The Rider in the Night

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The smell of the room was of numerous types of intoxicating alcohols, he was able to tell the difference of a few of them, them being the lager that he would normally drink, to a sweet smell of his favourite liqueur Southern Comfort. He glimpsed across the dimly lit room from where he was sitting to notice a strikingly tall woman, dressed in a black full length dress. He thought to himself that he’d not seen this woman in this public house before; she stood out mainly due to her clothing and the length of her hair. He could only see the back of this woman, but still made his fuck pole feel firm, was it because of her extensive black hair, her figure or that long tight black dress. He glanced at her, looking up and down her body, he looked at her firm buttocks and his fuck pole pulsed once again. Now knowing what it was that made her stand out he thought to himself that he should at least introduce himself to her.

Mac was a shy man, normally keeping to himself most of the time, only to socialise when he came to his local public house The Tavern, but even then he would always try to find a quiet spot amongst the many loud people talking to reflect on his day. Mac worked as a systems analyst for a large software company, he did well for himself, owning his own house, as well as a new motorbike every year. Yes Mac was a biker at night and systems analyst by day. He adored his life, but found it hard to meet new people due to the hours he worked, and due to his sometimes unshared passion for motorbikes.

Mac stood up slowly from his table, and looked down at his empty glass; he saw this as an opportunity to get closer to this woman. He walked over to the bar where she was sitting and stood next to her, he turned his head quickly to get a better glance at her, not wishing to impose of her space, but still wanting to make his presence known to her. The barman walked over to Mac and asked what he would like to drink, to which he replied “the usual please Tim”. He came most nights to The Tavern, he liked the fact that it was a busy place but had little corner tables where the noise drowned away and left the ambiance more suited to the smaller and quieter places that he once used to go.

Tim put the cold fresh larger in front of Mac who then handed over the money and waited for his change. As Tim returned back with his change, the woman asked for a southern comfort and coke with ice, Mac thought to himself he could do with the same right now, but where he’d just ordered a fresh pint of lager he would wait until he had finished it. Mac was about to place his change back into his pocket when at the same time Tim returned with the woman’s drink and knocked Mac’s arm making the money spill out of his large masculine hands and on to the wooden floor below. Tim quickly expressed regret for his lack of judgement to Mac and then the woman turned to help collect the rolling coins from the floor.

As Mac returned to his standing position the woman also stood up both banging their heads together. Mac quickly said in an apologetic voice “Sorry about that” and was followed by “Thank you for your help” to the woman. The woman laughed at their misfortune and replied “that’s ok”. Mac could not help but notice her deep green eyes, he felt his fuck pole respond to the pleasure he saw from her eyes. In a brief daze Mac recalled the mental pictures he had seen from the table that he had sat at, and added the new images he just seen from the bar; he liked what he saw, but knew he would also need to know her mind as well as her looks. Mac passed his recently dropped change to Tim as a way to thank the woman, the woman spoke in a gentle clear voice thanking Mac for the drink, and introduced herself as Ella.

They glanced into each other’s eyes and Mac broke the silence by asking if she would like to join him at his table. Ella was a self-assured woman, in her early 30’s and very aware of her looks, she could easily have picked up anyone in the Tavern, but she saw something in Mac that others did not have. It was not the fact he was well dressed, not the normal for this type of place nor was it the way he talked with a posh gentle voice, but there was something that she could not put her finger on, that captivated her. She replied back “I would be glad to”, and followed Mac to his table in the corner.

Mac being the type of man that respected women, pulled out a chair for Ella to sit at, slowly pushing it back in as she sat down, he then moved around to the opposite side of the table where he sat down himself. They talked for what seemed like hours about general pleasantries, but Mac wanted to know more, he dug deep into himself trying to be more confident and started to ask about Ella’s personal life, where she was from, to what she did for a living and many more questions probing her mind for information like she was a computer.

