The Puck Bunny and the Team Captain

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*****I would like to thank the main character ‘Luc’ who helped me out of a downward spiral after losing both my parents, my mother, the year I turned twelve and my father who passed away in my fourth year of college. He went on to excel, and still does in the NHL after his Tier 1 college career. ‘Luc,’ if you happen to read this, I think about this night very fondly and often which is why I had to put it in words; so I can refer back to it at any, and all the, time. Thankfully we got to spend much more time together than this night and our lives are forever intermingled. I haven’t decided whether or not to write a sequel or just to leave it where it is at the end of this submission.*****

I am what many people refer to as a “puck bunny.” I like to hang around the ice rink after college hockey games hoping to get to know some of the players who come off the ice better. In recent years, I have begun to wait in the hallway of our college’s dressing rooms. The players use one dressing room for gear, dressing, and intermission strategic plays, and the dressing room across the intersecting hallway to exercise and shower. When they cross between rooms, many wear only a small towel that wouldn’t be much bigger than a tea towel.

After one game, I was lingering off to the side of a bunch of girls. As I was watching them out of the corner of my eye, I heard my name.

“Hey Jess! Can you wait until I finish up here?” asked our cheery team captain, Luc. I nodded, and flashed a bright smile his way, taking note of one of those skimpy towels and that he wasn’t leaving much to the imagination.

In my opinion, Luc was the best looking guy on the team, plus he seemed to have his life mapped out. I figured he wanted to speak to me about a project we were assigned in one of our classes. I knew the team had a 12 a.m. curfew because they would be leaving on a 5-day road trip in the morning. He was pursuing an accelerated Bachelor of Commerce degree, planning to finish in three years instead of four. He was from Canada and his name suggested he was French.

Luc came out of the dressing room, put his arm around my tiny waist and asked if I was ready to go. I smiled at him, nodded, and flipped my hair over my shoulders as we walked down the hall away from the dressing rooms.

Luc looked at me and asked, “Do you have any plans tonight, Jess?”

I hoped he thought I was hanging around wanting a raunchy night but unfortunately I was correct; he suggested we work on our International Trade presentation that was due at the end of next week. As he was going to be away for the next five days, we’d have to work tonight or cram next week when he returned. Since neither of us liked to cram, as we’d discovered working together on previous projects, I figured tonight was as good as any to finish the research and start on the skeleton of the presentation.

We continued walking into the parking lot, his arm still around my waist. I led him to my car, a 1980 4-speed, 190HP-V8 red convertible Corvette Stingray. I watched Luc’s jaw drop when he saw it.

“Wow, what a beauty. How did I not know she is yours?” he asked. “I’ve seen her around campus but figured she was someone’s mid-life crisis.”

“Know how to drive a stick?” and I tossed him the keys when he smiled. I rounded the car and got in the passenger side, the first time I’d sat in that seat since my father passed away earlier that semester and left me the car amongst some real estate and money.

Luc slid the key in the ignition, turned it, and the engine roared to life. He looked over at me, grinning, and put her in first, second and third as we picked up speed. He drove to his place and before we walked in, we could hear a party already in full swing. Many teammates were already there and doing shots like they were drinking water. Luc shook his head and spoke loudly in my ear, “How about your place, Jess? It can’t be this bad.”

“What makes you think my place would be messy?” I retorted.

“I didn’t say ‘messy,’ I said ‘bad,'” he corrected.

“OK Luc, fair enough. Since you like my baby so much, you can drive,” I said and playfully punched him in the shoulder.

“Ow,” he said, rubbing his shoulder as if in distress. “That’s my shooting arm!”

“Give it a rest, big guy. Get in this car and take me home,” I said while emphasizing the word ‘home.’

He fired up the engine and took off toward my old apartment.

“Oh wait, Luc, I don’t live there anymore. I have a house now,” I said.

“Wow, Jess, I thought I knew a lot about you but I guess I’m way off!” Luc chided.

I wondered why he was trying to gather information on me but shrugged it off and gave him the directions to my house, a brick rancher on the outskirts of town.

Luc whistled as I instructed him to pull into the driveway while I pressed the button for one of the garage doors to open.

Before I exited the car, I pressed the garage door opener one more time. I joined Luc on the landing while I unlocked the door.

