The Rescuer Pt. 01

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is a work of fiction. I made it all up. This story more so than most of my writing is proof that I write fiction. That means that no, I am not in the Army, I don’t live in Canada, I have never been on a dog sled, and this story will most likely never happen. It is a heck of a story, so check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is.

The entire story is complete. I will submit the parts to the editors probably faster than they can handle, but hopefully I can keep a steady stream of story coming. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 1 – Lost

Dana’s point of view (Dana is Kim’s and Brian’s mother):

Kim is worried, “Mom, this doesn’t feel right. We should have found Brian long ago. The private investigator we hired said it was a two to three-hour walk to his cabin and we are five hours in, it’s getting late, and that storm on the horizon does NOT look good. I don’t care what the weather forecast said.”

The Private Eye told us which plane went his way. The pilot knew Brian. The pilot didn’t know precisely where Brian lived but had enough conversations that he knew it was a few hours walk and he knew which direction he came in from. That’s all we have.

I try to sound confident, but I know I failed, “Kim, I didn’t want to worry you, but I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while. My instinct is to loop back to the east. If I were going to build a house, I’d put it up high for visibility. I just thought we might see some tracks going to the river. Going east is into the woods, and it would be harder to spot wolves. I guess at least we’ll have some protection from the storm that’s coming. I wish I would have packed heavier.”

Kim is concerned, “Weather service said the storm wasn’t supposed to be bad, but with the luck we’ve had the last few months … oh let’s get going. I wish dad were here.”

I am furious, “We wouldn’t be here hadn’t been for that asshole. We would be in our nice warm hunting lodge back in Canada sending fishermen and hunters out on their trips, liquoring them up, and cooking the fresh catch of the day. Oh, how I love that place.” I scream, “Freeze!”

Kim froze with fear, “Mom?”

I softly say, “Get your rifle out. In front of us over a ridge or two, I see snow being kicked up but no animal doing it.”

Kim is scared, “Fuck! Wolves?”

I too am scared, “Most likely, and it looks like a bunch.”

Kim suggests, “Run for the trees?”

I agree and shout, “Yes! GO! Hurry!”

As we are running, I can now see a pack of wolves running at an intercept course. Those sneaky devils. How did they know we would run to the trees? How did they even know we saw them?

Kim, being younger, smaller, and more athletic, made it to the trees first and she climbs up as a wolf lunges at her and misses.

I wasn’t as lucky as Kim. I am almost to the tree, and I feel teeth bite into my shoulder and claws tear into my coat and my back. Fuck THAT HURTS! In the pristine white snow, a few drops of blood look like a lot. Around me, it looks like a grisly murder scene. I am losing too much blood, out here that’s a death sentence. Two snarling wolves are bad news for me.

Fuck, Kim dropped her rifle climbing the tree. Oh well, I did the same. Would have been nice if she could have killed these two wolves. They will keep me alive for a bit in hopes that Kim will come down for me.

I quickly recognize my imminent death, “Kim, I love you. No matter what happens, stay up in that tree. I am sorry honey.”

I am crying now. Everyone told me this was a bad idea, that I should wait for a guide. I have killed myself. All I can do is cry.

In front of me, a wolf is walking towards me, taunting Kim. I know I am dead. I hope it doesn’t hurt. I hope it ends quickly. Splat! The wolf’s head blows up. What? How? Then I hear the crack of a rifle shot.

I shout with joy, “Kim! Brian is here.” Splat! “Wait till he kills them before coming down.” Splat! “I may pass out, and it’s OK.” Splat! The other wolves run away. “If I do die, take care of Brian, find your dad.” Splat! I pass out.


I wake up as Kim screams, “MOM!” Splat! She jumps down and immediately starts to bandage the lacerations. She has just graduated as a nurse practitioner, and she knows exactly what to do. Splat! As she works on me to control the bleeding, I hear two more wolves die and then it goes silent.

Kim questions me as she is putting stitches into me, “Mom, how do you know it’s Brian? I can’t see anyone.”

I knowingly smile. I give a half-hearted laugh. Ah, the young know so little about things.

I explain to the innocent child, “The first wolf died before I heard the shot. How many hunters in the world can shoot a wolf between the eyes from that distance? How many of them live in this part of Alaska? It’s Brian dear. Trust me.”

I pass out again gaziantep escort bayan ilanları for a few minutes.


