The Rescuer

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Darkness as deep as the ocean kept Nell rooted in the spot that she stood. Far from the car, only silence kept her company.


There, that was better.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

The sound of her own whispered voice comforted her.

“All alone in the dark, in the woods, in a new place, just so ya didn’t have to walk eight miles to town. What was it called? Spiritus? How silly.” Nell kept talking, trying to calm her racing heart.

“Why not cut through the woods at four o’clock in the morning? It’s not dark and spooky at all. No wild animals that would eat you and pick their teeth with your bones. No serial killers waiting to jump out at you with an ax…”

Her voice trailed off as the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Something was wrong.. Wrong-er than it had been.

Up ahead, in the much distant horizon, a couple of lights shone like beacons. That was where she was headed. When her car ran out of gas, she figured going by the road would probably take her longer, so she opted for the shortcut through the woods. Great idea.

Now she stood rooted in place, like a lamb led to slaughter.

“Just wonderful.”

“Ma’am, do you need some help?”

Nell screeched.

“Calm down! I- my dogs started barking and I came to see what was going on. Are you all right?”

“Are you insane?! I am not all right!” Nell hissed between her teeth.

“I’m sorry. Have a nice day.” The man wheeled around and was almost instantly swallowed by the darkness.

“Wait! I’m sorry! Please, come back!” Nell plunged into the darkness after him.

“Ready to play nice?”

Nell whirled. He was behind her. Maybe this wasn’t so smart.

“Yes. How did you get back there?”

“You went the wrong way.” He lifted one giant shoulder in a shrug.

Morning was just barely lighting the sky, so she could only slightly make out his features. He was huge at any rate, well over six foot. He towered over her, and she was five foot ten. His face was open and had strong features. He was handsome, and that in itself was dangerous.

“What’s your name?” The giant asked.

“Nell Wilson. Yours?”

“Parker Green. Pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise. So you live around here?” Nell huffed a nervous laugh.

“Just up the road a ways.”

“I didn’t hear dogs barking.” She spoke, suspicious.

“They didn’t really bark.. More just chuffed. And they were in the house. You’ll meet them. But they don’t make noise for the fun of it, so I decided to check things out.”

Nell felt a little better, but not much. He was still a stranger in a strange place. She explained to him about her car, her bright idea about the shortcut, and her general terror of the night.

Parker laughed, and assured her that daylight was coming soon.

“Come on up to my house, and get rested up. I’ll come back with gas for your car, then drive it on over to my place.”

Suddenly exhausted, Nell only nodded her thanks. The past several hours had finally caught up with her.

The house was small, and slightly run-down, but nothing a coat of paint couldn’t fix. It was quaint, and Nell liked it immediately. Parker swung the front door open, and two Yellow Labs abruptly sniffed her, then began licking her hands.

“Wow. What good guard dogs you have.”

Parker laughed. “They just like you.”

He motioned for her to follow him, and led her to what she assumed was his bedroom.

“Here you are, my lady. Get some sleep. Could I have your keys, please?”

Nell fished the keys out of her pocket and tossed them at her host.

“I’ll be back in a few.”

Nell laid down, feeling very secure for some reason. One of the dogs jumped up and laid at the foot of the bed, and the other laid on the floor beside it. Duly protected, Nell fell asleep almost instantly.

It seemed like only minutes later, Parker was shaking her awake. She smelled coffee. A tongue lapped at her face. Nell scrunched her eyebrows and she heard a masculine laugh.

“Wake up, gorgeous.”

“What time is it?”

“Almost noon.”

Nell felt the bed shift, and she finally opened her eyes. Parker was perched on the edge, and he held out a cup of coffee.

“Figured you’d need this.” He smiled.

“Thank you. I slept like the dead.”

“You were out. Good news is your car is parked out front, and your tank is full of gas.” Parker scooted back, as if he were uncomfortable being that close.

“Is there bad news?”

“Not really. I just.. Don’t really want you to leave.” The corner of his Travesti mouth twitched up into a small smile.

“Trust me. Give me a few minutes and you’ll be the one leaving.”

They laughed together, and started in on getting to know each other a little. After a few minutes, Parker offered her his shower.

“I’ll throw your clothes in the washer. You’ll have to wear something of mine, but only for a little while.”

Nell forgot she had a suitcase in her trunk, but when she opened her mouth to say something, she closed it again. For some reason, she wanted to feel this man’s clothing on her. Parker has his back turned to her, and he dug out a long sleeved, button down flannel shirt.

“This ought to do. At least it will be long enough. Just throw your clothes in the hall when you’re finished, er, undressing.”

Nell almost thought he was blushing.

She did as she was told, then stepped under the stream of hot water. She sighed in delight, and thought about her mystery host. He hadn’t said much about himself really, once she thought about it. One thing she knew for sure was that he was gorgeous. Sandy blonde hair that was just a touch too long… those big, friendly green eyes.. There was something about him that spoke of trust. She wanted to trust him. No, she already did.

Nell knew with all certainty, that he was not a psycho. He was too open. But wait, he didn’t really share.. She shook her head impatiently. She wasn’t awake enough to try and muddle through the puzzle. He was nice, he had helped her, and she felt safe. That was enough for now.

