The Ranch House

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Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and are 18 years or older; any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This story is self-contained but follows on from Summer Camp, The Club and Surrogacy Services. To find out how Carla and Troy first met and fell in love, it is suggested that you read Summer Camp first, then The Club to learn of their next venture, and finally Surrogacy Services to read about their development of services to childless couples.


It was late afternoon when I felt the gentle snuffles of Sheltie’s breath against my hand as he nibbled the treats I held for him. Pip, our horse trainer and general stablehand, held the halter of this tiny horse, a true miniature Shetland pony with an impressive pedigree. He was one of several horses included in our purchase of the small horse ranch and he was a very popular sire for Shetland horse breeders. Right now, we were awaiting the arrival of Greg and Cynthia, who also bred Shetland ponies, from out of state. They had their own stud stallions but wisely used Sheltie to expand the gene pool. Pip looked to the gate as I stroked Sheltie’s mane.

“They’re here,” she announced.

I watched their modest sized horse float circle the yard then pull up beside the fence. Cynthia came over while Greg busied himself opening the rear and guiding their mare down the ramp. She shook herself and snorted, before looking around as Greg held her halter and led her towards Sheltie, who immediately smelt a female mare in season and began pawing the ground.

“Easy, fella,” said Pip, patting Sheltie’s flank.

I noticed that the mare was also suddenly more alert with the stallion present, skittering around a little as she now led Greg towards us.

“Hi Cynthia, I’m Carla. Welcome to the Ranch House horse stud and riding school,” I greeted her, “Good trip?”

“Yeah, went well, no problems. Looks like they’re keen to get to know each other again.”

“Sure does. They met a couple of years ago, didn’t they?”

“Yes, we’ve got three mares and we breed them alternately with our stallion and with Sheltie. Seems to be a good mix. If you want to reciprocate and breed your mares with our stallion that could be an option.”

“Well, at present we don’t have a Shetland mare, but I guess we could always buy one from you, bred from your stallion. I’ll have to think on that.”

Meantime, Sheltie and the mare were becoming better acquainted. Greg had closed the gate so we’d slipped the horses off their leads and they were strutting and cantering around the yard, each seemingly interested in the other. I noticed Sheltie’s penis had enlarged and was dangling below his belly as he felt the primal urge to mate with a receptive mare.

“Hi, Greg, I’m Carla,” I introduced myself to Greg as he arrived to stand beside Cynthia.

“Hi, Carla. You’ve got a great horse there. Never yet produced a poor foal from our mares.”

“They’ll be Ok for a while,” said Pip, coming to stand beside me, “I’ll get the coffee ready. You guys must be tired after your drive.”

With a final glance at the cavorting horses, we followed Pip to the staff kitchen area and for the next half hour we chatted while the horses spent time renewing their acquaintance. After a while, Greg, who was facing towards the yard, called our attention to Sheltie, now mounted on the mare, his hindquarters pressed against her rump as they mated. After a few minutes the deed was done and he slipped off her as she moved forward, his penis still engorged and dripping horse cum on the ground.

“Well, I think that’s all finished now,” said Pip as the horses stood close together, like lovers after a satisfying session.

I noticed Cynthia was staring fixedly at Sheltie’s penis, unconsciously licking her lips with the tip of her tongue. She turned towards me and leant near my ear.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a pony?” she whispered.

“Yes,” I replied, “It’s a great thought but I’ve never been game. Have you?”

“Often,” she replied quietly, “But I’ve never been game either. A Shetland would be ideal, I would think, not too big like other breeds.”

“Tell you what, why don’t we both work on this and we can stay in touch. You up for that?”

She grinned. “You’re on,” she said.

“Ok, what’re you two hatching up now?” asked Greg, noticing our conspiratorial manner.

“Nothing, darling,” replied Cynthia, smiling towards her husband, “At least nothing we care to talk about at present. I might tell you later if you’re really good.”

Greg knew his wife too well to push her, so dropped Şerifali Escort the subject.

“We’ll move into our room then and the horses can roam free in the yard, Ok?” asked Greg.

I resumed my role as hostess. “Yes, of course. I’ll show you to your suite now. We’ve changed a few things since you were here last.”

“Yes, a new broom sweeps clean, and all that, I suppose,” replied Cynthia.

