The Pursuit of Pleasure Ch. 02

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All characters in this story are 18 and above. Also, feel free comment however you like. I want to get better at writing.


The next morning Andre awakens. The birds are chirping and the sun is in his eyes. He rose up from Annabelle’s bed and he walked into her bathroom. He positioned himself to pee. As he did, he heard a television in the living room. He curious about why Annabelle wasn’t next to him that morning. He finished up quickly and flushed the toilet.

He then noticed he was still naked. Andre quickly found a bathrobe behind the bathroom door. He tried it on, yet it was a bit tight especially in the arms. His muscles were bigger than the sleeves of the robe.

As he walked out of Annabelle’s bedroom. He walked into the kitchen first. He saw the plates, pots, and pans from the food last night. The living room was around the corner when he reached the other side of the kitchen. Andre slowly walked as he got closer to the corner and the TV got louder. He heard a bit of a groan. When he got around the corner, he thought he saw big sea lion on the couch.

As he got closer to the couch, he noticed the animal he thought was an animal is just human. He got closer and realized it was Annabelle. She laid on the couch completely naked on her side. Her breasts looked like basketballs in the sunlight. Her belly reached past her pussy. Her arms were flabby and her face looked chubby. Her ass had the format of a bean bag chair. It was about 65 inches around. The dimples in her ass looked like potholes. She looked up and smiled at Andre.

“Morning, love. How was your long sleep?” said Annabelle.

“It was good. My dick was a little sore though.” said Andre.

“Good. That Viagra worked wonders for you.”

“Wait, you gave me Viagra? That’s something old people use.”

“Yeah, you were an animal last night. You lasted all night long. I didn’t think you were ready to be a dad.”

Annabelle smiled as she patted her belly.

“Well, don’t we need to do it again?” smirked Andre.

Annabelle had huge smile on her face now. Her pussy was getting moist and her nipples were getting very hard.

“Why not?” she said seductively.

Andre pulled his dick out from the bathrobe. It was still as red with purple veins. He was ready to get his dick drenched in Annabelle’s pussy. She gestured her finger to Andre to come to her. He gladly walked over and saw that she had pancakes for breakfast. The maple syrup on the coffee table gave him an idea.

He grab it and laid on the couch next to Annabelle. She sat up and she watched him pour the syrup on Andre’s pulsating manhood. She was going to make the couch look like it had just been underwater with her pussy. She switched sides and she used a new technique to suck on his dick. She put her mouth on the head of his penis. She cupped his maple syrup covered, peach sized balls with her left hand. Annabelle then put her right hand on his shaft.

When her mouth went down, she gasped his balls more and her hand went down his shaft. When she came up, her hand went up and her grip loosened. She repeated this process constantly. It was hard for her to swallow him all fifteen inches of his rod, but she was really trying hard. Andre’s breath was getting very shallow. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

The maple syrup made it so easy for her to go down on him. She could still taste the gravy from last night. The syrup was all over her face. After about a few minutes, she could feel him getting getting close. She got faster the more his dick pulsated.

“Anna.. belle… YEEESSSSS!!”

Then, all of a sudden, Andre exploded in her mouth. The cum from the orgasm was too much her mouth. She tried to shallow and lick up all the cum, but it was just too much for her. It was very warm as well. He had to admit that Annabelle was seriously in love with him.

She sat up from the position she was in. Andre look at her with a type of primal lust. He looked like he was an animal ready to pounce in his lover. Annabelle had a surprise for Andre as well. She went into the kitchen and Andre followed. The syrup from his dick dripped on the floor a little bit.

She went into a cabinet and got grape jelly, a spatula, and peanut butter. She went to the dining room table in the living room. Right behind the table were windows that look as though anyone could see what they were doing and what they looked like. She put the jars on the table. She asked Andre to get her up on the table. She turned around and he picked her up. He got her on the table. She laid on her back.

“Use the spatula and spread the peanut butter all over my asshole. Then, use the jelly to compliment the peanut butter. We’re doing anal this morning. It’ll be a delicious shitty mess.” she said.

