The Popular Crowd Pt. 02: Niece

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The Popular Crowd: Pt 2 – Niece

After Alexis left, Jake lay in bed for a while staring up at the ceiling and thought about his sudden womanly success. It was so sudden and out of nowhere that he couldn’t believe that it had really happened. Though the wet spot between his legs proved that it was. However Jake couldn’t help feel like something was off.
This kind of thing didn’t happen to him, he was a nerd, a geek, a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master, girls didn’t just approach him the way Alexis did. And he certainly didn’t have the courage to approach them. While he was thankful to finally have gotten rid of his V-card, the whole thing smelt fishy.
Finally he sat up in the bed and shifted over to the restroom to clean himself with a towel and wash his face. Alexis had mentioned GGK, one of the craziest sororities on campus. GGK was the place every girl wanted to be a part of, and every guy wanted to party at. But it was exclusive, in a sense. GGK had a reputation for only accepting the hottest of the hot when it came to their sisterhood. Alexis would certainly fit that bill in Jake’s opinion, but with GGK’s standards who knew.

Then something occurred to him. Alexis had wanted a picture of his….package, she had played it off as a sexy little fun thing, but she also was very deliberate about the picture she took. Most frats liked to haze their new pledges; it was officially banned on campus but that didn’t stop anyone. It was one of those rule that the college had to have written on paper to look good, but nobody ever actually enforced it as far as Jake had ever heard. If a girl like Alexis was trying to get into GGK, then what kind of hazing would a frat of incredibly hot girls make a new pledge do?

Maybe get a dick pic from a dork. Something to hold over the new girl as leverage. Something to use later to embarrass her should she step out of line down the road?

Jake felt a pit in his stomach, he had been used. He had to have been. But if that had been the case, then why would Alexis come back to pop his cherry? Unless the picture she took wasn’t good enough and they demanded more form her. But she hadn’t taken any pictures, at least any that he was aware of, while they were doing the dirty. So that part didn’t add up.

Rather than debate on it in his head, Jake decided to try and get answered from GGK itself. Jake quickly got dressed and made his way over to the GGK house which was quite a walk from his dorm. Alexis had invited him to a party tomorrow, but even from down the block Jake could hear music thumping from the direction of the frat house. GGK was a party everyday of the week if they could get away with it.
Well at least he wouldn’t be waking anyone up. He wondered if Alexis was already there, or if she wasn’t allowed entry until she was officially a member.

Jake stood out front for a minute, just looking at the house, the music loud enough now to nearly deafen him from his own thoughts. Inside he could see the shapes of people dancing, or mingling together. What was he doing here? Really? Who would he even ask about Alexis, and would they even give him any kind of answer? Hell there was a strong possibility that whomever answered the door would simply laugh in his face and shut the door on him.

“Are you hazing Alexis? Did you make her fuck me to become a pledge?” Jake rattled the questions through his head. “Why? Why me?” Though the answer to that was that he was an obvious target, and putting a new pledge on him would be very embarrassing. Especially if Alexis already had a boyfriend. Embarrass her, her boyfriend, and make her a cheater on top of all of it. It would be enough dirt to hold over anyone’s head. It also sounded really fucked up.

Jake thought about walking away and forgetting it. What did it matter to him anyway? He would never have a chance with someone as stunningly hot as Alexis normally, and if they had picked him to be her target then, well good for him he figured.

He turned away from the door, but in the same motion spun right back around and returned to facing the house. No it wasn’t right. Right?
He didn’t realize he had walked up to the door, until he was already reaching for the bell. His finger hesitated right over the button for a moment, before he sighed and pressed it. Whether or not the bell worked he couldn’t tell. The music was so loud that anyone hearing the ring would be a miracle, let alone figuring out it was the doorbell.

Yet despite that, it didn’t take more that thirty seconds before someone opened the door.
Jake blinked at the woman who trust open the door. She was tall, at least an inch or two taller than him even, with long flowing raven black hair and icy blue eyes. Her figure was basically insanity, slim, fit, tight, long legs, flat flawless stomach, and full firm honeydew sized breasts. She was stunning, as per GGK law, and even could put Alexis to shame.

“Who the fuck?” She started, holding a red solo cup. At first her face was nothing but annoyance, how dare someone uninvited disturb her party. But her face quickly changed as she got Çankaya Escort a good look at him. Her gaze ran over Jake up and down which made him turn a little red, the way her face shifted into a smirk and her eyes seemed fill with mischief told him that Alexis had taken the picture to the sorority. He had never felt so embarrassed, or ashamed.

