The Office Party

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Allegedly, as many as 65% of women do something they later regret at an office party. At least, that’s what I read in one of those glossy women’s magazines. You know they type; they’re the ones with the bold headlines that cater for the eternal 20-something market, the ones that claim to unlock the secret of having a great orgasm every time. As if there’s any secret to that! Just give me a guy, preferably one with a huge cock but that’s not essential, who knows how to use his tongue and bingo! No great secret there.

I suppose if I were someone different, the events that I’m about to describe would, for many, fall into that category. Being who I am however, I’m a member of that happily satisfied minority who don’t regret it at!

It began, as these events invariably do, in a pub. A group of us had agreed to meet up at “The Crown” round about 6pm. We would have a few (or more) drinks before heading off to our reception, arriving there sometime between 7:30 and 8pm.

My own preparations had began some hours earlier. I’d left work at lunchtime, getting to my flat at about half past one. A quick bite to eat was followed by a long relaxing soak and a large glass of wine. After almost three quarters of an hour spent up to my ears in my piping hot bath I retired, wine bottle in hand, to my bedroom where I spent a pleasant hour in the company of my favourite vibrator. After a series of intense orgasms I needed a quick shower to freshen up, so it was about 4 o’ clock before I started to get ready.

After liberally applying my favourite body lotion all over, my skin was as smooth as silk. I hunted in my drawer for my lacy black suspender belt. Once that was in place I slipped into my sheer satin stockings. I selected a black strapless bra that complimented my suspender belt and would, when combined with my dress, show off my bust nicely. I opened my knickers drawer and then hesitated. Why bother? I thought wickedly to myself, with any luck they wouldn’t be on for long anyway. Let’s be honest, as a single girl with, even if I say it myself, a good body and a healthy appetite, I was always going to be on the lookout for some action Finally I wriggled in to my red, strapless cocktail dress that I’d bought specially for this evening. The feel of it next to my soft, and as a result of my earlier tryst with my plastic pal, very sensitive skin sent shivers of pleasure through me. The hem of the dress reached the top of my stockings with about an inch to spare, the tight, figure hugging top part of dress pressed my 36DD breasts together, giving me a cleavage that would have caused even me to stare at it had it belonged to someone else. My makeup took 15 minutes my hair almost half an hour. My trusty, high heeled ‘Fuck Me!’ shoes, a small black bag and a demure little black jacket completed the look. I checked in the mirror. I looked great and I knew it. “Look out guys, here comes Adele,” I said to myself as I checked the contents of my bag. I left my place just after five, giving myself plenty of time to arrive fashionably late.”

I arrived at “The Crown” a little after quarter past six. There was a pretty large crowd there already. “Hi Adele,” called Mandy, “I’m just going to the bar. What’re you having?”

“Dry white please,” I replied, “If you give me a second I’ll help you.” We fought our way to the bar to get our drinks. Mandy and I had been friends since school and, if she didn’t get herself pulled before the end of the evening, she was going to be staying over at mine after the party. The next hour was spent pleasantly drinking, smoking and chatting until we finally left to head to the reception.

The meal was pretty much uneventful. All I can really remember is that I probably drank more than I should have. I wasn’t really there for the meal though, it was only when the dancing started that things began to get interesting.

My first ‘encounter’ was with Paul. Paul was one of our firm’s sales representatives. He was about 6’2″, well built, pretty good looking and only 19. He responded to my invitation to dance enthusiastically. I wouldn’t normally go for someone who was six years younger than me but the combination of too much drink and the fact that I knew he was single made him irresistible.

We danced for about 15 minutes. I made sure that there was plenty of body contact. I could feel his reaction as I ground myself against him and it was clear that he was receptive to my not so subtle advances. I reached out to rub the obvious bulge in his trousers and said “Why don’t we see if we can find some place where we can put this to good use?” Paul nodded and we made our way off the dance floor.

We made or way along a corridor, ostensibly making our way towards the toilets. There were a number of doors along the corridor leading to rooms used for meetings. I tried the doors on the left and Paul checked the ones on the right. It was Paul who found the unlocked door. “Over here,” he called as the door swung open to reveal an empty meeting room. We crept in and shut the door, locking it behind bursa anal yapan escort us from the inside. The only illumination came from the green emergency light in the middle of the room.

