The Rest Stop

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I am traveling to another state to ride my horse with some friends. I stop at a truck stop to have a bite. I am wearing skin tight black jeans, a purple and black plaid shirt that is unbuttoned to allow some cleavage to show, and black, lace up cowboy boots. As I walk into the diner, I see that there is only one stool left at the counter to sit on. I sit down and notice a very striking man sitting in the stool to my left. I order coffee, and when it comes, I am about to drink it, as I like it black, but I ask the man to pass me the creamer, just so I have an in to start up a conversation with him. As he hands me the creamer, I am awestruck by his handsome features and his emerald green eyes.

He says, “Here ya go, ma’am” in a voice that is deep and rich. I tell him he doesn’t have to call my ma’am and that my name is Heather. He tells me his is named Clint. The sexual attraction is evident by the way his eyes dart from my eyes, to my well formed, ample breasts. I find my own eyes darting down his long torso, to his crotch. I do not make any effort to hide the fact I am ogling him. He catches my eye and laughs, asking me what I plan on having for lunch. I can’t believe my ears as I hear myself saying, “I’ll take an order of you, to go.” I feel the heat as my face goes crimson, but I don’t take my eyes off of his. He says, “Well, I guess we’d better get going then, wouldn’t want things to cool down too much.” He throws down some money and we both head out to the parking lot where my rig sitting under a tree at the farthest corner of the lot.

My head is spinning; I can’t believe my bravado, as I watch his firm buttocks moving like pistons in his tight, blue jeans. I am half tempted to tell him that I have changed my mind, but the site of his tall, athletic, body makes me ache from deep within, and I hold my tongue. We get to my horse trailer, and I open the door leading to the living quarters, motioning him to step inside. I tell him to duck his head, but he bangs it on the doorway, anyway. I giggle at him, as I take his hand and sit him down on the bench. I shut the door, and then turn my attentions to this handsome stranger.

As he sits there, my eyes are drawn, once again to his crotch, and I notice the thick bulge that has formed there since last I looked. I can’t even form intelligent sentences as I pretend to engage in idle chitchat with him. It is pointless, as we both know why we are here. I sit next to him on the bench and lean into him as he wraps his long arms around me and kisses me so deeply and forcefully, the wind is almost knocked out of me. His tongue is working against mine, pinning it down, as his hands quickly move to my breasts to cup them. Then he quickly unsnaps my shirt to reveal my tender mounds. He bends to kiss between them, sending shivers up and down my spine as I let out a little moan.

I go to move my hands to fondle his groin, but he pushes them away and tells me I must wait. I am frustrated, as I can see the outline of his huge cock under the tight fabric of his jeans He tells me to finish undressing as he slowly turns away from me. I hear his pants unzip, and then see him drop his jeans, then step out of them. He turns around again, smiling devilishly, as his magnificent hard on pokes out from under his shirt. I go to him and tear his shirt off of him, then immediately drop to my knees to take his manhood into my hungry Eryaman Escort mouth. He pushes me away once again, this time a bit more forcefully, and tells me to climb up into the sleeping compartment of the gooseneck. I stand on the bench to climb up, and then I feel his hands upon my hips as he holds me still. I am standing on the bench, as he pushes me forward and spreads my thighs with his big, strong hands.

My breath catches in my throat as I feel his hands tighten on my hips and he forces me into a kneeling position on the bench, my arms above my head, holding the ladder that leads to the sleeping area. I feel his long fingers exploring the folds of my now dripping love box, and then I gasp as his thumb starts to circle my clitoris. He tells me to put one leg up on the backrest of the bench so he has easier access to my pussy. I am completely subdued, wanting so badly to give in to him. I feel the heat rising up from my vaginal cleft as he works his long fingers in out of me. First one, then two…the sound of my slickness fills the tight space of the trailer.

I can hear his breathing coming faster as he strokes his fingers in and out of me, then his breath is in my ear as he leans forward to growl at me to rock my hips back so he can get his cock into my pussy. I am dying to turn around so I can see it, but he won’t let me. I do as I am told and present my pussy and ass to him, waiting…anticipating his huge rod to push into my pussy. I close my eyes, and brace myself. He kisses the side of my neck as he wraps his arms around me, enveloping my breasts in his large, strong hands. He massages then, finding my nipples and pinching hard, making me moan and rock my head back against his broad chest.

I hold my breath, waiting for him to slide his thick rod deep inside of me, he senses how badly I want him, but he is in complete control of the situation, and just barely puts the tip of his granite head into me. I take a deep breath and let out another, muted moan. He withdraws his thick cock and reinserts it into me, but with just the top again. I am on the verge of begging him, in a scream, to please give it all to me. I can hear his breathing increase, and I know he wants to put it all into me, but the control he has over me is too empowering to him. He slowly slips a little more of his broad cock into me. My juices soak him as my pussy hugs him in a firm embrace. He squeezes my nipples harder as he slides deeper and deeper into my velvet walls.

I am amazed that this man, this chance encounter, should know how to fuck me just how I like it. I beg him to pinch and squeeze my nipples without mercy, this causes him to let go of them completely, and I let out a sigh on disappointment. He continues to tease me with his cock, never going in all the way, making me shiver with anticipation and desire. I try to speak, to let him know I want more, but my passion has made my voice a mere whisper, so I just rock my hips back, trying to take more of him into me. To my frustration, he pulls back and slaps me on the ass, telling me I will get it all, but in his time, not mine. The teasing he is giving me is getting me more and more aroused as I feel the wetness of my pussy dripping down my thigh

I turn my head to look at him, and he gives me a sly smile, just as I am about to beg him for more, Sincan Escort he slams the full length of himself into me, making me scream at the sheer force of his strength and the pain of his cock banging into my cervix. The pain is replaced by pleasure as he slowly slides in and out of my slick box. It is sheer bliss to finally have him deep inside of me. With each pump of his throbbing cock deep inside my soaked pussy, I let out a moan, as the tip of his piece meets the gate of my womanhood. His hands are now wrapped firmly around my hips as he slams into me repeatedly. He pauses for a moment and pulls almost all the way out of me, and I start to beg him to keep going. He just shakes his head at me in disapproval and slams his cock deep inside of me again.

