The More You Give…

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Ok, so perhaps hiding wasn’t a very mature thing to do. I admit it, I was being cowardly. Well what do you expect from a bloke? Eye to eye contact and a good reason for why we shouldn’t see each other any more? Fine in theory except the reason I was cooling off was that I wanted to have sex with other women, lots of other women. And that’s the sort of truth women don’t want to hear. I might be a bloke but I’m not insensitive. So here I was, hiding. It was the last act of a desperate man, well almost, I had an ulterior motive as well.

I’d been to several weddings but never with a girlfriend. I realise now that it was a mistake; it gave them ideas. I pretended not to hear the pointed remarks, the subtle hints and less than subtle comments such as how long it took to book the church. No way, was I going to get married, not yet anyway. There were so many beautiful women just waiting and wanting and needing. The thought almost gave me a hard on.

I kept myself amused by discretely checking out the talent. There was plenty to choose from and all dressed to compete. I felt like a kid with no money in a shop full of candy and I didn’t like someone else controlling the purse strings. The only good thing was that I didn’t know anyone so should an opportunity arise there would be no embarrassing moments, like being introduced to the husband for example. Never sleep with your boss’s wife, that’s my advice, especially if she hasn’t told you who her husband is. Still, I have another job now and I can look back on the incident with a smile.

So why did I think I was going to get lucky? Weddings have a strange effect on people. It makes single women desperate and reminds married women of the good time they had before they were married. My preference was for the latter. There were unlikely to be long term repercussions.

I glanced around the church. My eyes flicked across the congregation and there she was. She had been looking at me and I had felt her eyes on my back. My gaze lingered then moved on. It told me everything I wanted to know. Not young not old. Expensively dressed, simple yet stylish, probably her husband next to her, somewhat older. Her eyes said she was looking for controlled adventure. At least that’s what I read. I could still feel her eyes boring into me but I didn’t look round. The game had just started and this was the fun bit. More fun was going to follow with fun bringing up the rear.

Seated near the back, we were among the first to leave the church. I stepped out of the pew and stood back to allow my girlfriend to go first. My eyes slid past her to watch the woman stand and move towards the aisle. My timing was perfect and I arrived at the pew the exact same moment. Her husband had gone on ahead and I gestured for her to go first. Her look gave me a tingle that ran up and down my spine and settled in another place entirely. She stepped forward and I caught a glimpse of slender stockinged thigh through the small slit in her skirt. She nodded her thanks and stepped into the aisle. She was taller than I expected, slender but for two rounded buttocks that twitched tantalisingly as she walked. I wanted to hold them and squeeze them and slide my tongue between them. It was then that I had the idea.

We stood around outside waiting for endless photos to be taken. We chatted to other boring couples about their boring houses and imminent weddings – more pressure. The only thing that kept me going was the plentiful champagne and the thought of what I was going to attempt later.

I kept looking for her, wanting to know where she was but not making eye contact, but I could feel when her eyes were on me. Finally we were called to be seated for dinner and I knew she was going to be on my table. The tables were huge, pushed together to make big blocks seating a couple of dozen people. Bad news if you were bored with the person next to you but good for what I had in mind. The place to my right was empty and I moved my chair over a little to minimise the gap. The man on the Anadolu Yakası Escort next seat over barely gave me a glance. My girlfriend was chatting to the man on her left. She was flirting a little but for once I was glad she was occupied.

Across the table and two seats to the right one other seat was empty. I waited in anticipation recognizing her husband in the adjoining seat. I looked past him to see her walking towards us. Her hips swayed slightly as she walked, her high heels tapping on the parquet floor. I never understood how women could manage high heels so deftly but I certainly liked the result. Boy were they sexy.

She caught me staring and smiled faintly as she sat down. I nodded imperceptibly. The line of communication was open, invisible to anyone else but like a motorway between us.

We started with asparagus. I always thought some foods were sexy but I have never watched anyone eat so erotically. She licked the dressing off each forkful before placing it gently between her lips. She was teasing me and she knew it but not once did she look at me. I, on the other hand, had trouble keeping my eyes off her.

Course followed course, long green beans from the entree were given the same treatment. By the time we had got to the strawberries I thought my balls were going to explode. Each round red fruit was kissed as she wrapped her soft lips around the tip before biting gently down. I imagined my cock in her mouth, her hair falling over her face and tickling my balls. So lost was I in this reverie and erotic entertainment that I almost didn’t notice my girlfriend getting up.