“First, I wanna taste it, baby. It’s not everyday I eat peanut butter and jelly… and asshole.” he said

She laughed at him. Andre spread the jelly and peanut butter on her asshole. After he was done, he licked Büyükesat Escort it like a dog licks a bone. He loved the sweet taste of it. Annabelle’s pussy was becoming a fountain and her juices were going down to asshole. It only made the taste better to Andre. He stopped and reapplied the jelly and peanut better. He then took the bathrobe off and he went to get the maple syrup. While he was getting the syrup, Annabelle turned over on her stomach and breasts. She was on the edge of the table. Andre came behind her and lubed up his dick. She was wet with anticipation. He was all ready. Andre teased her asshole with light pecking. Then, finally he struggle to penetrate her asshole. “Force it inside! I want you inside me. I don’t care if it hurts. My love for you will never falter. Go ahead and take my anal virginity.” Annabelle.

“I feel the same way about you. I meet what I said when I said I love you. Get ready to feel some pain.” he responded.

He finally forced his literal sweet rob into her puckering hole. She screamed like a woman possessed. It was almost like she wanted the neighbors to hear them. Andre was worried but excited. She was so unbelievable tight from the inside. He was almost like he was going to pull out her organs. She gripped him like a vice and she wasn’t going to let him go. She then loosen up a bit. Now he could start pumping. Her entire ass was going to be a sticky mess.

“By the way, I forgot to mention I cheated a little. I used a few butt plugs for practice. But I never expected you to have a gargantuan club sandwich for a dick.”

He ignored her and pick up the pace. Her screams got louder and she was sweating so much. Her eyes were started to role back into her head. For almost an hour, it was just constant churning at her insides. His belly meet her ass and it was starting to get nice and sticky. He loved to hear his belly flesh smack against her belly. She screamed I love you to him so many times.

Then, after almost an hour and a half, he switched to her pussy. She was still tight but she loosened up a bit. She could finally take all of his dick. His belly then rest on her ass. He picked all 400 pounds of her from behind. He went to the other side of the table and got as close to the windows as possible. He smushed her against the windows. He wanted to fuck with her tits and belly up against the windows. She got so excited that she was salivating at the mouth. He wanted the world to see her and him loving each other. He fucked her like a mad man.

“Hwkfy…asmkfmklkfl… bfmlkmflk lkf…” she said in gibberish.

He was fucking her to the point where she couldn’t sound out a complete word. It only made Andre hornier.

It was like his mental energy and blood were all giving attention to his dick. He was struggling not to cum. The cock ring he left in the bedroom would have made this so much easier. He wasn’t long until a few more pumps that he came in her pussy once again.

“Yysss!! This is the life I want… I love Andre Johnson and his huge cock!!”

That’s what set him over the edge. The cum got mixed in with her pussy juice. It got on the window because she squirted like a broken sprinkler. A few people passing by wondered what was happening.

He put her down and she sat on her sticky bottom. The sweat, peanut butter, jelly, and cum all mixed on the floor. She was breathing hard. Andre sat against the wall right next to her. She got on belly and she moved to Andre’s crotch. She sucked his dick again and she taste all the flavors on his dick. She huffed and puffed to get up against the wall with Andre.

She looked at him and she opened her mouth. He looked inside and saw the mixture in her mouth. She was about to swallow but Andre stopped her and he began to french kiss. They began snowballing the mixture. Andre got the full taste of everything that went into Annabelle’s mouth for about 10 minutes.

“Sticky is cool, but getting annoyed. I want to take a shower with my future husband. By the way, that glass is one way we can look outside, but people on the outside will only see their reflection.” she said.

“I kinda stop caring after I put you on the window. And don’t worry I’ll clean up after our shower. We made a lot of messes.” he said.

“Wow…thank you. My fiancee is already husband material. I know you’ll be a great father as well.”

“I proud of us. I love you and I don’t care who knows. I mean we both lost our virginity yesterday. I think that means we were meant to be. I have some questions for the woman raising my little man … or girl.”

“I respect that. Now let’s go. I can’t wait for you to reach some spots that I can’t anymore.”

They got up and went to the bedroom. He spanked her ass along the way. She loved him developing his more rough nature. All that football was an outlet for Andre’s latent aggression. However, now he could be rough with someone else in a more sexual way.

