The Peterson Family

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Big Dicks

It started out as just another Sunday morning for the Peterson family with all of them together at the Baptist church.

A tall, gangly sort of man with a receding hairline, dressed in his best blue suit and wearing a pair of glasses, Thaddeus Peterson was the pastor of the church. Holed up in his little office, sitting in his high backed chair, he was digging desperately through the open briefcase lying on his desk but not finding what he was looking for.

When he finally gave up on his search, grumbling irritably to himself, he instantly grabbed his cell phone and called up his wife.

“It’s me, honey. Listen, it looks like I’ve gone and forgotten all of the notes I made for this mornings sermon. I got them out to make a few revisions last night and must have left them on the desk. Do you think you could run home and get them for me?”

He heard his wife groan in exasperation and sensed the beginning of yet another lecture on his faltering memory coming, but thankfully she spared him that. “I can’t, dear. I’m soloing today, remember? I have to get ready myself.” There was a pause then as she apparently had a quick look around. “I can see the kids chatting with their friends, though. I’ll send one of them, okay?”

“That would be great, honey. Thanks.”

Hanging up the phone and tossing it into the briefcase, he leaned back into his chair with a relieved sigh. They lived fairly close to the church and so there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that it wouldn’t be too long at all before he had those notes.

Something occurred to him then and he glanced down at his wristwatch, doing a few quick mathematical calculations in his mind.

Yeah, he should have enough time.

An old fashioned, fire and brimstone sort of preacher, Thaddeus had long ago established a set series of steps that seemed to produce the best results when he was at the pulpit. One of those steps involved him beating off just before the service started to get himself riled up and ready to go. He certainly wouldn’t be able to do this at the regular time today as he would be using the notes he’d forgotten to put the final touches on his sermon then, but he was still determined to beat one off lest he end up giving a flat and uninspiring sermon. If he hurried, he figured he could do this and be done before his notes arrived.

Unzipping his pants, he fished out a surprisingly long and thick cock and gave it a few strokes to get it good and hard.

As he conjured up a fantasy to jack off to, it was not his wife who appeared before his mind’s eye, however. As usual, it was instead his own sexy daughter!

* * *

As soon as she finished speaking to her husband, Felicity Peterson started over towards the little knot of teenagers that were standing in the hallway just outside the Sunday school classrooms.

Her son Joseph noticed her approach right away and started to smile, but she deliberately avoided catching his eye. No matter how unusual their relationship really was, it was vitally important that everything seem normal between them and she knew it. The last thing she needed was for rumors to start circulating, perhaps even reaching her husband’s ears.

Pretending that her focus was on her daughter Hayley alone, trying not to let her cheeks burn from the way Joseph was looking at her, she didn’t even realize that she had quickened her step.

“Hayley? Can you do me a favor?”

Turning to face her mother, the teenaged girl answered with a wide smile, “Oh, hi, mom! What can I do for you?”

“Your father needs his notes, but he says he left them at home – probably on his desk. If I let you take the car, do you think you could run home and get them for him?”

“Sure, no problem.”

With her mother’s car keys clutched in her hand, Hayley took off immediately.

Felicity didn’t turn to watch her go – immediately dismissing her husband’s problem from her mind. At last, her eyes sought out her son’s giving him a look she did not doubt he would have no trouble interpreting, then swiftly turned away again. She didn’t want to hold his eyes for too long and have all of these kids wondering why they were staring at each other so intensely.

She strolled away then, confident that he had gotten the message and would follow.

Joseph watched her go with an amused smile, wondering how anybody could not know that there was something going on between them when she acted so weird around him. Still, he made his excuses to his friends and followed after his mother without a moments hesitation, his eyes fixed on her swaying ass.

For a middle-aged woman who had given birth to two children, she wasn’t half bad, he mused. Oh, she no longer had the slender figure of her youth, but on the whole she was aging very well, in his opinion. She even knew how to dress – picking something that was appropriate for a day at church, but which still highlighted her assets. As far as Joseph was concerned, his dad had really hit the jackpot when he landed gaziantep bayan escort ilanları this lovely lady.

