The Morning After Ch. 5

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I awoke with the hangover from hell, breathing oh hell, thinking hurt. I cracked one eye open and saw that yes much to my discomfort it was day. The big bright thing was in the sky and was just happily beaming in my window. I groped about with the hand that was already touching the floor for a shoe and finding it flung it at the window. Two bad things happened simultaneously, the glass broke and the shade flew up filling the entire room with brilliant searing light.

I fled from the merciless light and dove deep under the covers to encounter a body not my own. Perplexed I let my fingers explore and cupping a good-sized breast determined that it indeed was female. I tweaked a nipple and heard another being in pain, good, I didn’t want to be the only one feeling like crap this morning.

The other body grunted and I grunted back, we both agreed that too much tequila was unhealthy to be consumed. In a blind migration we ended up in a spoon-like position, more or less, and my arms snaked around her waist and pulled her towards me. In a gesture that said she meant me no harm she pressed her ass against my semi hard cock. I accepted her signal and felt my dick grow in response. She grunted again telling me that she was pleased with my signal and proceeded to start grinding her ass against my hardness and began to grow wet to accommodate me. In a purely animal manner she shifted her hips and impaled herself on me another grunt of contentment and soon we had a wonderful rhythm going.

With eyes still closed I rolled her onto her belly and took over setting the pace of our rutting. I groped about blindly and found her hips and got a firm grip and started a series of good long strokes in and out of her. God she was tight it took real effort to penetrate her today. The grunting returned on my part, as I knew I was close to climaxing and she seemed to be close as well. I picked up my pace and moved faster and faster driving headlong for the finish line i.e. our mutual orgasm. She squealed and I gritted my teeth as she began to spasm around me setting me off and we broke the tape with Olympic precision, yeah for us!

The door opened just then and I had to open my eyes and there was my sister standing there. She looked amused and I was confused and the woman whose pussy my dick was in looked up and pushed the long red hair from her face. My cousin Denise just smiled and nodded, an unspoken message passing between the two women.

I pulled out of Denise and tried to reconstruct yesterday from the bits and pieces of memory that the alcohol had not destroyed. I remember my sister promising me something special and then the four of us cleaned up and went out to dinner. It was very tense at dinner and so we decided to go our own separate ways, I dropped everyone off at home. Sis had thanked me for the ‘gift’ and left straight away after I parked. I decided to wash away the funk and take a shower and dress.

Now it came back to me! I was in the shower; I never heard the front door open and close. I must have dozed under the water because the water temp was only lukewarm when I heard the door open to the bathroom.

“Still washing brother dear.” My sister’s voice drifted over the sound of the falling water.

“I think I fell asleep standing up.”

“Are you well rested?” An alarm should have sounded in my head, but no I missed that subtle fetiş escort question.

“Yeah, I am craving a banana, potassium you know, but otherwise I feel fine.”

“Good, dry off and meet me downstairs.” I heard the door close and I was alone again. Five minutes later draped in only a towel I walked into the kitchen where my sister and my cousin Denise were standing around talking. I have not seen Denise in years and oh how she has developed. Her mane of red hair tumbled over her shoulders to come to rest over her breasts that were fighting to get out of the tiny button up shirt she was wearing. Her belly was bare showing off her muscular stomach and the black thong she was wearing left her well-formed legs exposed to my gaze. I must have looked like a deer caught in her headlights. Denise walked over and threw her hands around my neck and leaned up to kiss me.

“Long time no see…” her lips pressed against mine and her tongue invaded my mouth, “I missed you.” I swallowed hard and looked over at my sister now dressed in a blue tube top and matching mini skirt. While I was looking over at her she lifted the skirt to show that she was wearing nothing underneath. Denise’s hand found the front of the towel. “Hmmm, is that for me?” Without another word she ripped the towel off and drifted to her knees in front of me. She took me in her hand and looked up keeping eye contact as she licked the tip. Denise smiled as she sucked the head into her eager mouth, our eyes still locked together. More and more of me entered her warm wetness I felt my sister come around press herself against my back.

“Like my gift?” I could only nod as I felt her bare breasts and nipples trace lines up and down my back. Denise brought my attention back between my legs by swirling her tongue around the head and taking half my length into her mouth. Then Sis moved and knelt next to Denise and then they started sharing their ‘toy’. My knees were beginning to buckle from the attention and they allowed me to move into the living room and sit on the couch. Besides the carpet was easier on their knees than the tile in the kitchen. Sis took me in her mouth while Denise stood on the couch and tugging her thong aside placed her pussy right in my face. Taking her hint I grabbed her round perky ass and began to eat her out with abandon. I ran my tongue up and down the length of her sex tasting her sweet nectar, as she grew wetter and wetter by the second. Sis’ head was bobbing up and down by now, taking most of me down her throat each time. I found Denise’s clit and began to gently nibble on it; this sent her into orbit with a blood-curdling scream.

“She’s ready!” My Sis had taken me out of her mouth and was holding it for Denise as she practically leapt down and took possession of my cock. She squeezed it stroked it a few times before she started teasing me with the lips and entrance of her sex. Sis took Denise’s spot on my face and ground her wet pussy on my head and let my tongue work its magic. I was waiting for Denise to sink down on me but she was in no hurry to comply so I focused on the pussy leering in my face. I tongued her lips lightly chewing them and even sticking my tongue in her, but her clit got no attention. If I get teased then Sis suffers too. She was grinding and getting frustrated as I was ignoring her pleas to give gaziantep fetiş escort her clit consideration. Then as I was licking her pussy I felt Denise drop down impaling herself on me. I think I screamed and found Sis’ clit the next moment and then everyone was very happy.