I stepped in front of Luc, turning on the hallway Travesti light. Luc grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze. I turned around, raised an eyebrow and smiled. He grabbed me by the shoulders, turned me to face him, and pushed me up against the wall. He looked me in the eyes and I felt my heart race. Luc stroked my cheek slowly, moved tentatively closer, and brushed my lips with his. I immediately felt shivers through my whole body. I guess Luc felt something as well as he slid his hands down from my shoulders and cupped my ass and lifted me up, my arms automatically circled his neck..

He whispered, “Where’s your bedroom?”

I said huskily, “Just down the hall, second door on the left.”

He carried me down to the room which had been mine growing up and I hadn’t moved into my parent’s room since my dad’s death earlier this semester and my mom’s death eleven years ago.

Luc laid me on my bed in the dark and began throwing pillows onto the floor. I started laughing when I heard him mumbling in French, something like, “Mon dieu, combien des coussins y?”

Luc said desperately, “Hey Jess, a little help here.”

By the time I removed the remaining cushions and pulled back the bedding, I could hear Luc fumbling with his belt and then the distinct sound of a zipper. I thought to myself, “He’s a real go-getter, not wasting any time at all!”

“Hey Luc, do you have any condoms?” I asked.

I heard him mumbling something in French, “Tabernacle!” which I knew was the word many French used instead of ‘Fuck!’ and guessed he had forgotten them but then assumed he either kept them in his bedroom, which he didn’t get to or in his car which was still in the parking lot at the college.

“Jess, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

I responded quietly, “It’s ok Luc, I have some. I’ll be right back.” I went across the hall to the main bathroom, opened the drawer in the vanity, grabbed two and then a third condom.

I took off my jeans, sweater and socks, and ran the tap for a glass of water. I left the bathroom light on as I wanted to be able to see his expressions during and after sex.

I was dressed in only my deep red push-up bra, not that my 32DDs needed help, and a matching G-string when I sauntered back into my bedroom where Luc was waiting anxiously. When he saw me, his cock stood up more.

Before jumping him, I handed him the glass of water.

“What’s this for, chérie?” he asked.

I stammered, “Jess, my name is Jess, not Sherry.”

Luc laughed, “‘chérie’ means ‘sweetheart.'”

“Drink this, it’ll help you from becoming too dehydrated,” I said.

He raised an eyebrow and chuckled, “Oh Jess, what do you have in store for me?”

“Just so you know, I’m clean. I had a bit of trouble right after my dad passed earlier this semester but all is good now,” I confessed, assuming he already knew I’d fucked four of his teammates this season alone.

“I haven’t had sex with anyone since my, now ex-girlfriend, told me it was impossible to stay monogamous while I was away at school. I guess she figured I wasn’t since I was always on the road for hockey. So I got tested right away!”

I felt bad but didn’t want to waste anymore time talking so I said, “Ok Google, play ‘bedroom playlist.'”

Immediately a voice said back, “Here is a selection of songs you like to listen to while having sex.”

I backed up from the bed and began moving slowly to the beat of the first song, my hips swaying as I brushed my wavy chestnut brown hair over my shoulders, tying it loosely. I strode closer to the bed where Luc was laying on his side and I bent down in front of him as I released the closure in my bra, my breasts spilling out. I ran my tongue over my top teeth and smiled seductively.

“Mon dieu wow,” he whispered.

I bent over him just close enough that he could touch my breasts. “Mmm, they are beautiful Jess, just like you.”

I stood back up moving in sync with the next song, swaying my hips from side to side. I took one thumb and hooked it under one of the sides of my G-string and did the same with the other side.

With each beat of the music, I pulled my G-string down a bit further. When I got as far as my knees, I turned around so he could see my ass. I looked over my shoulder, put two fingers in my mouth and sucked on them, making a slurping sound. I reached between my legs and slid my fingers into my pussy.

“Ohh Jess, that’s so hot! Bring that piece of ass over here so I can spank you for being a naughty girl,” Luc instructed.

I remained bent over, sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy until a sloshing sound could be heard. “Ok, I’m ready now,” I said to Luc who was stroking his cock as he watched.

“Do you like what you’re seeing, Luc?” I asked coyly. He nodded. “Do you want me to continue putting on a show for you?” He nodded again and sat up. I kicked off the G-string before I grabbed a couple pillows from the floor and stacked them behind his back so he could sit comfortably. I climbed onto the foot Ankara Travesti of the bed, laying across it with my legs spread apart.

Luc moaned when he saw my Brazilian bikini.

