The Melinda Chronicles Pt. 03

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The following is a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the naughty.


“If he can’t handle this, that’s it, we’re through.”

I stood outside the door of the room at the Motel 6 listening to my girlfriend Melinda talk to her friend Pete. She had sent me to the car to get her jacket and upon my return I had taken a quick voyeuristic listen at the door to hear what I was missing.

You see, I had a serious desire to make my fantasy a reality, and my fantasy was to watch Melinda fucking another man. We had talked about it often, especially during sex. I liked for her to tell me, while I would go down on her or while I was deep inside her, how much she wanted another guy to fuck her. The more she wanted it, or at least seemed to want it, the harder I would get off.

I was hoping that this night she really wanted it.

Earlier this night we had gone, at my prompting, to her favorite nightclub Cheers. I hated dancing, but my ulterior motive was to get her picked up on. She knew I loved when she danced with other guys, and I knew she loved dancing.

She also knew exactly what I wanted to have happen, but resisted initially. Fortunately for me though, she was, as usual, drinking. Drinking both made her horny and dramatically lowered her resistance. Near the end of the night she was feeling pretty toasty and I took a chance. I pressed her about my fantasy.

“I want to watch you fuck another guy,” I told her. She was hesitant, but I didn’t relent.

“Fine,” she finally said, and turned and went off into the crowd of people. Not long after she came back with a guy in tow and simply said to me, “let’s go.”

As we walked to my car, the guy was introduced to me as Pete, an old friend of hers, and he was down to help make my fantasy a reality. He appeared quite stoked at his sudden good fortune that he was going to have the chance to fuck Melinda.

I was pretty fucking stoked he was down for it as well. This fantasy had been absolutely consuming me for months. It was all I could think Hd Porno about. When we weren’t talking dirty about it during sex, I was busy jerking myself off thinking about it. I was ecstatic this seemed to be happening.

For her part, Melinda obviously still had her doubts whether or not this was a good idea. It wouldn’t be her first threesome experience, but it would be mine. She didn’t seem to think I could handle it.

So as I stood in the hallway of the Motel 6, listening at the door, I knew the deal. I also knew she had nothing to be concerned about, because for me this was going to be my biggest fantasy come true. This was going to be the best night of sex of my life. At least so far. After all, I was only 26.

When I opened the door and returned to the room, pretending I hadn’t heard a thing, Melinda grabbed her bag and said she was going to take a shower, leaving Pete and I to get acquainted. Afterwards she insisted Pete take a shower, at which point she queried me if I was absolutely sure about this. I insisted repeatedly that I was. She still seemed unsure, but was willing to let it go further.

Thus when he got out of the shower, they began by kissing on the bed. While they kissed, I quickly removed my own clothes, since between the two of them, only she was wearing so much as a towel, and that towel came off pretty quickly.

I was incredibly turned on watching the two of them, and before long she had taken his cock in her mouth. He had stood so he was at the foot of the bed, while Melinda, laying on her belly, sucked his dick. I sat down on the bed behind her and began to play with her pussy while this guy fucked my girlfriends face.

This was fun, but I wanted in on the action myself. Without stopping what she was doing to him, I rolled her over so I could lick her pussy while he continued to fuck her mouth.

She really enjoyed having her pussy eaten and soon asked me if I wanted to fuck her. But I had other ideas. “No,” I told her. “I want him to fuck you.”

“Are you sure?” Türkçe Altyazılı Porno she asked me one final time. “Yes,” I replied, “I want you to fuck him! Please!”

“Okay, you asked for it,” and looking straight at Pete she said, “C’mon hun, fuck me.”

Without a word Pete climbed on the bed and mounted my girlfriend. He quickly slid inside her missionary style and began to fuck my Melinda. It was so hot. As hot as I dreamed it would be and more. The way their naked tangled bodies looked together had my cock aching and throbbing. Watching him piston his dick in and out of my girlfriend’s pussy was literally the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life. I was jerking myself hard watching them, though resisting the temptation to let myself cum just yet.

For her part, she was either quite enjoying herself, or doing a great job of pretending, but she never pretended during sex. She was loud as usual and got off hard fucking him. She didn’t hold anything back either.

He fucked her for several minutes, and it was hot to watch, but it was pretty straightforward sex. When he finally came inside her, it was naturally my turn, so I mounted her and easily slid my cock into her cum filled pussy. I fucked her missionary, as he had, for a while, but eventually rolled her over so I could fuck her from behind.

At 27, Melinda was an experienced woman and extremely good in bed. As I fucked her from behind, she milked my cock hard with her expert pussy. Given the circumstances it’s remarkable that I lasted as long as I did. When I was ready, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. And more importantly, where I wanted to do it.

“Roll over,” I told her as the cum welled up in my balls. Melinda knew what I wanted and quickly rolled back onto her back and opened her mouth wide as I pulled out of her. I quickly straddled her chest and blew my load all over her waiting face and tongue.

I’ll never forget that Pete seemed to particularly enjoy that.

The three of us then spent some time Brazzers relaxing on the bed for a while. I was laying on the front side of Melinda (who was between us laying on her side), while Pete was behind her on the other.

After a while, as we all talked, I began to notice Melinda was slowly gyrating her hips. Pete was behind her and apparently had begun to play with Melinda’s pussy. I felt my cock stirring. Although I couldn’t exactly see what he was doing to her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her gyrating hips. I could feel my cock getting rock hard.

After a few minutes of this, Melinda asked, “so are we were all ready to leave?”

Pete quickly replied that he’d like to stay and have another go. Melinda looked back at me and began to ask what I thought, but stopped mid-sentence when she saw my rock hard cock inches away. “Well I guess I know what you think,” she said.

Laying on their sides, Pete began to slide his cock easily inside Melinda from behind once again. I was laying in front of her, watching from just a foot or so away, holding her hand. It was so intense. Watching her face had my own cock throbbing intensely as he slammed his own repeatedly inside my girlfriend.

Melinda was never shy, especially during sex. She got loud and let you know what she liked and what she needed. “Fuck me dammit,” she cried out. “Fuck my pussy hard!”

Pete fucked my girlfriend hard for several more minutes before he finally filled her pussy for a second time. After that I fucked Melinda one more time myself, this time leaving my own final load deep inside her now cum drenched pussy.

Afterwards she collapsed on the bed immediately and fell quickly into an exhausted sleep. I took Pete home while Melinda slept. As worked up as the night had gotten me, it’s no surprise I wanted to fuck her again when I got back, but she was unwakeable at that point.

The next day, though, she couldn’t keep my hands off her body, and we fucked several times while reliving the previous nights adventure.

For my part, it was absolutely my biggest fantasy come true. Watching her fuck another man was actually hotter than I dreamed it would be and I loved it. Fucking loved every single second.

It was to this point, without a doubt, the single greatest sexual experience in my life. One I’ll never forget. Or regret.

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