The Party

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This story is the third of the series and follows the events of “Going Black at the Park” and “Becoming a BBC Addict”.

It had been almost 2 weeks since Tyrone had texted me. I was half hopeful that he had moved on and forgotten about me, but I was also half disappointed. After the first two days, going for a whole two weeks without a black cock to suck had me thinking about it all the time.

I had almost texted him myself half a dozen times. I could not believe what he had turned me into after only a few weeks. I would check my phone a dozen times every day in case I had missed something.

To my surprise Tyrone’s next contact with me was not a text but something altogether different.

I came home on Friday that week to discover a box had been left on my porch. I picked it up and carried it inside. Looking it over I could see that it was just a plain cardboard box. There was no writing, no shipping service logo, no return address.

Intrigued, I started to open it. Inside was a smaller brown wooden box with a handwritten note taped to the top. I picked up the note and read it.

The note read: hey Stevie, we’re going out tonight. I picked up something hot for you to wear. See you at eight babe, Tyrone.

Several panicked thoughts ran through my head. What could possibly be in the box? What if Julie had found the box instead of me? Did Tyrone even care?

I reached in with trembling fingers and gently lifted the box out. It was surprisingly light as I set it down on the table in front of me. I pulled back the lid and looked inside. It was lingerie. Women’s lingerie.

I slammed the lid shut and reflexively pushed the box away from me. There had to be some mistake. There was no way Tyrone expected me to wear this. Yet a part of me sensed that this was no mistake.

Thankfully for me, I knew Julie would be out with friends until late that night. One of her friends was getting married and they were having a bachelorette night.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the box once more. There was a matching red bra and panty set, some silk stockings, a blond wig, And a black dress which to my eyes seemed quite revealing. Underneath it all were two other items. Some breast forms and a corset.

Resigned, and feeling too nervous to eat anyways, I immediately began my preparations. This was going to take a while anyways and the last thing I wanted was to be late. Tyrone had written that he would pick me up at eight, and I knew I had better be ready when he got here.

I had absolutely no idea how to put most of this on. I began by carefully cutting my toenails. My girlfriend regularly wore stockings. I was well aware of the possibility of ripping them while putting them on. I hesitated for a while, debating whether I should just put them on or shave my legs. Not wanting to disappoint Tyrone, I decided on the latter option. I went into the bathroom and using my girlfriend razor and shaving cream I started to carefully shave my legs. This was my first time doing it and it was a bit awkward but after a while I was satisfied with the result.

I returned to the living room and very carefully slid on the silk stockings. The feeling against my freshly shaved skin was a bit strange but not at all unpleasant. Next came the breast forms. I had quite the struggle with them and it took me nearly 15 minutes before I was satisfied with the results. I reached back into the box and pulled out the corset. I squeezed into it with difficulty and reached behind myself. It took several tries but finally I was able to tighten it enough to hide most of my stomach. It made it hard to breathe and I could not believe that some women put themselves through this every time they dressed.

The bra was a struggle too. Thankfully I had seen Julie put hers on on countless occasions. Of course for her it always seemed quite effortless. I then pulled on the panties. I had to adjust them a little as they were not conceived o be worn by a man.

Next came the dress Thankfully, I had a much easier time with it than any of the rest. I slid it over my head and it was pretty straightforward, almost like slipping on a T-shirt. The dress was very short and barely covered my ass. Whenever I bent over or leaned forth, the dress would hike up. I knew whoever would be looking would be able to see my panties.

All that was left was the wig. I pulled it out of the box and wondered how I was supposed to make it hold on my head. Tyrone had provided for this, and tucked into the wig was a small bottle of adhesive. I read the instructions and they said it was skin safe and would dissolve with soap and hot water. I had gone this far. I was not about to back out now. I walked back into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror.

I applied a fairly generous coating of the adhesive to the inside of the wig and placed it over my head. Standing in front of the mirror I quickly adjusted it into the position which I thought looked best before Escort Erenköy the adhesive could dry.