“Could you be a sweetie and open my bedside table? Under the book, there’s a bullet shaped vibrator with remote control. You control the remote and I’ll place the bullet on my clit. How quickly you cum depends on how quickly I cum because I may end up jumping you when I start having multiple orgasms,” I warned.

Luc asked credulously, “You can have multiple orgasms?”

I smiled, “Oh baby, watch me.”

He handed me my silver bullet, which I sucked on to get it warm, somewhat lubricated and positioned on my clit. While holding it with one hand, I slipped three fingers into my pussy with the other. I started out slowly, waiting for the familiar stimulation from the bullet. “There it is,” I said to myself. I moaned quietly, as I picked up the speed in which I fingerfucked my pussy with each setting Luc increased the speed a little more on the bullet. Once he was at almost max speed I could feel my first orgasm starting to build.

I tossed my head back and screamed, “Oh my God, I’m almost there!” With that, Luc turned the vibrator up as high as it would go. “Oh Fuck yeah,” I moaned as I felt my body beginning to shudder. I removed the bullet from my clit just as I started to squirt toward the head of the bed where Luc was sitting and my pussy juices dripped down over my hand which was deep in my pussy. I removed that hand and licked my clitoral cum sucking one finger clean at a time.

“Holy shit!” Luc exclaimed. “That was fucking hot.”

“Oh I’m not done yet, baby,” I cooed. I paused for a moment and watched him stroke his swollen cock.

I placed the bullet back on my swollen and sensitive clit, blinked my eyes slowly while running my tongue across my top teeth. I had noticed he’d reacted to the same expression earlier.

“Mmm,” Luc moaned, as he ran his thumb over the head of his cock where his precum was starting to seep. He started stroking his cock faster and at the same time, he turned my silver bullet up a notch or two.

I could feel my second and third orgasms building. Not only could I have clitoral orgasms but I have very explosive G-spot ones too. I watched Luc, staring into his green eyes and saw him looking deep into my, almost teal, blue eyes. I think he could tell by my facial expressions that I was nearing another orgasm so he turned my bullet up to the highest speed and I couldn’t help it but it put me over the top, I started to squirt from my clit but I kept thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy and within seconds, I gushed, some of it splashing on him. I shuddered and once again, another orgasm rocked my body; I felt the shiver all the way down my body and even into my toes which were curled tightly.

“Jess! What was that?!” asked me stunned.

I moved the bullet away from my pussy to regain my composure and to catch my breath.

I laughed and winked, “That, my dearest Luc, was a Jess special.”

I crawled up the bed toward him, not breaking our eye contact. When I got up between his legs, my tits were hanging, my nipples erect against his muscular thighs. He stopped rubbing his cock as I took it in my mouth, him sliding his hand down further, rubbing it in unison to my bobbing up and down on his cock. Luc slowed down the pace and I knew he was close to cumming but I tried to keep the faster pace. I really wanted to fuck him but not when he was this close to cumming!

“Jessica,” Luc breathed heavily, “slow down or you’ll make me cum.”

I giggled, “Um, isn’t that the point of oral sex?”

Luc said, “Of course, but I would like nothing more than to fuck you, you beautiful lady.”

I pushed his hand aside and said, “If you want something to do, either grab my tits and pinch my nips or just lay back, relax and let me do the job.”

His cock definitely had the widest girth of all guys I’ve fucked, I said to myself. I moaned and flicked the head of his penis and he shivered. I let saliva drip from my mouth, down his cock, creating a natural lubricant. I started stroking faster and I felt his quads tensing up below my body as I leg fucked him. He pinched both of my nipples and I cried out in pleasure as he had made me cum on his leg!

I managed to stay focused on bringing him to finish very soon. I stopped sucking his cock and licked down the side until I came to cover his balls in saliva and gently sucked on his testes.

I heard him moan again, licked my way back up his cock and covered his head with my mouth, taking him as deep as I could until I felt his cock pressing against the back of my throat. Willing myself not to gag, I eased the pressure as Luc thrust his cock in and out of my mouth while I stroked his cock.

His body went rigid and I heard him gasp, “Jess, I’m going to cum.”

I heard Luc moan again and felt the first of several bursts of cum hitting me in the back of my throat. It came rapidly and in large squirts, İstanbul Travesti some of it escaped my mouth and rolled down my chin. I wiped my chin with my finger, looked him in the eye and licked my finger off. I swallowed every last of his salty seed.

Luc was the first to break the silence, “Jess, that was amazing.”

“No Luc, it was equally amazing,” I corrected him.