“I’ll be back in a minute” she said. “It’s the speeches next. They could go on for a while.” She headed towards the powder room and a few people took her lead. I hoped she would take her time. The woman’s husband scraped his chair back and also made his exit. I stared at her willing her to look. She picked up a chocolate before raising her lovely eyes and looking straight at me. I wanted to speak but she was a little too far away. He tongue played with the nut at the top, twirling it around, sucking it, licking it looking at me all the while. I was breathing heavily my cock like a rod in my trousers but I knew I was going to have the last laugh. I leaned forward looking left and then right and giving her a ‘you’ll be sorry look’ before suddenly disappearing under the table. I hoped no one had noticed and chuckled at what must be going through her mind. Would she panic or would she play? Either way it got me away from my girlfriend for a while.

The tablecloths reached almost to the floor. Unless someone actually looked under the table I would be hidden and the block of tables around which we were sitting meant that there was plenty of room. It was time to get my own back.

On hands and knees I shuffled across the divide. The long table cloth was draped over a range of different knees. I had a grandstand view of a lot of female leg but there was only one pair I was after and they were right in front of me, one crossed demurely over the other. I smiled to myself and got comfortable like a chess player about to make the opening gambit. As in chess, this was a crucial move. Too much too soon and the game would be over.

Trembling I traced a line with my fingertips from her ankle to the top of her slender calf. I felt her jump at my touch. There was a pause then she wriggled her foot a little. I took this to be a good sign. I gently slid her shoe off. It smelt of new and expensive leather. Taking her foot gently in my hands, my thumbs massaging the sole, I blew on her toes. They wiggled slightly; I smiled. I ran one hand under the calf then back down the shin. The silk of her stocking felt smooth like skin. I did it again this time lifting the foot on the return journey and taking a toe into my mouth sucking hard and running my tongue around. I felt her quiver. I grinned. I shuffled forward a little and placed her foot on my hard on. She pushed it gently as though testing to see what it was then rubbed it slowly up and down. It felt good, even through my trousers. I held her foot there for a while longer before lifting it and with slow deliberation opened her legs.

Her skirt which had been above the knee when was now riding high on her thigh and as I lifted her leg the fabric rose a little higher. I was rewarded with a glimpse of stocking top and above, sweet creamy thighs. Between them I could just make out a smooth white mound. I shuffled forward a little more and placed her bare foot on the knee of my crossed leg. My heart was thumping so loud that I though someone must hear. Suddenly there was a chair scraping and a pair of legs thrust under the table. I froze. It was her husband. She too stayed stock still. If he looked under the table I was fucked. There was a tinkle of a knife on a glass and someone started speaking. The speeches had started. I breathed out slowly. We had about an hour I guessed.

Gently I stroked the inside of her calf. Then I lifted her other foot, slipped off her shoe and placed it on my other crossed knee. I had long legs and this widened her thighs even further. I licked my dry lips. I tried to visualise her expression. How would she be reacting? I panted in anticipation. I placed both hands once more on her calves and slid them slowly but firmly up past her knees and up towards her stocking tops. I paused before sliding my fingers from the silk and onto her warm flesh. I felt her twitch at my touch. I was twitching quite a lot myself. I continued to caress the naked skin, enjoying the softness, my fingers heading upwards all the time until they brushed the silky edges of her panties.

I was in control although I knew that she could get up and leave at any time or just cross her legs. But I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was. I ran my hands back down her beautiful legs and shuffled forward a little. I moistened my lips and ran a line of kisses from her knee up to the inside of her thigh. I have longish curly hair and I knew it would be tickling her thighs adding to the excitement. I turned my head and gave her other knee the same treatment. I breathed on her skin, cool and smooth, leading to where I wanted to go. But first I had to make sure that she would think twice about getting up. Call me a control freak or perhaps it was just my wicked sense of humour but I didn’t want her to leave until I was ready to let her go. And I knew it would heighten the experience for her too. One by one I rolled down her stockings so that they were just below her knees. It would make it very hard for her to leave in a hurry. Apart from that it revealed yet more skin and I gave the soft inside of her knees yet more attention with my lips and tongue.

