The Neighborhood: Family Reunited

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(All characters portrayed in the story, whether specifically identified as such or not, are over the age of 18. To the fans of the first three installments, sorry that this has taken so long, but quite honestly, some of my other work was receiving such positive feedback that I concentrated on those stories. If you have enjoyed this series and would like to see more in this genre, please comment or contact me. Thanks as always for reading my work. Enjoy.)


“Miss Jordan? Your father will see you now.”

Kim Jordan looked up from the fashion magazine she was reading to see her father’s young secretary smiling at her and holding open the heavy oak door leading to her father’s office. She stood and smoothed the wrinkles from her skirt and then turned to examine herself briefly in the large mirror hung over the waiting room couch.

She had gone to some effort to present a more business like air than her normal casual attire. Today she wore a white silk blouse with a low cut scoop neckline, paired with a form hugging black skirt, hose and three inch heels which raised her height to almost 5 and a half feet. Her blonde hair was gathered up and pinned on top of her head, making her look even taller. She checked her silhouette and satisfied with her appearance, headed for the door.

Kim could feel the eyes of the twenty-something secretary sweeping over her curvaceous figure as she headed for the door. Since she had purposefully gone without a bra that day, Kim knew that the secretary was probably appreciating the bounce and jiggle of her large, firm boobs beneath the sheer silk blouse. The temperature in the office had tightened her nipples, causing them to jut out sexily against the fabric. Most girls with 36Ds didn’t go around without a bra, much less in front of their father, but Kim wasn’t most girls and today she needed all her charms ready in case her father needed convincing.

She still wasn’t entirely sure that she could go through with the plan that she and her first cousin Stacy had come up with, but Kim was desperate to attend school with her brother Mark and Cousins Stacy and Clint and needed her father’s financial support to make that happen. For all she knew, her father might generously offer to foot the bill with no qualms. Plan B however, entailed the seduction of her own father if all else failed. She took a deep breath and entered the large office.

Frank Jordan had done very well for himself in the business world and his office reflected that. Deep, plush carpet covered the floors. A large picture window opened onto the downtown area, admitting light which gleamed dully off the highly polished, dark wood furniture in the room. Here and there were expensive antiques and valuable paintings decorated the walls. A large oak desk dominated the room and behind this sat Kim’s father, phone to ear, while he stared at the computer screen in front of him. His attention distracted, Kim used the opportunity to examine her father.

Frank was 38, same as her mother, his ex-wife, and the years had also been kind to him. His brown hair was full and thick, while few wrinkles could be found on his still youthful face. He had the same brown eyes as Mark, Kim’s brother, and the same build, but maybe a little heavier. As the years went on, Frank had to spend more and more time at the gym to maintain his athletic frame, but he didn’t mind. It kept him active and his looks plus his professional success ensured that he rarely went wanting when it came to female companionship.

As he hung up the phone and stood to come around the desk to his daughter, he was mindful of how lonely his life had become, despite the steady procession of women. He had been very excited to get the call from his daughter, for he had begun to miss the life he’d had before his indiscretions had ended his marriage. He hoped that today he might be able start picking back up the pieces of his shattered personal life and perhaps begin again. He had ended the disastrous affair with his former young secretary some months prior and while he still dated from time to time, he truthfully craved the life he’d had with his wife Vivian and their children, Kim and Mark.

“Kimmy! You look gorgeous! Is that all for dear old dad?” Frank said as he held his arms out to his daughter.

Kim smiled broadly and ran forward into her father’s arms. “Hi Daddy! Yes, it is. I wanted to impress you today.”

Frank hugged his daughter to him and was surprised at how it felt to hold the beautiful 18 year old. Not that he hadn’t been around his daughter since the divorce, but he hadn’t noticed how much she had grown up in that time. He was perversely thrilled to feel the soft pressure of her boobs against his chest as the rest of her body molded itself against him. Against his will, Frank could feel his cock tighten in his suit pants and hoped that Kim would miss the reaction.

Her face pressed into her father’s neck, Kim definitely felt the lurch of his cock gaziantep bayan escort against her abdomen. She smiled to herself and breathed deeply, inhaling the clean, masculine scent of her father’s cologne. “This is going to be fun,” she thought before pushing her torso forward and rolling her dad’s thickening sausage between them.

