The Moment Arrives Ch. 2

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I slowly stand, and slip my hand around her waist, pulling her into me for a long, soulful kiss. She sucks her cum from my tongue… Our kiss is passionate, longing for more… but also to tease you a little. Free from our clothing, caressing each other’s bodies for your enjoyment as well as ours. The kiss ends, I can still hear you making little moaning noises from the corner of the room… “do you think my lover wants to play with us?” I ask her.

“By the sounds of it, I believe he does” she replies. We look over to you, still holding each other, my hands cupping her ass, as she continues to play with my hardened nipples. “I know he does, can you see how big his cock is, so hard for us… maybe we should give him some relief.”

We turn to walk towards you, your eyes light up in anticipation. We stand in front of you, both our pussies still wet from our previous activities. You move your hand from your pants, and slide a finger along my moistened slit, putting it to your mouth to taste me. “Oh baby, I love it when you do that, I want you to taste her too.” You take your finger from your mouth, and slide it along her wet slit…tasting her as well. A slightly different taste, but sweet just the same. She moans as she watches you.

“Stand up for us baby, we need to get those clothes off you.” Rising from the chair, immeditately our hands are all over you. I place my hands around your neck and pull you into me for a kiss… You can still taste our araban escort the mixture of sweet honey on my tongue. She and I grab the bottom of your shirt, and lift if over your head, dropping it to the floor. Both of us licking each of your nipples, caressing your strong arms, and shoulders. I kneel down to undo the button on your pants, your hard-on pressing against your zipper, just aching to escape, while she continues to trace her tongue along your chest, down to your belly button… poking her tongue into it.

I lower your pants down your legs, noticing a wet spot on your boxers. I put my mouth to it, and lick the head of your cock through your boxers, nibbling on it, licking at the pre-cum that has accumulated there. She continues her way down past your belly button, until she is kneeling next to me, watching me devour that delicious cock of yours. “Do you want to see it?” I ask her… she nods her head quickly as she licks her lips… “you’ve told me so much about it, I’ve just got to see it, I want to know how it tastes.” We slip our hands into the waistband of your boxers, and lower them down.

Your cock springs out as soon as it’s free of the material… bouncing slightly before our mouths. It throbs for us, a drip or two of pre-cum falls, landing on my thigh. She bends down to lick it from me… “mmmm, I want more.” I place my hand at the base of your cock, you moan as soon as I touch you…”take him in your mouth,” I order her, and she obediently complies. Sliding her lips over the head of your cock, down your length to where my hand still holds you. Back up, her mouth releases you, your cock bobbing up and down again…”He’s everything that you said he was. So handsome, so very sexy, and a cock that I want to suck on forever.” “Now, now, you can’t have him all to yourself. Remember we share everything.” I lean in to wrap my lips around the purple head of your cock, sliding my mouth down, just as she did, to my hand. Back up and off, watching it throb once again.

Enough of this “taking turns” nonsense, we both immediately start to lick and suck your cock, her mouth sliding up and down as I lick and suck your balls…your hands on the back of our heads, urging us on. How could we not? Your moaning tells us how much you’re enjoying this. As she sucks your cock, I reach forward and finger her wet pussy, dipping my fingers into her warmth, pulling out and dragging them across her hard little nub… it only makes her suck you that much faster. Sucking your balls into my mouth, I swirl my tongue around them, feeling them fill with your cum, at the same time feeling her fingers start to slip along my slit, parting my meaty lips, entering me. We finger each other faster, rubbing each other’s clit as we hungrily swallow and tongue your rock hard cock.

Our mouths vibrate along the length of your cock as we moan from the stimulation she and I are receiving from our each others fingers. This only makes you more excited… your balls fill with cum, wanting to explode up the length of your cock. Our faces wet with each other’s saliva as we continue to suck and lick you… I can tell you’re ready to cum, holding the base of your cock again in my hand, urging her to continue to milk your cock with her beautiful mouth… you moan loader as you feel the cum starting to rise…

“Oh god baby, I’m going to cuuummmm!” you moan, as we kneel in front of this beautiful sight, waiting and watching… wanting to taste your cum. I jerk you with my hand as the cum rises and explodes from your cock, spilling out over both of us, over our mouths, lips, tongues, chins… “suck the rest from him,” I order her. She doesn’t hesitate to milk the cum from your cock and swallow the rest, to the last drop. Your knees are weak, and you collapse back into the chair behind you, exhausted from the cocksucking you have just received.

You watch us, still kneeling before you, kissing each other, licking your cum off of each other’s face, as well as the drops of cum that dribbled down to our tits… wiping our fingers in it, and putting them to each other’s mouths. “Mmmmmm, he’s just as tasty as you said he was Kitten… and sooo much cum, enough for both of us!” We look towards you, you’re relaxed in the big comfy chair, a huge smile across your face. Your eyes drooping a little, tired eyes. Have a little “cat” nap baby, we have plenty more in store for you, and you’re going to need all your strength…

All you have to do is say please…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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