I slid up the bed, sat facing him and leaned in for a kiss, our tongues greedily exploring each other’s mouth.

Luc murmured, “Your lips are so full and soft,” as he kissed my lips, his warm breath against my neck, and ears.

He slipped one arm behind me laid me back on the pillows. I wrapped my legs around his waist, rubbed one hand through his hair, and drew lazy circles on his ass with the other hand. I could feel him stiffen under my body and arched my back so he could enter me.

When he thrust into me deeply and gently I still had my back arched and legs in the missionary position. I gripped the bedsheet with one hand while I slid my other hand easily between us, began to rub my clit quickly and felt the pressure starting. “Faster, I begged of him.”

“I’m in charge this time,” he smiled at me. He pulled himself into a sitting position and grabbed me by the ankles, pulled me tight into him, and rocked his body against mine.

I could feel the head of his cock hitting me at the base of my cervix. I began to rotate my hips on top of him while he pushed himself deeper inside me.

“Luc, I’m going to cum,” I said as he began to drive his cock in and out, faster and deeper.

“Yeah Jess, cum all over my cock,” Luc urged.

“Mmm, oh God yes! Faster, faster” I moaned loudly as I stopped rubbing my very swollen clit and pulled him in close by the glutes. Our “fit” together felt natural.

I wrapped my legs around him as our bodies moved in unison. He slid my legs, one at a time, up from his waist to his shoulders and cupped the cheeks of my ass with his, surprisingly soft hands.

I crossed my legs at the ankles behind his neck as he drove his cock harder and deeper than I had dreamt possible. In this position, he easily hit my G-spot and my clit at the same time.

“Ohh, mmm, uhh, uhh, oh yeah, keep doing that, I’m close to cumming Luc,” I coaxed him in a whisper under my breath.

“Mon dieu, j’taime des petites criers. You make me so horny Jess-ee-ka,” his words broken with the rhythm of each thrust.

“Oh yes! Yes! Ohhh!” I cried in ecstasy as I came over him and my bed.

Luc moaned, “Oh yes! I’m getting close Jess.”

I felt my muscles grip tightly around his cock. Just as I started to cum, I felt Luc stick a finger in my ass, then two and curled them so that he was rubbing on my G-spot from within my ass. I didn’t know many men who knew of that spot.

I clamped down hard on his cock and I felt him freeze momentarily, then, “Oh non, j’ai désolé, Jess! I’m so sorry,” he apologized as he pushed deeply and slowly, letting out a small slow breath.

“Luc, don’t feel bad, not many guys can make me cum like you can,” I said as I removed my ankles from around his neck. He laid down beside me, kissed me on my neck and then lips. I felt my nipples harden as he cupped my breast in his hand. Luc rested his head on my chest, which was moving up and down from the aerobic workout we just finished, and flicked my nipples with his tongue.

“You ready to go again Jess?” Luc asked.

I asked incredulously, “Are you serious? Already?” then I felt his answer hardening alongside my legs. I smiled and said, “Hell yeah.”

I slid down his sweaty and slick skin and crawled on, slipping his unbelievably hard cock between my legs into my sopping wet pussy. I began moving slowly, like a cowgirl sitting in her horse’s saddle. Luc asked me to turn around to face his ankles.

I like this position but I had not met many guys who wanted to take the time to really enjoy it. Luc pulled my ass cheeks apart and stuck, what felt like, his thumb in. With his hands, he pushed me forward onto my knees and without notice withdrew his cock from my pussy and drove it into my ass.

“Uh!” I squeaked from surprise.

I was kneeling down on my elbows with my ass in the air being fucked silly by a guy I never figured I’d ever have in my bed, yet there he was. He gripped me tightly by the hips and directed his cock in and out of my ass. I was experiencing a whole new set of sexual feelings this evening. Luc swung my body crossways on my bed with my legs dangling over the side. When my feet hit the floor, I could feel him crouched behind me. He slid one hand in under my chest and went back and forth taunting my extremely sensitive nipples. With his other hand, he yanked on my loosely tied ponytail and I arched my back allowing him to enter as deeply as he wanted. He told me to slide my fingers into my pussy to feel his throbbing cock rubbing on my G-spot while in m ass.

My mind wandered for a moment as I couldn’t believe how fucking horny he was making me feel. The last time I had felt this horny was earlier this semester when two of his teammates tag-teamed me. For me, having something penetrate my ass and pussy at the same time is very erotic. But if there was a chance of playing with the captain until the end of school, I was all game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32