The Popular Crowd Pt. 05: Jessica

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The next few days were rough for him. Jake didn’t like the confrontation with Alexis because it felt final, and it didn’t sit well at all with him but he knew it had to be done. He didn’t want to be hurt or rejected and Alexis made him feel both. Whether she intended it or not, he felt like this pain would ultimately be for the best.

At least with sex he could make it just that. Though there was a part of him that really didn’t want JUST the sex. He really wanted to date someone, hang out, study together, maybe game, other shit couples did. As cool as it was that he could have someone beautiful almost whenever at this point, he didn’t like it as much as he thought he would.

Once he’d gotten over the hump of the, well it wasn’t really a breakup because they hadn’t actually been together in the first place, but whatever it was it was done. Once that was through with he began to get his shit back on the track to mostly normal. School work, gaming, reading, the normal things in his life. Though he did keep an eye out for other things to do on campus that were a bit more of the social type of activity.

There was going to be another party next weekend that actually wasn’t being held at GGK. Instead Delta Sigma Phi, was throwing their Lacross Bash. It was a tradition that was supposed to help guarantee the team’s success in the coming year and it was a party that was held under a truce with GGK in which GGk would not have a party for the entire week leading up to the DSP party. That way by the time the DSP party rolled around, people would be desperate for a chance to cut loose.

While the party wasn’t open to everyone on campus, it was far more open than something GGK would throw. They were free with the invites so long as a DSP member vouched for you at the door. The problem was Jake didn’t know anyone who pledged DSP, he wasn’t into sports and didn’t really know anyone that was.

So he reached out to the only person he knew who had connections to everything on campus.

Hey Niece I have a question, do you know anyone at DSP? He wrote her.

Niece got back to him quickly, it was amazing how fast girls could reply sometimes. Of course I do, why?

Well I’m trying to take your advice and branch out my social circle a bit more, I know they got a party coming up and I was hoping you might know a way I could get an invite.

I’m so proud of you! Don’t worry about it, consider yourself invited I will take care of it.

Jake smiled at the text. It really paid to have connections. Thanks I owe you one.

You owe me nothing. Happy to help. I’ll see you there.

You’re going?

I’m Queen Bitch, I am everywhere, never forget that. 😉

He never would. It made him feel good to know people, especially people as powerful as Niece. Niece seemed to be able to make anything and everything happen that she wanted, and having her on his side was probably the best possible ally to have.

The next step now that he was good to party was to change his look. Something about his nerdy haircut and his Star Wars T-shirts was just not going to cut it. First thing he did was went to a proper barbar shop and got a cut. He told the barber that he was trying to look good for a party and the guy patted him on the shoulder, “I got you bud.”

Jake walked out with a high fade and short spikey hair that made him look totally different than his usual slicked back and kind of greesy look. He’d wondered how those girls could even stand to look at him before, this haircut alone made him look a hundred percent better. A hairstyle was only the first step though, he needed new clothes and he was lost with what to get or even what would be cool. But he knew someone who might.

Rachel are you free by chance this afternoon?

Again she was so fast to reply it amazed him. I could be, why you wanna fuck?

Always, but that’s not what I need. I’m gonna go to a party at DSP this weekend and I want to not look like a twat. I was wondering if you would be down to go clothes shopping with me?


Well she seemed eager. They set up a time to meet up at a nearby mall and Rachel showed up with a frightening smile on her face. She smiled even wider somehow when she saw his new hair. “Oh look at how sexy you look. What has gotten into you?” She asked.

Jake shrugged, “Niece suggested I branch out, so I’m trying to shake up the look a bit and do that.” He did a spin for her, “You like?”

She nodded and reached up to run her finger through his spikes. “I do, it looks much cleaner. Good job dude.”

“Ok but now I need clothes so….try to keep the price reasonable?” He asked.

She clapped her hands, “Oh this is going to be so much fun.”

It wasn’t fun, it sucked. It was the suckiest thing to ever suck. Rachel had a fucking blast, throwing all manner of shirts, slacks, pants, ties, shoes, whatever the fuck at him. And he had to try on every single thing. Try it on, come out so she could see, bursa escort spin for her, go back put on something else, repeat. It was awful and it took HOURS. She never got tired, like a little Energizer Bunny or something.

