looked my way with the stare of a demon, I met his gaze with my best mad eyes, knowing never to show your fear. Yes I was feeling fear for the first time in a long while but I wasn’t going to show it, I began to tap into the well of rage in my chest to quell the feeling.

“Who the fuck are you” his voice was like syrup.

“I am your ride” I nodded to the car “are you coming or what?”

Flea sat by the weal and I slide in next to him and Sandy got in the back “I expected a better welcoming comity with all I did for the gang, not two kids”

“I run a fucking corner and you will talk to me with respect” I growled “as for the welcoming comity there is business on today so think yourself lucky that you got me. I have been told to show you a good time, until there is a welcome back party tonight, keep you out of the way you know.”

“Out of the way, me, don’t they love me anymore.”

“You have been away for some time, business has changed and it was thought better that you be given some time to settle in before you go back to work” I turned to look back at him “Orders, you understand.”

“Orders… aye I get fucking orders, so where are we going?”

“First to see your family, I know your sister is very excited that you are coming home, after that we will find some distractions”

“You know my sister?” he asked

“Know her” Flea cut in before I could answer “she only wants to rip out his eyes and piss in the sockets”

“Aye but in her pretty, little, fucked up head that is the same thing as a long term relationship” I laughed back.

“Watch your mouth about my sister” the slick voice changed into a snarl.

“No offence mate, we’re just joking” we carried on in silence.

We pulled up and Sandy got out, Helen came running from the flat and hit him at high speed, wrapping her arms around him laughing.

“Why the fuck are we doing this” Flea whispered to me.

“Orders, we follow orders Flea and this is what Bob wants us to do. So keep your mouth shut and smile sweetly or I will bash your brains in” I got out of the car. Helen holding hands with Sandy pulling him towards the flat, she looked over her shoulder as I slammed my door giving me evils, I winked back and she turned away in disgusted. I smiled to myself, gods that girl hated me.

The flat wasn’t bad, at 3 bedrooms it was bigger than mine, and the gang had been paying out money to them while Sandy had been inside and the furniture was quite nice by estate standards. Sam was inside, she smiled at me the second I walked, so was Sandy’s mother, she was doing the best to hide it but the fear was coming off her in waves, so Helen might not see it but she knew just how fucked up her son was. She her been as beautiful as her children once but the years had not been kind to her, years married to an abusive husband until he drunk himself to death had taken its toll on her face, two kids had left their mark on her body and drinking, smoking and bad food had done their work. You could still see that she had been a looker and I wouldn’t have said no but she was well passed her prime.

The conversation was tense, no one knew what to say and it is for damn sure that my presence made it worse. I made eye contact with Sam “Hay, maybe we should leave the happy family alone. Come on I sure we can find something to keep us busy” I said with a grin “We’ll use Helen’s room, I promise not to make a mess.”

“Fuck you Rave” Helen spat at me

“That is what I was hoping”

I dragged Sam down the hall pushing open the door into a pink nightmare of a bedroom. I grabbed her by the face my thumb and forefinger pressing into her cheek bones and shoved her in the direction of the bed. She tripped and ended up on the floor, she looked up at me and smiled. I know it is clich?ut I am always a little worried about hurting a skinny girl during sex, I have known some that really like it rough and some that could take anything, but I still worried and I just don’t as much with big girls. You could take it even fervour with Sam, she could take anything, would do anything, and most of the time she loved it.

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. She had skills, her tongue danced around mine and she sucked gently, I pushed her back onto the bed keeping our lips together as I went down on top of her. I broke off to pull her top over her head, it wasn’t exactly the most stimulating sight but I must admit the curves and bulges of her body had it own appeal. Her stomach hung over the waist band of her pants and her massive breast where barely constrained by a bra. I reached around her back and unclipped her bra and pulled it off. I had seen them before but they were still very impressive. There is no sexy way to pull off a pair of tight jeans when someone is lying on their back but I tried.

Her thong strings cut into her flesh making it swell around them in an enjoyable fashion so I decided to leave them on. I pulled the crotch to one side feeling the moister pull at them, I had never known Sam not to be wet, she was either very easily aroused, tried to keep herself that way, or maybe she was just always wet. I undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees, I didn’t bother to take them off, and pulled out my hard cock. I slapped my hands into the flesh of both her arse cheeks sending ripples running through her fat backside and trust into her. That was the great thing about Sam, you didn’t need prep work, didn’t need warm up or to go slow you could just fuck her.

