The Professor’s New Hire

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The professor was very pleased with the new PA he hired last week. The past few months had been extremely busy with all the data to collect, papers to write, presentations and classes to prepare, and on top of that a lot of annoying administrative tasks he just couldn’t keep up with. The secretary of the department had been bugging him for months about all the reimbursements forms and grading notes he still had to fill out. He was feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.

In general, the professor was a very sexual and masculine man. He was by far the most attractive man working at the university, and always received a fair share of attention from female students and colleagues. So far, he had been able to control himself and to maintain a professional attitude. Yet, as he couldn’t even remember the last time he had sex, his mind started wandering off today. He just couldn’t stop thinking about his new hire.

He looked forward to working with her for several reasons. Firstly, of course, because she would help him getting on top of things again. Secondly, because she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen, he looked forward to her getting on top of him. He just couldn’t stop thinking about how her breasts looked in that sexy black dress she was wearing during the job interview.

He started picturing how she would look naked, already during the interview, and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since. The thought of her beautiful, naked body aroused him. Today would be her first day. In fact, he expected her to walk into his office any minute now.

At that moment, Jennifer was walking to the university feeling a bit insecure about the dress she was wearing today. What if the professor would find it inappropriate? She had put on a very short dress this morning, just long enough to hide the suspenders she was wearing to hold up her stockings.

She couldn’t help but being a bit turned on ever since the job interview she had with the professor. Clearly he was flirting with her during the job interview. He asked – for example – what her opinion was on office romances, whether she would mind working late, and whether she would be open to joining him to conferences.

Jennifer tried not to reveal how attracted she was to the professor. He was the most handsome, most masculine, most sexy man she had ever met. She couldn’t wait to work with him every day. She would try her utmost best to please him, professionally or any other way.

She had reached the office of the professor and felt that her fantasies about her new boss had made her very wet. It’s going to be an exciting day, she thought, as she knocked on the professor’s door.

The professor was instantly aroused when he opened the door to Jennifer. She was stunning. His eyes darted from her high heeled shoes, to her thin waist, to her perfect breasts, and finally to her eyes. He was awkwardly aware that she had followed the path his gaze had taken over her body but he managed to stammer a polite good morning, as he continued to take in her eyes.

There was a look she gave him that made his scrotum tingle. He’d been made quite uncomfortable by it during the interview, but this time he held her gaze and tried to figure out exactly what lay behind it. His scrotum told him it probably wasn’t entirely innocent.

“Come in and sit up on it for a moment please?”

“You want me to sit on your desk?”

“If you wouldn’t mind, yes.”

Jennifer slipped herself up onto the desk, careful to avoid her dress riding up and exposing her suspenders. The professor walked to where she sat perched, he looked at the distance her feet hung above the floor, he asked her to rest her palms face down on the edge of the desk, and then placing his hands on either side of her he applied his weight to the desk, testing its strength.

“Looks perfect.”

“I’ve cleared a drawer for you to store your things in as well. But for now, let me help you off with that… I mean help you off that, and perhaps you can help me with some of these reimbursements I’ve been trying to process?”

“Thank you so much for all your help professor, and of course for hiring me. I’m very much looking forward to providing you with whatever assistance you may need. I realize I don’t have much experience as a PA, but I assure you that I’m eager to learn new things, starting with these reimbursements. Shall I move my chair next to yours so that you can show me how the reimbursement process works?”

The professor was more than willing to explain the reimbursement process, or any other process, if that would mean Jennifer sitting close to him. He wanted to smell her perfume, to touch her, to look down at her cleavage, to look her into the eyes. He sensed that Jennifer wanted the same thing, as she placed the chair as close to him as possible.

The professor made a serious attempt explaining the process to her, but he was very distracted. He couldn’t stop thinking about all the things he wanted Jennifer to do for him. It didn’t help that Jennifer’s skirt İstanbul Escort gradually slid up her legs, so he could see what she was wearing underneath. Jennifer noticed and pretended to be a little embarrassed by it.

“Sorry for you to see that, maybe I should wear some more appropriate lingerie tomorrow?”