There was a round of applause and another person got up to speak. It was time to turn up the heat. I could smell her musky perfume intimate and exciting and there was already the faintest patch of moisture on the white mound between her legs. I traced one finger along her thigh circling the silky mound before running gently back down the other side. I was rewarded with a twitch of her hips and she slid a little further down her chair. I needed no more invitation. I leaned back and pushed her legs together, sliding my hands up the outside of her thighs and up inside her skirt until I could feel the sides of her panties, I hooked my fingers into them and eased them gently down. I thought she might resist but she shuffled a little and they were free. I knew now that I could do whatever I liked. The thought gave a surge to my already swollen cock and I shifted position a little. I took the scrap of material that was her panties and put them safely in my trouser pocket. They were all part of the plan. Then I turned my attention back to her.

There was another round of applause and some laughter. Her legs were still closed and I parted them gently, revealing my prize. Her hair was neatly trimmed. I could see the slit between glistening folds, ready for whatever I might want to do. The power gave me a thrill. She quivered and I could feel her anticipation. This time I gave her no warning. I ran my fingers through the short curls before sliding my middle finger firmly down into the dewy cleft. My finger bumped gently over her clitoris and she jumped. I slid my finger down further then turned my hand to cup the soft folds. She was soaking wet and my finger met no resistance as I pushed it gently downwards and forwards looking for her centre. I slid it into her and I felt her squeeze around my finger. Slowly I finger fucked her curling my finger to hit her ‘g’ spot. My forefinger and third finger joined in feeling her stretch and tighten around them. Her hips pushed against me and I could feel her passion rising. God only knew what look she had on her face.

But I wasn’t going to stop there. I carried on gently finger fucking her, her juices lubricating my whole hand. With my other hand I rolled up my sleeve I wanted to get out of this with no incriminating evidence. I slowed and withdrew my fingers before dropping them a fraction and sliding them towards her anus. I felt her tighten but I hadn’t met a woman who didn’t like all of her entrances filled, preferably at once. I slid my arm forwards until she was practically sitting on my hand. My middle finger circled and moistened the puckered skin before increasing the pressure and slipping inside, just far enough, just to stretch her. With my thumb I found her other opening and above it her clit. She was so slippery my thumb slid easily over and around the tight little bud. I felt her quiver. I didn’t think she was going to last much longer. I dropped my thumb and slid it into her moist pussy and I pushed a little harder wearing her like a glove. With my other hand I opened her pussy lips and like a bee looking for nectar explored her with my waiting tongue. She tasted sweet and musky like a ripe fig and I probed every inch.

My hand continued to work her like a glove puppet, my tongue finding her clit working its magic, nuzzling and licking and finally rubbing the sensitive area with the flat of my tongue until she could take no more. There was a burst of applause and laughter. I felt her shudder as her thighs clamped tight around my head until I thought it would be crushed. Her whole body was shaking and heard her cough violently, as she tried to disguise her orgasm. There were muffled voices as her husband voiced his concern. I saw his legs disappear, despatched perhaps to get some water. I hoped he would be some time.

Her thighs finally relaxed and I withdrew with a final kiss on her damp mound. Like the gentleman I am, I rolled up each of her stockings and pulled down her skirt, sliding each shoe on so that she could leave if she wanted to. My final act was to reach into my pocket for a business card and slip it into her stocking top where it was held tight and unseen. I was so horny that I thought about relieving myself there and then but rejected the idea. There were several napkins around and I grabbed one to clean myself up. It was time to make my exit.

On hands and knees I shuffled to the far end of the block of tables. With the speeches over the timing was critical. I watched my girlfriend’s legs as they disappeared from under the table and headed once more for the ladies room. I scuttled for a row of empty chairs and popped up brandishing my napkin, as though I had dropped it. No-one paid me any attention. I left quickly and headed for the gents for a quick wash and brush up.

“Where the hell have you been?” My girlfriend hissed as I strolled casually back to the table. “In the bar. Didn’t want to interrupt the speeches.” I replied. “Thought it would be rude to come back in.” She looked at me suspiciously.

I took a sip of wine and looked around. My woman was nowhere to be seen. I smiled to myself, I knew I would see her again soon and not just to return her panties. I imagined sliding my cock into her tight little pussy, squeezing her beautiful bottom and pulling her hard onto me as I fucked her senseless. As the saying goes. ‘As ye give, so shall ye receive’ and boy was I in for some receiving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32