She wasn’t anywhere close to tight but she was hot and wet. I pounded away at her fast as her body jiggled with each thrust. I took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back and she tried to stop herself screaming out, I laughed to myself and thrust all the harder. I pushed myself down across her back and fumbled around her to grab her breasts. I pinched her nipple hard and pulled it down, she made an animalistic nose in the back of her throat at that. I lets go of her hair and grabbed hold of the other nipple. I moved my hand in the opposite direction as a thrust so that her breast where stretched up or down making her give little yelps at the extremes.

I was close to climax and I didn’t old back, when I felt my peak approaching I pulled my cock out of her gaping cunt with a wet squelch and flipped Ataşehir Escort her onto her back. I moved up her body and pushed my soaked cock between her lips, she bobbed her head up and down as fast as she could and I shut my eyes. I cock pulsed in her mouth as I spurted cum, I felt her throat contracted as she swallowed one mouthful and I kept going. When I was done I pulled out and grabbed her by the throat “Show me” I said my voice heavy with lust. She opened her mouth showing the think white liquid coating her tongue, she then closed her mouth and made a show of gulping it down.

I hooked my arm under hers and dragged her to the top of the bed so she was sat on the pillows, her legs spread. I pushed my middle two fingers into her with the other pressed either side of her cunt and my palm was pressed down on top of her clit. I moved my hand back and forwards so my fingers moved in and out of her but I kept pressure on her clit, I curled my fingers a little so as they were dragged other of her they moved along the front wall of her cunt grassing her G spot. Her own hand moved down to try and push me away but I grabbed it. “What are you doing Rave… stop, stop!… god… stop…mmmmm… please stop… Ow please… oh god please… I can’t… I can’t… please… Stop!… No no no… I am going to cum… god stop… I am going to cum… I am cumming… FFUUUCCKKKK!” She was well past the point of no return I pulled my fingers out of her and making sure I was well out of the way began to slap her cunt. She came, her body going ridged, her hips thrusting forward, and most importantly gushes of near clear liquid shot from her cunt and onto the bed soaking into the sheets were Helen would be resting her head. She clasped back, spent, and I wiped my hand across her chest.

“She is going to kill me” Sam wimped.

“Don’t worry about it she have worse thing to be pissed off about, and anyway she will have to get used to sleeping on wet sheet”

“What do you mean?” I just shrugged and went to find the bathroom to clean up, leaving her to worry about the mess I had made her make.

I walked out of the bathroom passed the kitchen and I stopped by the door when I saw people in there. Sandy’s mother was by the sink washing up, Sandy walked up behind her and placed his hands on her hips in a way that very un-son-like, she froze, her body trembling a little.

“Did you miss me mum?” his voice followed like silk “I missed you, I missed you a whole lot” his hands started to move up and down on her hip “I bet you missed me, no one to keep you company” His right hand moved up and squeezed her breast violently “no one to treat you as the nasty little whore that you are” he moved his hand back down a pushed it into her pants “we can do all the things we used to do before they took me away from you” she started to shake her head slowly as he began to finger her “but there weren’t any girls for me to play with inside so I have to come up with other ways to have fun. Have you ever tried anal sex mum? You are going to love it when we try it. You are going to love it when I rape your arse” the last three words came out as a snarl.

“Please, please Alan stop this it is wrong” there was a quiver in her voice that wasn’t just from fear now.

“The name is Sandy. And you are right it is wrong, you passed you best, Helen now she has filled out nicely. I could do some bad things to that body, so I can play with you or with her, your choice, hell maybe I will make you play with her. Would you like to become a cunt licker?”

I moved away in disgust back down the hall and then started to make some noise “Oh Sandy, you done yet or do I go back and get more shit on your sister’s sheets.”

Sandy glided out of the kitchen “Yes I am done here, what do you have in mind?”

“I figure after 4 years inside you could do with a drink, just to pass the time” I said “come on lets go find a pub.” I walked after him passed the kitchen, his mother was standing across the room, her panties sticking out of her pants, her cheek flushed and her nipples clearly visible through her top. Tears flowed silently down her face as she watched us leave.

