The Ocean

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“Please return to your seats, and fasten your seat belts.”

The captain’s voice over the intercom jolted her awake. She took a minute to push her slim arms up and stretch out, before relaxing her head against the window again. She gazed out of the window, peering down at the vast expanse of deep blue below her. And the only thing she could think of was his eyes.

Just a month ago, she had seen those eyes for the first time. They were a haunting blue, deep and sparkling. He had flown up to spend a weekend with her; a weekend that still left her shivering.

When she closed her eyes, she could recall his at any time. The light powdery fragrance of his cologne made her dizzy with anticipation. The way his rough hands moved across her body caused her stomach to flutter madly. And the way the two lay together, their bodies molded together, made her feel secure.

A crooked smile crossed her lips as she recalled their first meeting. Two total strangers in a chat room, slowly learning about one another. Her friends had even noticed the change in her attitude. She had that perky way of doing things that comes from feeling the warmth of another’s admiration. She was too embarrassed to say where she met him; just that she had a new friend. They did not have to be told. The smile on her face said it all.

It had all culminated a month ago. Eight long months of speaking through a PC, followed by phone calls that lasted well into the night. Exactly four weeks earlier, they had finally taken the plunge, and he had flown to her. She had numerous plans for them, but most of those plans were dashed the minute he showed.

Tall and handsome, he was everything she had come to expect from their talks. They spent the entire weekend close together, her hands trying to memorize every subtle nuance of his body. She loved how he did little things for her. His eyes never left hers. She would make him laugh and blush at the same time. He seemed to be a kaleidoscope of colors and visions to her. Surprising her at every turn with his humor, his charm, and his sensuality.

“We are beginning our descent into Maui – Kahului Airport. We are currently ten minutes ahead of schedule, and the temperature is 79 degrees and sunny. We hope you enjoyed flying American Airlines.”

The captain’s voice again shook her from her thoughts. Her stomach was actually quivering, knowing that he would be there waiting for her.

The plane glided down, coming to a stop at the terminal. She rose from her seat, unclipping her seat belt, and after grabbing her carry-on bag, made her way down the aisle. The terminal was an open air terminal, and she squinted as the afternoon sun shone down on her. She stepped to the side of the throng of people moving away from the plane, and took a minute to smooth out the summer dress she was wearing. Her mahogany hair was down, and cascaded over her shoulders. She took a deep breath, and filtered herself back into the line.

The tunnel from the plane opened up into the terminal, and she paused for a second, glancing around. Her eyes finally fell upon him.

He was standing in the back, against the wall, and the minute their eyes locked, he began walking gradually towards her. He was wearing black slacks, a deep blue dress shirt, and a yellow tie. She smiled shyly at him, her body tingling as he grew closer. They finally came together, and she dropped her carry-on, melting into his arms. She felt his muscular body beneath the pressed shirt, hard and unyielding, and tried to mold herself to him. She was vaguely aware that people around her were watching them, but she did not care. Their looks went unnoticed as she squeezed him tightly and she felt his arms pick her up off the tiled floor. She pressed against his body, taking in the heat that radiated from him. He stopped and finally set her back down to her feet. A slow smile played across his lips, and his eyes twinkled as they searched hers.

“Who would have ever thought that a month would have taken so long?”

She giggled and hugged him again, a quick squeeze as his hand reach down to grab her carry-on bag.

“It did feel much longer.”

He placed the strap of her carry-on over his shoulder, and held his hand out. Her small, delicate hand nestled inside his, their fingers intertwining in doing so, and they made their way down the terminal. Her other hand played across the two that were tightly woven together, and she leaned against him as they walked. They chatted briefly about her flight down as they moved towards the baggage carousel. She pointed out her suitcase, and he feigned mock weakness as he scooped it off the transport belt.

“Jeez, how long are you staying?”

She giggled again and smacked his arm.

“Just four days, unless you want me longer.”

He hefted the suitcase and grinned.

“I think you brought enough to stay a month.”

They both laughed and he pointed down the terminal to an exit door.