I looked into the mirror, and while I clearly was not a woman, I was still stunned by the transformation. I actually looked a lot better than I had expected. I toyed with the idea of putting on some makeup but I really had no idea how to do it. In the end, as a compromise, I put on a bit of my girlfriend’s red lipstick and a little eyeshadow.

I took one last quick glance into the mirror to make sure everything was as good as it was going to get. I quickly put on a pair of white tennis shoes since Tyrone has not provided any footwear. Glancing at the clock I saw that it was already getting close to 8 o’clock.

I sat at the kitchen table and looked out the window for Tyrone’s arrival. I found myself really hoping that he would be pleased with my appearance. I had to wait only a few short minutes before a black BMW pulled into the yard. I quickly locked the door and hurried towards the car, thankful for the row of hedges to either side of the driveway which hid me from the neighbours.

Tyrone had climbed out of the car and was standing next to the passenger side door. Before I could slide in he pulled me close. I felt a strong hand fondle my butt, pulling up the hem of my dress and rubbing my ass through the fabric of the panties. ” damn you look pretty good in that. Even better than I expected.” I could feel myself blushing at his compliment.

He opened the door for me and gave me a little smack on the ass as I climbed in. Tyrone got in the driver seat and a few seconds later we were backing out of the yard. I was about to buckle in but he stopped me with his hand.

He smiled and told me that he wanted a blow job on the way to the party. I did not even think of arguing. I undid his belt and slid down his pants a little as he lifted his ass a bit off the seat to make it easier for me. His semi hard cock was as hot as I remembered it.

I lifted it with one hand and leaned over. The position was a bit awkward but within a few seconds I had his cock hardening in my mouth. I had wanted this so bad for the last two weeks and wanted to show him how eager I was. I moved my head up-and-down, feeling every little detail of his cock against my lips. My tongue lapped at the thick vein which ran along the underside of his cock.

The trip was short. Much too short for my liking. I had barely had that wonderful cock in my mouth for 10 minutes when Tyrone pulled into the yard of a large townhouse. He told me to stop and I regretfully let his thick dark meat slide from between my lips. I could see Tyrone grin as he recognized the look of disappointment on my face.” Don’t look so down. You’re gonna get all that slut mouth can handle tonight and more.”

We got out of the car and I looked around at my surroundings. It was a large turn of the 19th century two story townhouse. The façade was painted white with burgundy shutters over the windows. A large veranda ran the length of the front of the house. There were about 15 cars parked in the driveway, mostly luxury brands. Three black men who appeared to be in their early 20s were on the veranda drinking and chatting.

Tyrone put a hand on the small of my back and gently prodded me towards the house. I was starting to feel a lot more self-conscious about my outfit now that there were other people around. One of the men looked our way as we approached and called out. ” hey Tyrone, you brought a new bitch tonight?”

Tyrone climbed the steps up to the porch confidently and shook hands with the three men while I followed much more nervously. They started chatting about sports as I stood behind Tyrone trying to make myself invisible. Eventually Tyrone took a step back and reached out with an arm to pull me close. “Yeah, this is Stephanie. It’s her first time here.”

I blushed and greeted the men as they all assured me that I would be having the time of my life..For some reason their words made me even more nervous. We stood outside for another ten minutes chatting with them. Well Tyrone was chatting really as I just stood there and tried to relax as best I could really. At one point Tyrone just smiled and said, “We better get inside, I am sure Stephanie is very anxious to go and meet everyone.” The men had a good laugh at that and I said bye in a shy voice.

Tyrone once more opened the door for me and we walked into the large living room of the house. I was immediately stunned by what I saw. There were about thirty men in the room, mostly young fit black men with only three other white guys other than me. All three were quite busy at the moment. One was on his knees in front of a long sofa on which three black men were sitting, completely naked. The white guy was on his knees in a bra and panty in front of them, sucking all three of them in alternance while they chatted away as if nothing was going on. Occasionally one of the black men would let out a soft içerenköy escort moan but other than this they seemed to totally ignore the white cocksucker servicing them.