We left the room, Cynthia and Greg accompanying me, Pip returning to the horses. Once at the suite, I showed the couple the facilities, where to park their truck, and invited them to the staff recreational complex at the Club, where most staff and visitors met to catch up socially each evening.

“You wouldn’t have had that last time you were here,” I said, “We bought the ranch to add this operation to the Club, which is a little different from the horse stud, but only a little, I guess.” I grinned to myself as I mentally compared the two, not for the first time. “There’s a bar and a pool and usually interesting company.”

“Thanks, Carla. We’ll be there. We’ll also look forward to meeting Troy.”

“Ok, just one thing, the whole area there is clothing optional, so don’t be shocked and wear whatever you wish, or nothing, up to you.”

“Oh. That sounds like fun,” replied Cynthia with a grin, “See you then.”

“Yeah, I’ll ask Troy to show you the ropes.”


Teagan waddled slowly from her recliner to the water’s edge, then climbed down the steps, sighing as the buoyancy of the water eased the load on her legs. She sat next to me on a step and Trish swam towards her slowly and sat beside her.

“How much longer?” Celeste asked.

“Another three weeks, but Troy says that the first is often late. Hope not. I’m getting tired of waddling everywhere.”

“Yeah, I’ve got about six to go.”

“The problem is that Mike’s not sleeping with Clive and me all the time now. Clive reckons there’s not enough space in the bed. He also complains that I’m not as sexy as I used to be; I wonder why,” she grinned, running her hands over her bulging pregnant belly.

“Yeah, it’s interesting, this surrogacy stuff. Normally you’d have Clive’s baby so he’d be feeling his baby inside you, sorta sharing the pregnancy, but this way he’s more remote because Mike’s the birth father so Clive has to adopt the baby to make it his. Guess it’ll sort itself out once you pop and after a short time, I’m sure his fathering instincts will cut in.”

Paula arrived then with Lexie asleep in her buggy, which she placed in the shade. We all craned our necks to view my gorgeous baby.

“How’s the feeding going?” asked Teagan, “Do you or Carla feed her?”

Paula slipped into the pool before answering. “Well, we’ve discussed this,” she replied, “I feed directly from the breasts first time each day, so Carla and Troy get some together time in the morning. Then I’ll be machine milked several times a day and Carla will bottle feed the breast milk to Lexie. That way my body interacts with Lexie each day so it can produce antibodies and stuff that’s needed for her health. Of course, if Carla’s busy then I’ll feed her. Have you seen the milking machine yet?”

“Not yet. What’s it like?”

“It’s quite fun; in fact, more than that, it’s great fun. My nipples are very sensitive, even more than you probably remember from our explorations earlier, so when Troy first introduced me to the machine and I had a dry run, so to speak, the stimulation was out of this world and I came after only a few minutes. Troy said if it was too much, I could just do one breast at a time, but I don’t think I’ll mind cumming a few times a day on a machine.”

“Oooh, sounds like fun. I’ll have to have Troy introduce me to the machine.”

“Yeah, Mike or Clive can also help you along if you like. Troy thinks that the relaxation produced by orgasm will probably allow the milk to flow faster and easier, so maybe some added stimulation of a manual type will be beneficial. Hey, here’s Helene and Sapphire in all their pregnant radiance. Hey, gals, come and talk mom talk with us.”

Helene and Sapphire sat on the steps alongside us, each stroking Teagan’s pregnant belly which was very much larger than theirs, which were only just beginning to show.

“Are you gals still stripping and fucking?” asked Teagan.

“Yeah, probably for a few more weeks hopefully then we’ll be showing too much, except for kinky guys who want to fuck a preggie girl. We occasionally get those. Men are strange things. Guess it’s something to do with fucking an obviously fertile lady who has obviously been fucked by someone else. Weird, eh.”

“Absolutely,” agreed Paula, “There’s no accounting for men’s sexual preferences. So, when’re you due?”

“I’m due in four months, Sapphire in five,” replied Helene. “Really great that we have everything provided by the Club. You sure don’t get that with many employers.”

“For real. You going to do surrogacy for others after this one?” İstanbul Escort asked Paula.

Both women nodded enthusiastically. “Suppose it depends on the delivery though. If it’s easy, why not?” added Helene.