The water pressure changed slightly, but the temperature did not. Apparently her host had thrown her things in the washer. Nell washed her face and her hair, feeling like an intruder, smelling of his soap. It was a fresh smell, but it was a little manly. Oh well, she was sort of in the woods, so smelling kind of like a pine tree was fitting.

There wasn’t a washcloth, so she rubbed the bar of soap in her hands and began to wash her body. Nell’s eyes closed and she enjoyed the feeling of getting clean after her hike in the woods. Suddenly, Parker’s face came into view of her mind’s eye, and she felt herself getting turned on. She longed to run her fingers through his hair, feel it tickle her palms. His green eyes flared with longing, and before Nell quite knew what she was doing, her hand had slipped between her legs.

Her breathing became shallow as she caressed herself. The water came out of the shower head forcefully, almost stinging her skin where it hit. Her nipples puckered, and she moved slightly so the water bit into them. The soap was rinsed from her body, and the water cascaded down onto her hand as she spread her lips apart and rubbed her clit gently. Nell became wet and it had nothing to do with the water.

“Nell? I’m just going to leave a towel in here for you. I’m sorry I forgot. And here’s a washcloth.”

Nell jerked, her eyes flying open as the washcloth sailed over the shower curtain. She reached up and caught it.

“T-thank you.”

“No problem. Sorry to pop in here like that.”

“It’s okay.” Nell’s breath came in short gasps.

Wide awake now and torn from her fantasy, she felt herself blush.

“Stupid.” Nell muttered, and lathered up the rag.

She washed herself quickly, and as she swiped the washcloth between her legs, she moaned. Her clit was still sensitized, and she hadn’t had an orgasm. There was a tug in her abdomen that wanted fulfillment, but she had been in there long enough already. Rinsing, she stepped from the heat of the shower and quickly dried off.

There was something erotic anyway about putting on this man’s shirt. Now that she had had her little episode in the shower, her pussy pulsed as she pulled it on and got a whiff of something that was part laundry detergent, part man. Nell groaned. Having no panties to put on was going to cause her issues. She quickly toweled off between her legs a little better, but it wasn’t helping. Giving up, she exited the bathroom.

Parker was in the kitchen making sandwiches. In the daylight, and now that she was fully awake, she could now see that he was probably about her age, maybe a few years older.



“Have a seat.” Parker turned with a smile on his face.

It faded somewhat as he took her in. She watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard. Apparently she looked pretty good in his shirt. It hung almost to her knees, so she didn’t feel indecent. Desire lit his eyes, and she caught Antalya Travesti a glimpse before he turned away to grab their plates.

He had made bacon sandwiches on toast, and he sat a plate containing lettuce and tomato, as well as a jar of mayonnaise between them. He tore open a bag of chips then sat down.

More idle chit chat where he didn’t reveal much of anything. It didn’t matter to Nell. She was too busy eating. She was also too busy thinking about the fact that she didn’t have panties on, and that his big, strong hands were only about a foot away from her. She pressed her legs together, but that only served to increase her arousal. Nell tried to think of other things, but it was impossible.

Parker stood to refill their iced tea and turned quickly, but not before she caught a glimpse of his cock, straining against his jeans. Heat flooded her cheeks. What she saw before he turned away was impressive, and she wanted him inside her. She wanted him to make love to her, and then fuck her. Maybe the other way around. Maybe just fuck her at this rate. All Nell knew was that she wanted it, and wanted it now.

Parker made his way back to the table and sat down quickly. They continued to eat and drink, but at that point, neither one was focused on their meal. Once the plates were pushed away, something clicked.

They both stood, and Parker hoisted her up against himself, and his mouth claimed hers with bruising force. Nell moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, both hands diving into his hair and pulling his face to hers. They kissed hungrily, devouring each other’s mouths. Nell bit at his bottom lip, and he slid both hands under the shirt, groaning as he met bare flesh. Parker half carried, half dragged her through the kitchen to the living room, and she bumped up against the back of the couch.

Using that for leverage, his tongue invaded her mouth, dueling with hers. Grabbing her ass with one hand, he slid the other around front and immediately found her clit. Nell gasped into his mouth as he rubbed it, sliding his index and middle finger on either side of it. He scissored his fingers together, squeezing and flicking it, and Nell became putty in his hands. He moved his fingers quickly, sliding them around, feeling her wetness. Her pussy throbbed and her muscles clenched, begging for him to fill her.

Nell tore her mouth from his and whimpered, trailing kisses along his jaw and neck. Her hands fell down to the waist of his pants, and she made quick work of releasing his cock. It sprang free, rock hard and large. Her eyes widened slightly. He was thicker than any other man she’d ever been with, but not really any longer. The thought of how nicely he would stretch her had Nell moaning again as she bent and took the head into her mouth.

“Not this time.” Parker tugged her back up by her hair gently.

He pushed on her chest lightly, leaning her backwards over the couch. He kept his hand there as he crouched, and his mouth settled onto her pussy. She bucked against him, and he restrained her hips with his free hand. Parker’s lips sealed around her clit and he sucked gently, his tongue flicking back and forth across it quickly.