The woman’s tone changed as well, “Oh well look at what we have here. Mr. Baseball Bat.” She said in a teasing tone. Her stance shifted as she moved her weight to lean against the open door frame. “What brings you here, Tripod?” She asked still with a hint of teasing mischief.

Jake opened his mouth and closed it, trying to think of the right thing to say. “I…uhh….is Alexis here?” He asked, wincing in his head for not being able to come out and ask what he really wanted to ask. Though this was a good first step. Who was Mr. Baseball Bat?

The woman glanced back to the party going on loudly behind her. Then back to him, “Sorry no. She’s not official yet and only full members and invitees allowed tonight. We are having an opening night party tomorrow and she’ll be here then though.”

Jake nodded, “Yeah I heard about that.” He muttered. “Okay um…so she isn’t an official member then, but she’s trying to be?”

The woman smirked again and gave him a look. “I think you and I both know that answer don’t we? Why don’t you man up and tell me why you’re here Jake.”

That surprised him, she knew his name though he was fairly certain….actually he was one-hundred percent positive he had never spoken to this girl before. Though perhaps she knew him from a class and he never noticed, though looking at her now he didn’t think she could be anywhere near him and not have him notice her. But there was a chance if she passes him while in the middle of school work or preparing a D&D game.

“What do you mean?” He asked her.

She rolled her eyes and stepped out of the door towards him. “You’re here to see if Alexis was just fucking with you right? To see if she was using you like a little….err maybe not so little guinea pig.” She place a finger on his chest. “The answer to that is, yes, we’ve all seen you.” She pushed herself close to him, so close that her scent invaded into his nose and clouded his mind. She smelt of vanilla and a little bit of Jack Daniels, and the combination gave him a heady rush.

Then she stepped back to the door and crossed her arms as she leaned back against the frame. “The question is, what do you plan to do about it?” She asked.

“NIECE!” Came another girl’s voice from inside. A bubbly brunette bobbed into view from around the tall woman. “Hey what are you…..?” She started asked, but stopped short when she saw Jake standing there looking like a confused little lamb. “Oh….is this?”
Niece nodded, “That’s him. Who would have ever guessed huh?”

The other girl smiled at Jake up and down, licking her lips as she did so. Then she tapped frantically on Niece’s arm. “Oh let’s invite him in! I want to play with him.”

Niece raised and eyebrow, not to the other girl but to Jake. “You hear that? You’ve become quite popular, and there are so many willing to play.” Her smile almost became evil. “We can teach you a much better game than that Dragons and Douchebags you like.”

The other girl darted forward and grabbed Jake’s arm. “Oh come on big boy, let’s have fun!” She insisted.

Jake only stared at Niece, “What world did I walk into?”

Niece shrugged and stepped aside of the door. “Only one way to find out isn’t there?” She gestured invitingly towards the door to him.

A pit of dread seemed to build within him, like the devil was invited him into a house of sin. Not that he thought that sex or anything like that was sinful, the way this was playing out had a forbidden flavor that he couldn’t shake. And as the other girl tugged at his arm, pulling him towards the door, it was also something he couldn’t resist.

As he passed the threshold to the GGK house. The smell of a million hot girl perfumes, and truckloads of booze filled his nose. It smelt like what he imagined a strip club would smell like. They had dim lighting all over the house, with colored strobes of purple, pink, red, and blue flashing over the walls. The music beat at him like a drum, pounding into his head until he was damn near senseless.

The brunette holding his arm let him go and slapped his chest, “I’m gonna get you a drink.” She announced loudly and bounced away before Jake could tell her he didn’t drink.

“What do you think?” Niece asked.

Jake glanced at her, “It’s….a lot.” He admitted. “Not something I’m exactly used to.” He turned to her and asked, “Look I just came to ask if you guys are the reason behind Alexis’ sudden…..interest in a geek like me.”

Niece polished off whatever she had in her solo cup and set it on a random table nearby. “Look, Jake it’s the way of things here. We put all new recruits through initiation to prove they want to be here. Sometimes that means making them do Keçiören Escort something with a rando.” She told him simply. “But that something is always usually a delight for the guy, and you looked pretty happy to be in that picture if your dick is anything to go by.” She grinned.