Frank Jordan stifled a groan of lust when he felt his daughter move against him, further stimulating his rapidly swelling organ. As with Kim, his nostrils were filled with the clean strawberry smell of his daughter’s shampoo and his mind wandered to just how desirable his little girl had become. Before his condition became even more apparent, Frank regretfully pulled back from Kim’s embrace and led the way to the sofa against the wall. “Here, come sit and let’s catch up,” he said thickly.

Kim allowed herself to be led by the hand to the couch and with her father’s back to her, surreptitiously undid the top two buttons to her already low cut blouse. She had suddenly decided that no matter what her father’s answer was to her proposition, she was not leaving his office without having some fun first. The father and daughter sat closely on the leather couch and turned facing each other.

“So what’s been going on in your life, princess?” Frank asked, willing his eyes to remain on his daughter’s face despite the presence of the deep, shadowy cleavage he could see down below. Looking into the sexy teen’s big blue eyes wasn’t a safe play either, Frank quickly realized. Was it just him, or was there a smoldering quality there that he had missed earlier?

Frank was dead-on in his assessment. The potential thrill of seducing her father and noting the thick bulge in his suit pants was having a stimulating effect on the nubile teen. She hoped that her father’s sex drive would win out over any paternal qualities he possessed. She lightly rested her hand on her father’s thigh, mere inches from the pants stretching erection he was sprouting.

“Oh, not a whole lot Daddy, but I do need a favor,” Kim said, batting her long eyelashes seductively.

Frank chuckled nervously. His daughter could really turn the charm on when she needed to and it appeared he was getting the full court press. Kim was leaning towards him, causing the already gaping blouse to billow open further. More and more of the creamy melons encased in the silk blouse were being revealed to the horny father and he fought valiantly to control his gaze and his hands which ached to reach out and cup the heavy tits. “What do you need Kim?”

“Well, Daddy,” Kim said, bouncing slightly on the couch, setting off a ripple affect across the wide expanse of her cleavage. “What would you say if I changed my mind about taking that cheerleading scholarship?”

Frank was surprised. He had thought that she might want his credit cards to go shopping or a new car or something. This was totally out of left-field. “Well, the first thing I’d want to know is why? I thought you loved cheerleading?”

Kim ducked her head slightly, looking down, apparently in embarrassment, but mostly to get a good look at the thick tube snaking down her father’s pant’s leg. “Wow, he’s really big!” she thought.

Frank used the change in her gaze to his advantage as well; he now stared openly at the heaving orbs shifting beneath her blouse. If his eye sight could be trusted, it appeared his little girl was without a bra today. He wondered sickly what would prompt her to do so. When Kim unexpectedly looked back up, Frank was still openly ogling his daughter’s sumptuous boobs. He coughed nervously into his hand and looked up. Was she smiling at him, he thought, and if so why?

Kim was indeed beaming brightly at her father for she had noted the hungry look in his eyes as he eyeballed her big jugs. She took a deep breath, causing her already full blouse to bulge outward even more. “Oh, I do Daddy, but Mark and the cousins and most of my friends are going to State. I could probably walk-on and get at least a partial scholarship there.”

Frank’s brow creased in thought. “Mark? I didn’t know that you and your brother were that close.” Mark’s name brought up uncomfortable memories for the eldest Jordan, as it had been his son who had judged him for his affair most harshly. While they were on speaking terms somewhat now, Frank knew that Mark would probably never forgive him completely for what had transpired with the current secretaries’ predecessor.

“Really? Well, I guess we’ve just gotten much closer this summer,” Kim said, white washing the fact that she was actively fucking her brother and mother for that matter. “It’s really such a shame you and Mark don’t get along better Dad,” Kim moved her hand further up her father’s leg, her palm now mere inches from the throbbing lump in his pants. “You guys have so much in common.” It was readily apparent to the hyper-horny girl where the genes for her brother’s gaziantep escort bayan big dick came from. By now, her father’s prick was bulging obscenely beneath his pants. From time to time it pulsed and twitched in its confines.