“I am down that way, in the north lot.”

She took his hand again, and Avcılar Escort they made their way down the terminal.

“So, what do you have planned for me?”

He simply smiled.

“A surprise.”

“No hint?”

Her hands caressed his as they walked, her slim fingers dancing gracefully over his skin.

“Soon enough…..soon enough.”

She sighed and pouted for his benefit, and then smiled. They walked along casually, her body tingling again to be near him. Her hand nestled in his again, playing with his wrist, her fingertips gliding across his skin. She squinted again as they made their way outside. The mid afternoon sun was bright and there was not a cloud in the sky. A gentle breeze ruffled the palms standing near the parking lot. He slowed as he neared his jeep, finally turning and smiling to her.

She smiled back at him, and moved against him again. He leaned down, and their lips met softly. She moaned softly into his mouth as his tongue teased hers, shivering slightly as his lips moved to her ear. He gently broke the contact, and looked back at the jeep.

Her eyes followed his, and her heart melted. On the top of the jeep, there were two surfboards. One was his, she knew, from the coloring and size. A standard shortboard, bright white with a dark blue stripe running down the middle. The other was simply a deep blue, slightly smaller than his. She took in the length of the board, noticing it even was cut like the one she had at home. She took a long deep breath, before turning to face him. “My surprise?”

“I hope you don’t mind. When I was at your house, and you gave me the tour, I saw yours in your garage. One night, I walked around for a little fresh air, and took a closer look at it. I saw the special cuts you had on it, and wanted to get it as close as I could. They just finished it three days ago. I hope it fits you.”

She rushed against him and hugged him as tightly as she could. She could hear his voice continuing.

“I know how much you take pleasure in escaping to the ocean. I just wanted you to enjoy everything about this weekend.”

Her head rested against his chest, and she took a long deep breath before lifting it to look up at him. His eyes were soft, and he bent down and kissed her forehead.

“Come on, let’s go surfing.”

With her bags in the jeep, they pulled out of the parking lot, and made their way down the road, circling around the southeastern side of the island. She held his hand while he drove, and listened to him as he pointed out various landmarks.

They arrived at Fleming Beach about forty minutes later. The wind was a little stronger here as it swept in off the water. A white sand beach seemed to stretch for miles, and looking out at the water, she saw breakers rolling in. Her face turned slightly pale, as they seemed larger than anything she had ever surfed on. He seemed to sense her apprehension, and nuzzled her from behind.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

She bit her lip, and looked back at him.

“How big are they?”

“Eight to ten feet, and the break is right over there.”

Her eyes followed his finger. All she saw was Mother’s Nature fury wrapped up in a roll of water and froth. She cringed as another wave pounded into the sand.

She turned back around, and he was already grabbing his bag. She opened her suitcase and dug out a bikini. Glancing at the wetsuit packed in there also; she looked at the water again. She heard him chucking behind her.

“Yes, you will need that.”

She took a breath and smiled. For only spending a total of four days together a month ago, he knew her too well. She grabbed the wetsuit, and zipped her suitcase back up.

She walked into the changing room, and set her suit down. Reaching behind her body, she pulled the zipper down, and shrugged the dress from her shoulders. She gazed at herself in the mirror, as she undid the clasp between her breasts. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders, slightly tickling her as she leaned over to remove her shoes. She slid the straps over her heels, and stepped out of her shoes, dropping down to her true height. The dress fell over her hips, and she eased it over and down to the floor. Hooking her thumbs into the satin thong, she effortlessly slid it down over her hips and down her thighs, her diminutive feet easily stepping out of the small pile of clothing.

She took a moment to look at her body as she reached for her bikini. Short and petite, she kept herself in great shape. Running, bike riding, and working out kept her figure lean and just curvy enough to fill out a dress. The fabric was warm as her pert breasts slid into the pre-formed cups of the top. The bottom of the bikini slid up her legs, and over her hips, highlighting her lean thighs and stomach. Grabbing the wetsuit, she unzipped it, and slithered her legs in, pulling it higher until the lower part was snug against her hips. The top part was harder to get into, as she felt as she was stretching the tight Beylikdüzü Escort neoprene over her shoulders. She took a minute to work out the kinks and settle into the suit. The wetsuit was a full-length variety, and covered her from her neck to her ankles. Little yellow stripes on the side of the black suit accented the curve of her hips, and tiny waist. Gathering up her things, she glanced back at the mirror one more time, and smiled to herself.