Jake blinked in disbelief, “You made Alexis have sex with me just to join the sorority?” He asked.
Niece frowned. “Sex?” She shook her head, “No, just a dick pic.” She paused with a grin, “Wait did she sleep with you?” She asked excitedly.

Jake blinked at her with a confused look.
That was all Niece needed, “OH!!!” She laughed in delight. “How was it?”

Before Jake could blushingly reply, the other girl rushed up with a cup filled with some sort of bubbling brown beer. “Here you go big man.” She said happily.

“Galina, you’re not going to believe it.” Niece said, “Alexis fucked him.”

Galina brightened noticeably, which was a feat considering her already bubbly happy demeanor. “No way really!?” She exclaimed turning back to Jake. “How was it? Did you have fun? What’s she like in bed?” She asked in rapid succession.

Jake looked between the two, “I uh, I don’t really know.”

Niece gave him an incredulous look, “You don’t know if it was good?”

Jake shook his head, “No….err…I mean yeah it was awesome but, I only ever did it the one time so I…”

“WAIT!” Niece roared, stepping closer to him, “You were a virgin?”

Jake scoffed, glancing around wildly, what had he gotten himself into? He needed to escape and quickly, this was going exceptionally poorly and nothing at all like he had planned. And he feared that if he said anymore not only would he embarrass himself further but he might also screw Alexis out of her position in GGK….or worse yet make her hate him. He didn’t want that, despite the truth now being out that she only spoke with him in the first place because of GGK, he had also learned that she hadn’t been pressured into the sex. Which meant Alexis did like him. At least somewhat….it was strange.

“Holy shit he was!” Niece said teasingly, elbowing Galina. “I can’t believe that, with a package like what he’s hiding I don’t understand how that’s possible.” She paused, “Oh wait never mind, I know why.”

Galina moved up against Jake’s side and leaning into him, “If I had known you were such a big boy, I would have taken care of you Freshman year.” She told him with a promise.

Jake frowned and wiggled out of her grip. “Yeah that’s great to know. Look I just came here to find out the truth and I did, I guess, so thank you for that and I’m going to head back now.” He pushed the solo cup Galina has given him back into her hands and backed away.

Niece moved over to the door and blocked it from him. “Now now wait a minute.” She told him. “Alexis didn’t tell you about her final trial did she?”

Jake took a breath, “What final trial? I didn’t even know about the first one.”

“Well Alexis is supposed to bring you to a party tomorrow, did she tell you about that?”

He nodded, “Well she invited me yeah.”

“Did she tell you that she has to bring you here and have a little contest with me?” She asked and shook her head, “Of course she didn’t. You see she and I are going to have a little race tomorrow night, which one of us can get you upstairs to fuck like wild animals first. Isn’t that awesome?”

Jake was dumbfounded, “Why would that be awesome? Wait you guys are going to pass me around like a….”

“Sex toy, yes.” Niece finished.

Jake frowned.

“Oh what’s the problem?” She asked, moving her hands to her hips, “You haven’t gotten lucky with girls like us before right? Now’s your chance big man.” She raised her hands, lifting her crop top up enough to reveal her toned stomach. “You don’t wanna fuck me?” She asked teasingly. Letting her shirt go, she leaned forward towards him, squeezing her arms together causing her breasts to heave and show him as much cleavage as she possible could. “I’ll take you up to my room right now, and you can do whatever you want to me.”

Jake was at a loss, unsure if this was real or if he had fallen asleep back in his room and he was just dreaming this. “I don’t even know you.” He stammered.

“Oh I’m Niece, I’m the sorority head (giving) chairman, and this here is Galina who you can have too if you want.” Niece straightened up and gestured back towards the other girl, who licked her lips heavily when Jake glanced back. The look sent shivers down his spine.

He turned back to Niece, “Look I don’t know about any of this, I’m not the kind of guy who does this. I wasn’t the kind of guy that didn’t anything even close to this up until tonight.” He explained. It was like he had gone from a nobody to Hugh Heffner in a matter of twenty four hours. Two days ago he was a nerdy virgin with no female prospects, to tonight in which he had his pick of several. Not just average or even nerdy girls either, but top shelf model caliber women. It was a sexual overload. He had thought his luck with Etimesgut Escort Alexis had been enough, but her little GGK assignment had cracked open an entire realm to him.
There woman all seemed to have nicknames for him to, “Big Man”, “Mr. Baseball Bat”. Now that he thought about it, and put it together with the picture and….wait a second. They only were after him because of his dick!
The realization hit him like a shovel to the face. “Oh!” He gasped. Looking back and forth between the girls. “You just want to see my dick don’t you?”