There was a small dressing room tucked in behind the sanctuary where people could put on their robes before they were baptized, and where they could go to dry off afterwards. It was into this room that Felicity turned, never once looking back at the young man who pursued her, but leaving the door open behind her.

Joseph did shut the door though just as soon as he followed her in, being very careful to lock it before turning to face her.

* * *

Rushing headlong into her family’s home, Hayley went straight for the big roll top desk that stood in the living room.

Her eyes quickly scanned the piles of paper that littered it’s top. It didn’t take very long for her to find the correct ones and, as she grabbed them up, she glanced over what her father had written. She had to wonder when she saw the names Sodom and Gomorrah mentioned prominently in them.

He cited those two doomed cities in a lot of his sermons, she mused with a concerned frown.

Shrugging it off, she glanced at her watch and grew alarmed when she saw what time it was. She had to get back to the church and fast!

* * *

Sitting in his office, Thaddeus stroked himself slowly, a dreamy smile on his lips.

He knew that he shouldn’t be taking his time with this, that he really needed to get done before one of his kids turned up with the notes. He would be off his game when he gave his sermon if he were interrupted and didn’t get to finish this, for one thing. For another, there was always the possibility, however unlikely, of someone walking into his office and catching him like this.

It just wouldn’t have looked right, after all.

Even so, the pastor found that he just could not be hurried. The fantasy that was playing through his mind right now was an especially good one and he wanted to see it all the way through as it promised to deliver him a good, hard climax.

While the real Hayley was the kind of sweet and innocent little thing that would surely never be touched by any sort of scandal, the one in his imagination was instead a sultry vixen who knew just how to use the firm, perfect body God had gifted her with. Eighteen years old and in the prime of life, this illusory version of his daughter not only knew just what to do to him to get the best results, but enjoyed the fun and games as much as he did.

If only she really was like this, he thought with a sigh.

* * *

Felicity had to smile as she looked her son over.

She had really outdone herself with this young man! Big and beefy, smart and talented, and very, very easy on the eyes, the college sophomore looked absolutely fantastic in his sports jacket and slacks. He was so unlike her lean and awkward husband, but there could be no doubt that Thaddeus was his father whenever she looked at the crystal clear blue eyes that he’d inherited from him.

His mother knew that wasn’t the only point of resemblance between the two men, though. Joseph also had a duplicate of his father’s long, fat cock!

Coming across to him, she gave him a tender, lingering kiss on the lips.

Joseph accepted his mother’s kiss, following it with a longer and more passionate one, dipping his tongue into her mouth. She clung to him happily, thoroughly enjoying this stolen moment and only wishing it could have lasted longer than just a moment.

Licking her lips, she dropped down to her knees in front of him and set to work unfastening his pants and reaching in to haul out the monster that lurked within. Groaning deeply as he watched his own mother stroke and fondle his manhood, he shivered with pleasure.

He had been a senior in high school when she first took him aside to do this and, from that day to this, she had insisted that he keep his hands to himself to avoid mussing up her hairdo, but it was a real struggle. He did it, however, since it seemed the least he could do in exchange for what she would give him. Besides, if he didn’t follow the rules, there was always a possibility that she might put an end to these illicit activities forever.

Thinking back to those early days of their affair, he had to smile to himself. His mother sang during most services and, when she’d fished out his cock that first time, she had tried to convince him that she wasn’t going to suck his dick because she had a thing for her only son or because she wanted to cheat on her husband, but because swallowing cum helped her sing better – the semen soothing her vocal cords, or something.

With a blow job in the offing and a real woman handling his meat, he had just agreed to whatever she said in the hope that she wouldn’t stop!

And now, all these years later, this was still the full extent of their incestuous relationship. He had begged to fuck her, but had always been refused. He had pleaded gaziantep escort bayan ilanları with her to allow him more than just a once a week cock sucking, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted to be able to tell herself that all of this wasn’t as perverse as it really was, he supposed, or that she wasn’t actually cheating on her spouse.