The evening was getting late and Mac who had come to The Tavern straight from work had not yet consumed any food. He asked Ella in his gentle caring voice if she would like to join him for a meal. Ella thought about his offer, he was Göztepe Escort a stranger though she reminded herself, but agreed to his offer, thinking that they would be eating there in The Tavern. Mac stood up from the table putting on his leather bike jacket, and collecting his items and then walked round to where Ella was sitting, placing his hand onto the back of her chair as to politely ask her to stand. Ella was then unsure of his request now, but could see he was not pushing things. Ella did not want another man in her life right now, as she’d just broken up with her last partner a few months ago, but she saw no harm in a selfless one night of passion that could come from this meeting of this stranger. Ella stood up from her seat and Mac placed her jacket on her shoulders and asked if she had all her items. Ella was ready and replied confirming this. They started to walk out of the Tavern where Tim said goodbye to Mac. Tim always made an effort to say goodbye to his customers, especially ones that where regulars like Mac. Mac waved at Tim, as he closed the taverns door behind him.

The evening air was fresh outside with a slight mist in place. Ella proceeded to do the remainder of her coat buttons up to stop the cold getting to her supple and sensual skin. The gentle gusts of wind moved Ella’s hair around like it was fire dancing in the night, Mac noticed this and stood for a moment enjoying the sight and the erotic feeling that it gave to him. He wanted to be more upfront with Ella but did not wish to scare her away as they had just met. He turned to face Ella and said that he knew a great Indian restaurant a few miles from where they were now. And wanted to know if that would be ok for her, Ella loved Indian meals and her eyes lit up thinking how the hot and spicy food always made her moist down below.

She contemplated to herself on how they would get there, and without thinking further replied with a gentle “Yes Mac, that sounds wonderful.” Mac thought to himself would this be a good time to fetch his motorbike or should he leave that behind and use one of the taxi cabs that where parked just around the corner from The Tavern. Mac asked Ella her opinion on motorbikes, and would she be ok to ride to the restaurant. Ella had only been on a motorbike a few times in her life time and each time was when she was younger and on the back of a small scooter type machine. She looked down at her long dress thinking if she would be able to sit on a bike with no issues, and thought also that how she would have to trust Mac implicitly to do this, but the thought of Mac taking charge and the bike made her excited, and with that came arousal. Her eyes glistened and she said “Yes, that sounds fun”. She did not know what type of bike it was let alone the fact if he would have a spare crash helmet, but then she came out of her day dream and her sexual fantasies and thought that he would not have suggested it if he was not prepared himself.

Mac started to walk around to the back of the Tavern to where his motorbike was parked. Ella followed a few steps behind him and once they reached the car park she could see two motorbikes parked there. She wondered to herself which one would be Mac’s. There was a smaller red bike that looked like it might struggle with two people on it, and a large black monster of a bike, with blue and chrome trims. As Mac walked towards the larger of the bikes she noticed more details of this beautiful bike, twin exhaust pipes, 1000cc engine, and the wording V-Twin along the side. The bike looked like it was new, and very powerful, and that made her even more excited down below.

A beep came from the bike, as Mac push a button on his key fob to disable the alarm system. He then passed a spare crash helmet to Ella. While inserting the keys into the ignition, Ella prepared herself for the ride. She hitched up her long black dress a little so that she was able to mount the huge machine. Mac notice her silky-smooth legs and his fuck pole pulsated again from the sight of this new delight.

His thoughts changed from the meal, and onto the erotic thoughts he was having of taking Ella to a discreet woodland area to tear her clothes off and do delightful wickedly naughty things to her. He shook his head as to awaken from his frame of mind as he then placed the keys in the ignition of the bike, and started its engine.

A huge loud rumble came from the bike exhausts and Ella stumbled in shock from the sound. She was astonished at the noise that came from this machine. It sounded like the bikes that she seen in films but ten times better, Harley Davidsons are so dreary compared to this sports bike she thought. She could feel the pulsing of the engine as she sat on the back of the bike. She knew she would be in for a real ride, perhaps even a wet ride. She was not the slightest bit prepared from past rides to what was ahead for her and the many pleasures she may get along the way.