Frank gulped nervously. Despite the obvious taboos of society, he was struggling with the flaming lust for his daughter that was engulfing every fiber of his being. There was no doubt what so ever in his mind that his daughter was well aware of the effect she was having on her father. His head swum with the realization that Kim was actively coming onto him. Was she just being a cock tease or did she really have sexual feelings for him? While his primary purpose today had been repairing the damage his divorce had done to his family, sheer primal lust was winning out. He fought for control and reached down to rest his hand atop his daughter’s.

“Kim, I’m not sure if you know what you’re doing. You’re not a little girl anymore, you know,” Frank mumbled thickly, his voice cracking.

Kim giggled and leaned farther towards her father. By now, her blouse was gaping open, allowing him unfettered views of the glorious treasures barely hidden beneath. Frank could resist no longer and gazed openly down the deep valley, watching transfixed as with each breath Kim’s boobs rose and fell. “I know I’m not Daddy.” Her voice took on a deeper, more serious tone and she reached up and raised his chin until his eyes met hers. “And yes, I do know what I’m doing to you.” With that, she leaned forward and traced her father’s lips with the tip of her tongue while her hand slid over and blatantly squeezed the thick tube in his pants.

Frank groaned deep in his throat at the wet, forbidden touch of Kim’s tongue against his lips. He reflexively licked his dry lips, but this only served to bring his tongue in contact with his daughters’. Kim moaned in turn, thinking that her father was returning her advances. Frank’s head was spinning with a swirl of emotions. The sensible part of his being was insisting that this was his daughter for Christ’s sake! What was he thinking in even entertaining the thoughts caroming around his head? Common sense was making a hasty retreat under the burgeoning lust overcoming the confused, lustful father.

“Kim, Kim, we can’t do this, it’s…it’s not right! You’re my daughter,” Frank muttered into the hot searching mouth now tenderly kissing and sucking his own. He couldn’t deny the blazing passion engulfing him as he felt her hand grip and tug upon his rock hard erection. Blindly he reached out to extract her hand, but all hope was lost when Kim intercepted his hand with her own and placed it upon her heaving breasts. Frank moaned and cupped the supple tit, feeling the stiff nipple spear his palm.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so good!” Kim gasped. She began to lick and kiss his cheek, and then blatantly began to trace the outline of his ear with the tip of her tongue. She breathed hotly into his ear and whispered, “Touch my tits, I want you so much!”

Frank gave up any semblance of resistance and now used both of his hands on the front of his teenage daughter’s blouse, opening each button with trembling fingers as their mouths ground against each other, tongues dancing. While her father fumbled with her blouse, Kim rapidly unbuckled his belt and pants button, drawing down his zipper. She thrust her hand underneath his boxers and gripped the base of the fat cock struggling to get out.

“Oooooo, Daddy! You’re so big!” Kim moaned, thrilling at the searing heat of his cock in her hand as she felt his strong hands cup and begin to mold her swollen jugs. Frank’s fingertips found her engorged nipples and tweaked and pulled, further inflaming them. The father and daughter each found their hands full of the forbidden pleasures of each other’s body. Kim struggled to pull the long, thick cock from his pants. Frank aided her efforts by raising his hips, his hands never leaving her firm chest. Kim grasped the waistband of his pants and boxers, yanking them down to his knees. His turgid cock swung up and bobbled about before she eagerly grasped it back in her hand and began to rapidly stroke it.

“Oh, oh, Kim, that feels so good, baby!” Frank said, his head dropping back against the back of the couch as he felt his daughter’s soft hand whip up and down his stiffness. At the top of each stroke Kim gathered the accumulating precum and worked it into his flesh, lubricating her passage. Frank’s hands fell away from his daughter’s boobs as Kim’s upper body began to drop lower. He knew what her intentions were and did nothing to impede her. In fact, Frank found his left hand reaching up to cup the back of Kim’s blonde head, guiding her towards his cock.

Kim smiled to herself as she felt her father cradle the back of her head. While she didn’t need the encouragement to swoop down up the throbbing stake, she welcomed his now active participation. escort gaziantep bayan As her mouth descended closer and closer to his prick, Kim licked her full lips and parted them, blowing warm breath over the swollen head now mere inches from her. Frank groaned deep in his throat and muttered words he’d never anticipated using, “Suck me Kim!” With a whimper of lust, Kim plunged her hot, wet mouth over the leaking head and began to tenderly suck while lashing it with her soft tongue.