Most people have this view of a British pub as friendly places in old building with exposed beams and sports memorabilia on the walls and there are places like that but that wasn’t what a lot of pubs are. On the estate whatever 1960 had social architect had decided that the working class didn’t need places to drink so they hadn’t left space for pubs. But where two or more men are gathered in one place they will need drink, so pubs where thrown up on any spare ground around the estate quickly. These where a much cheaper builds than the rest cinder blocks, concrete and plaster broad. The pubs where depressing places were poor men spent what little money they had getting off their faces, heavy drinking and chain smoking, walls smoke stained, tables broken, and stains on the floor that never get explained. Everything just about worked but the beer was cheap and they didn’t ask question about age or ID.

We pulled up outside one of these places and Sandy got out again. “So what do you think about him” Flea muttered.

“He makes you seem stable, you can come and see if you like but stay more or less sober you still have to drive” and we followed him in. It was a dive but I have been in worse places. There were two men sat at a table in one corner that didn’t even look up as we walked in but other than that the place was empty, those people with enough money to drink in places where at whatever work they had mange to find. The barmaid was relatively attractive, she wasn’t all that pretty but was young enough for it not to matter, her clothes a bit too small for her chest and hips, make up plastered on heavily and I semi vacant smile that didn’t touch her eyes.

We picked a table and I got a round in as I was the only one with cash on hand, the barmaid smile got more genuine when she saw it. We sat and talked about the current situation on the estate, things where bad and nothing was changing any time now, we still hadn’t put ourselves back together after Cain and the other gangs where pushing us because of it. I was forced to greater acts of brutality to keep people afraid of me and with all the blades around it was only a matter of time before we had an epidemic of bodies showing up. We were talking politics, I was talking carefully as he was Eddy’s crew, when the problems started.

It was our third pint when the barmaid came to clear the empty glasses off the table. She smiled her ingenious smile as she began to put the glasses onto a tray, she did that just fine, but as she turned to leave she bumped into Sandy. It was only a small knock but it spilt his pint, only a small amount of liquid was spilt, and it set him off. She smiled and said sorry but he had started.

“I think you need to prove that you are sorry, I think you should lick it up” He said nodding to the small pool of spilt beer.

“I beg your pardon?” she said still managing to hold her smile despite the shock.

“You heard me, lick it up”

“I will do no such thing” she said moving away from the table and then he snapped. He jumped up sending his stool across the floor. He grabbed her by the arm sending the tray of glasses to the floor smashing them.

“I said lick it up” his voice going from syrup to snarl again as he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into the table “now lick”. She started to stick her tongue out to lap at the liquid and she gave out a dry sob. One of the men across the room stood up, I got to my feet quickly.

“Sit the fuck back down, you don’t see jack” he hesitated for a split second “Sit!” he back down. I looked back at the table. The barmaid was crying openly now as she licked the table, the tears messing up her makeup, making black streaks down her face as he pushed it into the wood. Flea ticked, his face moving rapidly to the side, as he began to get excited and I dealing with two head cases was not easy.

“Flea go and get the car started, go on fuck off!” he move away. Sandy had his hand up the barmaid’s skirt, the ugly look on his pretty face made it seem slightly unreal. “Sandy stop that” his eyes turned in my direction but they didn’t seem to see me “Sandy remember what hadn’t the last time you lost your temper in a bar. Let. Her. Go.” It took him a moment to snap out of it.

“I just wanted her to clean it up” he said all smiles and charm the second he let her go.

“Sure, Flea is in the car, go on I will deal with it” he glided out as if nothing happened. The barmaid was trying to pick herself up, the front of her top was wet, her hair was a mess, her breast where spilling Ataşehir Escort Bayan out of her bra, her skirt was pushed up so you could see her panties, and they had been push out of the way so you could she her pussy. She was a mess, her whole body trembling, and I was going to make it worse.

“I am going to call the police” she sobbed.

“No you are not”

“He assaulted me”

“And I will do far worse” I rounded on her, grabbing one of her tits and twisting it painfully “You know who the fuck I am. You keep your mouth shut you fucking slut you don’t talk shit about the gangs. Call the pigs and I will come back here to have a real word with you” I let go of her pushing her back, I pulled a couple of bills from my pocket and threw them at her “that is more than you are worth, make trouble and maybe I come back and do… very… bad things to you to make up for it” I said over my shoulder. I had nothing against her, I had nothing for Sandy, but they had to fear us more than anything, it was the only way it all worked.

I got into the car “A drink what was I thinking” I laughed “inside for 4 years you must be horny as hell, no wonder you went at that slut but do you really want to bust you nut on some girl like that? Let’s go find you some nice, blonde, big titted pro. You know someone with a few skills and you can have some real fun.”

