The One Off Affair

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I have seen her a few times at various functions, at the university campus, out and about after hours at cafes and shops. Never spoken to her. But I have only known her as Elizabeth. I always thought of her as a snob. She had a quiet demeanour of a lady assured of herself and to be honest, she oozed with confidence. She was probably less noticeable due to her regular companionship with boyfriend Derek. I don’t like the guy. He was simply too cocky for me and probably a lot of others as well. And thoughts of “getting back” at Derek crossed my mind a couple of times. This was someone who had a say on everything and the first to make a sly remark, even if he knew nothing about the subject.

However Elizabeth had this sexy allure about her but it was less noticeable because of Derek. Its when I thought about it, she could easily be the subject of desire. That became clear at a chance meeting at the university library. Elizabeth was studying law like myself.

“Hey, you’re in my class right, have you studied up on this case yet?” She asked.

It so happened I had. I was able to help her a little. Then I formally introduced myself and it lead to some small talk. It was enough for us to get an impression of each other. I came away feeling “warm fuzzies.” She wasn’t shy but very polite and approachable. She was a real lady. I liked her after that brief encounter. That’s when my mind started wondering…

Since that occasion, every time I saw her in class, she was her usual self but I did notice the odd eye contact now, probably now there’s a tiny bit of familiarity. That was enough for me.

Anyway weeks have passed and things have become routine and normal. As you readers have know me by now, other flirtatious events have happened with others have since occurred but nothing out of the ordinary until it became word that Elizabeth was “separated” from Derek. It was probably just some ” lover’s tiff” that will mend in a day, I thought.

Around that time, I “fortunately” ran into Elizabeth in the library again. This time our conversations were deeper and more meaningful, at least from my prospective. I came away feeling hot. There was something different. Maybe it was due to her personal life has changing. She seem happy and “free.” I liked that.

After a couple more weeks, it seems that she has indeed broken off with that guy. They haven’t been seen together and others guys seem to be hanging around her and her besties. Then in another lucky chance meeting, again in the library, I was able to help her again on another query about a study question.

This time knowing that she is not with Derek, I was feeling rather interested in her. Every word she said Beylikdüzü Escort sounded like a flirt if you what I mean. Seriously Elizabeth was like a tasty morsel ready for the picking. And this time I noticed the scent of her perfume. It begins playing with me. Law is a boring subject to most, all these words and sentences subject to interpretation but right now its all pretty interesting. Its all mind games. I asked her if she had time for coffee but she declined. Damn, she now knows for sure I am interested.

So after an another hour of hanging out at the library, it was time to go. I go to clear my paperwork when she appeared.

“Let’s have that coffee, but I am buying since you have helped me.” She declared biting her lower lip.

“Oh yeah, feel free.” I replied in an instance, completely taken aback.

At a cafe, we just created small talk, nothing too personal. But it was somewhat awkward. Elizabeth looked like she was somewhere else and I could guess. Then she asked.

“You really like me, don’t you?” She smiled warmly.

“Am I making it that obvious?” I swallowed the lump that had developed.

“Let’s go somewhere quiet.” She smirked, resting her right hand on my arm.

Oh god as it caught. me by surprise. I feel the growing pressure down under expanding. It felt good.

“Shall we go for drive?” I suggested eagerly.

“OK.” Was her only reply.

For everyone who doesn’t know, my car was my favourite place to get to know a beautiful girl. I was eager to please. I hope she was too.

Once we got to the my car, she surprised me once again by pushing the door to the front passenger door shut as I opened it for her, instead opening the back door of my SUV and hopping in. It couldn’t be more clear what she had in mind. It again drove me extremely excited. It was easier to hide my obvious hard on then the smile on my face. Am I going f..k her tonight? I questioned myself. I looked around and there was only a few cars around but at a short distance.

“Where we are is just fine.” She smirked like some playful school girl. “Don’t need to go anywhere else.”

Once at the back with her, she leaned up to me, her right hand running her fingers over my chest. By now I was crazy with lust.

Then she spoke quietly, with a deliberate tease. It was just what I like to hear. She was on a rebound.

“Haven’t been with another guy for a long time as you know. Its pretty exciting.” She stated the obvious.

“Oh god Elizabeth just be yourself.” I encouraged excitedly. “Can I kiss you?”

With that we kissed slowly then more intensely. It was heaven. Her scent drove me wild. I can’t believe Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I was here with her, this beautiful creature. I felt like I was having an affair with Derek’s girl. It served just to enhance the passion, the lust, excitement, and its forbidden nature. I throbbed at the thoughts.

