The Return of a Soldier

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The room was dimly lit by a single candle, and in the air was the scent of gardenias picked early that morning. The girl was sprawled out on the four post bed, her eyes closed, one graceful arm slung back over her face, the other resting gently on the softest of silk sheets.

Her long dark hair was loose and flowing, curling gently around her, a perfect halo to her lovely face. Small, childlike lips were parted slightly and she murmured to herself as she slept in the nude.

“I miss you…I miss your hands on me, I miss your touch….”

Fitfully, she slept; her brow creasing as she moved through her nightmare dream, entangled in the blankets and sheets and feeling restrained and helpless. Her body writhed and tears came to her eyes and moved past her long lashes to stain her cheek.

Jack watched her, drawing near and then climbing into her bed, feeling his heart ache with longing, feeling his body respond to the sight of her nakedness. Tenderly, he caressed the curve of her cheek, the round contours of her bottom, and finally, the gentle swell of her small but perfect breasts.

“Sherry.” He whispered gently, “Wake up, honey.”

The girl jerked, wrenched out of her dream by a low but familiar voice. At first, she could not discern whether the voice was a manifestation of her dreams or of her longing. The last few weeks had been filled with nightmares of him not coming home from the War, and she had not received any letters in over three months. Her tiny hands rose to her exotic, cat-like eyes and she blinked rapidly, her heart pounding and her lips trembling as she stared up at him.

“You’re as beautiful as I remembered.”

Her eyes grew wide and her hands moved towards his beloved face, feeling the firmness of his jaw, the gauntness of his cheek. Her eyes met his and she began to cry, a low, keening sound as he enveloped her in his arms. “I’m sorry, lover, but I’m home now…It was a terrible place, Maltepe Escort but it is done…My time is up, and here I am, I’ll never leave you again.”


“Shhhh….” He lowered his head to her breasts, kissing the tips, drawing one dark nipple into his mouth with a sigh. Sherry moaned, feeling like she was descending backwards into a pool of warm water as his lips and tongue began to gently suckle. Between kisses he breathed his promises and vows to her, kissing her everywhere as he sought to soothe the fear and disbelief on her face. “I love you, I’m back, and I’m here…” The words rushed over them like warm rain.

Jack eased her back down on the bed, carefully covering her body with his. His cock was hard and desperate but he turned his thoughts back towards her pleasure with a sigh. Her legs parted and he slipped easily into that perfect cradle, desperate to feel her but filled with the desire to bring her pleasure first. “I’ve missed you.” He said, almost to himself. “My life didn’t have meaning without you, all I’ve thought of is you…”

Her mouth was insistent on his, and Jack returned her kisses with ardor. Time seemed to slip away in their urgency for each other, and soon Jack was inside her, crying out as he felt her surrounding him with her heat.

“I’ve waited so long for this, for this feeling…” She whispered against his mouth, caressing him.

“I thought I would never feel you again, I thought you were lost…”

Almost as one they moved together, united in their familiar, passionate dance. They made love gently, lovingly, their arms locked around each other as they shared their bodies, hearts, and souls with each other. The months faded between them and their happiness faded as they joined. Sherry had tears in her eyes and Jack kissed them away, brushing back her hair and kissing her eyelashes, cheeks, and lips. He was grateful to be there with her. God, how he loved her!

Jack’s Ümraniye Escort hands were gentle as they guided Sherry’s hips beneath his, drawing her to her knees. Slowly, sensually, she arched invitingly for him, displaying her toned back and round, firm bottom. Jack ran his hand down her sides and over those tapered muscles, admiring the small waist and gently swelling hips. He had dreamed of this for so long, had imagined this moment night after endless night.

His cock was glistening with her juices and he felt it throbbing as he admired her. Sherry turned her head to stare at him with desperate, but somewhat impatient eyes, and Jack grimaced as she rocked back against him, urging him to enter her once more. He gripped her waist with one hand and guided his rock-hard cock to her entrance, rubbing against her reddening lips with the head of his massive cock, watching her pussy flare and open for him as he penetrated her once more.

She was tighter than he remembered; it was almost unbearable as he pushed inside her. It was as if she had closed up in the time he had been away, and her whimpers as he stretched her made him feel hotter as he rode her. Pleasure, intense and relentless, filled his senses, and he nearly wept with the joy of having her with him and the sensation of being inside her.

The position made him capable of being even deeper inside her, and aware of this, Jack thrust deeply into her, willing himself to touch her very center as he buried himself inside her pussy. His balls slapped against the smooth, delicate skin of her ass and inner thighs, and Jack felt a surge of masculine pride at her primal scream. Sherry went rigid, and her pussy began to convulse around his buried cock.

Jack rammed her pussy over and over again, pulling on her long hair and pumping himself into her like a piston, forcing her body into waves of pleasure. Jack grinned and continued to plunder her İstanbul Escort core, feeling as though he were draining her as she felt the gushing wetness on his cock. He had waited for so long for this feeling, this satisfaction. He felt joyful as she came for him, and his own need seemed secondary.

“Did you miss me, sweet girl, sweet baby girl, did you miss this feeling?” He crooned, thrusting into her, “Were you dreaming of this, needing this?”

Sherry gasped, turning her face to press her cheek against his. Her body was wet with perspiration, and she seemed to glow. Words failed her, but the bleary expression of pleasure told Jack everything he needed to know…she had ached for him, needed him, had been faithful. She was his…

Suddenly, she turned, pulling herself free and drawing him up and over her. Jack groaned deeply as he crouched above her, his cock slipping into her mouth and slowly, slowly, down her throat.

“Fuck, fuck…” Jack groaned, as her mouth enveloped him like a warm, wet glove. He held still as she sucked him, caressed him, lapped at their combined juices. Nothing in his imagination could compare with the sensation of her small hands cupping his swelling balls and rock-hard member, and Jack felt himself let go, crying out as she pulled his release from deep within him.

It felt like it would never stop, wave after wave of thick, rich fluid burst from his cock in blasts, shooting down her throat and leaking past her lips. Still it went on, and Jack wrenched free, pulling her beneath him with a hiss. Again he buried himself between her spread legs, plunging into her pussy with his pulsing cock, pumping himself into her frantically as he rode the crests of the best orgasm he had ever had.

When it was over, they lay still entwined, stunned, but temporarily satisfied…they stared at each other shyly, but happily, and Jack kissed Sherry’s nose.

“I…” Sherry began, looking dazed, “Jack, I…” her eyelashes fluttered and she smiled sleepily, apologetically, at him.

Jack kissed Sherry softly, gently, and whispered, “Sleep, my love, sleep…I’ll watch over you.” He promised, pulling her closer to him. “I will never leave you again.”

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