The Preacher

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Big Ass

All names and characters contained herein are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. This story is a work of fiction, a fantasy, so read it with a grain of salt and an open mind.


I approached the pulpit wearing my Sunday best. Three piece Brooks Brothers suit in a muted charcoal with light pinstriping. White starched, pressed, Polo dress shirt complemented by a sharp, deep red silk Hermes tie. With Bible in one hand and sermon notes in the other, I strode forward purposefully to the huge, wooden pulpit standing before the congregation of over five hundred Sunday worshippers.

I set my instruments of salvation on the broad lectern before me and prepared myself to feed my saints with God-given words of Biblical knowledge. I paused momentarily as if to compose myself and looked down upon my Angel. She was crouched inside the pulpit peering up at me intently with her large, clear, blue eyes. Her thick blonde hair was parted in the middle and divided into two long, streaming pigtails. Blue barrettes held her bangs back from her sweet, freckled, heart-shaped face. Her braces twinkled at me as she smiled mischievously and reached forward with one small hand towards my trouser zipper.

Today’s sermon was built upon the scripture, “Gird up the loins of thy mind” (1 Peter gaziantep bayan eskort 1:13). Very appropriate, I thought, as Angel slowly, quietly brought the zipper down. Her hand reached inside my trousers and grasped my stiff, fully engorged seven-and-a-half inch prick. Pulling it out, she simply squeezed it, looked up at me, and licked her luscious eighteen year old lips in anticipation. Angel had turned eighteen the week before and was adamant in displaying how grown-up she could be.

I nodded almost imperceptibly and began my sermon. The congregation sat up in rapt attention and I laid the groundwork for today’s lesson. To understand “gird up the loins”, one must be a student of Biblical times. In that marvelous age, the men wore layers of robes– a long outer robe and a shorter undergarment robe.

Angel began her ministrations by licking my hard cock from base to tip, up and down, getting it dripping wet. She eagerly pulled my large balls out of my trousers and licked and cleansed them, even straining her neck to try to get her tongue behind my balls and lick the sensitive perineum.

From time to time, I glanced down, as if to read my notes but to give Angel looks of encouragement. She looked up at me with adoration as she licked my hard cock gaziantep eskort bayan with her darting, needy tongue.

Gird up the loins of thy mind. When a man in Biblical times “girded up his loins”, he reached down and gathered up the long, outer portion of his robes and pulled them up, much like a woman of today would hold up her skirt when traversing stairs.

Angel was now gently sucking the fat, purple head of my hard dick, flicking her tongue around and around in her mouth as she softly suckled the crown of my cock. Her tiny hand was grasping me by the base of my shaft and alternating squeezing and releasing as her mouth worked its magic.

As a man lifted the outer robes, he tucked them into his belt, or rope, thereby freeing his lower legs and feet. In essence, to “gird up thy loins” means simply put, be ready for action.

Angel was now sucking deeply and strongly on my turgid cock, her mouth flying up and down the shaft, her tongue working quickly, urgently. She was making soft, quiet, gurgling sounds, which I could hear easily, but of which the congregation was blissfully unaware.

In tucking the outer robes into the belt, one must consider the Armor of the Lord (Ephesians 6:10-18). The belt is the “belt of truth” in scripture. Extrapolating eskort gaziantep bayan this revelation into the sermon at hand, to “gird up the loins of thy mind”, means to tuck the outer robes into the belt of truth, or ready yourself for action both physically and mentally.

As I reached the crescendo of my God-given sermon, I arched my back and reached my hands to the heavens in prayer. Angel speared my rock hard cock with her face and deep-throated me, making soft “mmph”, “mmph”, “mmph” sounds. My buttocks clenched and I unleashed torrent after torrent of cum streaming into Angel’s eager, sucking mouth.

Several members of my good congregation stood up and reached for the heavens with their hands outstretched, moved by my words and worshipful actions.

Angel licked and sucked my cock thoroughly through my orgasm, making sure not a drop of cum was spilled. As my cock began softening, she lifted the shaft up and licked my balls completely, causing me to shudder uncontrollably in ecstasy. With a little pout on her face, she tucked me back into my trousers and quietly zipped me back up.

As my saints filed obediently out of the sanctuary, I gathered up my materials and reached down and patted Angel on the top of her head in appreciation for a job well done. She beamed up at me adoringly with her crystal blue eyes and licked a drop of cum off the corner of her mouth.

Outside, in the fellowship hall, I shook hands with my saints and thanked them for coming to hear my sermon. Many were moved by my words and promised to attend next Sunday.

Next week’s sermon would be on Proverbs 13:24, “He who spareth the rod hateth his child.” No innuendos there, eh?

The End

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