It was too early for most of the street walker and I didn’t want to risk one of the more organised brothels as they were heavily controlled by King’s men and I really didn’t want to have to explain to Duke how I got one of his earners brained. Lucky most working girls on the estate were smack head, they either start working to pay for their addiction, start using to cope with being a prostitute, or half the time they are hook by their pimp as a way of control. I knew plenty of girls that used my corner. Young, wide eyed, newbies many seem like a good idea, they have certainly been used less, but most of the time they are a bad lay. Most of the girls in the middle of their life span, young enough to look very good but that have learned a few tricks, where mostly working straight for King’s men, so we were left with the other end. Girls at the end of the lift span, 30’s and 40’s, who have mad skills but are, well to be blunt, used up so they end up working the streets again. I knew the girl we wanted and where to find her.

Jane was early thirty’s, blonde, curvy, and with a lot of experience. She wasn’t top flight anymore after a John had slapped her around messing up her pretty face, her downward fall had come with a big drug habit, she made enough but a big chunk of it was being paid to me to keep her square. I made sure to know where all of my big costumers lived, it was good for business to be able to hold a conversation, and it was better of business to be able to hunt someone down quickly. Her flat was end of the corridor on the fifth floor of the block, one blue door among many, it was out of the way and if she was happy to live there I doubted she brought Johns back very often. I banged on it until it was open on the chain and she peeked out. Her nose had been badly broken and poorly reset, she had scars under her right eye on above her lip, and they were small imperfections but they put her from stunning to normal. Personal I had always found scars on a girl quite sexy but I know it puts me in the minority.

“Got a job for you” I said, holding up a set of bills.

“All three of you?”

“No just him” I nodded toward Sandy.

“Are you going to take me somewhere?”

“Nowhere to take you, can we could in?” I asked, her eyes lingered on the money, addicts they are all the same.

“Give me a minute” she shut the door and I heard talking inside.

“She not a looker is she” said Sandy.

“Just wait until you see her body, I would do bad things to that body” snickered Flea.

“I plan on mate” and we where let in.

It was a nice place of a junky, the only real evidences that an addict live there was the blacken spoon set by the ash tray. We sat in the living room and I expected Sandy to take her back to her bedroom but he didn’t.

“Considering it is Rave’s money we are spending I think he should get a little something” he said “so how about you strip off us, give him a little show.” Jane did as she was told and began to move her hips too music only she could hear. She knew how to strip, most people don’t and it becomes a set of clumsy movement to take of clothes, but she knew. Artfully timed removal of her clothes as she span and her ample hips swayed in a rhythm that was relaxing. She took of her bra slowly, teasing, holding it to her body until she let it fall keeping her hands placed over her nipples, she move then in slow circles as she danced so that her breast moved in and out until she let go. The bounced free as she move her hands up to run them though her hair arcing her body in an appealing way. She slid her panties over the curve of her arse and then shook the muscles in her legs making her arse bounce and her underwear fall to the floor. She picked them up with her toes and kicked them to Sandy.

“Are you going to take me to bed now” She said holding out her hand to him. As he started walking towards one of the back rooms suddenly he darted for the other door. The was a scream and he came out holding a girl by the hair, she was too young to be in a gang, eleven, twelve at most.

“Look want I found spying on me, I don’t like people spying on me” he twisted her hair making her scream again.

“Please, she is my daughter, please she is just a kid don’t hurt her she didn’t mean it” Jane begged.

“She doesn’t feel like a kid to me” he said running his hands over the bumps sticking out of her chest “you don’t think you’re a kid do you” he purred into the girls ear “and anyway she licks to watch, she can come and watch, she need to learn how to be a cock sucking whore like her mother.”

“Sandy put her down” I barked.

“Why would I do that?” he asked. I opened my mouth to reply but found I had nothing, she wasn’t in a gang so the was no protection there, the only sway her mother had was with a low level pimp that would consider himself lucky if I didn’t kick the hell out of him for fun, we where alone so the was no chance of the pigs being call, and afterwards it wasn’t as if a hooker is going to call them on us, she wasn’t even that young if she had looked nine or something I could have made something of that. The only reason I could come up with for Sandy not to have his way with the girl was the I felt it was morally wrong for him to force a girl that young, but that wasn’t the kind of argument a drug dealer made, even as a thought it I knew it sounded weak, I would not look weak, not with Flea watching.