He pulls out completely, drawing my sweet nectar out of me with his dripping cock. I want him back inside of me so badly, but I know he is the one in control and it is not my place to ask. Begging will do me no good. I am his. I am his toy, and he knows it. He slaps my ass, and then reinserts his magnificent cock back into me with one giant push, filling me once again. He then starts pumping into me more deeply and quickly then before. As I savor the pounding he is giving me, I am getting closer and closer to orgasm, yet I know there is something that I want even more than his cock in my pussy. Just as I am thinking this, I feel the heat of pain on my ass as he smacks me again. He thrusts into me again and again, making my rise higher and higher into the plain of passion.

Once again, he pulls out, repositions his cock, and slowly and gently slides it into my ass. Gone are the violent thrusts, replaced with gentle and easy strokes as he works himself into me, inch by inch, leaning forward and working my hard, swollen clit with his powerful fingers. He is stretching me so wide, it is overwhelming at first, and I cannot take all of him in, but as he works his magic upon my clit, I relax and he slides the rest of himself into my hole as I sigh and rock back to take all of it in.

As his fingers work my love nub I start to skyrocket towards a fantastic orgasm. He growls at me, and then starts to slam into my ass, burying his cock to the hilt. Feeling his thick cock inside my tight ass drives him wild. He keeps pounding harder and harder into me as I scream and writhe against his body. He stretches me to the maximum in more ways than one makes me scream out loud. I grit my teeth and rock my hips back to meet him thrust for thrust. His hand is busy rubbing me, fiercely manipulating my tortured clit. He continues to push into me, and massaging me, as my moans getting louder, and faster.

I am almost hyperventilating, panting like a dog, as he powers into my tight ass. The mixture of pain and pleasure he is giving me is a heady brew and I find myself spiraling out of control, making noises that sound like an animal, I am surprised that they were coming out of me. I had never been fucked in this way and the power of the passion has me on the verge of blacking out. I feel a huge wave of orgasm about to crash over me. I brace myself, and tell him I was about to come. To my dismay, he pulls out once again. I turn to look at him and tell him with my eyes how close I was to coming. I can see how aroused he is by having total control over me in this way and Etlik Escort I freeze in anticipation, awaiting his next move.

He pauses for a moment then grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me towards him. He presses his mouth against mine as he squeezes my ass. With his hands squeezing, he lifts me up and turns me, pressing my body against the wall of the trailer, my hips floating above his hard cock. He moves his mouth down to my breast and sucks first one then the other nipple into his mouth and bites down on them. I squeal and pull back, then give myself to him, as I know there is no use in fighting what we both want so desperately. He lowers me enough so the tip of my soaked pussy rests on his cock. He holds me there and I am helpless, the want for his cock so great in me I whimper.

I am panting heavily as he begins to loosen his grip on me and my back slides down the wall. My wide open pussy engulfs his massive cock inch by inch. He slides me down further until I throw my hands against the wall behind me for stability. His cock is deep inside me now and my pussy starts to squeeze around his hard shaft. He lifts his hips in me and pounds me with his cock as my large breasts bounce in his face. He continues to impale me with his cock as I scream in ecstasy. He continues to fuck my pussy, sending wave after wave of spasms through my pussy, as it grabs his cock in a firm squeeze over an over again. I scream repeatedly, begging him to fill my slick cunt with his load.

He pumps into me harder and harder, with no mercy, grunting and sweating like a crazed beast, his cock pulsating and throbbing with his impending orgasm. He tells me he is about to come and this is where I take control. I push him back and out of my dripping box, then tell him to sit on the bench. I kneel before him, look him in the eye, and then take the head of his thick, strong erection into my hungry mouth. I suck my pussy juice off of him, working my tongue down his shaft, to his heaving balls. They are drawn up tight, and I suck them into my mouth as my hand starts to power up and down the length of his shaft, slamming into his abdomen with each stroke. My mouth goes back to his head and downs a few inches into it, sucking so hard, the sound it is unmistakable. I hear him moan and he has closed his eyes as I increase the suction and speed of my strokes.

I take so much of him in; I gag a bit, but just swallow and keep trying to take more. As my mouth works him, I reach down with my hand to slick it up with my juices, and then start to stroke his shaft, twisting my hand as it rises up and falls down, stimulating all sides of his massive manhood. My head is bobbing as I continue my assault of his gorgeous cock, stopping for a moment, I reach up and pinch his nipple hard and twist it, as his hips jerk forward. He reaches down to stroke my hair just as a huge wad comes screaming up from his balls and into my mouth, I swallow all of his hot seed as he pulls my hair and screams out. I suck his cock dry, then kiss him deeply and aggressively, using my tongue to part his lips and ravage his tongue. I sit next to him on the bench, as we pant and grin at each other.

As we sit there, regaining our strength, my horse gets impatient and starts to stomp around in his stall. I look at Clint and tell him I’d better be going, and he gives me a heart stopping smile, then takes me hand, turns it upward, and kisses my palm, then places my hand on his cheek. I am so tempted to stay, but I know I must go, so I get up, open the trailer door and watch as he steps out of the trailer as walks away. My heart pounds as I watch him until he is out of sight, then I climb into my truck and head back to the highway to continue my trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32