The Priest of the Goddess Ch. 2

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After Sandl left I enjoyed a few precious sunset moments with my parents on the porch overlooking the Inanna River. My mother brought us some fruit drinks and I had to admire her beautiful multi-colored dress that barely covered her shapely buttocks. The golden ornament of the Holy Cunt held the dress in place on her left shoulder, letting the soft material cascade over her ample bosoms. It was tied with a cord around her slim waist and stopped short of the V of her shaven sex. The dress was skimpy enough to let her breasts peek from behind the material and to let them sway while she walked. My father was dressed in his usual administrative red tunic. I gave them the imported leather sandals from Shyriman as gifts at the Festival of the Lick of the Sacred Vagina.

I jumped up to take the tray with our drinks from her.

“Have you decided who will help you with your toilet tomorrow morning?” Trust a mother to think about such practical things when my emotions were turbulent as a hurricane. She sat down beside my father on a comfortable couch.

“I don’t even know what I’ll wear,” I said. With drinks in our hands my mother laid out her plans for the morrow. She thought of everything and I couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Mother, dear, when did you plan all this?”

She smiled proudly. “The day we took you to the Temple of Calypso to become a priest, seven years ago. I just knew that you were born to love and pleasure all people.” She looked longingly at Father and slipped her hand under his tunic.

“You were conceived during the first phase of the Festival of the Sacred Vagina, just after your father and I licked the fetish of the Cunt. I was still a Temple Priestess and you know what?” she said, aroused by the memory. “After we made love I danced my heart out for Calypso and for you.” I could see her hand moving beneath his tunic. “Calypso smiled on us that day and that is why we called you Zenoi.”

Father pulled her closer and gave her a long kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He unclipped the Holy Cunt bracelet from Mother’s dress, caressing her breasts. He bent down and started kissing and sucking on her nipples. Mother dropped her head backwards pushing her body towards Father. She untied the cord around her waist and opened her legs for Father to explore her bald cunt. He slowly inserted a finger in her already wet vagina and played with her clit.

This is where I’ve learned my skills as a lover, by observing my loving parents, pleasuring each other and others lovers.

The love between them was legendary and served as an example to all Erosians. That is why they had many lovers over the years that strengthened their own love. The jealousy that crept into other homes was absent from this family. Father always said that jealousy is the fruit of a possessive mind. His view was that we cannot own another person – we can only love someone. Sharing lovers has been part of the Erosian culture for many generations and we must sustain this lifestyle for future generations.

On my way home, walking through the busy lantern-lit cobbled streets of Pudenta, I couldn’t gaziantep rus escort get my mind off the next day. Lost in thought I accidentally bumped into a sad looking young couple burdened with a heavy bag. They were holding hands and I could see that they were scared. My priestly training kicked in and I took their hands into mine.

“What is troubling you?” When they recognized my priestly tunic, they smiled. They knew that they could always relay on the goddess Calypso for help through her servants.

“We’re on our wedding holy day in the big city and we don’t know what to do,” said the groom, Yamba, hugging his ordinary looking bride, Ulana. Their dull red hair and the simple tunics were signs that they were from rural Eros and thus maybe strangers in Pudenta.

“I’m Zenoi, a priest from the Temple of Calypso and I am at your service.”

This diversion might get my mind off the big day tomorrow and besides, it was my duty as a priest to initiate them into the bliss of sexual union.

For the next hour I helped them get settled in a tavern close to an intimate Temple Theatre specializing in Calypso dancing. I sent a message to the temple to prepare for our arrival. With the permission of Yola, the sexy owner of the tavern, I prepared their wedding bliss meal, consisting of a large fresh river crab prepared in goat’s milk butter and spiced with local herbs. The salad was a combination of fruit and vegetables with enough Grou Als, a potent aphrodisiac, to last them for the next two days. Dessert was hot chocolate and honey drink mixed with dry red wine.

We dined in a private room Yola prepared for us. The dishes were set on a small table with three large cushions around it. We stripped off our clothes and I saw Ulana shyly covering her small breasts and the little red patch between her legs with her hands. Yamba had a small penis and I caught Ulana starring at my 9-inch cock but I ignored the attention and continued setting up the feast. As the opener, I took a piece of the succulent white meat of the crab, dipped it into the butter sauce and traced sloppy circles around Ulana’s nipples. With my tongue I licked the juice from her left breast while Yamba bent down to do the same on the right breast.

Ulana released a small moan when I took another piece of crab, dipped it between her legs and gave it to Yamba to eat. I fed Ulana and Yamba the salad and the rest of the crab.

The dessert was a real treat. Standing up, I poured the thick drink over my penis and invited them both to taste the nectar of the goddess. Ulana was first to slowly lick the chocolate and honey wine from my growing member. Yamba followed her example and within a few moments they had my cock deep in their mouths, sucking and licking.

I had a faint feeling that they were not as innocent as they pretended to be, but when they poured more dessert on, I had to concentrate not to lose my control. They moved both their mouths simultaneously over my hard penis, cleaning off the chocolate and honey wine.

