The Phone Call

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Ass Up

Both Karin and Jean-Michel have very busy schedules—work, kids, etc . If they are lucky, they get to have lunch once a week. So, their “together” times are rare, and because of that rarity so much more precious to them. Sometimes, though, that in between time gets really difficult, and they have to supplement with an occasional explicitly hot phone call.

Each of them knows what is going to happen during the call—but they both play it cool, and converse as they usually do—about what has happened during the day, when next to have lunch, what’s going on with each other’s children. Usually though, one or the other of them will say something that can be taken as a double meaning—and sometimes it is direct and to the point. It all depends.

This particular night, they were discussing the next potential “together time,” and Jean-Michel says something like, “I want you waiting naked in bed for me.”

To which Karin replies, “Speaking of naked in bed—that’s what I am right now.”

“You are?” Jean-Michel asks with mock surprise. “Well, once upon a time. . .”

“You are telling me a bedtime story?” She holds the phone a little tighter to her ear and lets her free hand move to her already dripping wet pussy.

“Yes . . . once upon a time, there was a man named Jean-Michel who really liked a lady named Karin. He calls her up one Saturday and says to her—”Pack us a light lunch—we are going for a drive in the country. You don’t need to bring anything else. I’ll pick you up in about half an hour.” She tells him she will be ready.

“When he stops to pick her up, he holds her tightly and kisses her deeply and tells her how much he is looking forward to spending the day with her.

“He puts the picnic basket in the back of the car and helps her settle in to the passenger seat. Then they are off. They drive East on the interstate for several miles, and then take an exit that leads Southeast. They are definitely going on a country drive. In that part of the state there is nothing but farms and woods.”

“They drive on for about another hour, and they end up in a state park. He stops at the main office area.”

“She asks him what’s going on. Jean-Michel tells Karin not to worry that he has a surprise for her. He goes to the office and comes back a few minutes later jingling some keys.”

“”I’ve rented a very secluded cabin for us.” He smiles at her.”

“”How is that going to work, we didn’t bring anything but the food?” she inquires.”

“”Don’t worry, Baby Girl. I’ve got it covered.””

“They drive on for a bit more, and there nestled in the woods is a sweet little one room cabin—no other cabins in sight.”

“Jean-Michel asks Karin to go ahead inside with the food and to set up so they can have lunch—neither one has eaten anything all day.”

“Meanwhile, Jean-Michel opens the trunk of the car and removes 2 small suitcases, and a couple of bags of groceries, (It’s obvious that he plans to stay for more than just the afternoon) and brings them in the house.”

“By this time, Karin has organized their lunch. Unbeknownst to Jean-Michel—she has included a bottle of their favorite wine in the basket. They sit down to enjoy a light, romantic repast of bread, cheese, fruit and wine.”

“Jean-Michel compliments Karin on the lunch and asks about dessert.”

“Karin replies with a smile—”I’m dessert!””

“At that, Jean-Michel smiles broadly and takes Karin into his arms. They deeply soul kiss, and they seemingly melt into each other with that tremendous desire that is enhanced by the time that they have to spend apart—a fact that makes their times together so much more intense.”

“He pulls back and takes her glasses Travesti off. Then slowly he undresses her, as if unwrapping a wonderful gift . He pulls her shirt over her head, and then kisses her neck. He unfastens her bra, slips the straps from her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. He kisses her breasts. Karin gasps with pleasure at the touch of his lips on her bare skin. He pays lingual homage to her nipples, which again causes an intake of breath from Karin at each flick of his tongue.”

At this, Karin moans her pleasure into the phone. Jean smiles to himself, pleased that she is physically responding to his words. He goes on with the story.

“Jean-Michel slowly removes the rest of Karin’s clothes—slipping her jeans over her hips and helping her to step out of them. Next, he very slowly rolls her panties down over her hips, and they drop to the floor. He kisses her around her waist and over each hip. Then he slips a finger inside her quim to find it already dripping wet.”

Karin moans a little louder now into the phone. She is beginning to stroke her clit with her fingers the way Jean would with his tongue. She is deliciously wet.

Karin’s pleasure moans inspire Jean-Michel.

“Jean guides Karin to the bed and urges her to sit down and lie back. He spreads her legs wider and kneels between them until he is face to face so to speak with her love grotto. It is glistening with her moisture, and the heady, sweet muskiness of her scent intoxicates him. He leans in and grazes his tongue over her clit. She moans at his touch.”