“Please don’t, I think this is the most appropriate lingerie you could be wearing as a PA. Part of the job is to make me happy, to please me, and you’re doing just that by wearing stockings and suspenders.”

“I’m happy to be of service. Is there anything I could do that would please you even more, professor?”


Jennifer was very turned on herself now. She was starting to get the impression that this might well be a very interesting new role she had found herself in.

“I take my job very seriously, professor. I am here to serve you in whatever way you choose.”

“Jennifer, I expect you to learn to anticipate what I need from you. A good PA should know what requires attention, even before me.”

“Well, if you’ll excuse me saying, I can see that you are obviously turned on right now. Why don’t you let me see if I can help you with that before we turn our attention to the reimbursements?”

And with that she knelt in front of the professor, unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his trousers, took out his now very hard cock and placed her lips around his tip.

The professor moaned in ecstasy. He was a noisy lover. When he wasn’t moaning his appreciation – which he continued to do as Jennifer slid her lips down the length of his shaft – he had a habit of dirty talk.

“mmm… if you keep that much longer I won’t be able to stop myself cumming in your mouth Jennifer.”

“That’s the idea professor, I want to taste you. I want to swallow your cum, sir.”

She slid her lips along the length of him, occasionally taking him out of her mouth to lick, and even lightly, teasingly, bite. She moved her fingers over him too, tongue and fingers working together to drive him to ever-higher states of arousal. And then she would again swallow him whole, sliding her tongue over him as she did so.

The professor exploded into her mouth. His body went into involuntary spasms.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He continued to quiver in pleasure as Jennifer swallowed the last of his cum, licking some from her long fingers.

“You’ve got quite a talent, Jennifer. I don’t think I’ve cum so quickly since I was a sixteen-year-old virgin.”

Jennifer, still on her knees, looked up at the professor.

“As I said, I take my job very seriously. You’ll be pleased to know that you’ve passed my taste test. I don’t always swallow a man’s cum more than once, but I expect I’ll be happily swallowing a lot of yours in the coming months. Now, let’s get some work done so we don’t have to worry about those annoying administrative tasks. I want you nice and relaxed so you can focus on more important things.”

The professor really tried to explain how to perform the administrative tasks, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt to cum into Jennifer’s mouth. His orgasm was so incredibly intense and he wondered how it would feel to cum inside her.

To test how seriously Jennifer took her new job, he asked “How was it for you to make me cum?”

“I loved it, Sir. I have never seen a cock as majestic and glorious as yours, never felt someone cum as hard and intense as you, never heard someone talk as dirty as you, never swallowed cum that tasted as good as yours, and never been so aroused by sucking someone. I am so wet right now. Would you like to feel how wet I am? Would you like to taste it?”

The professor was instantly hard again by hearing Jennifer’s words.

“You might be the best PA I could wish for. What I would really like you to do right now, is to slowly take off all your clothes and show me that beautiful body of yours.”

Jennifer complied with the professor’s request. She took off her dress and showed the professor her body, lightly covered by the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen.

As she began taking off her bra, the professor interrupted her, “No, leave the rest on, except for your panties.”

Again she complied with his request, and took her panties off, while leaving her stockings and suspenders on.

“Now, touch yourself, show me how you would pleasure yourself”.

Jennifer liked how the professor told her what to do, she was very aroused by this type of domination.

She leaned against her desk, brought one hand between her legs and slowly started to rub her little clit.

“Now, slide one finger into your wet pussy”, the professor asked.

Again, Jennifer did as she was told to do. The professor was so turned on by looking at this beautiful sexy woman who was masturbating in his office.

“How does that feel? Tell me how that wet pussy of yours feels.”

Jennifer replied her pussy felt really soft, wet, and warm, and couldn’t wait to be penetrated by the professor’s beautiful Anadolu Yakası Escort cock.

“Now, lick your finger and tell me what your pussy tastes like.”

“I love the taste of pussy, professor. Even my own.”

The professor was in heaven! The site of this gorgeous young woman surrendering herself to him, her eyes hungry to see the arousal she stirred in him was a tangible fantasy. It was as if she knew exactly how to trigger his desire. He couldn’t stand it any longer. He pushed aside some papers he’d been planning to read. Then he placed his hands around Jennifer’s slim waist, feeling her soft skin slide across her hips, and he placed her on his desk.

