The Old House by the Sea

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Clit Clamp

David awoke with a start, his heart pounding and his skin covered in perspiration. He turned onto his side and strained to listen – a door was banging, the back screen door. The young man sat up in the strange narrow bed, his eyes becoming more accustomed to the dark and then a moment later he went to find out what had happened.

He reached the backdoor aware that the bedroom his mother was using was empty. He stood there at the backdoor peering out over the desolate looking sand dunes, glowing unearthly in the silver moonlight; peering at the narrow sandy path through the short grass and at the patches of black trees in the far distance to his right. His mother was somewhere out there – maybe down at the waterline in the surf, or hidden in the dunes, or amongst the trees. David could hear the soft blast of the surf as it crashed into shore and went racing up the tight hard sand and he could hear the strange wind as it occasionally struck the house, sweeping in from the coast. It was the wind causing the screen door to bang which woke him.

He stood there at the back porch looking out and wondering what he should do. This was far from a normal situation and he was unsure. His mother Susan had, on a whim, told David to pack and then driven the two of them out here, leaving David’s 23 year old sister to fend for herself, at home in the suburbs. She had driven the two of them out to the north coast, to a ramshackle holiday house on the water, which she claimed to have once shared with David’s father for weeks on end, when they were both at college and carefree, years ago.

Susan was expecting something, but at first the 19 year old David had trouble fathoming his mother’s mind. Susan was seeking something, David had thought, but he couldn’t quite pin it down. She had driven them up to this dilapidated house, ready to reminisce about old times and rest for sure, but she wanted something more, wanted something from David. He finally thought he knew what it was she wanted, as he stood there at the back door, but he still wasn’t entirely sure. He dare not speak his mind.

And still he stood there. Where was his mother? Why would she get up in the early hours of the morning, leave the back door unlocked and just disappear? For a moment he thought someone might have taken Susan, but there was no sign of a struggle and they were completely alone, the road gate to this house locked. Yes, his mother was somewhere out there. Maybe she had left the back screen door open deliberately, knowing that it would bang and wake him, causing him to come looking?

David’s sister Kellie had warned David against going on this strange holiday with their mother. The divorce had only recently been finalised between Susan and David’s father and Susan was acting unpredictably, moodily, like a weirdo, according to Kellie. David did wonder, at first, why Kellie wasn’t invited along, but there was no way he was going to say no to his mother. And now that they were there he wouldn’t call a halt to the holiday – not now, not for anything – he was putting two and two together, or he at least thought he was.

Kellie was sure her mother was clearing the way for David; preparing him to step into his father’s place now that the marriage between her parents had been dissolved. Kellie knew that her conclusion sounded bizarre and she couldn’t really point to anything specific, apart from this strange holiday, but she sensed it. Kellie believed her mother was unwell, manipulating and grooming her son and the problem was that David seemed to be a willing target. Susan and David were far too close.

Still David himself wasn’t so sure. His mother had invited David away in an ambiguous manner. Susan had taken David aside one evening and pulled the young man into her arms, running her fingers through his hair and stroking his face softly. David, always aware of his mother’s extraordinary beauty, was soon under her spell. Susan’s hair was short and brown, her eyes light blue, her mouth full and soft, her skin lightly tanned, and her body slim with gentle curves. Susan addressed him with her soft voice, sincerely, trying to explain herself.

“I want you to come away with me David, just you and I, and no one else.”

“You mean on a holiday mom?” he had asked, confused.

“Yes, a holiday,” Susan continued, “I want to take you to a place that used to mean a lot to me, somewhere you’ve never been before. I’m hoping that it will become an important place for you, for just us two as well.”

“Sure mom,” David said, enjoying the way his mother was touching him.

“I just need to get us out of this house David, gaziantep escort away from this horrible divorce, rid ourselves of your father once and for all.”

“Sure mom, we’ll go away. When do you want to go?”

“Well now honey, now. I have been planning this for weeks. I want you to go and pack now.”

And then they had just taken off, abruptly announcing their departure less than an hour after David was all packed. Kerrie had grabbed David, trying to warn him, but David, as usual, was under the spell of his beautiful mother and laughed off his sister’s fears. Kerrie never got a chance to tell him exactly what she thought. He and Susan jumped into the car and drove off, leaving Kerrie confused, tempted to telephone her father for advice, but not following through.

They had arrived that afternoon and Susan took a bedroom and David took the second bedroom and everything seemed normal. David’s mother had shown him around the rundown weather beaten house, pointing at first this and at that, explaining its significance in her life and what it meant. It was all thoroughly normal and David found it interesting, given how strongly he felt about Susan. There was one unusual moment though, as Susan explained the significance of the bedroom she was sleeping in.

“I think you were conceived in this bedroom David,” Susan said gently, turning to him, “I’m sure it’s not the same bed though, at least I think it’s not. That was a long time ago.”

“Wow,” was all the response David could muster.

“Yeah, wow’s right. That bed got one hell of a workout.”