Frank Jordan felt like he was going to blackout from the pleasure of having his johnson tended to by his very own daughter. Not only was there the pervasive aspect of committing incest with her, there was also no denying that Kim was an accomplished fellatrix. As her tongue actively lathed every mouth stretching inch of him, Kim bobbed her hot mouth up and down, taking more and more of her father’s cock with each down stroke. At the top she would open widely before plunging down slowly and surely, the fat tube sliding deep in her mouth. His thickness filled her oral cavity, searing her tongue. She could taste the salty output of him as she raised up, drawing deeply on his shaft, her cheeks hollowing.

“Oh, Kim! Where did you learn to suck cock like this?!” Frank wondered aloud as he palmed his daughter’s head and guided her cock sucking mouth up and down. With a wet smack Kim drew her mouth off her father and tongued his throbbing head.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you,” she answered, thinking of the countless hours of late spent deep sucking her brother’s thick cock. To her well trained mouth and eye, her father’s cock was almost an equal to Mark’s monstrosity. Here she was still pleasuring her father for the first time and already her twisted, horny mind was thinking of ways to have both of them at her disposal. Her mind whirled with the demented possibilities as she dropped her mouth back onto her father.

Frank was no fool and Kim’s comment coupled with her prior statement concerning her and her brother’s new found closeness told him all he needed to know. He felt he had nothing to lose. How offended could Kim get since she was already sucking his cock like a cum starved whore?

“So who’s bigger, me or Mark?”

He knew he’d hit pay dirt when Kim’s voracious suction suddenly stopped as Kim gulped midway down her father’s shaft. Frank leaned over and smacked Kim smartly on her round ass. “Relax baby girl. I think we’re beyond embarrassment at this point.” Kim rose up off his cock, a thick strand of saliva still connecting her swollen lips to him. She swiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she and her father gazed lustfully at each other. Almost simultaneously they both spoke.

“Wanna fuck?”

The father and daughter grinned unashamedly at each other as Kim rose, walked over to the office door and locked it. By the time she turned and walked back to her father, he had hastily shucked his pants and was waggling his thick cock at her. Kim pursed her lips and blew him a lusty kiss. Without removing her skirt, she drew it up and revealed her uncovered, silky smooth pussy to her father’s eyes.

Frank drew in a deep breath at the sight of Kim’s smoothly shaven cunt. If possible, his cock became even harder as Kim blatantly reached down and began to finger her already moist hole. “No regrets Daddy,” she whispered as she knelt and straddled his body.

“Never,” Frank hissed, simultaneously pulling down on Kim’s curvy hips while thrusting upwards.

Like a hot knife through butter, Frank’s cock lodged itself deep inside Kim’s piping hot tunnel. The pair both threw their heads back in ecstasy, stifling screams of pleasure. Kim didn’t pause for a second, immediately rising up and plunging back down again, skewering more of the fat prick into her.

“Unnnnnhhhhh!! Oooooo, more, more!” Kim moaned, loving the overly full feeling of the big pole pumping into her rapidly. She gripped the back of the couch to either side of her father’s head and bounced happily on her new toy.

Reaching up from his daughter’s gyrating hips, Frank unbuttoned the few buttons left on her blouse and flung it open, finally exposing her firm boobs to his hungry eyes. Kim shrugged off the garment and leaned forward, cradling her father’s face between her breasts. She shuddered as she felt her father’s hungry lips and tongue begin to feast upon her abundant charms. Frank filled his hands with soft, pliant flesh and popped a stiff nipple between his lips. He flicked his tongue over the bud and felt Kim begin to shudder even more violently. Sensing the onset of her orgasm, Frank’s hips went into hyper drive, pumping his pussy pleaser deeply and more rapidly into her. His own climax was not far in the future, but he wanted to ensure that his daughter got hers in spades.

Kim’s eyes were shut tightly as her head tossed about like a rag doll, her father pummeling her sexy body smartly from below. With a barely stifled scream, she jerked and trembled, waves of pleasure washing over her.

“Unh, unh, ahhhhhhh!” she moaned, twisting and bouncing her way through her climax. Frank had to reach down and grasp hold of her hips to keep her from falling off his lap. He gritted his teeth, struggling to stave off his own impending eruption; for there was a particular act he wanted to try before they were done.

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