Without any hesitation I pulled Paul to me. I braced myself myself against the edge of a table as his mouth began to explore mine. His breath was hot on mine as our lips pressed urgently together. Paul pulled the top of my dress down and pushed my bra aside as I fumbled to release his straining cock from its confinement. “Oooh!” I moaned as he cupped my tits with his hands and pressed nipples with his thumbs. I grabbed his cock and pulled him towards me. “I want this in me now!” I demanded.

My pussy was already wet. Paul plunged his cock into me with a single thrust. “Yesss!” I cried as he sank all 8″ of his thick cock into my hot cunt. I reached behind me to steady myself and wrapped my legs around his as he fucked me with long, powerful strokes. He lowered his head to lick my tits as he stroked his dick in and out. Supporting myself with one hand, I reached round to play with my clit.

Paul may have been young but he certainly knew how to use what he’d been given. In and out, he pounded my pussy. His fingers and tongue worked on my nipples. My fingers rubbed furiously at my clit. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck me Paul!” I moaned, not caring if anyone heard me as the pressure inside me mounted.

The walls of my cunt flexed around his shaft as he drove it into me. My clit began to ache, shivers ran up my spine. I threw my arms around his neck and moaned incoherently as I came. Contractions rippled through my pussy, milking his cock as it ploughed in and out. “Getting close,” panted Paul, “can’t hold on much more!”

I was enjoying feeling his cock inside me, feeling it stretch me as he thrust it into me. Even as aroused as I was however, I didn’t want to spend the rest of the night with his cum dribbling down my legs. “Cum in my mouth,” I breathed almost reluctantly in his ear. Paul pulled out ad fell back into one of the seats. I suddenly felt very empty as I knelt down in front of him. I opened my mouth and hungrily stretched my lips around his cock. I sucked hard and gently squeezed his balls. “Oh yes Oh ye…..ahhh!” was all the warning I got as his cock erupted, sending a fountain of cum cascading into my mouth. I swallowed rapidly, determined not to spill a drop as he pumped his load into my hungry mouth. Finally he subsided. Milking his thick young cock with my fingers, I sucked the last few drops into my mouth.

“Fuck Adele, that was something else,” he sighed.

“Thank you,” I replied, “you were pretty hot too.” Paul smiled and I kissed him lightly on the forehead. “Got to go,” I said and blew him a kiss as I made my way to the door.

Paul was sill tucking himself in when I unlocked the door and let myself out. The corridor was empty. I decided a visit to the toilet to touch up my makeup and fix my hair was in order.

It was as I was emerging from the toilets that I bumped, quite literally, into Gary. In my less than sober state, balanced precariously on high heels, the contact almost knocked me to the ground. “Whoa, steady there Adele,” he said as he grabbed me. As he steadied me his hand fleetingly made contact with my left breast. Instinctively I grasped his hand and pressed it close against me. Gary and I had briefly been an item almost six months before. The sex had been fantastic but neither of us were really ready for a ‘proper’ relationship and so we quickly drifted apart. He still flirted with me whenever he got the chance and, I have to admit, I still had a soft spot for him.

“Mmm, that feels good,” I murmured as I forced his hand to caress my left breast. I reached for his other hand and guided it to my to my right.

“Yes it does,” he replied, “I’d almost forgotten how good they felt.”

I spun round to face him, no mean feat in my condition, and kissed him soundly. “Well then?” I asked wickedly, “How about it then, for old times’ sake?” Gary smiled. Checking that no one was looking, I dragged him into the disabled toilet.

Instantly, his mouth was on mine. Our hands tugged at each others clothing as our passion quickly ignited. “Oooh!” I moaned as his hand ran up the inside of my thigh and brushed against my moist labia. “Wet and ready, I see,” he said as he spun me round to face the wall. I braced myself against the basin and spread my legs apart in anticipation. I was expecting his cock but instead he knelt down and ran his tongue along my slit. Shocks ran through me as his tongue flicked over my clit. “Mmm,” murmured Gary approvingly, “you taste as good as ever.” His tongue pushed between my wet lips and poked into my love-hole.

I braced myself on my elbows. Crossing my arms over my tits, I pushed down the front of my top and began to rub my hands over my nipples as Gary explored my pussy with his mouth. My juices were flowing freely as his tongue lapped eagerly at my clit. I began bursa eskort to moan. I felt my knees began to go weak as the sensations began to consume me. “Oh Gary! Oh yes!” I exclaimed joyfully as my climax tore through me. Gary responded by sucking my clit between his lips and flicking his tongue roughly over its tip. My body shuddered with every touch. “Oh Gary,” I cried, “I need you inside me! Fuck me Gary! Fuck me!”