David began to laugh, growing red faced – his penis stirring in his pants. Susan was laughing too, but also looking at him, her eyes sparkling, maybe expecting him to do something.

Then they had taken a walk and Susan had shown him the beach and the dunes. They had taken a quick swim in the sea and then ambled back to the house and ate and went to bed early. And now this, Susan missing at three o’clock in the morning and the screen door banging in the wind and David wondering whether he should go after her or not.

He suddenly made a decision, at last. David carefully took off his shorts and then his underwear, tossed them aside and picked up his beach-towel. He stepped out onto the back porch and pulled the door and pushed the screen door closed behind him. He descended the wooden stairs, very aware that he was completely naked and that his penis was fully erect. The warm night air caressed his skin, making his penis tingle. The grass and leaves crunched under his bare feet. He turned first this way and that, looking into as many dark corners as he could.

“Where are you mom?” he whispered.

David took one step after another, following the winding sand trail through the grass, on his way towards the beach. He looked left and right, his eyes scanning the dunes for any sign of Susan and finding nothing. Then he emerged from the trail and walked out onto the open sand of the beach, the waterline in sight now, a black body in the middle ground, the waves with their foamy heads rolling and crashing to earth. He scanned the beach for his mother, steeling himself to keep looking and not turn tail and run for his clothing and his bed.

“Where are you?” David asked, his eyes roving over the dunes and down across the cool ghostly sand and along the shoreline.

Suddenly David saw his mother. Susan was walking on the beach, her back to the water, her course set for the sandy path leading out of the beach and back to the house. It was a path that would take her directly past her naked son David. She had been swimming, he surmised, as she wore only her bikini, her hair slick and dark like jet.

He breathed hard and slowly walked towards her, not wanting to frighten or alarm her by his presence, but wanting to intercept her before she reached the sandy path. He had no idea how she would react once she saw him naked and erect. Would she slap him or disown him? David stopped walking and dropped his towel at his feet and watched as his mother grew larger and emerged into the light, playing across the sand where he stood.

“David?” Susan asked cautiously.

“Yeah, hi mom,” David replied, his voice strained, feeling very naked.

“You couldn’t sleep either? Have you come down for a swim?” Susan asked, looking slightly startled at finding David there, but seemingly oblivious to his naked body, his erection.

“I came to find you mom… I was worried.”

Susan arrived and stood opposite David.

“Yes sorry I should have left a note gaziantep escort bayan or something,” Susan said, talking to him as if he was fully clothed and it was daytime, “the waters nice, not too cold, even at this time of the morning.”

“Mom?” he said breathlessly, interrupting her, “mom, look at me, look at my body.”

Susan let her eyes roam over him and then she looked him in the eye.

“I know David, you look beautiful, you’re a beautiful young man,” Susan said softly, her eyes dropping again to her son’s dick and lingering on every inch of him.

“Can I kiss you, please,” he asked abruptly. He needed her so badly.

“Do you love me David?”

“Yes, I love you with my whole heart mom,” he replied sincerely.

“Love me, forever?”

“Yes, forever mom.”

Susan turned her head and looked out to sea, suddenly unsure; she finally turned back to her son. David stepped up to his mother and took her in his arms, pressing his penis against Susan’s belly, a look of desperation on his face.

“You know your sister thinks I’m some sort of black widow spider, manipulating you, trying to ruin you,” Susan said.

“That’s not true mom.”

“Are you really trying to take you dad’s place honey; it’s not an easy job?”

“Yeah I am, I’m glad he’s gone.”

“You want me all to yourself, hey?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Oh god, you can never tell anyone, never say…”

“I know,” David said earnestly, interrupting Susan, “no one will ever know.”

“Yes, okay then.”

“I can kiss you then mom?”

“Yes David, you can kiss me, you can kiss me all you want.”

David leaned in and their lips met for the first time. He kissed his mother softly, inviting Susan to open her mouth so he could start to run his tongue inside. Susan accepted, opening her mouth for him, causing him to kiss her more firmly to which she responded with greater passion, slipping her own tongue inside David’s mouth before he could get the chance to. Then she reached out and took David’s cock in her hand and began squeezing and stroking it softly, while the young man gasped in his mother’s mouth.

“You like that, hey,” Susan asked, breaking the kiss.

“God yes mom, I love it,” he said, sighing.

“C’mon, let’s go down the beach further.”

Susan took her son’s hand in hers and David picked up his towel and then she led him down to the darkest side of the beach, down where the swelling dunes met the thundering water, where the moon barely shone. Susan and David laid out their towels on the sand and Susan undid her bikini top, showing David her pear shaped breasts and then she pulled off her bikini bottoms and sat back on the towels, grinning, spreading her legs, inviting David to come and get her.

Their mouths collided again and their restless hands ran between legs, along sides, up and down spines. David was finally allowed to touch his mother in all the ways he wanted and nothing was taboo – he stroked her pussy with one hand and caressed the back of her neck with the other. There was so much to taste and his lips and tongue sought out her ears, the nape of her neck, her breasts and belly while she laughed at him, pleased by how overwhelmed he was, how horny.