He was already back at the jeep, unclasping the ties that held both surfboards down. She stood there for a second, marveling at him. He was stretched out and reaching up over his head. His body was lightly tanned and he was wearing a pair of swimming trunks that floated to just above his knees. His shoulders were rounded and thick with muscle, the skin on his arms stretched tightly. His waist was trim, and she could have stared at his back all day. She loved the way it widened as it filtered up to his shoulders. She could see his tattoo on his arm, moving as his hands worked the straps free over the boards.

Walking over to him, she reached up and slid her palm across his shoulders, stopping near the nape of his neck. She dragged her fingernails down his spine and her reward was a shiver. He turned to face her, holding her board in his hands. He rested it against the jeep and leaned down to kiss her cheek. Her eyes closed, waiting for her stomach to knot again. His lips pressed against her skin, lingered for a moment, and then left.

She opened her eyes to find him staring at her. He smiled slyly and returned to pull his board off.

“Are you ready for this?”

She nodded, and smiled softly at him. He knelt down and fastened the strap around her leg, the rubber band already attached to her board. He fastened his, and the two began a long walk towards the water.

The sand was warm against the bare soles of her feet, and the sun beat down upon her shoulders as they both made their way down to the ocean. She took a long breath, smelling the salt water as it blew against them off the water. The water lapped gently at her feet as they both stood there, watching the surf roll in. She was lost in the view until she felt him looking at her.

“Are you ready?”

She nodded, and they stepped into the water. The water felt cool against her skin, and she waded out with him into the surf. As the water reached his knees, each swung their board in front, and climbed on. The water was splashing about her as she lay down against the fiberglass.

She glanced over and saw his muscles straining, his arms dragging his body and board through the water. She rowed her arms hard to keep pace with him. Her small muscular body was doing everything it could to keep up with him.

The first larger breaker approached them as they moved offshore. She took a breath, and pushed the nose of her board down, slicing underneath the wave. The water covered her body, instantly cooling her as she dipped underneath and popped out on the other side. She gulped air, and continued to paddle out, following him out as he dipped under yet another wave.

He reached a point about one hundred yards offshore, and he finally came to a stop, sitting upright on his board. She paddled up beside him, and sat upright on hers. She could feel the powerful swells moving beneath them as they relaxed in the water.

“The swells are coming in about thirty second intervals. When you feel one roll beneath you, count to about fifteen, and start paddling. Just follow my line, and grab the wave after mine, ok?”

She nodded, and he leaned over to her board, and quickly kissed her, and then lay down and started paddling. She watched his muscular arms pulling hard, dragging him faster along the top of the water. Her body rose gently as she felt the next swell sweep under her, chasing him as he raced for the shore. She started counting as it slipped beneath her.

He was paddling faster, and he was slowly rising as the swell caught him, and began to push upward. She watched as he glided up, his arms finally stopping their motions. The wave began to crest around him, and he popped up onto the top of his board, and she watched as he hung at the top of wave for a second, and then dropped out of sight.

As she reached the number fifteen, she lowered her body to her board, and started paddling. Her hands churned in the water, driving her towards shore. She felt the power of the ocean behind her, pushing her. The swell was growing, and she felt her board and body rising into the air as the water took on its own life around her. Higher and higher, her arms rowing fiercely as she stayed on top of it. At last, she saw the water cresting about her, and she pulled her hands in. Planting them on the edge of the board, she slid her feet underneath her, and rose.