Gary didn’t need any further prompting. He stood up behind me and pressed the tip of his cock against my entrance. Grabbing my hips as he pressed forward, he slowly eased his dick into my waiting cunt. I pushed my hips back meeting him on the deepest point of his thrust, my pussy stretching as it received him. “Your cunt’s even hotter than I remember babe,” he said as he worked his cock in and out of my pussy.

Gary increased his pace, ramming his cock in and out faster with every stroke. I moaned with pleasure as he took me with all his force. “Oh God yes! Give it to me hard!” I demanded. “Fuck me Gary. Fuck me hard!” Gripping my hips tightly, he pulled me back onto his dick as he thrust deep inside me, pounding my cunt over and over.

Breathing hard, he suddenly pulled out. “I want to know if your mouth’s as hot as your pussy,” he said as he sat down. “Suck me Adele, suck me until I blow my load in your mouth.”

I dropped to my knees without hesitation. I opened my mouth and slid my lips down his shaft, tasting myself on him as I eagerly devoured his cock. My head bobbed up and down. Gary grabbed my head and began to thrust, fucking my mouth just as moments before he had fucked my pussy. My fingers dropped to my mound and I began to rub my clit as I sucked hungrily on his prick. His hips began to buck, His cock began to twitch. I pulled my mouth back, leaving only the tip still inside and began to pump my free hand rapidly back and forth along his shaft. Seconds later her erupted. As the first jet of hot, salty cum shot into my mouth I drove two fingers into my aching cunt and pressed my thumb hard against my clit. That pushed me over the edge and I came again as his cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed hard but the sensations overwhelmed me and I could feel some of his juice dribble down my chin.

At last, he slowed to a trickle. I sucked the last few drops out of him then sat back and licked my lips. Gary handed me some tissues and I used them to wipe my chin.

As Gary recovered I tidied myself up. I decided to dispense with the services of my bra. It was getting in my way and my dress was tight enough to display my assets more than adequately. I took it off and stuffed it in my bag then adjusted my dress. The soft material felt good against my sensitive nipples and I shivered with voluptuous delight. I turned to the mirror to fix my makeup. It was smeared where Gary’s cum had dribbled down my chin. Did you know that semen is a very effective makeup remover? Now there’s a useful tip I bet you’ll never read in those magazines I mentioned earlier. Finally I straightened my dress and gave myself a last check in the mirror. Gary cautiously peered around the door. “Coast’s clear,” he said with a wink and we stepped out into the corridor.

It must have been about 10:30 by the time we made our way back to the main hall. I danced with Gary for a bit before moving on in search of more action. Despite having been on the receiving end of two gloriously satisfying fucks my pussy burned with a fire that still needed quenching. I was hungry for more.

It was when I was at the bar that Nick and Tony approached. The bought me my drink and before long I was flirting outrageously with both of them. Nick was about my age, tall, dark and good looking. Tony was in his mid 30s, pleasant but nothing special. That, combined with the fact that he’s married would normally have been enough to put me off but tonight I didn’t care. Come to think of it, Nick, while not married has a long term girlfriend too, but at that moment in time it didn’t matter. Here were two guys quite blatantly chatting me up and I had a pussy that was hungry for more cock.

It was Nick who inadvertently let slip that he had booked a room for the night. “Really?” I said, “That could be interesting!” I smiled suggestively.

“It could,” he replied, “if it wasn’t for Jacqui,” he said.

“But she isn’t here is she?” I asked. “And I am.” I brushed against him provocatively. “I won’t tell her if you don’t,” I added with a wicked smile.”

“I don’t know,Adele,” he replied uncertainly, “What do you think, Tony, should I take Adele up on her offer?”

“Tony could join in too!” I interrupted before Tony could answer.

“You’re not really serious are you?” asked Tony.

“Why not? What’ve I got to lose?” I replied.

“OK,” replied Nick, “let’s go. What about you?” he asked Tony.

Tony hesitated then shrugged, “Why not?” he asked.

Without any further hesitation we left the bar and made our way to the lifts. Once in the lift I turned to bursa escort kızlar Nick and kissed him. At the same time I reached out to stroke the front of Tony’s jeans, feeling the rapidly developing bulge.