“I am only paying for Jane” was all I could come up with, and the big part of me that loathed myself laughed inside my skull calling me a coward.

“No worries I am sure this young thing will do it for free, come on” he spat at Jane.

“No I won’t do it” she said shaking her head.

“Listen bitch, I am going to fuck this one mouth but I am still going to come in someone cunt, it can her yours or…” he pulled the girl’s hair again making her scream. A dejected Jane was lead into the back room to play games with a mad man and her daughter.

We sat there for the best part of an hour and a half, screams and moans came from the back room, some clearly of pleasure, some clearly of pain and the more worrying ones to were far too hard to tell. After a loud scream from Jane’s kid followed was followed by sobbing that slowly change into moans of ecstasy Flea began to tick. He was muttering to himself “he is fucked up” over and over but his eyes showed excitement not discomfort. Sandy walked out covered in sweet, stark naked apart from his socks with his clothes in one hand and walked in the direction of the bathroom.

“Make sure he cleans himself up and get back in the car, it is time, and I will go deal with them.” I told Flea and walked towards the back room. The girl was in the foetal position curled in the corner, her arse was a vivid red and she had scratch marks running down her skinny back, there was bruising beginning to form where her hand held her ribs. Her mother was hunch over her cradling her head, her shoulders moving up and down as she sobbed. I felt a spike of lust run through my veins at the sight and began to become aroused, I was sickened by my reaction to this seen of desperation and felt a stab of nausea, I let my rage flare brutally crushing the other emotion competing in my brain. I must have growled because Jane’s head shot up and she looked around in a panic her eyes fixed on me.

I walked Escort Ataşehir over to her across the small room slowly, in no hurry, I squatted down so I was looking her in the eyes, tears had made black lines of mascara down her marked up face. I took her hand in mine a pressed a handful of notes into her palm. It was more than two girls would make in a night, the second I had that thought I had to wonder how long until the girl was turned out to earn, hell she already had sex for money now the rest was just a matter of degrees. I managed to make it halfway back across the room before she snapped out of her stunned state.

“You think I want your fucking money” she screamed throwing the notes at my back, they didn’t make it as they split apart and fluttered down around the room “do you know what he did to her, what he made me do to her, you think you can put a price on what he did to us”

“I think” I said slowly not bothering the turn to look at her “that could tomorrow when the need is on you and you are clucking for your next fix, you won’t give a fuck how many time you have to sell her arse to get high. Then you will bring some of that money to someone like me and all your problems will go away at the end of a needle. You have a long way left to fall and by the end you will be passing her around for much less than that. So I think she should get used to it.”

“Bastard” and I left.

We pulled up outside a block of flats.

“I thought we were going to the party at the YM” said Sandy.

“That is later, this is a private gathering, just a few of us to give you a welcome back.” I got out of the car.

“Sandy, here take this” I handed him a knife blade, cheap, six inch of steal folded into the handle, legal to carry, I had one just like it, so did Flea “it is not safe to walk around without one nowadays” he took the blade and headed of “lets end this” I muttered to myself.

I let him into the flat and he push his way in walking quickly to the centre of the room and stopped dead when he found it empty. He turned to look back at us and Flea put himself purposely in front of the door.

“What is going on, where are the others?”

“This is a private gathering. Just a few of us. To welcome you back. There are no others, just you and me.” I slipped the knife from my back and click the blade into place.

“Why are you doing this?”

“You are unstable, unpredictable, and that makes you bad for business or at least that is the reason they gave me but personally you are a mad dog and mad dogs get put down.”

“And today?”

“That was order, Bob thought you deserve a good day of freedom before we killed you, I have to follow orders. You know how it is”

“Did Bob order you to give me the knife?”

“No that was me, whatever you are now you use to be one of us, you need a fair chance”

“Fair with him here?” he nodded towards Flea.

“Flea knows better than to interfere. Don’t you Flea? I would kill him myself if he did and he know it, you get passed me you can go. I don’t know how far you will have to go before King gives up on you, once he set his mind on someone he can be quite persistence I hear” I smiled to myself “so go for it already so I can kill you and go to a party you twisted little wanker.”