They reached Beşevler Escort the bathroom and the shower was huge. It had a bench, too. She turned on the water. After five minutes, it was starting to steam. Annabelle grabbed Andre by the dick and went inside the shower.

The water was very warm and to Andre’s liking. The water rushed down their bodies. They were both excited. He saw a face towel and got it really wet. She got the body wash and put it on the towel. It had the smell of strawberries. He begin to scrub every part of her body. She was getting aroused as the soap and bubbles ran down her plump body. Andre’s boner made it hard for him to bend down to wash all of her ass. He eventually got on his knees and cleaned it up.

When he was done, it was Annabelle’s turn. She grabbed the towel and got everywhere. She slipped a finger in his asshole and he jumped up. It took him by surprise. All she could do was snicker at him. He was red with embarrassment and he wanted some revenge. He turned her around and spank her so hard. It left a big red hand print on her ass.

She begged him to do it again. She said “I need to learn a lesson.” He responded with one smack after another. Her ass was as red as a tomato and Andre didn’t let up. The slaps only got harder. Parts of her ass were now not only, but some black and blue from excessive spanking. Then, she was beginning to cry. When he noticed, he stopped. He turned her around and hugged her tightly.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I never meant for you to cry.”

“I’m… not crying… from the spanking. I’m crying… because I never thought I’d… find a… man like you in my life.”

He only embraced her tighter.

“I love you so much, Andre.” said Annabelle.

“I’ll always be with you.” he said.

They finished up and got out of the shower. They dried each other off and they ended up cleaning the house up from all the “fluids” they left uncleaned. They finally sat down and talked to each other for 2 straight hours. Annabelle explained her childhood story to Andre.

She was an only child and her parents barely had time for her because of their businesses. She was a straight A student in school. She was the top of her class every year. However, she did have a big weight problem. Everyday, when she went to school she was constantly teased about her weight and her intelligence. That was a reason why many men in the U.K. didn’t talk to her. They were either intimidated by her brain or disgusted by her body. Every time, someone went on a date with her it was out of pity. She was miserable, but she persevered.

She ended up graduating early high school and college. Even in college, no one talked to her that much. She tried to lose as much weight as possible so someone would talk to her, but it lead to no avail. When she decided to come to America to become a teacher, her grandfather died. However, he left her with his 300 million dollar fortune from his company.

Her parents desperately tried to find a way for her to give the money to them, but Annabelle refused. Her grandfather was the only man that ever cared about her and always tried to spend as much time with her as he could. Her parents made an attempt to be nicer to her, but for the wrong reasons. They only were interested in the money her grandfather left for her. She noticed there tactis very quickly and stopped talking to them all together.

It was a sad story for her. What amazed Andre so much was her faith. No matter how much she cried, she had always had a smile on her face. No matter what, she always had hope that she would have someone that love her and set her soul ablaze.

Andre sat in amazement at her life story. She also talked about how she started to gain weight after he kissed her. She wanted to test his love for her. She knew a friend from college that had experimented with weight gain stimulants so she could gain more. She studied Andre for almost 2 months to get to know him better. She knew he was a huge possibility for her, but she had to sure.

After that talk, she always thought Andre should gain more weight. She said he would look better with more body fat and muscle. She liked guys with beefy bellies and big strong arms. The conversation they had then took a left turn.

“So who else do you wanna have sex with.?” she said.

He was afraid for a second. He was very hesitate to answer.

“Is this another test?” he asked.

“No, not at all. In fact, I’m asking because I already know your love for me is everlasting. However, if I want you to be happy and get plenty of attention when you need it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want you to experience one woman and quit. Your dick is more than enough for me. Your a full grown bull that needs to breed with more young cows.”

Andre started to get hard again.

“Why? I want to be with my child and wife.”

“I know and we will, but that doesn’t mean we should Cebeci Escort have fun with new sexual experiences. You’re going to know what a pregnant vagina taste like soon enough and maybe you and I could experience more.”

“I think I get what you mean. So technically, it’s okay for me to cheat on you.”

“Don’t think of it as cheating. Think of it as you testing the waters with other woman. So when you test them, you can perfect them with me,” she smirked.