“Now, I’m going to violate some codes of conduct with you and I need to know this is something you desire. Something you want. I will ask you to do things for me. I want to do things to you. Of course, you can ask me to stop at any time. But until you ask me to stop, I will assume that you are mine. I will assume that you have given yourself to me, to do with as I please, to fulfill all of my fantasies with you. Until you ask me to stop, you will be mine. Is that acceptable to you, Jennifer?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m all yours. My body. My lips. My breasts. My pussy. My legs. My butt. You can do with it as you please. Promise me you won’t hold yourself in. I want to fulfill all your sexual, dirty fantasies.”

The professor was so aroused by her words that he felt his cock getting even harder. The first thing he asked her to do was to turn around, put her hands on his desk, and bend over. He wanted to look at Jennifer’s beautiful butt and pussy, while sitting on his chair. It was a stunning sight.

He tried to control himself and just enjoy the look of this hot woman bent over his desk, but he felt such a strong urge to touch her. He brought his hands to her hips, and felt the soft skin of her hips and butt. Slowly, he moved his fingers to her beautiful pussy.

He loved how soft, wet, and smooth her lips felt. He slid one finger into her red and swollen cunt and was surprised by how nice and tight it was. It was by far the most beautiful, tightest pussy he ever felt and he couldn’t wait to feel that soft, warm cunt around his cock.

He brought his mouth to her clit and gave her some soft, teasing licks with his tongue. He noticed how intensely her body reacted to his touch. She was soaking wet.

“I love your pussy, Jennifer.”

“Show me how much you love it!”

The professor again unloosened his pants and let them drop to the floor. His glorious cock was unbearably hard, he rested the tip on Jennifer’s swollen pussy lips. She pushed herself back onto him, sliding him deeper into herself.

“Do you like that Jennifer?”

“I do. But you’re teasing me now, professor. I want to feel your cock in me as deep as possible. How much more have you got to give me?”

The professor placed his hands on Jennifer’s hips and pulled her to him, pushing his stiffness all the way into her.

“I love it!! You have such a big cock! Love how deep you can get with it!”

The professor got even more aroused by Jennifer’s dirty mouth. As she apparently liked it rough, he pushed into her even harder and deeper.

“If I’m being too rough just say stop.”

“No, don’t stop. Please don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop!!”

The professor was encouraged by Jennifer’s words. He wondered how far he could go. How dirty she would allow him to be. He turned her around, so she was facing him, and started to kiss her passionately.

“You are so fucking hot. I love your body, I love your pussy, I love your lips. You are an amazing PA!”.

He pushed her on his desk again. Jennifer put her legs around him and he pushed his cock back into her tight little pussy. The professor looked at Jennifer’s amazing body and played with her breasts, while fucking her harder and harder.

“You are all mine. From now on, I own this hot body of yours. Do you understand? Do you understand what you signed up for, as my PA?”

“Tell me, professor, tell me exactly what that means.”

“It means, that I can fuck you anytime and anywhere I want. If I want you to suck me in this office, you’ll suck me. If I want you to suck me while I’m driving to our next appointment, you’ll suck me. I we are outside and I feel like fucking you, we’ll find a dark alley, and you’ll let me fuck you. It means that if I feel like tying you to a bed or chair, you’ll let me tie you up. If I feel like slapping your ass, you let me slap that ass of yours until it turns red. If I feel like pulling your hair while taking you from behind, you’ll let me pull your hair. If I feel like fucking you for a few hours, you’ll let me fuck you for a few hours. It also means that I can fuck your mouth, your pussy, your ass, and I can choose the hole I want to cum in.”

“Do you know what would make you the best PA? Not only allowing me to do all this, but be soaking wet every time I want to make use of your services. Am I clear? Do you think you will be a good Üsküdar Escort PA?”

Jennifer’s pussy was quite something. Freshly shaved and with a clit that was full and eager. The lips of her pussy gripped the professor’s throbbing cock as he slid in and out of her hole. He could feel her warmth wrapping his cock in an envelope of ecstasy with each of his thrusts, consumed by the moment.