A whimper came from Nell’s throat as she came. Parker stood and lifted her up, and while she was getting her arms secured around his neck, he guided his cock to the entrance of her. He let go of her with his arms, and gravity and her weight impaled her on his cock. Nell gasped as her pussy stretched to embrace him, and she wrapped her legs more tightly around his waist.

Parker’s head dropped back as he groaned, his cock arching within her. After a moment of adjustment, he caught her hips in a biting grip and started walking. Each step drove him into her, bumping his cock against her womb. Nell cried out with each jolt, and her pussy trembled around him. She was more than wet, more than ready, and on the verge of another orgasm. Parker finally stopped when her back bumped against the wall.

He braced her against it with his hips, and grabbed her arms, unwinding them from his neck. She slipped down a notch, falling more heavily onto him. She yelped again, her hips writhing against him. Parker pinned her wrists against the wall with his hands, and bent his knees slightly. His cock slipped out a fraction of an inch. With force, he straightened himself quickly, pounding his cock back inside of her. Nell screamed again.

“Are you feeling this?” Parker said through his teeth, his mouth an inch away from her mouth.

“God, yes.. Parker..” Bursa Travesti Nell rolled her head uselessly from side to side.

He did that a few times… withdrawing slowly, then ramming back inside of her.

Nell was helpless with her arms pinned, and no amount of begging would get him to just fuck her right. She was practically in tears of frustration when Parker drew back and released her arms. She wound them around his neck, and he carried her back across the room. Again, each footstep drove him deep inside her, and she almost came again. He stopped at the couch and pulled out of her, then turned her quickly.

Nell bent over the arm of the couch, resting her forearms on the cushion of the seat. She let her forehead rest on the seat as well while she waited to be invaded. It didn’t happen. Nell was about to turn her head when she felt a warm tongue lick the length of her slit. She jerked forward and let out a sigh.

Parker was gentle as he lapped at her pussy, sucking her lips in turn. His tongue delved inside of her, exploring her inner walls, then slid up to her clit, circling it slowly.

“Please.. Parker, fuck me. Please.”

His mouth disappeared and she heard a rustle of clothing. He flipped the tail of her shirt up over her back, and finally, finally, she felt the head of his cock bump against her entrance. With one thrust, he was hilt deep inside of her. Another whimper from her, and a groan from him.

Parker grabbed her hips and held them still as he rocked against her ass. With each thrust, his balls slapped against her clit and she shivered. Parker set the tempo, but it didn’t stay slow for long. He pulled farther and farther out of her, and plunged back in quicker. The arm of the couch bit into the fronts of her thighs, but Nell was past caring. Parker reached one arm around the front of her, and his fingers mercilessly sought her clit. He rubbed it roughly as he fucked her, and in a few short moments her pussy was convulsing around him.

Parker groaned and tried to hold back, but it was no use. The minute she started clamping around him he let go. It happened faster than he expected, but he shuddered with the release as he filled her with his cum. Nell came again, and he took his hand off her clit, grabbing her by both hips and pulling her back against him as the last few spurts left him.

They were both breathing hard, and sweat had plastered Nell’s already wet hair to her forehead. Parker straightened his back and withdrew quickly. He stripped off his shirt and pressed it between Nell’s legs, catching their fluids. Once she was cleaned up, he helped her stand.

The fronts of her thighs were red and almost rug-burned. Parker dropped to one knee and kissed each leg in turn.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m not.” Nell swayed as she smiled.

Parker lifted her into his arms as he stood and carried her back to the bedroom. He laid her down gently, and tucked her in. Kissing her forehead, he left the room. Nell was asleep instantly.


Jerking awake, Nell blinked rapidly. Not understanding her surroundings, she closed her eyes again. The chirping of birds brought her to the point that she had to open her eyes and figure out what the hell was going on.

She was in her car, on the side of the road. Squinting against the sunlight, Nell opened her door and got out to stretch. That had been a dream? A soreness between her legs suggested otherwise. Glancing around to make sure no cars were coming, she jerked down her jeans. The fronts of her thighs were damaged, just as they had been.

“What the hell?” Nell whispered to herself.

Why was she in her car on the road again? Why wasn’t she at Parker’s house, having a post-coital cuddle? Was he that big of an ass, that be brought her back out to the middle of no where?

Looking through the trees, she could see what she thought might be his house.

“That asshole.” Nell got back in her car, and sure enough, her tank was full. “He really put me back out here!”

She drove around to the side road and turned, and in a few minutes was back at the house.

It looked worse than it had that morning. It was odd… all that it needed earlier was a coat of paint.. But now…

Utter and complete disrepair. Windows were missing. The front porch was sagging.

“What the hell?” Nell couldn’t think of a more fitting sentence.

She wandered around the house, and came to a stop beside a tree. She rubbed her eyes with both hands, wondering if she was dreaming. Nell turned, and she stumbled over some overgrowth. There was something hard beneath it. She reached down and pushed the vines away, and her hands flew to her mouth.

Parker Green

April 19, 1979 – August 27, 2009

Beloved son.

Nell made it to her car before she started screaming.

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