Finally at the end of all of it Jake had a selection of shirts, pants, and a new pair of shoes to wear to social spaces that would help him fit in with the crowd a bit more. Which he was thankful for, but god he wondered how other people handled shopping with their girlfriends or whatever. Rachel was insane.

As they were leaving Rachel grabbed his hand, “So there you are, you are gonna look very handsome and people will love you.”

Jake nodded, “Hey thanks for this, it was….”

“Torture?” She finished.

“Kinda. A little bit.” He confessed.

She slapped his arm and pushed him away. “So who you taking to the party?”

Jake looked at her, “What do you mean, why would I be bringing anybody?”

“I thought you and Alexis were…”

“No!” He cut her off, “No Alexis and I are not anything. I…she hurt me and I told her I couldn’t really handle it.”

Rachel looked up at him, she was such a petite girl he hadn’t realized how small she was even when she’d been riding him at the party. The memory of her revenge fucking him in front of her boyfriend had sent a tingle running through him. “That sucks I’m sorry, I thought you guys would be cute.”

Jake shrugged, “I would have traded all the sex with everyone for just her. I thought she liked me and maybe she did a bit. But in the end she wanted GGK more so I wish her well but I can’t forgive that.”

Rachel put her arms around him and just hugged him, her head turned and rested against his chest. “I’m sorry, I broke up with Kyle too after that night. So I understand the bummer a failed relationship can be.”

He hugged her back and smiled, “It’s alright, I’m free in a way. You know, booty call freely or whatever. Which is something I never thought I would have the option to do based off my previous social status and skills.”

Rachel chuckled softly and patted him on the chest, “Well there you go, how many booty calls have you had so far? Been through all of GGK yet?”

Jake shook his head, “Nah, just one. It’s weird because she told me to call or text or whatever, but it feels weird just summoning someone for sex and not actually have any interaction with them beyond that. But I was really desperate when I called her.”

Rachel smirked, “Anyone I know?”

“Of course. You’re GGK.”

“Fair enough, who?”

“You really want to know?”

She just smiled, “Gossip is king.”

“I don’t know if I should tell you then.”

“Oh come on, don’t be a cock tease.” She pleaded.

He sighed, “Galina.”

Rachel froze and stared at him in shock, “Holy fuck. You are a cold blooded motherfucker.”

He gave he a confused look, “What are you talking about?”

She put a hand over her mouth, “You didn’t know did you?”

Jake just looked at her, was she fucking with him. “Rachel, what?”

She grimaced, “Galina is Alexis’ roommate.”

Jake’s eyes went wide. “NO!”

She nodded and shrugged, “Yeah.”

Jake sighed, “Well fuck me.”

“You want to?” She asked, smirking.

“Stop it.”

She giggled. “Hey you were already done with Alexis anyway so it’s not THAT big of a deal.” She held up her fingers pinched just a little bit apart, “Maybe a little fucked up, but you didn’t know so it’s not like you did it on purpose or anything.”

Jake slapped his forehead, “I think Alexis knew anyway.”

Rachel looked at him quizically.

“Well, that night I was getting into bed and Alexis showed up basically asked us to be together and was really upset.” He explained, “She must have figured it out, or Galina told her, or something and she came over as I was going to bed. That’s when we had our, I guess our final disscussion and I haven’t heard from her since. I am gonna feel bad about doing anything with Galina again though.”

Rachel hugged him again, “I know it sucks, I’m sorry.” She stepped back and smiled softly, “I’d actually like to ask you out, but I’m also enjoying being single for the first time in a long time. But hey I have an idea.” She said cheerfully, “Let’s make a deal. If you and I are both still technically single by the end of the semester, then we date.”

Jake smiled at her, “Sure Rachel that sounds good. Think you can handle dating a dork like me though?”

She waved him off dismissively, “How hard can it be, suck your dick while you play video games and make a couple sandwiches?”

He laughed, “Okay deal then. But exercise your jaw so you’re in shape for that when the time comes.”

She elbowed him, “Ha, Ha, big dick joke, I get it.”