One of the other white men was dressed in what can only be described as a slutty school girl outfit. His skirt was lifted and he was sitting on a well muscled stud who obviously had his cock buried hilt deep in his boi pussy. Another well hung, handsome stud was standing in front of him, his cock buried deep in the slutty school girl’s throat.

The third white man was dressed in a traditional french maid’s outfit and was walking around the room, bringing refreshments to the various men. This was obviously nothing new to him as he walked gracefully despite the 4 inch stiletto heels he wore. I noticed that while the white sissies seemed to be in their late thirties and early forties the black men all seemed to be in their twenties, Some even looked to be eighteen or nineteen.

The black men who were not busy with the kneeling man and the schoolgirl were all standing around chatting, or seated in the various recliners and sofas which were set about the room Most of them were either nude or in their underwear or shorts. I could feel several eyeing me as a predator might look at a prey as I walked in next to Tyrone. Their eyes on me made my cock twitch a bit in my panties. Tyrone turned to me and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “You deny no one or it will look bad on me, is that clear bitch?” I nodded and he slapped my ass hard. From his gesture I took it he meant for me to get busy. Tyrone turned and walked away, starting to chat with another group of men.

I walked around the room slowly until one of the men sitting in a sofa motioned me over. He was a tall, well built young black man who simply exuded confidence. I walked over and smiled at him. He reached down to grab his crotch through his shorts as two of his buddies who were sitting to either side of him smirked. I took this as my cue to drop down to my knees in front of him. “Take them off white bitch.” he said in a tone which would tolerate no disobedience. Having already understood my place at the parte, I quickly complied, reaching up to grab his shorts and tug them down.

His cock was not particularly large, maybe about 6 inches but it was thick and bulky. I reached down and grabbed the base, stroking it for a moment before leaning in and letting it slide into my mouth. One of his buddies took this as a cue to whip his own cock out and He took my hand guiding it to his member. It was a bit bigger than his friends but not quite as thick. Here I was, having not even walked into the room 10 minutes ago, on my knees in front of one black kid (well he was a kid to me) I had never met sucking his cock while I stroked his buddy. The third guy reached down and lifted my skirt, giving everyone in the room a clear view of my ass and panties.

I was going crazy, I was just starting but I knew this was going to be an unforgettable night and truth be told I was really looking forward to seeing where all this would lead. I already felt a raging hard-on straining against the fabric of my panties. I pushed my head down and let his cock slide into my throat and was rewarded with an appreciative groan. I let my saliva lube up his cock as my hand worked over his friend’s erection. After a few moments of this I switched, grabbing the first cock with my left hand as I moved my mouth to his friend’s dick.

I sensed more than saw that several other men had taken interest in the scene and had moved closer. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw a chubby kid who must have been eighteen or so stroking his cock. It was probably the biggest cock I had ever seen and must have been almost eleven inches long. I found myself hoping I would soon get to feel it down my throat.

I moved back to the first cock as I felt several strong hands groping my ass, one even being so bold as to pull my panties down a little and tease my asshole with a gentle pressure. I moaned on the fat cock buried between my lips. I swayed my hips gently, rubbing back against the soft touch. It felt amazing and I could feel myself leaking precum into the panties.

I moved back and forth between the two men I was sucking, bobbing my head a few time on one cock and then moving to the next to do the same. I was wild with lust and greedily slurped and sucked them off in turn until the second guy slid a hand behind my head and held me firm on his cock” I felt him tense up and I was soon rewarded with a thick salty load which I let slide down my throat, swallowing my first load of the evening.

I let the spent shaft slide out from between my lips and licked the last few drops from the tip of his cock before moving my attention back to his friend. I started to suck him with even more enthusiasm, sliding my head back and forth quickly as I subtly turned with every downwards motion, adding a new level of sensation to the blowjob. Tuzla escort bayan I felt his hands on my back and he groaned as he also shot a load of hot black stud sperm down my gullet.

