The Picnic

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The air was cool and crisp. Fall had finally arrived and relieved them of the scorching heat that had plagued them all summer. Fall was her favorite time of year — cool air, football, and the state fair. And there is always an air of romance.

She had been planning this picnic for weeks. It was his first weekend off in a month, and the kids had gone to a friend’s house for the day. A basket of fried chicken, pimento cheese sandwiches, brownies and wine was ready to go. She had picked a beautiful spot in the woods where they often walked. They had never seen anyone out there, so she figured it would be a safe place. She had more than just eating a meal with him on her mind.

They began their trek out to the spot. The walk was exceptionally beautiful, as the leaves were beginning to turn, but hadn’t yet peaked. The air smelled so fresh. It was a little chilly, and she had forgotten her sweater. He pulled her close to keep her warm. She loved the way he could sense her needs and wants. He never hesitated in giving it to her — whatever she wanted. She felt spoiled, but he always told her she was just loved.

They made their way to the picnic spot, chatting along the way. He helped her spread one of the blankets out on ground and set up the picnic. The other blanket was in case they got cold, or they needed to cover up. It had been awhile since they really connected, and she wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.

He poured the wine, and looked into her eyes. He could tell what was on her mind. But then again, when was sex NOT on her mind. She had an insatiable sexual appetite, and wasn’t afraid of trying new things. Making love outside is one thing that they had not yet tried.

He hadn’t even had a chance to pour the wine, and she started kissing on Travesti his neck. He shivered and a big smile came across his face. She knew exactly where to kiss him. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given her.

She continued to kiss and mouth his neck. Finally, he grabbed her head, and pressed his lips next to hers. He pulled back a bit just staring into her eyes. Such kindness and warmth. Not to mention the passion.

He brushed his lips to hers, gently licking her top lip. She gasped slightly. His kiss always took her breath away. He paused again, making her wait for the next one. He knew it was driving her crazy. He leaned in again, and nibbled her top lip first and then her bottom lip before finally slowly sliding his tongue into her mouth. She tingled all over.

He wrapped his arm around her and gently laid her down on the blanket. He sat up beside her. He couldn’t decide if her erect nipples were from the excitement of his kiss or the cooler temperatures. It didn’t really matter, he just knew he wanted to feel them. In hands, with his fingers, and on his lips. He reached under her t-shirt and gently caressed her breast.

She pulled her shirt over her head, and removed her bra. It was really chilly outside, and her nipples pebbled even more. He couldn’t wait any longer, and he began to kiss her breast and nipple. He shifted so he was lying down beside her and with his other hand, he began caressing the other breast. He twisted her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. She started to squirm. He flicked his tongue across the sensitive nub and moved his lips to the other breast. Kissing her breast, then sucking her nipple. She was in heaven. She could feel her wetness soaking through her panties. Just the sight of him caused Ankara Travesti her to get wet.

He moved his hand gently down her stomach and unbuttoned her jeans. He slid his hand under her panties. She opened her legs and welcomed his touch. He spread her lips open with his thumb and middle finger, and flicked her clit with his forefinger. A hard shiver rocked her body, as she moaned, “OH!” He could feel the wetness and could hardly control himself. He wanted to feel that wetness all around his cock. But he took a deep breath and began rubbing her clit with a slow, steady rhythm. He leaned in and kissed her again. Her head was spinning from all of the stimulation and pleasure.

He stopped and pulled her jeans and panties off of her. In a quick moment, he had shed his clothes, spread her legs, and knelt between them. There she was in front of him. So beautiful. He told her this all the time, but she never quite believed him. Years of others telling her different were hard to erase. But in time, she would believe.

He leaned down and ever so lightly, blew on her clit. She writhed around on the blanket almost to the brink of her first orgasm. He didn’t want her to cum yet. He wanted to taste her first. His tongue massaged her clit as he slid to fingers deep inside her. She arched her back and dug her hips into the earth beneath her. She was tensing up, and he knew she was about to have her release. He kept licking her clit in a circular motion, and moved his fingers around inside her, and within a few seconds, she was gripping her fingers hard, and let out a cry with each wave of pleasure that escaped her body. This one was really intense, and he wasn’t sure it would ever stop. But after a several seconds, her body relaxed but she was still İstanbul Travesti breathing heavily. He retracted his fingers, licking them clean and then draped his arm over her chest and abdomen, holding her as she recovered.

Once he thought she had caught her breath, he brushed her hair out of her face and gently kissed her. She reached down to hold onto his stiff cock. Oh my, she loved to hold it. To caress it. To kiss it.

She rolled him over and kissed his chest. Then she traced her tongue down his stomach and down to the throbbing rod between his legs. She ran her tongue all the way around the head of his cock. She licked down one side of his shaft and up the other side. Gently, she caressed his balls in her had. She put the head into her mouth and sucked on it gently. He let out a groan indicating his excitement. She opened her mouth wide, and took in all of him. She licked all of it, and slowly began pulling her lips upward toward the head, gradually tightening her lips and tongue around his throbbing cock. She continued to suck on him until he could no longer take it.

He stopped her and positioned her on her hands and knees. He positioned himself behind her, grabbed her hips, and gently slid inside her. His strokes were slow and deliberate at first. All the way out and slowly all the way in. Gradually, his strokes are more forceful and quicker. She reached down and began massaging her clit. The stimulation from her finger as well as the hard cock inside her were bringing her so close to another orgasm. She could tell from the groans and breathing that he was getting close as well. She couldn’t hold it off any more. Her muscles tensed up around him and with a loud gasp, her body was rocked with wave after wave after wave of bliss. Her whole body shook, and she heard him let out a loud grunt and felt him empty himself into her.

They both collapsed on the blanket. He quickly found the other one, and wrapped them in it. She leaned onto his chest and began stroking his hair. Her plan had been perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32