* * * *

The day before the party, Jake was sitting at the library looking through a text book for a economics class. It wasn’t an economics book though, it was a business management book so it wasn’t a required textbook, bursa escort but it did have some extra information that applied to the E-con class and Jake wanted to have that extra information.

He was at his favorite spot in the back of the library. There was a small corner in the back of the Biology section that didn’t get a lot of use as Biology and the related sciences were not popular majors at this school. While Jake didn’t understand why, he didn’t mind it either because it let him have this little spot all to himself where he could study without the light noise of the library, things like people turned pages or the sounds of pens rubbing on paper, or the click of laptop keyboards typing away.

Jake was reading and making notes, lost to the world around him when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Excuse me?”

He jerked and the girl who’d spoken yelped back startled. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She was a beautiful girl with caramel skin, flawless features, long dark hair, wearing a yellow summer dress that hung to just above her knees but clung to her tight little frame beautifully. Jake blinked at her in confusion, taken aback by her beauty. He’d thought she would be easily fit in as a GGK girl but he had never seen her there before. That didn’t mean anything, but it meant she was a new face to him.

He blinked and shook his head, “No, no problem I get in my head a bit when reading.”

She smiled at him as if embarassed. “Yeah sorry, I was wondering if you might be able to him me.”

Jake sat back in his seat, “I mean it depends, what is it you need?”

She blushed, “This is going to sound really stupid, and really out of nowhere.” She paused and set a couple of books on the table. A quick glance told Jake they were human anatomy and biology books. An actual biology major? At this school? She was a rare breed indeed. “I need someone’s opinions on my life drawings.”

Jake was confused, “Your what now?”

She opened one of her books and pulled out a couple of pages of what appeared to be thick drawing paper. She clutched them to her chest and smiled awkwardly, “Okay this might be a little strange, please don’t freak out on me. You see I’m in a life drawing class and sometimes we draw people in the nude, but I totally suck at the…” She cleared her throat softly, “fun parts.”

Jake raised an eyebrow. “Fun parts.”

“Well…” She took a quick look around and made sure nobody was looking, then took one of the pages from her chest and set it before him. It was a bunch of drawings of dicks, all kinds of dicks, all kinds of shapes, just dicks everywhere. Jake jerked his gaze away and up at her, her face contorted in embarrassment.

He flipped the page over, “What the heck? What am I supposed to help with?”

She sat down across from them and tapped the books. “I have a test coming up with a live male model and I have to draw his…” she paused and glanced around then leans forward to whisper, “penis.” Then she gestured towards the sheet she’d given him. “But I suck dick and drawing dicks. I’ve tried copying the images in like anatolmy books but the pictures are always too small or not detailed enough so I have to like, fill in the shafts in my head and it isn’t working, look.” She pointed at her sheet.

Jake flipped the page over to have another look, and she was right. They were clearly dicks, but not great dicks. The basic shape was ok enough, but there was only minor shading for detail in the shafts. Some of her shapes were awfully creative to, dicks didn’t work like bendy straws. But he didn’t understand how he was supposed to help.

He flipped the page back over and shook his head, “I mean I see what you’re talking about, but I’m not sure exactly how I’m to help.”

She chewed her lip. “I uh, I was hoping you’d maybe model for me?” She winced as she said it completely embarassed. “I know it’s a weird thing to ask. You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I’d pay you if you want. I just didn’t want to ask someone I knew because it would be too awkward to draw someone that I knew.”

Jake looked at her with wide eyes. “You want me to, what pose naked for you?”

She shrugged, “If it makes you more comfortable you wouldn’t have to be naked, I just need your…bottom parts.”

“Yo I don’t know about that, did GGK send you to me or something?”

She frowned in confusion, “Who?”

He shook his head, “Nevermind. Look I don’t know if I’m comfortable with someone just drawing my dick.”

“I understand.” She said dejected, “I don’t blame you, I have an art room key the door would be locked and nobody could walk in. It’d be totally private, and I would only be drawing your…thing. So nobody would know it was you. And now I’m realizing how creepy I’m being.”

She reached out and took her drawing page back, stuffing it back into one of the textbooks. “I’m sorry I bothered you.” She said.

Jake looked at her and thought for a second. bursa eskort Weird as it was to have someone just approach him for his dick, it wasn’t like it was the first time that happened, nor would it be the first time he would just whip his dick out for a girl he barely knew the name of. She wasn’t even trying to fuck him, maybe.