“Um… Okay, I think I get it. So it’s okay for me and you to fuck other people.”

“No, you’re the only man my pussy who will ever touch me like like that… Unless you want other men to… fuck me. I wouldn’t… exactly… mind it. But I’ll only do it if you give them your complete trust.”

“Okay, I got it. So you’ll only fuck me.”

“Yes, Andre! I’m your prize and soon to be wife. But I’ll only fuck other men if you yourself trust those men with your life.”

“You don’t have to let me do that. I only have eyes for you.”

“The offer still stands if you want. You don’t know what you might say if a girl offered you free sex. Chubby chasers like you have a weakness for meaty, tight vaginas.”

“Anny,… Never trust anyone that gives you free sex.”

She laughed, blushed, and said, “Don’t call me Anny! My father called me that.”

It was 2:00 p.m. and Andre decided to go home. They kissed goodbye and hugged. Andre spanked her ass one last time. But before he walked off her porch they exchanged phone numbers. Andre insisted since he wanted weekly check-ins about the baby.

Annabelle stopped him once more and she went into her kitchen and gave him six pack of Corona beer. She said since she was having a baby, she wouldn’t need it. He grabbed it and gave her one more deep kiss. They said goodbye again and he left.

He put the beer in his truck and he was on his way home.

Just then Andre remember something was in his pants pocket. He felt a piece of paper his pocket. He pulled over and look at it. It was Olivia’s phone number. He felt so bad now. Olivia was so excited to meet with Andre. He called her to try and talk to her.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey, Olivia. It’s Andre.”

“Oh… Hey, Andre. What do ya need?”

“Um… could I talk to you? Maybe in person?”

“Yeah, I’ll give you my address. We can talk at my house.”

She gave it to him and he drove over there. He was nervous and really sad about turning her down. He ended up opening one of the beers and chugged it to make it easier to tell her. He got out of the car and walked up to her door. He didn’t even have to knock. She saw him in the window. She greeted him and hugged him. She led him to her room.

When he walked in, he was surprised at her. All he could saw was her room was so pink. Her walls were pink and so was her carpet. Her desk was on the left side of Andre as he walked in. It was a hot pink and full of sticky notes. There were posters on her wall. Some were images of Taylor Swift on them. Others were pictures of men from movies and boy bands. She had a giant pink bean bag with a type of fur-like material. Her bed was in front of Andre. It was a king sized bed. It had pink sheets and a pink comforter. She also had a TV to the right of him.

“You can sit anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

She walked out and Andre awkwardly sit on the bean bag. He looked around her whole room and he realized that Olivia was unbelievable innocent. She was just a simple girl that wanted finally yearned for someone in life. Andre now knew this wasn’t going to be easy. It felt like he was rejected a little girl.

She finally came back (all 400 pounds of her) with freshly made sandwiches for her and Andre. Her belly jiggling as she walked inside. Her thighs looked so beautiful as they rubbed together so gracefully. Her cleavage was poking out and her hair was in a bun. She had a huge smirk on her face as well.

She put the burgers on her bed. When she bent down, her ass poked out. It looked like two soccer balls that wanted to break out of her yoga pants. She then turned to Andre and sat down on the bed.

“Um… Olivia… this is… Important for you to hear.”

“What’s wrong?

He got up on the bed first. He knew this was going to be a really painful situation for him and her.

“Um… Olivia… There’s no easy way to saw this,… But I… have.. a… girlfriend already.”

The smile on her face turned slowly into a sad frown.


“You.. okay.”

“Yeah, yeah. I guess we should just be friends.”

After admitting that uncomfortable truth, they awkwardly ate the sandwiches. Andre complemented that they were delicious. They were classic BLTs with this type of sauce Andre didn’t recognize. She told him it was a special sauce her family made. They went though about seven sandwiches each.

Olivia and Andre were both full. Then, Andre decided it was time to leave. As he got up, he say Olivia drop a tear from her face and she smiled as well.

“What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t really care the girlfriend part. I just wanted someone to really get close to. Don’t get me wrong. I have friends, but I wanted something more. That’s okay, though. I understand the way you feel. People really don’t like me that much because they think I’m too much like a kid. Do you think I’m a kid?” she asked.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32