And Susan was driving him crazy with her soft touch. He could take no more and she groaned softly in his ear as David moved to mount his mother. He wasted no time, having no capacity for anymore foreplay while he was so stirred up. Susan spread her legs and drew back her knees and her son slipped between her soft thighs.

“Here, put it here,” Susan hissed at her clumsy son, taking his penis in hand and guiding him in. He found the spot and she told him to push, but he needed no more directions. Susan’s high pitched groan carried across the sand as David pressed and her body yielded, opening and then moulding itself to the size and shape of his penis as he impaled her. David marvelled at how warm she was, how slippery, how easy she was to penetrate.

David fucked his mother slowly and smoothly, enjoying the sweet squelch their sex caused and the divine feelings running along his penis and slowly spreading through his whole nervous system, engaging his whole body. She rolled her hips, explaining how good it would feel when they were moving together in unison. Soon they were engaged together in a smooth rhythm and Susan was moaning softly. David looked down into his mother’s eyes, just dark pools in that space and studied her face. The merest hint of moonlight played on the tip of her upturned nose, her chin and on her escort gaziantep wet lips. Both of them wanted to forge a new bond – one of intense love and real passion and they kissed deeply or else silently regarded each other as they made love on the dark beach.

Incestuous love was the most intense, the most meaningful, David was ready to declare. He smoothly entered his mother again and again, while Susan held him tight and talked in his ear, encouraging him. She was glad he was so excited, but he needed her coaching. He just needed to cum, work off some of his built up sexual tension first, she realised. He was just like his father had been at first, like a jack rabbit, like a wind up machine, breaking their rhythm again and again.

David’s father, Martin had been sexually inexperienced when he and Susan started sleeping together all those years ago and Susan had initiated him, turning him into a good lover. Now it was David’s turn.

David did make Susan feel good; he was considerate and she believed him when he said he loved her. Susan was pleased they had done this, she had more or less prepared him for it anyway, she reasoned, despite Kellie’s last minute meddling. She loved this hot young man on top of her, his body lean and hard, his skin smooth and tight- she was flattered by his desperation and she knew she could mould him, remake him, and ultimately control him, if she wanted. Kellie and her ex may have resented it, but it was who Susan was, she couldn’t help it, she needed to control people.

She wasn’t going to go to a psychiatrist, like her ex said she should. He had claimed that she was overly fixated on David, that she couldn’t take her mind off their son and that it was damaging and undermining their marriage. Her relationship with Kellie was poor, her ex said, because Kellie refused to accept Susan’s passive aggressive games, her endlessly silent expectations, and refused to have Susan control every aspect of her life. Susan didn’t care anymore – she had gotten rid of her husband and next she would encourage Kellie to move out and then it would just be her and David and that was all that mattered really.

“C’mon son,” Susan started cooing, trying to tease and turn him on.

“Awwww,” he groaned long and loud, his orgasm building fast.

A few more thrusts and he got there.

“C’mon, give it to mommy.”

“Awwww! Awwww! Awwww,” David exclaimed, his voice sounding in the dark night.

Susan laughed at him happily – he was 19, still a big silly kid, shaking, straining and flinching, his penis erupting and shooting inside his mother’s beautiful body. Susan didn’t mean to mess with his head, but she couldn’t help telling him that he was a good boy and that his mommy loved him. Hearing that fresh provocation caused David to grind his penis inside Susan and give her every drop of semen he possibly could, until he was shaking, starting to feel unwell.

They spent three weeks there, in that broken down house, by the sea. That house with its peeling paint and creaky floorboards became a seething hotbed of incestuous sex while Susan and David stayed there. She brought him into her bedroom and there they spent the nights having sex, and then more sex, and still more sex. The days were spent sleeping, the afternoons bathing in the bright blue sea or lying in the sun, conserving their strength. Meals were taken when they felt hungry.

David was addicted to his mother; obsessed with her body and Susan was pleased with him. Susan let him gorge himself until he got his fill, while slowly turning him into a better lover. She had to admit though that his sex addiction and obsession with her was surprising. He exhausted himself every night, growing thinner, appearing unwell at times. She made a claim on every drop of his semen and every drop was destined to end up in her pussy. Susan had never slept with a man who could ejaculate that often, regaining an erection so quickly. David groaned through one orgasm after another after another, squirting his cum inside his mother night after night.

David would always remember their weeks there. They never got back there again and the owner of the old house by the sea finally sold it and it was torn down in later years. David remembered stroking his mother’s face tenderly as she watched him, remembered the hysterical way she would cum while sitting in his lap, his penis inside her, her shaking body in her arms. David remembered the way Susan used to suck his penis, teasing him with her soft strokes and swishing tongue. He remembered the way she opened up and told him everything and held him as he admitted everything to her. They truly fell in love while they stayed at the old house by the sea.

Finally, though they left paradise and returned to the suburbs. Kellie went to college and moved out. Martin, David’s father drifted out of his son’s life. It was just Susan and David and he wasn’t going anywhere, ever, and he couldn’t have been happier.

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