The water was starting to froth around her, and the tube was forming just to her right. Her knees deeply bent, her balance set, she looked down the wall of water. The board gradually tipped over, Bahçeşehir Escort and she slid down, and cut hard to her left. The tube was forming behind her and chasing her as she rode down the wave. Spray was flying about, and splashing against her face as she cut hard. Her heels dug against the fiberglass, her hips low, as the board gathered energy from the water, propelling her even faster. Her hips swayed, turning the board gently back up the onrushing wave, and then back down.

As she neared the end of the break, she slipped to the right, cut hard back to the left, cresting the remaining swell, and let herself sink into the water. He was sitting on his board, his eyes full of admiration. She paddled over to him, breathless from the rush of riding the wave. He was sitting up on his board, a large smile on his face, his eyes gleaming against the water.

“I wish you could see your face right now.”

She blushed at his statement, and took a long breath. Her eyes found his and she smiled serenely, as they bobbed in the water.

They paddled back out to their starting point, taking several more runs. Each of them took a good fall, each time laughing as they paddled back to the point break.

After a couple of hours, they sat on their boards, catching their breath. The sun was slowly melting into the water, and a cooler breeze began blowing across their bodies. She shivered slightly, and stretched out.

“You are getting cold. Let’s head back.”

She looked to him and nodded. They leisurely drifted back in towards the shore. Still lying across their boards, they took advantage of a swell to push them closer to the sand. Once they reached waist deep water, they both stood, and began walking in.

They walked, unhurried, up the beach to his Jeep, and leaned both boards against the shower. He reached in the Jeep and pulled out a couple of towels, as she slid the wetsuit from her body. They both moved under the showers, and she let the cool water stream through her hair. He grabbed a nearby hose and sprayed down the surfboards. She watched as he hoisted each one above his head, and stretching upwards, fastened each board to the top rack on the Jeep.

Her hands moved through her mass of mahogany hair, but her eyes were spellbound by him. Her eyes traveled a slow path around his body. His calves stretched out as he looped the ties across. The substantial arms tightening as they pulled each tie down. He turned, his broad chest facing her, his eyes searching hers.

“Room for me in there?”

She giggled, slid out of his way, and watched as the first goose bumps formed as the water rivulated down his body. He smiled, and turned away from her, his head tilting down as the shower washed away the salt.

She stood there, staring at his back, watching all of the muscles working together. She glanced from side to side. There were only about four or five random couples around, and none were in the immediate vicinity. Fascinated by his body under the shower, she moved towards him.

Her hand reached out, and her nails grazed across his back. Her gaze followed her fingers, watching as the water slid around them as it traveled down his back. She was rewarded with a slight shiver as the muscles in his back tightened under her touch. She leaned forward, and gently pressed her lips against his back, her small arms encircling his midsection and squeezing tightly.

His body twisted against hers, and she casually released him, so that she could look into his eyes again. The darkness enveloping the beach was turning his eyes into the color of sapphires. He smiled again, his head tilting over, as he casually leaned into her. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his breath against her cheek and then her lips. He paused, teasing her without touching, then his lips pressed against hers. Their tongues glided together, and she moaned into his mouth.

His hands pulled her body close to his, and she felt the warmth exuding from him. His mouth left her lips and leisurely glided over her cheek, finally resting on her ear. The tip of his tongue flicked against her ear, tracing the outline, teasing her earlobe. She caressed his back, her nails skimming down the broad expense.

She sensed his hands caressing her sides, his fingers wrapping around to her back, his thumbs against her stomach. His grip tightened on her waist. Her breath caught again, as she felt herself lifted off her feet. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. He took a step forward, and pinned her back against the shower wall. His thick arms easily held her in place as his tongue increasingly tortured her throat, caressing her soft flesh carefully.

She felt a hard bulge beneath his swimming trunks, resting against the juncture of her thighs. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his shoulders and neck, and his chest pressed against her body. He continued to kiss her neck and ears, as his body held her against the wall.

She was vaguely aware of the people who were now watching. Her moans were growing louder, as his hand left her waist, and moved between them, cupping her breast. Her head tilted back as she relished the sensations his body provided her. His hand pushed the bikini top aside, his thumb and forefinger catching the nipple between them, rolling it.

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