All thoughts of reimbursement forms and the like far away from his sex infused mind. He was singularly focused on fucking this incredible girl, this young beauty who had wandered into his office and offered herself to him. He knew he had to cum soon.

“Don’t cum yet! I want to keep you hard for a while yet professor. Let’s see, what other possibilities does this office hold for us.”

Jennifer walked to the ottoman covered in papers and receipts, sweeping them aside she draped her body across the soft upholstery. Moving her knees wide and placing touching herself.

“Can you fuck me here please, I want to feel you deeper in me.”

The professor knelt over her and guided his hot cock into her. Sliding inside her this way was like flipping a switch deep in Jennifer’s pussy that could only be reached by his cock. A switch that sent him into ecstasy each time it turned. And with each thrust the switch got flipped again. He was again building toward a powerful orgasm.

Jennifer was sent into ecstasy herself. She had never felt a cock this deep inside her. She grabbed the professor’s ass and pulled him even deeper into her. The professor loved that feeling. He was really fighting his orgasm.

“How would you like to cum, professor? I can feel you want to give me all your cum. Do you want to cum into my pussy, my mouth, or my ass. The choice is yours. I’m all yours.”

With these words, the professor could no longer fight it. He pulled out of Jennifer’s pussy and urged her to take him into her mouth. She willingly obliged. Rolling her tongue over the head of his penis rhythmically. Taking him deep into the back of her throat so her eyes started to water.

She loved the feeling of him hard in her mouth, the little surges of pleasure she could feel jolting through his shaft. The professor felt all of himself concentrate down into a single soft and rising pulse of pleasure that rolled itself through his body from head to toe.

Jennifer tasted his cum, filling her mouth, swallowing eagerly before a final spasm and groan from the professor. Jennifer continued to lick the professor’s still hard penis from base to tip, cleaning the remaining cum from the professor’s majestic cock as if it were an ice cream cone on a hot summers day. The professor watched in amazement and when she looked up into his eyes, her tongue halfway along its tireless journey from base to tip, the professor realized he might fall in love.

To show the passionate love he was feeling for this girl, he asked her to lie on his desk again. He started kissing her everywhere, the back of her thighs, her ass, her clit.

He pushed his fingers into her pussy, slow and deep. Jennifer loved the soft touch and licks of the professor and started to get goose bumps all over. The pleasure was overwhelming and she started to moan. The professor could feel Jennifer was close to an orgasm, so he slowed down a bit. He wanted to pleasure this girl as long as possible.

While giving some more soft licks on her clit, he pushed one finger into her tight ass. This seemed to arouse Jennifer even more. She started to shake and told the professor she was about to cum. The professor pushed his fingers into her faster and deeper and sucked on her little clit. Jennifer came as intense and hard as she had never cum before.

“Now it’s my turn again. You seemed to like my finger in your ass, how about we try something a little larger?”

He flipped Jennifer over on his desk so she was lying face down on his unfinished papers and litter of receipts. Jennifer was surprised by the professor’s strength.

Although his body was firm, and his muscles defined, she had underestimated his power. She was aroused again. He kicked her legs wide apart and rubbed his stiff cock between her round cheeks and over the lips of her pussy that were engorged with lust and glistening with her own sex juices. The professor used her drippings to lube up her dark pleasure and pushed just the tip of his hardness into her.

Jennifer took a sharp breath and then gave a low moan. The professor took a handful of Jennifer’s hair in his hands and pulled hard so she had to arch her back, accentuating the soft curve of her body. He started fucking her ass slowly and steadily. With each thrust Jennifer moaned a little louder, her own pleasure growing.

She loved being fucked like this. As he got quicker Jennifer started punctuating his thrusts with dirty talk.

Push – “I am yours professor.” Push – “I want you to dominate me.” Push- “I will do anything to please you.” Push – “I am your dirty little whore.” Push – “Only yours.” Push – “You own me!”

And with the last the professor pushed deep into her ass and released his own moan of pleasure, a low sustained grunt of ecstasy that filled the room and even attracted attention from a group of undergraduates who were passing by the professor’s office door.

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