Ella wrapped her arms tightly around Mac’s waist as they pulled out of the car park, she could feel the vibrations of the engine through her İstanbul Escort seat even more, she thought to herself how this felt like one of the sex toys she owned, and in particular the one that always did it’s job so well. She pulled herself tighter to Mac as he accelerated onto the road. Mac could feel Ella’s arms gripping more, and felt very much in control of the situation, Mac has been riding bikes for many years and was very safety conscious.

Ella could feel her hair moving as the wind rushed past her head, she was feeling so vulnerable right now with no control of anything, but she liked that, it was a great feeling and was just making her more excited and wet. They headed through the misty dark night, Mac shouted to Ella “Are you ok there? ” but Ella was having so much fun, that her reply of “yes thank you” sounded like a girl fresh out of school who just had their first orgasm.

Twisting though the small roads he could feel Ella’s arms grip him more as he took the narrow tight corners. Was she having fun he thought to himself or was she more scared, but her previous reply seemed to be more enjoyment than worry so he continued on. He loved the closeness of Ella’s arms around his body, and wanted more of it and wondered how well she knew the area as they were close to the restaurant. He thought to himself that there was a detour he could take that would make it last at least another ten minutes but would she notice that a few miles trip would take so long, or would her excitement make her forget how far the trip was really meant to be. He decided to turn down a narrow road to his right knowing it added more time to his trip. Ella did know the area quiet well, and wondered where this place would be as she did not know of another Indian restaurant out this way, but she didn’t care right now, the vibrations of the bike where really kicking in as he changed gear to a lower one, making the pulses more intense than ever before. She never had a feeling like this before and did not want it to end, so she just sat back with her arms round Mac’s chest while lapping up every moment of the vibrations of this new found sex toy of a bike.

They finally arrived at a small Indian restaurant, Ella was glowing from the fun and excitement of the bike ride, she could not believe how much it turned her on, her love nest felt like it was dripping and she felt a drop of moisture running down between her voluptuous breasts, that was just for starters; she was about to have an Indian meal which she knew would kick her into over drive for more gratification. She did not know what to do, as the rate the evening was going she would be pleading for some of Mac’s fuck pole but she only just met him and was not sure what his intentions would be let alone if he would be game for a one night of shameless passion. She told herself to just go with the flow the night is young, reciting to herself “go with the flow”.

Mac pulled open the door to the restaurant for Ella. She walked though the open door thanking and smiling at Mac on the way. How she wanted him now, a gentle man in his own right, and a body to match his mind, she could not help but dampen at his fuck pole that she caught a glimpse of out the corner of her green now glistening eyes.

They were then approached by a tall fat man smelling of curry wearing a cheap brown suit, who asked if he could help. Mac asked if they had a table for two spare, to which the man replied that he did have one and asked for them to follow him. They were led to a small round table with a window view which looks upon a nearby river, the table had been well presented with red roses in the centre, napkins and cutlery in front of each seat with and an empty glass. The man held one of the chairs for Ella to sit down, and then followed by one for Mac. They looked at each other from opposite side of the table, with a glazed look in their eyes both trying to read each other’s thoughts both longing to know what the other felt.

A few moments later a waiter returned with the menus and asked if they would like a drink while they browsed though the menus. Mac quickly but firmly in his gentle masculine voice replied “Two southern comforts and coke please with ice” looking at Ella, to which she nodded in agreement. She was impressed that her stranger remembered what she had drunk at The Tavern. She longed to tell him of her wild and hot-blooded sexual thoughts that where racing through her mind right there in the restaurant but restrained herself from a possible humiliating moment.

As they waited for the waiter to return with their drinks, Ella asked where the restroom was she needed to freshen herself up, and dry her now dripping pussy before it started to show. Mac stood up and then pointed the direction she would need to go, Ella stood up and walked toward the direction that Mac indicated, he could not help but noticed her buttocks again and her long flowing black hair that fell down her back and slightly across her face, once again his fuck pole was shuddering alive and throbbed in his pants pulsing to the thought Anadolu Yakası Escort of Ella’s naked body. Mac knew that his now growing member wanted some action tonight, and started to think how he could make things happen, little did he know though that Ella was also thinking the same in the restroom, as her most pleasing trip on the motorbike kicked her fantasies into action once more, she was planning her way to seduce her stranger, a way to take him to the dark side of her fantasies.