I let him out of my mouth and turned to find five more of the men having formed a semi circle around me. I crawled close to the nearest one and knelt up, taking his member into my mouth. My eyes met his and he groaned in lust as I slid his entire cock, a good eight inches, into my mouth in a single motion. I reached out to either side and my hands found two more thick black poles to stroke. Another cock slapped my face and I was a bit startled by the sudden impact. I quickly recovered and let the first one slide from my mouth as I turned. I was suddenly face to face with the thick black cock which had caught my attention earlier. My attention was now fully upon it as it hung just a few inches from my mouth.

The men were jeering and laughing. One called out, “I wonder if this sissy cocksucker can handle Markus.” I did not hesitate and wrapped my lips around his head, teasing the tip with my nimble tongue. I was determined to not disappoint and I covered the thick cockhead with as much of my saliva as I could. I let go of the other two cocks I was stroking and focused solely on the monster which I had just taken on.

My head bobbed back and forth on his cock, every movement forward letting a little more of the thick cock slide between my lips. My jaw ached already as his girth forced me to open as wide as I could. He decided I was not progressing fast enough and I felt both his hands grab the back of my head. I was about halfway down his cock when he just decided to fuck my mouth, I could feel his massive rod stretching my cocksucking mouth to it’s limits. For a moment I worried it would not fit and then I felt the tip of his hot man meat slide into my throat. I have been sucking cocks for many years and I do not have much of a gag reflex anymore. But this one definitely made me gag. I could feel my head spinning as I struggled for air. I lifted my ass up and placed my body level with his cock. I was now bent at the waist, panties halfway down my legs and bare ass exposed to all the eager black bulls in the room.

My eyes were watering and I could barely see, but I suddenly sensed the tip of my nose touch his stomach. I felt his balls slap against my chin and I felt a surge of pride at having taking the whole thick cock into my mouth. I did not have time to think on this much though as even as I pulled back a little to better move back in, I felt the tip of another thick cock rub against my asshole. I thought I knew what was coming and braced for it.

What I did not expect was the hard forceful thrust into me. Pushing my mouth back onto Marcus’ thick cock until it filled my throat and mouth completely. My ass was on fire as one man had just invaded me so completely, burying himself to the base without so much as a warning. My ass was on fire but I knew I craved this treatment. I loved how he had just taken me and despite the pain I instantly shot a load of my own down onto the wooden floor.

I think the man behind me was trying to destroy my asshole. HIs hard thrusts were all about his pleasure, not mine. I reached out and grabbed Marcus’ legs as I felt the man behind me just pounding away. It took a few minutes but eventually the pain started to fade and be replaced by an intense pleasure as his precum finally lubed up my asshole and his hard black cock rubbed against my prostate. I was barely even conscious of the massive cock thrust in my mouth anymore. His hard pounding of my ass forced my mouth back and forth on the thick black cock I was sucking.

I felt Marcus tense suddenly and he exploded in my mouth. His load was worthy of his cock and while I struggled to swallow it all, I could feel the excess running down my chin and dropping to the floor below. He pulled back suddenly and his cock slipped from my lips with a loud slurping sound. I was face to face with his monster as it twitched one last time and shot another hot stream of cum across my face. I gasped for breath for a moment and then heard the man behind me grunt. It was his turned and the big black cock in my ass painted my anal passage white.

He pulled back and out of my ass with such suddenness that I momentarily felt completely empty; this did not last long as another man took his place. I was pulled down into a seated position as several men had surrounded me. The man in my ass now lied down and I shifted positions until I was sitting on his cock, I started to bounce up and down on his hard cock. It was not as big as the one which had just fucked me and to be honest after the hard pounding my gaping asshole barely felt anything. I sat back on his cock and easily took it deep as several of the other men moved around me, stroking their cocks in my face. I turned from one to the other, after the challenge of Marcus’ cock these men were easy to handle.

Riding the cock in my ass I had my head on a swivel, moving swiftly from one cock to the other, giving each a few strokes with my mouth before moving to the next. My cock was rock hard again as I sucked them each off in turn. It was the most intense experience of my life

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