The lift clicked open and we quickly made our way to Nick’s room. Once inside, they were all over me. I let my dress be lifted off as I pawed at their clothing. In almost no time I found myself on all fours dressed only in my suspenders, stockings and high heels. Tony sat on the edge of Nick’s bed, his erect dick in front of my face. I wasted no time. I ran my tongue up and down Tony’s shaft and swirled it around the head. Then I parted my lips and took him into my mouth. As I slid my lips up and down along the length of his pole Nick grabbed me from behind. I spread my legs slightly and he thrust his dick into my waiting cunt. The force of Nick’s thrust forced me forward, taking more of Tony’s prick into my mouth.

I was in heaven as I rocked back and forward, savouring the feeling of being filled at both ends. There’s nothing quite like sucking on a nice juicy cock while another pounds in and out of your cunt. Nick stroked his cock forcefully in and out of my eager pussy as my mouth worked its way up and down Tony’s shaft. Both men were making appreciative noises as they serviced me, although I was too lost in the sensations to make out what they were saying.

Nick’s cock ploughed into me from behind as I sucked happily on Tony’s dick. My cunt gripped Nick’s cock deep inside me as he plunged into me over and over again. A warm, tingling glow spread over me as I became aware of Nick’s breathing becoming more and more laboured. Stabbing his cock deep into my cunt he yelled, “I’m cumming! Here it comes!” His cock erupted inside me, filling my cunt with his hot sperm. I sucked hard on Tony’s dick as Nick pumped his load into me.

As Nick slipped out of me, Tony pushed me away. “It’s my turn to fuck your hot little cunt,” he said as he got up and positioned himself behind me. Nick moved forward. “Lick me clean!” he demanded. “My pleasure,” I replied and then took his still hard dick into my mouth. I sucked eagerly, hungrily lapping up the mixture of cum and my own moisture. Tony evidently didn’t mind his ‘sloppy seconds’ as he thrust his prick into my quivering pussy. He gripped my hips as his dick slid easily in and out, Nick’s cum and my own juices making my hole almost frictionless.

I reached down to finger my clit as Tony stroked in and out. Nick moaned and murmured contentedly as my mouth slurped on his cock. Suddenly Tony exclaimed, “Fuck I cant hold on!” His cock thrust into my cunt once more and then began emptying his load into me, mixing his sperm with Nick’s.

He pulled out and, to my surprise, his cock was immediately replaced with another. I looked back to find Bryan, one of our IT consultants, behind me. I was even more surprised to see Mandy, on her hands and knees, licking Tony clean as Paul took her from behind. Gary was there too as well as a guy I hardly knew from accounts called Ross who was underneath Mandy. I suppose I shouldn’t really have been surprised that in our rush to get down to business the door hadn’t been closed properly. Apparently, Mandy had been heading up to Ross’s room with Ross, Paul and Bryan (lucky girl!). When they’d passed our door they’d heard the noises emanating from within and had paused to take a peek at what was happening. Gary had just happened to be passing and had decided to join in.

Nick moved out of the way and Gary sat on the bed in front of me. “Hello again,” he said as he presented his dick to my still eager mouth. Behind me, Bryan rammed his cock into my cunt, stroking in and out with powerful thrusts. My cum laden pussy squelched satisfyingly as his cock pumped in and out.

Out of the corner of my eye I could just make out Mandy, on all fours, simultaneously servicing the cocks of Paul, Ross and Tony. The sight was enough to tip me over the edge and I began to cum once again. my climax caused me to suck even harder on Nick’s cock as he slid it in and out between my lips. The walls of my cunt contracted, milking Bryan’s dick as he thrust in and out of my pussy. My jaw ached, my clit throbbed and my body shook uncontrollably as I surrendered myself to the sensations.

I was so wrapped up in what I was feeling that I hardly noticed when Bryan’s cock slipped from the confines of my well fucked cunt. Gary got off the bed and positioned himself underneath me. I slid back, impaling myself on his dick as Ross, who had clearly just shot his load into Mandy, moved in front of me. Cum still oozed from his prick and it glistened with Mandy’s juices. I licked it eagerly as my hips moved up and down, Gary’s cock being swallowed by my cunt with every stroke. Ross’s dick began to come to life as I sucked Mandy’s love juice from its length.

Suddenly I remembered Bryan. He was still behind me and had been waiting for everyone else to get into place. His cock, well lubricated with my own moisture began to press against the tight entrance of my back passage. “Oooh!” I cried, Ross’s dick slipping from my mouth as Bryan’s slowly pushed into my arse. He began to pump in and out. Below me, Gary thrust into my cunt. His cock marking a counter beat with Bryan’s. I took Ross’s cock into my mouth once more and sucked hard as Bryan and Gary pounded into me from behind.

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