Ella returned from the restroom glowing from her erotic thoughts. She must have freshened herself while she was in there Mac thought to himself not knowing Ella’s desires of lust and passion. She took her seat back at the table and the waiter returned with their drinks order that they placed. He put them onto the table and asked if they would like to place their meal order yet, Mac was not quite ready yet and asked if the waiter could come back in a few minutes.

Ella decided that she would make herself more comfortable and removed her shoes, and then let out a sigh of relief as one would expect wearing high heel shoes all day long. Mac took his cold glass of drink and raised it towards Ella as an attempt for her to join in the traditional way to celebrate a new meeting, Ella took hold of her glass and gently knocked it against Mac’s glass saying “To new meetings” Mac smiled and repeated Ella’s words “To new meetings”. If only they could read each other’s minds, they would know how the night would end.

The waiter returned again asking if they were ready to place their food order, this time they both knew what they wanted and it wasn’t food on their mind! Lust, Passion and a night of fucking one another, but instead they both did say Yes at the same time, and then smiled at each other for both making the comment together.

They both read their choice of meals from the menu to the waiter and then continued to look at one another again. Ella wanted to show some kind of sign to Mac but was uncertain how to do this, then she thought to herself how they meet just a few hours ago in The Tavern, an accident is what brought their paths together, maybe she could make one happen again where she could make more physical connection with Mac. She schemed in her mind ways to do this, but there where so many ways that she could think of. Which one of these ingenious plans would be the best, and give her the long anticipated touch she needed to further her current and anticipated erotic indulgence. Mac on the other hand was shyer than Ella, and was not ready to make his advance towards her, he had his own idea that he would wait till their trip home, and fake a bike issue. Would this really work he thought to himself, thinking of ways he could bring this devilish plan in to action without bringing Ella a warning light in her mind. A glimmer of hope flooded across him like the moon being covered by a solar eclipse.

The Waiter returned with their meals and both Ella and Mac thanked him, Ella knew she would enjoy this meal, knowing that she had selected a particular hot curry to make her pussy intensify ready for her growing lust for Mac’s fuck pole to be thrust deep inside her. They both glanced at one another as they started to eat their meals, Mac’s now almost fully hardened fuck pole was shouting to his master to give him some pleasure, every mouthful Ella took of her meal her lips glistened and shimmered with her saliva, Mac could see small beads of sweat rolling slowly down her forehead and working their way in to her ample supple breast. Mac’s fuck pole was chocking in his suit trousers and wanted to be let out.

Ella and Mac’s hands met in the middle of the table where they both reached for their drink, Mac was now nervous as he rigid erect fuck pole was starting to control him, Mac’s arm slipped and his glass went falling across the table top, spilling his drink onto the table cloth and on to Ella’s Black dress. Ella was alive!, she knew this was her moment, she had planned for something like this to happen and it was not done by her. Mac was in a state, how he could resolve his accident and make things right towards Ella, he was seeing his chances of a passionate night dissolve before his very eyes. He quickly stood up with his napkin in his hand and proceeded to walk to Ella to help her clean up her dress and her side of the table. Ella was more aroused by the cold drink slowly making its way to her hot moist pussy, she needed cooling down, and this was a great way for it to happen, and had many erotic thoughts of Mac’s tongue lapping it up like a dog, every ounce of drink and her pussy juices. Mac apologised for his misfortune. His hand pressed onto her black dress moistening up the small puddles of his once cold drink. Ella could feel his touch through her dress and she couldn’t help but lick her lips from the thought she now had in her mind. Ella was fine about the accident that had happened. It was a great way for her to make things more obvious to Mac of her shameless wishes for this night. Mac’s hand brushed past her erect nipple attempting to clean up the remnants of the drink from her dress. Ella’s eyes widened as his hand made a final attempt to soak up the last few drops. Mac could not help but stare at Ella’s breasts, her nipples now fully erect like mountain peaks through her tight black dress.

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