I grabbed at her chest. She didn’t stop me. Her breast felt so incredibly soft, warm. I wanted to touch the skin itself but that was where she stopped me. But I carried on kissing her as her right hand ended up resting on my large bulge, slowly gripping and lightly massaging. I wanted her. I look at her and…

“Can I go down on you?” I asked.

She blushed. “I can wait.”

I love to taste a beautiful woman’s pussy for the first time. It was a long shot.

“I will finish you. I think you are going to like it” She smirked blushingly. “My god, I can’t believe I said that.”

With that we continually kissed, whilst she continually massaging me through my shorts…then she begins to moan excitedly. I couldn’t believe my ears, Elizabeth was moaning as she made out with me. I begin pumping my pelvis up and down, encouraging her. I wanted to experience her now, feel her hand on me.

“Yeah you want it, yeah, yeah.” She teased.

With that she opens my shirt, teasing my nipples with her flicking tongue and fingers.

But it was her sexy hot moans that got to me. I never thought she was like this, she was insatiable, letting herself go, being herself. Then it was the heavy deep breathing as the excitement builds up.

Finally she sits up, stares deeps into my eyes. It was then that I became completely bestowed by her beauty. Then the distinctive sound of the zip being pulled down. I close my eyes moaning quietly. It elicits a hot smirk across her face. Then my erection becomes visible, swaying slowly upon exposure in the open air.

Elizabeth grips the shaft gently slowly pulling down the foreskin and then up.

“Oh my, I haven’t done this to another… for…you’re so hard, so stiff, you’re so turned on aren’t you.” She teased blushingly.

Then she turned back to me, staring at me and brings her right hand to her mouth and proceeded to lick her hand, her face changes to a deep pink.

“Oh yeahh…” I moaned as I watched.

A excited smirk immediately appears on her face. Then she lightly moves her hand over the hard shaft before twisting lightly the swollen head. Then she whispers to me.

“Oh yeahh…you like that yeah…oh my god this is so hot.” As she begins to moan quietly.

I swear I was about to blow my load, I was that turned on. But I held as Elizabeth licked her hand again, teasing me Esenyurt Escort as she stared into my eyes.

I was beginning to experience her, her masturbatory technique and its driving me crazy. It certainly made me want her.

Now she puts her right leg over mine, forcing my thighs open, licks her hand again before bringing it over to my testicles and massaging them gently. It was sensational. The feeling incredible as she massaged and gripped the sacks.

She returns to my erection, running her fingers along the shaft. She licks her lips. I can feel her excitement as her breathing becomes hot and heavy. She licks her hand again. I watch her closely as she applies it to my erection again twisting gently the swollen head. Oh my god. Then she begins pumping me in fast strokes then slowing down to slow strokes teasing me.

The sensation was magic, I was mesmerised by her experience and I wanted fulfilment.

Elizabeth begins to moan softly as she continues that technique. I stare at her beautiful face, watching her facial expressions. It was hot. She picks up the pace. Watching a beautiful woman getting hot and excited as she masturbates me is one of the real turn ons when receiving a handjob and Elizabeth was one incredible sexy lady.

By now I was losing it. My pelvis thrust up and gyrates and I moan in pleasure.

“Oh yeahh.” She moans.

Her right hand pumps rapidly each time I pump my pelvis up to meet her hand before slowing.

It was a classic tease. Again she licks her hand and now begins to firmly twist up and down the full length of my erection. Oh god. Her moaning and breathing picks up more.

I instantly thrust my hips up.

“Oh yeah.” She moans excitedly whilst staring into eyes.

Immediately, Elizabeth gets enthusiastic and intense, jerking her hand into a wild blur. She moans in pleasure as she begins masturbating me fast. It was both frenzied and furious creating that distinctive sound of woman stroking a cock fast. I lose control in seconds throwing my head side to side in incredible pleasure.

“Oh yeahhh…ohh yeahhh.” She moans enthusiastically, as her face blushes red.

Then I explode, my warm cum flying in all directions.

But before I was nearly done she suddenly stops.

“Oh my god, oh my god, I have to go, sorry Jason.” As she opens the door and leaves.

And that was that. So here I am half naked in the back seat of my SUV, slightly disappointed. I just had one of the most amazing handjob of my life and I am left to clean myself up. I wanted to at least be with Elizabeth for the rest of the night and perhaps develop a relationship with her.

That’s when a few days later, I see she is back with that “ex boyfriend” Derek. I was deflated. Surprisingly I was envious of him. Images of her with him, elicited both jealousy and arousal. It was too brief. I wanted to be with her. Now its just hot memories. As they say. you never forget a woman who knows how to masturbate a man.

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