When it was their turn gaziantep rus escort bayan to become the vessel for the dessert, I started with Ulana. Yamba poured the drink between her legs while I lapped it up. I opened her outer pussy lips to let the wine flow over her pink inner sanctum. The combination of her sex juice and the chocolate and honey wine tasted divine. Ulana opened her legs wider to allow Yamba access to her cunt. We licked her pussy and sucked her clitoris dry. She was shaking all over and let out a scream of pleasure that shook the room.

Everybody in the tavern must have heard her cry. At least they knew what was happening.

Yamba’s cock was a mere five inches but thick enough to make a difference. I took his erect manhood in my mouth and stuck my finger in his bum hole. I could feel Calypso’s power surge through me and over his cock. I continued sucking till he was ready to come. When I released his penis from my mouth it had grown two more inches. Ulana jumped up with joy and wanted Yamba to make love to her there and then.

“Sorry kids.” I interrupted their pleasure. “This is as far as we go in here. We still have an appointment at the Temple.”

We quickly dressed for the next stop on their journey to happiness. On our way out, I led them through the packed tavern. The patrons gave Ulana a standing ovation. I thanked Yola for her hospitality with a kiss and judging from the happy crowd, Calypso had already blessed her.

Our feast had lasted three hours and it was getting late. The short walk to the Temple on Damuzi Street was magical. The full moon peeped through the trees over the rooftops of the buildings and guided us to the next phase of the couple’s bliss. Everything seemed to slow down and I could distinguish the smallest detail in the crowded streets. A woman in her forties bent down to tie her sandal and I could see her wet sex lips pouting at the world. The source of her arousal, a strong young man, stood next to her. She looked at him with a smile and secretly touched his manhood under his tunic.

Erotic music spilled from the Temple onto the streets, inviting believers into union with Calypso. From the vagina shaped temple door poured smiling people. They must have had the promised union.

When we entered only a few patrons were left and I proceeded to the back to find Una, the priestess in charge of the temple. She was busy instructing five priests and priestesses about their next duties. I caught her attention and she waved back.

“Zenoi, it is good to see you again,” Una said, hugging me. She was still as beautiful as when we fist met. She was my instructress in the art of love when I first came to the Main Temple. She taught me all about control, giving and receiving pleasure and the art of oral sex. My penis grew to a pleasant half erect state with this memory. I was looking forward to our igniting the old flame of passion.

I introduced Yamba and Ulana and Una immediately set the wheels in motion. Two priestesses took Ulana to the back while the three priests escort rus gaziantep accompanied Yamba. I took Una in my arms again and softly kissed her on her full lips. Her breasts pressed against my naked torso and her hand sneaked under my tunic.

“My, my, is my little Zenoi happy to see me?” asked Una. “I cannot wait to make love to you again.” She took me to her private quarters for our ritual cleansing ceremony. Una quickly stripped of her clothes and ripped of mine. She dragged me into a scented hot bathtub and began the purifying ritual. Una washed me from head to toe and then made me stand in the tub. She licked off all the traces of dessert from my penis. Her technique had improved since our last encounter and I had to stop her sanitation actions because we still had two believers to attend to.

I washed her whole body and licked the center of being past an orgasm. Her screams blew my ears open. Two novices dried us off and dressed us in ceremonial tunics.

We arrived back at the stage as one of the priestesses signaled the small group of musicians to start playing. Una and I slipped into the back to take our places behind Yamba and Ulana. For the opening ritual the two priestesses danced with Ulana onto the small stage removing her seven newly acquired veils in a slow erotic striptease. Once naked her two companions kissed and licked her all over, exposing her sex to the audience and to the statue of Calypso at the center of the temple.

Two priests carried the naked Yamba onto the stage and the two groups danced an arousing seduction number. Una and I were next up. She squeezed my hand softly and twirled to the center of the stage. I followed while the other dancers left. Only the nude Ulana and Yamba stood waiting for us. We circled, touching and caressing them while we danced.

Una took Yamba’s hand and instructed him to remove her tunic. I did the same with Ulana. Una dropped to her knees and proceeded to suck on Yamba’s penis. I encourage Ulana to do the same. The crowd cheered and I felt Ulana doing things to my cock that she was not supposed to know.

Una laid Yamba down and I helped Ulana on her back on top of Yamba. Una lubricated Yamba’s member with her tongue while I licked Ulana’s pussy and anus. Una slowly inserted Yamba’s cock into Ulana’s bum hole. I moved on top of her. The precum on my penis made it easy for me to enter Ulana’s already wet pussy without a problem. I could feel Yamba’s cock through the thin membrane as we filled her orifices. Una squatted over Ulana’s face and pushed her cunt onto her mouth. Ulana started pleasuring her with a darting tongue.

We all came at the same time and suddenly a blinding white light blinded me for a moment or two. The white light was so intense that I thought I had died of pleasure and joined Calypso in her celestial palace. We four lovers became one. The borders between heaven and earth, humans and nature, man and woman disappeared in this one bright flash.

When I opened my eyes and could see again, it wasn’t Ulana lying beneath me but a beautiful woman with emerald green eyes, long flaming red hair, full rounded breasts and a beautiful royal nose….

Royal? Then I recognized her. I quickly withdraw my penis from her vagina and dropped naked to my knees. But before I lowered my head in submission I had a fleeting glimpse of her beautifully aroused and very wet pussy that I was not suppose to see till the next day.

“Your Highness.”

To be Continued…

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