“Who’re they?” asked Teagan, looking towards the entrance as Greg and Cynthia entered the pool area, followed closely by Troy.

“Greg and Cynthia; they have a Shetland pony stud and brought a mare to be serviced by Sheltie,” I replied. “They’re staying overnight so I’ve offered them the full use of the facilities. Glad they’re taking up the offer.”

Troy had removed his robe and was naked beneath, while Greg and Cynthia removed their robes, revealing swimsuits beneath. They were obviously a little nervous, noticing that they were the only ones with suits yet not fully accepting the reality of being naked in public. Troy had a few quiet words to them and they stripped off their suits then walked self-consciously towards the water, slipping gratefully beneath the surface. Once in, they quickly started swimming a couple of lengths before spotting me and coming towards us. I introduced the pregnant surrogates and spent a few minutes explaining our surrogacy program.

“You mean that you women are carrying children that you will give up to someone else?” asked Cynthia.

“Not all of us,” replied Helene, “Sapphire and I are partners and we both want babies, but had difficulty arranging that on our own.” She paused and they giggled together. “So, we were both impregnated and, in a few months, we’ll have our children. Meantime, we have jobs at the Club as strippers and prostitutes, although that will soon end temporarily in a few weeks when we become too big.”

“Like me,” added Teagan, cupping her belly with her hands.

“Oh. So, you’re carrying someone else’s baby then?” asked Cynthia.

“No, this one’s for Clive and me, but Clive’s not the birth father, that was Mike. Clive’s infertile, so Mike impregnated me so we can have a child,” replied Teagan.

“Ok, so Mike’s the sperm donor and it was done in a clinic somewhere?” asked Cynthia.

“Oh, no,” grinned Teagan, “We did it by the direct deposition method; in other words, we fucked. And we still do occasionally.”

Cynthia’s jaw dropped and it took a few moments before she could continue with “Oh, I see, I think.”

“Paula had Lexie for Carla, who’s unable to have children, but she was impregnated by Troy. Mike did the same for us, except this time I’m able to carry it for my hubby Clive, but fathered by donor sperm because Clive’s infertile. It simply allows infertile couples to have children which otherwise would be impossible.”

“Also, it allows same gender couples of raise children, which clearly would be impossible without adoption or surrogacy,” added Sapphire.

“One big advantage I’m finding is that Paula is able to care for Lexie while I continue to run the business,” I said, “Although I’d certainly prefer to be able to breastfeed and take care of her myself.”

“So, you’ve had four surrogate pregnancies here then?” asked Greg.

“Oh, no,” I replied, “A lot more than that. These are simply the ones who have become pregnant and chosen to work here. There are many more who are in the community, happily pregnant and living their own lives.”

The talk moved from pregnancy and children to the Club itself, and I gave a brief summary of what we did and the services we offered. I could tell that both Cynthia and Greg were becoming more interested, so I left them with an invitation.

“It’s Saturday night. Why don’t you come to the Club tonight and see for yourselves what happens there? Just make sure you bring your broadest minds.” I smiled at them, seeing the conflict of emotions on their faces. I was used to this; many people were intrigued with sexual fantasies that they never shared with their partners. Only a relatively few brave souls shared their deepest desires and kinky fantasies, and those were usually the ones who had the most fulfilling sex lives.

“Let’s do it,” said Greg. Cynthia nodded in agreement.

“Tomorrow the riding school is closed and it’s special riding day at the ranch. That is usually a very interesting day. There will be lots of ladies there riding horses with specially designed saddles. Their weekly workout, they call it. You’re most welcome to attend.”

“Fine, book us in for that too. You’d be interested in having a ride, eh love?” Greg asked Cynthia.

“If what you’re suggesting is what I think you’re suggesting, it sounds great and will probably let me live out a few fantasies.”

The group broke up after that, the pregnant ladies talking symptoms and babies, while Troy, Greg, Cynthia and I moved to another part of the pool. Greg and Cynthia began questioning us on what was actually permitted and what forbidden in this complex, so we reassured them that the main difference was to do with agreement. Almost everything consensual was permitted; anything non-consensual was not.

“So, you mean, Ümraniye Escort right now, naked as I am and horny from all this sex talk, you could come and sit on my lap if I asked you to?” asked Greg, grinning at me.