Karin moans again into the phone and says, “Oh yes, baby that feels sooo good!”

“Jean licks her dew lips from back to front and Karin sighs with pleasure. He concentrates on her clitoris again—bringing his tongue to a stiff point, and rapidly flicking back and forth—bringing her to sensory overload.”

On the phone, Karin’s breathing is becoming more and more shallow, and she is trying not to call out, but little squeals escape, in spite of herself as she continues to massage her clitoris.

“Karin’s body convulses in pleasure as her orgasm explodes from her. She cums into Jean-Michel’s mouth, and he laps her love juices up greedily, not wanting to lose one drop of her nectar.”

Karin hoarsely whispers into the phone, “I’m gonna cum baby—right now! Hmmm. Ohhh! Ohhhhh!”

Jean encourages her, “Cum for me baby. Let it go. I want to hear you cum. Come on Baby Girl—let me hear you cum!”

“Ohhhhhh” As she continues to massage her clit furiously, the pleasure burn expands from the epicenter of her clit up over her pelvis, her buttocks, down the backs of her legs and into her toes. Her toes curl, as she reaches her climax, and she squeals into the phone, “OHHHHHH! HMMMMMMM! YESSS!!!!!”

Her heart is beating rapidly and her breathing is still shallow.

Jean asks her, “Did that feel good sweetheart?”

Still with rapid breathing and her speech hampered by the shallowness of breath, she manages, “MMMMM ohhhh yes!” She then stretches and groans.

Jean-Michel chuckles to himself, “I can see you arching your back like a cat as you stretch and then relax in your afterglow!”

She laughs at this, and says yes, “That’s exactly what I’m doing. Thank you—that was wonderful!”

He tells, her, “You’re not done yet. I want you to cum again for me.” He continues describing for her what is happening in the cabin in the woods.

“After Karin cums in Jean-Michel’s mouth, he stands up and very gently slides his cock into her hot, writhing, pulsating quim. She gasps as he plunges home. He puts her ankles on his shoulders and holds onto her thighs as he moves in and out Konya Travesti with that slow, smooth friction that drives her wild.”

Karin, again holds the phone tighter to her ear, and begins touching her already swollen, sensitive clit. Her quim is drenched with cum, and it is leaking out of her down onto her ass and the sheets. There will definitely be the white spot of evidence on the sheets tomorrow. Already, she is moaning with pleasure at the mental picture that Jean-Michel has verbally drawn for her.

He continues, “With each stroke, Jean-Michel makes sure he touches Karin’s G-spot. She gasps with pleasure on each inward stroke. He reaches to her already highly sensitized bud, and strokes her clit in rhythm with his pelvic thrusts.

Karin, grips the phone tighter and moans while stroking her clit in rhythm with the intonation of his voice.

“The double-team of Jean’s hard cock in her hot quim and his fingers stroking her clit causes another orgasm to burst forth from her. He tells her to let go, and to cum for him. He wants to hear how good it feels to her, and she responds with those pleasure squeals that he so loves to hear.

At that, Karin, hoarsely whispers, “Baby, I’m gonna cum again! Ohhhhh! Yesss! Ohhhhh!”

Jean-Michel says, “Come again for me baby—I want you to cum hard. Cum for me now. Let it go baby!”

“Ohhhhhhhh! Oooooooh! Yesssss!” she hoarsely squeals into the phone. “MMMMMMMM! Ohhhh! Mmmmmmm!”

“That’s my girl! I really love it!”

She is still breathing hard, and he asks if she is okay.

“There is only one thing that would make it better, and that is if you were right here with me.”

“Soon, Baby Girl, soon. I promise.”

They chat for a few minutes, and then Karin says, “Baby, it’s your turn now. I have you lie back, and I climb in between your legs, and take your hard dick in my mouth—as deeply as I can take it and suck and lick, and tease all the sensitive areas. I can feel your cock flex in my mouth. I’m fucking your cock with my mouth—just the way you like it.”

Jean-Michel says, “Oh yes baby, I can feel your mouth on my cock. I love you to fuck my cock with your mouth!”

Karin says, “I gently massage your nut sacs, and they must really enjoy my touch, because they retract up. I run my fingertips over your inguinal areas and the tops and inside of your thighs.”

Jean-Michel moans, “I can feel your tongue and your fingers. Oh, it feels so good.”

She says, “You know what I want to do to you, right?”

“Yes,” he says, “You are gonna make my prostate quiver! I love it.”