It was frustrating as hell, though, and he was very glad to have recently found something to help him through it.

Right now though, he could only grip a conveniently placed clothing rack with both hands, jerking so badly when her tongue darted out to caress the head of his rapidly growing dick that he very nearly snapped the wooden rod in half.

* * *

It was obvious to all who saw her fly past that the pastor’s daughter was in a hurry.

It was important that she not only get the notes to her father before the service started, Hayley knew, but that she get them to him as quickly as she could so that he would have enough time to study them. With the papers clutched tightly to her chest so that there was no chance they would be lost, she rushed through the hallways of the church as fast as she dared, darting nimbly around the people she encountered with a quick greeting or a rushed apology.

When she arrived at the door to her father’s office, she normally would have had the courtesy to knock and wait for permission to enter, but just this once she unthinkingly threw open the door and burst in, automatically closing the door behind her.

What she saw made her skid to a sudden stop, her eyes going wide and her mouth falling open.

Sitting in the big chair behind his desk, but turned to face the door, her father was reclining so far that he was almost lying down as he stroked his big, rock hard cock. He sat up quickly as she entered, his eyes as wide as her’s as he jerked his hand away from his meat.

The two of them just stared at each other for a long, tense moment, well aware of what an awkward tableau this was.

The normal and appropriate thing for Hayley to do now, she knew, was to stage a rapid retreat and to pretend that she’d never caught him red-handed in such an intimate moment. Remembering the papers she still held, though, the young woman apparently decided that she could not just flee. Moving forward almost mechanically, she walked up to him and laid the papers on the desk, her eyes glued to his steadily drooping dick.

Mission accomplished.

Even now, however, Hayley did not turn away and get out of that room. Instead, she just stood there silently with her head bowed and a nervous smile on her face.

It seemed to take him forever, but Thaddeus eventually realized that she was offering him an alternative to his right hand. He could hardly imagine that his daughter was really inviting him to use her pussy and just stared at her in wonder. It would be a dream come true to have Hayley as his mistress, of course, but in the real world there would be all kinds of scary consequences if they were ever found out.

Did he dare take her up on the offer?

Without bothering to put away the dick that was still hanging out of his pants, Thaddeus pushed his chair well back out of the way and stood up slowly. Without a moments hesitation, his youngest child slid in between him and the desk, facing him. He raised a hand to stroke her cheek and her eyes rose at last to meet his, silently giving him permission to have his wicked way with her.

His heart leapt up into his throat, his cock jumping and jerking back to excited life. Silently, he thanked God that his wife had been worried enough about the perils of the teen dating scene that she had already put their little girl on the pill.

He would waste no more time, spinning her around quickly so that now her back was to him. With his guiding hand pressing on her back, she knew exactly what he wanted and willingly bent forward over his desk, knocking the briefcase to the floor beyond. He had the long skirt of her best Sunday dress lifted and her frilly panties hauled down in mere moments and she was only too happy to spread her long legs well apart in blatant invitation.

As his wife could certainly have attested, Thaddeus was not normally so brusque with his women and nor did he usually jump straight to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow without indulging in at least some foreplay first. There was just no time for it right now and that was that – not if he didn’t want to be late for church this morning.

Bringing the big bulbous head of his long cock up to her quivering twat, he did not simply shove himself into her, though. Instead, he bumped and rubbed his erection against her, pushing it slowly back and forth along the length of her furrow both to bathe himself in her already freely flowing juices and to make sure that she was every bit as ready for this as he was.

Hayley was not completely innocent of the escort gaziantep ilanları touch of men, but it had to be admitted that she did not have a whole lot of experience. She eagerly soaked up every last sound, smell, and sensation like a sponge, committing it all to memory for replay in her mind a million times over in the future, only wishing that she was in a better position to actually see it, as well.