“Yes, provided you wanted me to and I wanted to, that would be no problem.”

I saw him look questioningly at his wife and saw the slight nod she gave him before she looked towards Troy, expecting that whatever happened between us could be reciprocated between them.

“Come here, darlin’,” said Greg huskily as he opened his arms to me.

I approached him as he sat on a step, which had been carefully designed for just this purpose. I stood in front of him and he tentatively reached out towards my breasts bobbing at water level. I moved towards his hands, allowing him to caress them. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Cynthia and Troy copying our actions. I leant forward.

“You want me to sit on your lap, right?”

“Yes, darling, if that’s Ok with you.”

I turned around and sat on his lap, feeling his arms go around me and cup my breasts as his hard cock slid between my thighs, along my slippery trench. I sat down hard on him, feeling the pressure as his cock bent against me.

“Why don’t you move me to make yourself more comfortable?” I asked.

Really, he had little choice where is cock was to go; either it went between our bodies or into my love tunnel. He chose as I hoped he would; he lifted me upwards, his cock stood up, he lowered me so I felt his cock splitting my labia, then expanding my entrance, moving further inside me as he lowered my body onto his thighs. It felt delightful, as always. I looked sideways to see Troy penetrating Cynthia as well, his hands massaging her breasts as she looked around the pool, probably, like most first timers here, expecting that she would be the center of attention. Instead, she found people were simply continuing with their own activities, some of which were similar to ours. I saw her relax more, leaning back against Troy, enjoying the same sensations that I was enjoying with Greg. I gripped his hands and placed them on my breasts. He took the hint and began kneading and massaging my smooth mounds. I felt his cock pulsing in my cunt and used my Kegel muscles to squeeze and release it.

We stayed like that for some time; we watched Troy and Cynthia gently arousing each other while they watched us. I didn’t want to go much further at this stage; there was a long night ahead of us and I had plans for this foursome. Greg slid one hand down to my pussy and began massaging my clit, an action which I knew would have me cumming in minutes. Lexie provided the impetus for me to leave. I heard the sounds she made when she awoke hungry and knew that in a few moments she would begin her full-throated wail. I lifted Greg’s hand away and stood up, his rampant, unsatisfied cock swaying gently in the water currents. I turned and we kissed, hungrily, sexily, briefly.

“Later, darling, have patience,” I said softly, reaching down and giving his cock a squeeze.

I stepped out of the pool and picked up Lexie, taking the bottle of warmed milk from the bag and cradled my darling daughter in my arms. I spent a few seconds gazing into her eyes, losing myself in the pools of dark blue before sliding the teat into her open mouth, watching as she clamped it between her gums and sucked vigorously. How I wished it could have been my nipple she was sucking instead of the rubber one, but I had my baby and was very grateful to Paula for that.

Troy had lifted Cynthia off him and was kissing her, then the three of them climbed out of the water, Greg trying, and failing, to hide his erect cock. They gathered around me as I fed Lexie, who continued to suck strongly as her eyes moved from face to face. I glanced at Greg’s cock, then turned to Cynthia.

“Keep him hungry for sex, so no lovemaking until tonight, Ok?”

“Ok,” agreed Cynthia, grinning in anticipation of what the night could bring.

They left for their room, and soon after Troy and I returned to our suite, Troy pushing the buggy while I continued to cuddle and feed Lexie. Once in our suite, I placed Lexie on her rug on the floor for some tummy time while we showered, then dressed for the evening. We were, after all, the host and hostess of the nightly event so we couldn’t simply leave that completely to staff but had to be there as a last resort if there were problems. However, that didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy ourselves, and, as usual, we intended to do just that while also showing Greg and Cynthia everything that was available, which had increased since the purchase of the Ranch House.

For a start, Meghan’s dungeon had been extended and moved to the Ranch House, allowing space in the Club for further attractions. The Ranch House had also been altered into a dormitory for staff, freeing up space in the Club for additional rooms for the use of prostitutes. Much of the old dungeon had become a glory hole parlor where holes in the wall allowed cocks and pussies to be available anonymously to eager clients. There was no shortage of volunteers to offer themselves nor of clients to use the facilities offered by these volunteers. I had, on occasion, been both volunteer and client myself.

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