He snarled and flew at me, his blade snapping out as his arm struck at me viper fast. Bloody hell he was quick, I have never fought anyone else that fast, I had to jump back to avoid the slash. I was close but not quite quick enough as the tip of his knife slicing through my clothes and ripping a bloody slash across my collar bone. I barely felt the sting as I span away from his reverse stroke as I let my rage free from the centre of my chest. Fire ran through my veins as the adrenalin shot through my body, the world slowed, and my vision tunnelled red. He came at me again, my body move like it was in treacle as he glided towards me but that didn’t matter. I was a young god, alive again, and no matter how quick he was he would fall to me. We ducked and weaved around each other’s blades until I stepped in, I let his blade crash into my wrist guard and swung inside of his body, now it was his turn to jump back quickly. He tried to pull the same trick on my reserves stroke but his blade had been met by metal and leather mine was met by a few layers of cloth, the blade slashed open his forearm cutting deep.

He was quicker than me but I was better, I knew how to knife fight, I walked around ready for it, and he didn’t. He was use to fist fighting and even then he relied on his speed, his stance was a bungle of tells once you got passed how quick he was, I could read each move and he was going to die. His elbow moved and I was already moving out of the way. His head jerked back just in time so the cut that would have blinded him opened up his cheek. He struck low and I had to wrap my hand around his wrist to stop the blade, my own blade stuck again for his face but he manage to get his forearm in the way. It was a test of strength with him in the better passion and it wasn’t long before I could feel the tip of his blade pressing into the flesh of my tight, I felt the blood start to flow as I pulled back my head and smashed my forehead into the bridge of his nose.

He jerked back and tried to move away, blinking the water and white spots from his eyes, holding his blade in front of him trying to ward me off. I smiled to myself whatever else happened with the blood flowing from his cut cheek and broken nose his pretty face would never be as beautiful anymore. I slapped his blade out of the way with contempt and stepped in close slamming my knife into his chest. If you ever find yourself stabbing someone with a light blade don’t go for the chest, first you have thick muscle to deal with, then half the time you will hit ribs or sternum, and then most of the time you will get lung which will kill someone but not fast enough that they won’t have time to try and kill you. But with practise the is a sweet spot, just to the left of the sternum, and I mean just to the left, between the third and forth ribs with the blade angled slightly upwards. I gave a small movement of the blade and then ripped it free and blood poured down is chest.

I lets the body fall and turned to Flea, I was breathing heavily, I could taste the bitter flavour in my throat, my voice sounded shaky when I spoke “Remember this lesson boy, we are monsters, barely functioning animals whose job is to hurt and kill for money but the is a line. If we go too far we become ‘bad for business’ they will kill you, well no they will have me kill you.” He was staring at Sandy “Do you understand me Flea?” he nodded dumbly “good lets go to a party.”

The was a party going on at the YMCA, I doubted that most of the people there knew that Sandy had come home today, and of the few that did most knew he wouldn’t be coming. I was still bleeding quite profusely so I push my way up stairs grabbing some random girl along the way and headed for Bex’s room. She wasn’t in it, there was a girl asleep in a small cage in the corner, I pulled my shirt over my head and found a needle and thread and passed them to the random girl.

“Patch me up love” I said as I slumped down against one of the walls, the girl bent over me and went to work on my chest when Bex showed up. Stacie was in toe as was Alyssa, that girl had come a long way in the few months since she had joined the gang and was now one of Bex’s favourite play things.

“How did that happen?” she ask.

“I gave him a fair chance” and then I winched as the stitches snagged. Bex walked over and pushed the girl out of the way.

“Give me that” as she took the needle “sooner or later you are going to have to stop doing these things or you are going to be all scare”

“Yes mother” I shut my eyes and let her do her work. She complained at me about taking risks more and more these days, but then again it was her that gave me fresh patchwork when I got cut up. There was a noise by the door and I open my eyes. Helen was pushing through the door.

“Where is my brother?” she shouted. I said nothing, just sat there and let her take in the fresh cuts. “What did you do to him” she screamed and flew across the room at me, Bex stopped her half way across the room and she spat at me.

“I would be careful if I was you” I said my voice heavy “your rank was based on the fact that your brother was coming home, he isn’t anymore, so until you find some nice big cocked Lt that will protect you until he gets sick of fucking that tight arse I wouldn’t upset me, you have no idea the bad things I could do to you.”

“Eddy would never let y…”

I started to laugh “You think I did jack to one of his crew without his word, I don’t think he is going to be looking out for you anymore. Now get the fuck out of here” and she ran.

“What are the odds I break her in by the end of the month” Bex said to me, biting her bottom lip.

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