Kim’s point of view:

I work on mom while I have time. I have a medical kit, and I get some stitches in the worst part to stop the bleeding. Right now, ending or at least slowing the bleeding in my biggest concern. While I wait for Brian, I stitch and stitch and stitch as quickly as I can. It’s imperative that I get in as many stitches in while I have time. We may need to leave immediately.

It’s about ten minutes before I hear footsteps. I am nervous. I haven’t seen Brian in seven years. He spent four years in the US Army as a sniper. Mom says Brian is the best shot in the family, isn’t even close. Then he spent three years here in Alaska. He never came home after the army. He was supposed to come back to help us with the business.

I am scared, I say, “Hello Brian,” as I turn around. There is a stranger in front of me.

I remember Brian as a happy kid that was all skin and bones. Tall but lanky, no facial hair, short black hair, deep blue eyes which this person has, but Brian always had a smile on his face. It was permanent. I liked that about him. This stranger is much taller, built like Paul Bunyan, a beard, tired eyes, sunburn, and long black tangled hair. He smells too. I can’t quite say he is a man, that would be an injustice. His clothes look weathered, and he has minimal equipment.

Brian looks at me and is concerned, “Who are you? Don’t stop treating my mom; you look like you know what you’re doing. We need to get her warmed up. There’s a bad storm coming, and I can see her coat is useless, she needs warmth, but we need to move ASAP.”

I contradict Brian, “We can’t move her, I haven’t finished the stitches yet. I haven’t even stopped the bleeding completely.”

As I am talking, he is picking mom up. He isn’t listening to me.

I scream, “STOP! You are going to kill her.”

Brian is annoyed with me, “Look here, you little punk ass city brat. You two come stomping through the woods, clearly lost, you know a storm is coming, and you get attacked by wolves. What a great start, welcome to Alaska. It was a hard summer this year, the migration took a turn, and there isn’t much to hunt, every animal is hungry. Blood has spilled, and within a few hours, every predator within 100 miles will be here. I don’t plan on being anywhere near this place when they show up. Shut up and let me save my mom.”

Brian picked mom up like she was a rag doll and he carries her to his sled. Brian tosses out the animals he killed so he can place mom in the sled. He then piles several carcasses back on top of mom.

Brian growls at me, “They will keep her warm, and that’s all the food I have. She will need to eat something.” He is annoyed with me. “Give me her pack; that’s too heavy for you.”

Brian puts moms pack on, and he drags mom in the sled. With working at a hunting lodge, I see a lot of guns. I haven’t ever seen anything like the weapon Brian has. It’s much bigger than the guns I have seen. It’s very basic looking, no intricate carvings or woodwork. It’s not even painted nice, and it’s like he used spray paint and missed half the weapon. Brian whistles and a dog comes running from the woods. He risks his life on two strangers but not his dog’s life. He sure is a fascinating man, one I want to be part of my life.

There are a lot of questions I want to ask Brian, but he isn’t much of a talker, and I am barely keeping up. The dog is a huge Husky. He seems happy to see Brian. That dog has a ton of energy, and he is running circles around us and wagging his tail. He is adorable. I love this dog already.

The dog is white on the tummy, light grey on top and it gradually fades from the white to the grey as it goes from belly to back. Rocky’s face has a black stripe through the eyes making it look like a mask. The tips of his ears are lines in black. The breed has the most beautiful blue eyes. I swear the dog is smiling at me. He is a gorgeous dog.


It’s snowing heavily now; Brian stops and puts up his tent next to a big rock and some trees. Not perfect concealment but I don’t see anything better. He is quick to set up the tent and get mom in. He takes a few things from all three of our packs and orders me into the tent.

We are all in the tent, and Brian breaks out a small heater. It’s not enough to heat the tent but better than nothing. Brian takes moms coat off. It wasn’t doing much with the shredded back. I can see scratches I didn’t notice earlier. He takes off her bloody shirt and bra. I don’t have time to stop him, and I doubt I could. He opens his coat, lays back and pulls mom on top of him, so his body heat is warming her. I need no prompting. I quickly finish all the stitches.

After I complete the stitches, he pulls mom under his own three shirts. It’s tight. He rolls both to his side and then he wants me to open my coat and complete escort bayan gaziantep ilanları the sandwich.