“Yes baby, I’m going to take care of that for you. I get the Astroglide from our “gardening tools box” and quickly lube up my fingers. I start at the sweet spot between your dick and your anus, and gently massage your prostate from the outside.”

“Mmmmmm, I can feel your fingers,” Jean-Michel moans.

“Then, subtly I move my fingers closer to your ass. I begin to digitally rim you, just teasing the puckered entrance with my fingertip.”

Jean-Michel moans at the thought of this.

Karin continues the pleasure torment of his anus—circling softly, pretending to insert her finger, and then back to the circles. All the while with her other hand, she is teasing the sweet spot. Jean-Michel is ramrod hard from her ministrations .

He moans with pleasure. “Ohhhh yes, baby. That feels good!”

Finally, she slips her finger inside just a bit. His external sphincter muscle clamps down on her fingertip. She wiggles it and he relaxes just a bit, and she gently plunges deeper.

“Oh baby! MMMMMMM!” Jean-Michel murmurs.

As Jean is listening to these descriptions, İzmir Travesti he has become blue steel hard, and is touching himself the way Karin would if she were with him. His heart is racing and his breathing is becoming shallow as he anticipates what is going to be coming next.

“Karin gets her finger all the way in and begins to gently stroke the edge of Jean’s prostate. He sighs and moans with the pleasure Karin is giving him.

“Karin touches his phallus with her free hand, and it quivers in response to her touch. There is pre-cum leaking from the head. She leans over and takes him in her mouth again to lick all the pre-cum off while she is still gently stimulating his prostate.”

On the phone, Karin can hear Jean’s breathing becoming heavier and she smiles. She wants to take it up a notch, so she becomes more descriptive of the activities she would like to be doing to him.

“Karin becomes more urgent with her stroking. She pulls her finger out, and adds a bit more Astroglide to lube up 2 fingers, and again, gently slides in the both of them. Jean-Michel really moans at this invasion of his ass—but in a most pleasured way. Karin becomes a little more insistent upon getting deeper, and that dear sweet nerve that she loves to trigger is awakened, and up his legs go to let her in as deep as she can get.

Jean-Michel’s moaning on the phone is becoming louder and more rapid as he is masturbating his shaft in response to her verbal picture of the pleasure he loves to receive.

Karin asks him if he wants to cum, if he can feel his prostate quivering and swelling in preparation for ejaculation.

“Yes baby I can feel it! I can feel it in my prostate. Ohhhhh yess!”

“Can you feel me teasing your prostate?” she asks in that husky bedroom voice that turns him on so much.

“Yes baby. I can feel your fingers. They feel soo good!”

“Okay, honey, your cum is ready to explode now. Can you feel it moving out of your prostate?”


“Can you feel it moving to the base of your cock?”

“Yes!!! I can’t hold it much longer!”

Karin deliberately slows her speech so as to prolong his cum. “Can you feel it moving up the shaft of your cock?”

“Yes baby! I need to cum now!”

“Okay—honey—cum for me now. I need to hear YOU cum. Cum for me!”

“It’s cumming now!” Jean is almost yelling with the intensity of his orgasm.

“OK baby, I want you to cum in my mouth. I lean my head down and take your cock deep in my throat just as you shoot your cum! It goes deep into my throat. You can feel the velvety softness of my tongue and the suction of my mouth as I tighten to milk the rest of your jism into my mouth. I am massaging your nuts as I continue with the lingual suction.

Jean-Michel calls out, “Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!” as he cums, so stimulated is he by the vivid details Karin uses in drawing her word pictures for him.

“MMMM baby—that sounded like it felt sooo good for you,” Karin drawls in that deep, husky, sexy bedroom voice she has.

“Oh yes, baby! It felt sooo good. You are a wicked jaded lady! Wicked, wicked!”

“But you love it!”

“Oh yes I do! I do love it. It was as if you were really here, and I could feel your mouth and tongue on my cock and your fingers on my prostate. It was amazing! I can hardly wait cum in you again!”

“I know sweetheart—but like you promised me—soon, very soon. For now your prostate will quiver and you will be reminded of me and us, and all the pleasuring that we will do to each other at our next “together time.”

Karin and Jean chat for a while longer as his breathing normalizes. It is late, and they both have to work the next day, so regretfully they must say good night.

As each goes to sleep, in his/her own bed—physically miles apart, but together in thought and spirit and emotional connection, they drift off to sleep, each holding his/her surrogate pillow tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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