The Prison Guard

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You walk out of the prison with your colleagues. All 3 of you stop in your tracks. In front of the prison is a red sportscar. On the hood is a young Woman. A white shirt is tied beneath her full breasts and she is wearing a short tight black mini-skirt with black knee-high heels. Her head is dropped back and the lights of the prison are shining onto the milky skin.

“What a babe,” one of your colleagues mumbles. You start approaching her as she lifts her head and looks into your eyes. Your heart stops as you recognize me. My hand goes up off the hood and throws something in your direction. You catch it and look at my silky white panties.

“Wanna bring ´em back to me baby?” I ask and open my legs a touch, so you and your colleagues can see the bareness in-between. You all gasp. I beckon you to come closer and you approach me. My hand reaches out to you and grabs the front of your shirt. I pull you closer to me, opening my legs so you can slide between. The tight skirt hitches up revealing more skin. I pull you to me for a kiss.

Our lips meet with a force and I part your lips with my tongue. My legs cross behind your back and you are trapped in-between my legs. Your body is crushed to mine and your hands grab my ass. I moan into your mouth and rub myself against your hard cock. You can feel my heat through your pants. I move my head back and our lips part.

“Would you like me to fuck you here or are you gonna take me somewhere???” I ask you.

“Let me take you somewhere and show you what I want,” you answer. I open my legs and tell you that the keys Travesti are in the car. You grab my hips and lift me off the hood. I slowly move around to the side of the car, knowing exactly that your colleagues are watching me. I slide into the seat and smile at them whilst you close the door. You rush around to the driver’s side and get in. The car roars as you start it and pull away from the prison.

Slowly I let one of my legs go up onto the dashboard. Then I turn sideways a little and put the second foot up on your seat. The skirt goes up to my hips and my legs are spread. My fingers start going down between my legs and I stroke my wet clit. With the second hand I open the knot in my shirt and reveal my milky full breasts to you. I know that what I am doing could be our end.

You are driving way to fast to get me to a place where we can be alone and you are not concentrating on the road. One false move and we could be killed. I still can’t stop. I keep teasing my clit. Moaning. Your eyes keep looking at my wetness and then back to the road. Suddenly you pull the steeringwheel around and the car heads down a little roadway. Trees flash by and then you stop in front of a river.

“Damn woman! I want you now!” you growl. You literally run to my car door and rip it open. I turn to you and get out. You pull me close and kiss me with a force. Suddenly you part our kiss and turn me around. Your strong hand goes between my shoulder blades and pushes me forward. I am forced to put my hands down on the seat, so I don’t fall. I can hear you undoing your Antalya Travesti belt and the zipper, but your hand never leaves my back. My heart is racing.

I love the fact that you are taking me over. My juices are running along my leg. Your second hand goes between my legs and you can feel how wet I am. You remove your hand from my back and growl at me not to move. You drop to your knees and I can feel your tongue licking up the little trail of pussy-juice on the inside of my leg. I moan and have to take all my control as not to collapse. You slowly lick up and just before you reach my waiting pussy you stop, only to repeat the same procedure on my other leg. This time you don’t stop though, but continue up.

The tip of your tongue licking across my pussy. I can feel the flames between my legs. You spread my lips and let your tongue lick through it. I am ready to scream. You savour my taste and then get up again. Your cock is hurting it’s so hard in its cage. You release it and rub it in my wetness. One hand goes to my hip and with the other you guide the head of your cock into me. Then your second hand grabs my hip too. I push my body up, begging for you to enter me more.

For the disobedience I just showed you need to punish me, so you grab my hips harder and ram your cock deep into me. My pussy parts around it and I can feel a pain as you hit into me. I scream out and orgasm. My juices shoot out along your cock. You hold me on your cock for a while and let me enjoy my feelings. Then you slowly start moving. Sliding in and out of me. A Bursa Travesti growl deep in your throat and little moans from me.

“Baby. I want to see your pretty face when you orgasm the next time. Come with me,” you say. You slowly pull out of me and let me stand up. I turn and take your hand. You move to the front of the car and lift me onto it again. I lie back and spread my legs.

Wetness greets you as you move between them. You don’t even need to guide your cock back into me. I am so wet that you slide in instantly. Your hands go to my breasts. I arch my back and meet them. Your breathing gets faster with your movements. You push into me again and again. Your growls get deeper and I can feel your cock expanding. Your eyes are fixed on my face. On the pleasure in it. My eyes are closed. My breath is going so fast that I have the feeling that my lungs are going to burst. Sweat is glistening all over my body.

My hands are clawing into your arms. You grab my hips again and start fucking into me faster. Making me moan out with every deep push. I start begging for you. Want to feel your hot cum in me. I arch my body higher. Push my hips up to meet your every trust. You start growling. Fucking me faster. Just before you are about to cum you slam into me and howl out. I let my second orgasm go and cum on your cock, whilst you are shooting hot sperm into my wet pussy.

Your eyes never leave my face. Watching the waves of pure pleasure. Every little sensation. It takes us minutes to stop shaking and then you pull me up into your arms. I can feel you breathing. You place little kisses on my neck and lift me into your arms. You walk over to the river and place me in front of a tree. Then you slide down beside me and wrap me into your arms again. I close my eyes and listen to your heartbeat as I fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32