I wish it were Brian in between mom and me, this guy, even if he is Brian, is cute. He never did say he was Brian. In fact, he hasn’t said much at all. The heater helps, mom is skin to skin with Brian under his three shirts, I am baking. Mom is sleeping, the bleeding has stopped which is good, so I am happy.

Brian says to the dog, “Rocky, guard us.”

His dog barks once. I swear almost immediately Brian is asleep. I don’t know for sure who I am even sleeping with, in this frozen wasteland, but we are alive, warm, and a storm is raging outside. It could be a lot worse. I finish pulling up my layers of clothes, and then I get some sleep as well.

Chapter 2 – Answers

Mom’s point of view:

I wake up. It is dark. I then realize I am under some blankets or something and am laying next to a hell of a man. My shoulder hurts. My back hurts. Kim is behind me; her huge pillows are pushing into my back. Between her heat and this man, I might bake to death. I can tell by their deep breathing that they are still asleep. The man holding me is huge. I am dwarfed by his size and being poked by his stick. At the lodge, I have sampled many a man. I don’t think I have yet to feel anything like this. He is hung like a bull, and it’s all mine.

I can’t help myself, and I need relief. I need to save Brian from … Kim. I chuckle like she would do anything. I bet she is still a virgin. I am against his skin with my hands under his armpits. Smart, that’s a warm spot on the body. I pull out my right hand and reach down to release his cock. OH MY GOD! This thing is HUGE! I start to slide my hand up and down. I am slow and touching very lightly, it’s like water on Teflon, skimming over the skin.

I rub my fingers around the head, making sure to touch underneath the mushroom. I would love to get up and start sucking, but that would wake everyone. I use more pressure on his pole. I am pulling the skin up and down his hardened cock. He grunts, I freeze, he is still sleeping. I start moving slowly. I know he will eventually wake up. I start stroking him faster and squeezing the knob. He must be close. I squeeze his knob harder and quicker. I feel a spurt, he grunts and is awake now. He spurts a few more times for me into my hand.

Brian is furious and screams at me, “You haven’t fucking changed a bit you fucking whore! ARGGGGGGG!”

I lick his cum off my hand, go back to wipe more up, and swallow that too.

I say to my son meekly, “Brian honey, thank you for breakfast and thanks for saving our lives.”

Brian ignores me, “I have an extra shirt you can have. It’s clean and warm. You can also take my coat. With me pulling you, I will work up plenty of heat, and you need the coat much more than I do. It’s about four hours walk to my house. It’s still snowing, but we need to move. There is too much out there that’s hungry; it’s been a terrible year. We don’t want to be someone’s meal.”

Brian wakes up Kim, “Get up. There is some food here in my pack. I want both of you to eat it all. You both need your strength.”

Kim tries to object.

Brian counters angrily, “I know my body, I will be fine. You two need it a lot more than I do. I will eat when we get home. Neither of you has enough body fat, you NEED to eat, and there isn’t much. This was supposed to be a hunting trip, not a rescue mission. I am going to check the weather and verify we can go. Back in two seconds.”

Kim helps me dress, and we eat quickly. I feel better, although I wish I could have slid him in me.

Kim asks me, “Mom, how do you feel?”

I am honest, “I am sore, I hurt a lot, but I am alive. Thank you, honey. You two saved me. He doesn’t talk much; he has changed a lot. I know it’s Brian based on his comment, but he has changed so much in these seven years, I hardly recognize him as my son. Eat up; you need it more than me, you are walking, and that’s fresh snow out there. That will make it much harder to go fast. I had some, and I’ll be fine.”

Brian enters and is short with us, “Weather looks good for now, we need to get going.”

He takes down the tent. We barely have enough time to get out. He is in a rush. I walked to the sled and lay down. He then has Kim get into the sled with me. Kim starts to object, but he cuts her off.

Brian is intense while looking at me, “We are in a hurry! Much worse weather is coming, I would rather be home when it hits. You will slow me down so shut up and both of you, hold on tight.”

Brian then takes a rope and attaches it to the dog’s harness. Together the two of them pull us.

Brian explains, “When I kill something big, we do this, so it’s no big deal, we will be home soon enough.”

Rocky and Brian go much faster than Kim, and I could do even when we are healthy. Brian is solid, his shoulders are enormous, and a has stout torso to go with gaziantep bayan escort ilanları it. He is jogging, almost running at times. Between the dog and him, they pull us evenly and effortlessly. We make great time getting home. Brian has his hood off, and I can see him sweating, he is working hard to beat the storm. I am no expert on Alaska, but I know storms, and I sense that we are not going fast enough. I dare not say anything to Brian. He is furious with me. Still, I don’t want to push him too hard. We need him.