Denise’s pussy enveloped me and she went slowly moving up and down almost painfully so. I was ready to yell; I have never felt anyone as tight and wonderful as my cousin. I had to fight the urge to come and I began to slowly meet her thrusts pushing myself as deep into her as I could. But she was determined to drag out my orgasm and hers. She would just sit there and wait if she felt I was too close. Sensory overload without an orgasm is about the closest description to that feeling. Then she just sat there and squeezed her pussy muscles, real tight! I bit my lip and waited for her to start moving all the while eating my sister out passing my pleasure onto her. Denise started moving in slow motion again…thighs of steel. She was squeezing me on the up and down stroke I was ready to cut loose when she stopped. She stood up and wrapped her tits around me. I was blind but I could feel those firm pillows of flesh.

“I have heard you like this!” And then she was rocking back and forth her breasts caressing me and teasing me with a whole new sensation. I cried out as I shot all over her tits and face. But they weren’t done, no not by far.

They let me rest, have a banana to restore my potassium and get ready for round two. They didn’t touch each other, this night was for me and me alone it seemed. Denise and my sister walked off by themselves and talked, strategy I guess. They returned wearing evil grins and proceeded to sit on either side of me and just kiss and stroke all over. I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger by myself.

Denise sat on my lap facing me and her lips found mine, it was electric, as her tongue dueled with mine. Meanwhile Sis snuck in and on hands and knees found my cock and started lubing it again. She ran her teeth along the length while my ardor went through the roof. Denise brought my hands up to her tits and let me fondle then and tease her nipples. My dick was iron hard by then and wanting to be planted somewhere. But they prolonged my bliss just a little longer.

Denise started panting and I think that was Sis’ clue for step two. Denise rose and the blindfold was totally unexpected I was told to relax and go for it, so I quieted down when I felt lips on my dick again. I felt a tongue swirl around the head and a distinct moaning sound and then the tongue fled and soft yielding flesh began to part around the head of my cock. It was tight and slow going until I was hilted. Someone took my hands and placed them on a pair of breasts, they were firm and ah it was Denise I was in. She purred in my ear and started to move up and down oh so slowly, she hissed as she did so her tightness gripping me. She must be clenching the entire time to keep this up. Not complaining, but if she kept this up I was going to blow in no time.

I leaned in and said, “Your pussy is so tight.” She chuckled at this and continued to move up and down a little faster now. Each stroke was picking up speed now and finally she was bouncing as fast as she could her tight little twat driving me head long to a fierce orgasm. gaziantep fetiş escort “I am going to cum!” I said through gritted teeth.

“Then cum, this is for you after all.” She bounced a little faster, I was hanging onto her tits for all I was worth and finally with a grunt shot deep inside her. As she felt me cum she dropped down and impaled herself wanting the full sensation. “No one has ever done that before.”

“I’m not that good.”

“Take the blindfold off, he can see now.” Denise said. They lifted the darkness and I looked down as my cousin leaned forward to she me that I was in her ass and not her pussy after all. The look of shock must have been funny because Denise and my sister were both laughing hysterically. I was still semi-hard and she began to move back and forth. The feeling of watching my dick disappear in the most desirable butt I could imagine was breathtaking, my full erection returned instantly. The laughter stopped as Denise closed her eyes feeling my erection deepen my penetration to her ass. That’s when the tequila appeared, Sis broke the seal and shots were taken all around.

“This’ll take the sting out of your ass.” I toasted to Denise’s fine ass and tipped my shot glass back. After my third shot I stood up and grabbed her hips and started pumping for all I was worth. My sister smiled and watched the faces we were both making. She was on her fourth shot when she could no longer sit and watch. Sis lifted her feet off the floor and shifted her knees outward, one hand sought out her clit and other her left breast. Now my Sister was making faces of her own as she furiously teased herself towards her own orgasm. Her faces drove me to pound into Denise with more force and deeper penetration. Suddenly it was like the sound was turned back on and my cousin’s moans and groans hit my ears. I slowed my pace to feel as each inch move in and out of her. Watching my sister masturbate and feeling my cousin’s tight flesh wrapped around me was a double pleasure.

Denise began pushing back against me and I felt her stiffen and cry out soon after. I pulled out and she nodded towards Sis, I smiled and stalked off to the bathroom to clean my cock off so I could return the pleasure she had given me. I rushed back to the room my sister’s eyes were closed; she was oblivious to all but her needs.

I whispered in Denise’s ear and told her my plan, she giggled and agreed with a nod. She took one of my sister’s nipples in her mouth and began to suckle. Without opening her eyes she leaned forward and made it easier for our cousin to please her. Denise leaned back forcing Sis to stand up to keep the pleasure flowing and so I was able to sneak behind with my iron hard erection and without a word hilt myself in her. Her eyes shot open and she groaned as I moved in and out of her. Sis began to shift her hips back and forth setting up a wonderful rhythm.

Again my hands settled on a beautiful woman’s hips and followed the tempo her body was creating. I felt my body racing towards a teeth-jarring climax so I did the only thing I could. I began to piston with long and deep thrusts in and out her. I felt her spasm around me sending me over the edge; I leaned over body as I shot deep inside of her. My knees gave out and she followed me to the floor and suddenly I was cradled between the two of them with a shot glass settled into my hands to finish the ‘gift giving’. It must have been the next five shots that totaled my sobriety and my consciousness.

It all came rushing back in a whirlwind of emotion and desire my cock hardened and Denise raised an eyebrow and smiled. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and twirled her tongue around it. “Hmmmm tasty!!”

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