Niece laughed and Galina giggled, “See it? I don’t want to just see it. I want to FUCK it.” She insisted.

“I’d settle for seeing it though.” Galina said, “I’d rather do more, but I’ll take what I can get.”

Jake shook his head. “I can’t believe this is happening.” He was clearly overwhelmed.

“And i can’t believe you’ve got a firehose in your pants. The world is a crazy place Jake.” Niece explained. “Look buddy let me spell this out for you since we’ve clearly broken your fucking mind. You were honestly just going to be a joke we could use to hold over Alexis’ head whenever we felt like hazing the new bitch. Turn out fate is fucking with us and the random dude we picked for her, ended up having a dick that would make most porn stars jealous. So now, the GGK slut are very interested in fucking with you.”
She stopped for a moment and stepped towards him, putting a hand on his cheek. “You want my advice? Just roll with it and enjoy, because this only happens to one in a million guys. You hit the lottery bucko, roll with it.” She told him.

Well this girl clearly knew what she was doing and she made very smart points. Things like this only happened to guys like him in pornos, or fantasies. Jake was conflicted though. What if Alexis really liked him for whatever reason? Niece had said herself that they had never told her to sleep with him. So Alexis had done that of her own volition.

Then again maybe she was of the same mindset of these girls here. Niece and the bubbly brunette Galina didn’t know shit about him and they didn’t seem to care. All they knew was that he apparently had a rather substantially impressive “baseball bat”. That alone had them wanting to give him a try. And if they wanted to just give him a try, then why wouldn’t Alexis have been of the same mindset? She just had been in a position to take advantage of him in the moment. She had made him believe she wanted him.

Jake’s head hurt, and he looked around. Niece was stunning, Galina was just as stunning. Galina herself was shorter, but her body was just as incredible. Jake had gone from no possible female attention, to being overwhelmed with potential. Not just womanly attention, but attention from practical goddesses. These GGK girls were like a coalition of the hottest girls from around the country.

Galina shifted around to stand next to Niece. “I think you broke him.”

Niece gave a concerned look, “Poor guy has never had options before, he doesn’t know what to do with himself.”

Jake grimaced, she wasn’t wrong. As tempted as he might be he couldn’t, he didn’t want his first possible relationship with someone to end because he couldn’t go ten hours without sticking his dick into the next thing that offered. He sighed and hung his head apologetically. “Yeah I can’t do this. I don’t know what the deal is with Alexis and maybe it’s nothing, but if it isn’t I don’t wanna be that guy who fucks it up in the first damn day.”

Niece looked him over thoughtfully and clicked her tongue. “Noble.” She said, “Alright if you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

“Us.” Galina corrected with a smirk.

Niece opened the front door again and motioned Jake was free to go. As he walked by her she reached out and grabbed his arm to stop him for a moment. “I did mean it when I said you could do whatever you wanted to me. Even creampie me if you wanted.” She told him with a heated, lusty voice. “Just think about that.”

Jake felt trembles of lust rush through him. He didn’t trust himself to say anything so he merely nodded and walked away.

By the time he got back to his room he was exhausted. That conversation had not gone the way he had expected, and it took a lot out of him mentally. He staggered into his room and kicked the door shut before collapsing upon his bed. o

* * * *

The next morning Alexis woke up in her temporary room with a pleasant soreness between her legs. That night with Jake had indeed been wonderful and unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She rolled out of her bed and staggered to the bathroom, surprised at how weak her legs felt. Jake was indeed huge and he pushed her body to the limit without knowing it. It had given her a heady rush that she wanted more of, and this was the first time after sleeping with any guy that she had a hard time walking the next morning.

She began to giggle to herself as she checked herself out in the bathroom. Her loins ached and yet she burned for more. As she brushed her teeth she remembered her new pills that where in her tolietry bag, quickly she took one and took the pill box out of the temp bag and moved it to her school bag so that she would always have it nearby. She wanted more of Jake in a way she hadn’t wanted more of any guy before him, maybe it was just lust, but there was something to him that she liked though she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

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