He soon had her moaning softly from the pleasure of his gentle explorations and starting to writhe, but it was not until she wantonly pushed her butt back against him – unmistakably signaling that she was now ready to have him inside her body – that he proceeded. Breathing harder and harder, gasping and groaning as his own excitement built and spread like wildfire, he wedged the tip of his cock in the entrance of her pussy, then grabbed hold of her firmly by the hips.

He slid into his daughter slowly and carefully that morning, not wanting to hurt her too much when he deflowered her, and was startled when he sank all the way in without encountering a hymen.

Hayley wasn’t a virgin? He was astonished! He knew he had raised his daughter better than that.

Something told her what he was thinking, so she glanced back over her shoulder at him with a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, dad,” she sighed, clenching herself tight around the big cock that was impaling her. “You’re going to be my first this morning. I accidentally popped my cherry a long time ago though, riding my bicycle.”

He smiled back, happy again. Of course! That explained everything.

* * *

Back in the little dressing room, Felicity was still on her knees in front of her son, cupping his heavy balls in one hand while gripping his painfully hard shaft with the other.

Joseph jumped and gasped as her tongue lashed and lapped at him down there, her hands stroking and caressing him. His mother was a real artist when it came to blowing a dick, but then again she really should be considering she practiced on him almost every week. The clothing rack he was clenching so tightly was rattling noisily and the wooden rod was threatening to become dislodged from it’s seatings.

Once she was confident that he had taken as much as he could stand, she decided it was time to alter her tactics, looking up at him with an almost malicious smile. He was grateful for this opportunity to catch his breath and quickly sucked in several huge lungfuls of air, knowing that the reprieve would not last for long.

Tilting her eyes up to meet her son’s, Felicity held them as she now took the head of his dick into her mouth, sucking on it. He always found it so erotic to be gazing into her eyes as she took him into her mouth and so naturally she did it as often as possible.

She followed up her vigorous work of moments before with something much more slow and careful, very gradually taking more and more of him into her mouth. It could be hard work as he was so well hung, but between her husband and her son, she’d had plenty of chances to try and try again until she’d learned to suck just about the entire length down her throat.

With his own mother deep-throating him, Joseph let out a deep moan as his eyes rolled back in his head.

* * *

Holding his daughter’s hips firmly, Thaddeus started to push that big dick of his back and forth, pumping in and out of the young woman’s tight twat.

Never forgetting that this was supposed to be Hayley’s first time with a man, he spent a little more time than he otherwise would have, going slow, giving her long and cautious strokes. He wanted to give her a real feel for this – not only to learn what muscles needed to be clenched and which relaxed, but when. It was a valuable lesson that she would need to learn if she were going to please her future husband.

It was only when he was certain that she had a good idea of what she was doing, that he was doing nothing that might cause her pain or injury, that he started to pick up the pace. Faster and faster he went, fucking her harder and harder, deeper and deeper, and all she could do was hold on to the edge of the desk for dear life.

Now that he was taking her at full throttle, the room resounded with the rapid slap of their bodies meeting, the slurping of his rod stabbing in and out of her juicy hole, the teenaged girl’s grunting and mewling noises, and of course the pastor’s grunting and snarling. The erotic aroma of sweat and sex filled the air rapidly, proving a powerful aphrodisiac for them both.

It was probably to be expected that the couple should reach their climaxes quickly, given the novel nature of this encounter.

Hauling her up and off the desk just enough so that he could grab hold of her perky little breasts, he gave her one final barrage of strokes and then jammed himself as far into her as he possibly could. She, meanwhile, shoved her butt back against him good and hard in her own desperate attempt to have all of him inside of her.

Remembering that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if everyone in the church were to hear piercing screams of ecstasy coming from behind the door to the pastor’s office this morning, Hayley shoved a fist into her mouth when her orgasm consumed her, holding it there with her other hand. Her father held on to her crushingly tight as he too lost control, burying his face in her hair and clenching his teeth to avoid making too much noise.

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