I know 1,000 things can go wrong, but he knows this country like the back of his hand by now. He grew up in the forest and the wilderness. I trust him more than anyone I know including men with many more years of experience. He has a sixth sense in the woods. He is more at home here than any town or city in the world. He is working hard, spending calories at an alarming rate, yet he doesn’t seem to be straining. I guess a mother and sister weigh a great deal less than a bear or other large mammal.

I know my son; he is worried about the weather. No stopping for rest or food, no talking, no goofing around. He is all business and safety. I trust in his abilities, and I soon fall asleep.


Kim’s Point of view:

I am on the sled with mom, and it’s warm enough, it’s easy just to lay down and hold on. Zero skill involved. Brain and his pal are going much faster than I could even with no pack. He sure has grown into a real man. I wonder if he knows our mom is a slut. She is going to be all over him, will he even try to resist? Will I get a chance at him?

I have never seen a man like him. Most of the guys that come to the lodge are older and gross, or they are young punks that will fuck anything with a hole. I’ve been waiting a long time to find a man of this quality. I wonder, will he help us? What must I do to make him mine?


Brian’s Point of view:

Why did my mom come out here looking for me? Why didn’t dad come? He is at least OK in the outdoors and would have found me. Something is wrong here, and they better answer my questions. I don’t like the look of this storm nor the way it is coming in. It’s hard to see much in these trees. I think I better pick up the pace a bit. I do have a few kills to eat, and a plane will be coming for them soon, I can use the end of my stores while they are here.

I bellow, “Faster Rocky!” My dog Rocky and I pick up the pace. I didn’t need to shout; he would have adjusted. I feel better saying it. He is one smart dog.


Four hours later, I announce, “ALMOST HOME!”

I made good time, no trips or falls, no falling in or on ice. Could not have gone much better. There are several inches of fresh snow on the ground and many feet coming still. The wind is strong enough that it’s almost a whiteout. Rocky pretty much led the way home. I think I knew how to get here, but he was 100% sure and I trust my life to that dog.

I built a small log cabin that is strong enough to survive anything. I have no worries about the house. I know I have plenty of firewood, I keep a full winter’s worth of wood on hand. I grab mom, put her over my shoulder and then practically drag the girl, so we only open the door once. She is smart enough to seize the few kills I have.

We get in the house, and it’s freezing. Still, with no wind, it’s a lot better than outside. I put mom on the bearskin blankets in front of the fireplace. I quickly start a fire, and soon we have heat. I set the bucket with ice near the fire so we will have water soon. The girl takes my shirt off mom leaving her topless, so she can clean the wound and add some more stitches.

My cabin is rustic, no drywall or carpeting, I built the cabinets and furniture myself. I sleep on the floor by the fireplace which is the stove and furnace. Alaska has an endless supply of firewood for a place my size. I have no pictures hanging on the wall and no fancy amenities. I do have a few windows, and the dwelling is sealed tight, so the wind doesn’t get in. Out here, this is the lap of luxury.

I turn on the few lights I have so she can see better. I have limited solar battery power, but this seems worth using my electricity. The girl has medical training and is attending to mom with her apparent skills. Her tits still are quite firm. Gravity hasn’t had much effect yet. There is a little sag, but I would have expected more. I am trying to concentrate more on the girl than my mother’s good looking 38C naked breasts. The girl has some cream for the wound. She came prepared, practically a walking clinic.

Mom has a plain looking face with long auburn hair that curls on the ends. It’s her flirty nature, thin body, big tits, and the fact that she is a slut that makes her popular with ALL the men.

When the girl finishes, we wrap mom up in a few bear blankets. I like sleeping on them, so I have a bunch. The girl is looking around.

I explain, “You can walk out the back door and then immediately to the left for the out-house, or there are two bedpans by the back door. I didn’t exactly plan for much company, so there’s no spare bedroom either. Neither of you should be here in the first place.”

I move so my back is to the door, giving her some privacy and end up next to mom. She leans up against me so she can see me. I hear the back door open and close quick. I listen to that same door open and close quickly again. I hear a familiar stream in the bedpan. I chuckle.

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