“Wait.” He called to her as she started away. She spun back toward him, “I’ll help you if you want. I got time and I suppose there is no harm in helping out.”

She rushed back over with a huge smile, “Really? You will?”

Jake nodded, “I have had a bit of recent experience with new people seeing my…you know nevermind maybe it’ll be fun or something I don’t know.” He told her.

“Oh god, I can’t thank you enough.” She set her stuff back onto the table and reached into her bra through the top of her dress. She pulled out a folding piece of green paper and said, “Here, please take this. Can you meet me in art room 405 in like an hour?”

Jake took the paper and nodded, “Okay 405, one hour. Let me wrap up here and I’ll head over.”

She wiggled her hands in excitement and smiled, “Oh my gosh, thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much this is going to help me. Thank you.”

She darted away and Jake glanced down at the paper in his hand. He blinked when he realized she’d handed him a hundred dollar bill. She had actually paid for his help, by much more than he really expected. “Well I can’t back out now.” He muttered to himself.

* * * *

Art room 405 was on the top floor of the Drama and Art building. The top floor itself was reserved for small practice studios that students could rent for various art needs. The department didn’t expect people to paint, or chalk draw in their dorms which would only yield a mess that could ruin the room for the next batch of students. So these rooms were provided with materials included in order to prevent that. You did have to book rooms in advanced though, so sometimes practice space was hard to come by, the music rooms had the same issue.

However it was a Friday afternoon and most students were getting ready for parties that evening or whatever exciting Friday night they might be prepping for. Jake walked the row of rooms trying to find the one he was looking for. He figured 405 would be the 5th in the row but apparently that wasn’t the case as the rooms didn’t start with 400 and instead began with a random 389.

405 was actually not in the main hallway on the floor, instead down a small T-shaped split in the hall. The rooms down this side path were small, little more than closets really. But he found 405 at the end and tried to open the door. As the girl from the library said, it was locked so he knocked instead.

She opened the door immediately, and smiled at with a huge relieved look on her face. “Oh good thank you so much for coming.” She said thankfully.

Jake shrugged and smiled, “Well I’m a paid man now, so I always show up to a job on time.”

She grinned, “Well I’ll be sure to leave you a good review on Yelp then.” She stepped aside, “Here come on in, it’s a little cramped because the drawing rooms aren’t the biggest demand around here.”

It was small, there was enough room for her little stool which sat in front of her easel and large drawing pad. Behind that there was probably enough space for two people to stand very close to each other and nothing else. He slipped past her setup and stood against the wall, waiting for further instructions.

“So uh, you just want me to stand here?” He asked.

She shut the door and clicked the lock, then looked around her pad at him. She pointed to the rightmost corner of the room. “Maybe over there so it’ll be easier for me to see around the pad?” She suggested.

Jake shifted over and took a breath. “Here?”

She leaned over, then back to her pad, the leaned again. “Yeah I think that’ll be about as perfect as possible.” She turned to the wall behind her and clicked a switch that turned on a bright overhead light that illuminated Jake very well. When she turned back she took a deep breath and said, “Okay so if you want to just drop your pants we can begin. And before anything I just gotta thank you again, this is very sweet of you, seriously.”

Jake smiled and waved a hand, “Don’t mind me if I’m nervous too.”

She giggled, “Well at least we can both be nervous together.” She glanced at him. “Actually you should take off your shoes, leave your socks, but take off your shoes otherwise your feet might go numb.”

Jake slipped his shoes off and slid them to the side. The tile floor was cold, but not miserably so, maybe the light overhead was warming it up a little bit. Then he took a deep breath and unzipped his jeans, deciding to hook everything together at once and just get it over with, he yanked both his jeans and his boxers down in one swoop. He kicked his pants off his legs and shoved them off to the side. Then rose up to stand there with no damn bottoms on and all of him just hanging free.

The artist leaned over to look and her eyes went wide, “Whoa! What the fuck?” She exclaimed. “Wow!” She glanced at him and saw him turning red, “Oh that’s terribly unprofessional, I’m so sorry!” She said jerking herself back behind her pad.

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